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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Name: These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy
Artist : K12io
Original Name危险的少女们将我卷入危险之中
Origin Site: SFACG
Type: CN Web Novel [VIP]

Original Synopsis (new):
That day, my head was struck by an unknown object, and after I woke up, I realized that I'm able to, through titles, understand a person's most truest side.

Afterwards, I'm being pestered by a group of girls, them even not being humans at all, with various bizarre fetishes.............I'm having a harem, you say? If I'm still able to be alive at the end.............Mm, just take it as I have a harem then (gives off an understanding smile).

Previous Synopsis's:

Original Synopsis 2:
A shortened name for this book is <Dangerous Girls>, or more commonly known as <My Yandere Girlfriend is a Necrophilia> <Succubus-laoshi is My Slave> <Guide for Breeding a Kuudere Murderer> and so on.

Or more lesser known as <You people made me feel frightened> <Please spare meee> <About a harem male lead's survival prowess> <Surviving throughout without dying will definitely obtain girls> and so on.

Otherwise known as <This book's sexual content is actually very moderate> <Regardless whether you believe it or not, in any case I believe about it> <Who the hell would believe you>, and summarily known as <This book is really very interesting, come and read it>


(TL: the 'who the hell would believe you' was referring to "readers" retorting back at the author who commented about the previous sentence', aka 吐槽 or exasperated rebuttal)

Original Synopsis 3: Curiosity kills the cat, these words really are suitable for describing me right now.

After knowing some things that I shouldn't have, my daily life has completely crumbled.....and the culprits are them!

"After you've died I'll love you even more, Cheng Jun!"

"My request isn't high at all.......just give me your left-handed ring finger.......alright?"

What I want is to only.....

Original Tagssistersharemwide imaginationyandere

Extra tags by TL: comedypuns, supernatural, fantasy, succubus-servant, very perverted/aggressive female leads, haraguro, tsundere, kuudere, reincarnated childhood friend, MC-suddenly-obtains-power-to-view-titles-on-anyone's-head, harem-plot-armor

TL Synopsis: Hmm. I seem to recall there was a similar novel out there as well, Nee-chan Chuunbiyou or something. This novel have similar elements, except that our MC wasn't OP at all, but everyone around him is.

Official artwork from author's side and fanarts:

If you liked the author's work, you can support him to motivate him onto continuing the series!

Here is his PayPal account: (

If you have any questions, just check his QQ messaging group to enquire。 (QQ: 618322780, look for 恶鬼)

Table Of Contents

TL notes
#1: All the chapter names in vol 1 have a "了" format behind it, which translates to 'already'. (Update: All chapters reflected with that format to show the pattern in chapters btwn volumes)
#2: My style of translation have the chapters numbered out continuously
#3: The pattern for vol 2 will be a (xx, yy) format
#4: The pattern for vol 3 will be in a 'long title' format

Web-novel related stuff and Author's official announcements

- Foreword
- Character Settings: An Jun Cheng
- Character Settings: Ji Lian Bing
- Character Settings: Jiang Xue Qing
- Character Settings: An Xin Ran
- Ultimate invincibly long reflections on becoming published (trash-talk) v3.0
- Character Settings: Lan Hua

[The First Danger] - The homicidial maniac girl who had taken a liking to my corpse

0. My normal life had become abnormal already  
1. Being struck on the head by an unknown flying object
2. Seemed to be able to see strange things already
3. Meimei crawled onto my bed already
4. My world had completely crumbled already
4.3. A [Coldhearted type Bro-con meimei (false)] situation 
4.7. A [Haraguro type Bro-con meimei (true)] situation 
5. No more normal people already
6. Had eye contact with her already
7. Being confessed to by the school flower already
8. Met a kuudere girl already
9. Being trapped in the toilet already
9.3. The [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]'s interest
9.6. The [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]'s probing
9.9. The [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]'s delight
10. Went to the canteen to have lunch already
11. She seemed to be angry already
12. Yang-laoshi had transformed already
13. Being addressed as 'Master' already
14. Made a girl cry already
15. Enough joking around already
16. Charm level became higher already
17. I'm almost dying of tiredness already
17.5. The [Pure-hearted type Succubus]'s confusion
18. Nearly peed my pants already
19. Meimei wasn't happy already
20. A new day started already
21. Being cured already
22. Being threatened already
23. Became attached already
24. Being poisoned already
25. Being protected already
26. Being hunted already
26.5. The [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]'s confusion
27. Confused on what's happening already
28. She had dissociative identity disorder already
29. Even more complicated relations already
30. Being tricked out of my house already
31. Had a date with my girlfriend already
32. Daily life had been destroyed already
33. She smiled through her tears already
33.3. The [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]'s love
33.6. The [Stalker (beginner)]'s confession
33.9. The [Haraguro type Bro-con meimei (true)]'s anxiety
Volume 1 Afterword

[The Second Danger] - The handicapped admirer girl who wanted parts from my body

34. Being trapped, Wanting
35. Maid, Meimei
36. Ignore, Morning biting
37. Conversation, Hobby
38. Colliding, Duo glancing
39. Magic, First activation
40. Comforting, Misconception
41. Xue Li, Jiejie
41.3. The [Stalker (intermediary)]'s rashness
41.7. The [Reincarnated type Childhood friend]'s obsession
42. Single mindset, Unwavering
43. Covert ghosts, Suspicion
44. Calm, Quietness
45. Innocuous, Pure
46. Left hugging, Right embracing
47. Night darkness, Entrancing shadow
48. Eaten alive, Peeled living
49. Corpse destroying, Removing traces
50. Unexisting, Unfeeling
50.2. The [Ghoul]'s internal job
50.4. The [Ghoul]'s external job
50.6. The conversation between [An Ke Ling] and [Jiang Xue Qing]
50.8. The [Perfect type Head maid]'s gaze
51. Knife's edge, Licking honey
52. Late night, Unreturning home
53. Maliciousness, Developing
54. Dark blue, Becoming black
55. Residual limbs, Broken arms
56. Killing, Intent
57. Ferocious, Glaring
58. Romantically, Naive
59. Peculiar combination, Of circumstances
60. Capturing intent, Purposeful liberation
61. Abiding upon, One's desires
62. Sudden changes, Swift developments
63. Shirt stripping, Breasts revealing
64. Realizing mistakes, Fixing it
65. Hitorinbo, Envy
66. Envy, Hysterical
67. Whole night, Being sleepless
67.1. The [Stalker (intermediary)]'s tailing
67.3. The [Eavesdropper (advanced)]'s strange tales
67.5. The [Stalker (intermediary)]'s heartbreaking
67.7. The [Eavesdropper (advanced)]'s worry
67.9. The [Stalker (intermediary)]'s metamorphosis
68. Evaluating, Oneself
69. Both sides, Predicament surrounding
70. Upset, Unsettled
71. Late night, Abrupt awakening
72. Mistakenly entering, Deviating path
73. Obtaining, Loli
74. Contradictory intentions, Opposing motives
74.3. The [Reincarnated type Childhood friend]'s embarkment
74.6. The [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]'s helplessness
74.9. The [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]'s intervention
75. Just nearby, Ghoul encountered
76. Advance/retreat, Difficult decision
77. Evil ghoul, Bedeviling
78. Battle won, Effortlessly [VIP]
79. Justly, Righteous [VIP]
80. Surroundings besieged, Complete isolation [VIP]
81. Head chopped, Repeat [VIP]
82. One, Against thousands [VIP]
83. Panic, Clueless [VIP]
84. Glittering, Gemstone [VIP]
85. Mouth, Imparting [VIP]
86. Dancing in, Hysterical delight [VIP]
87. Losing sight, Of oneself [VIP]
88. Complete, Transformation [VIP]
89. Future, Forever bleak [VIP]
89.5. The [Coldhearted type Bro-con meimei (false)]'s situation [VIP]
89.5.5. The [Active type Handicapped admirer]'s cherishing [VIP]
Side Story 1. The tale of siblings falling into depravity

[The Third Danger] - The zombie girl wanted to turn me into her companion

90. She said that she wanted to be friends with me [VIP]
91. When I came out of the hospital my girlfriend came to welcome me [VIP]


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  27. thank you for translating what you have so far and i wish i could read more are you dropping this or are you just working on other stuff? if you are then does anyone here know how to register to the site because i don't know how to.

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