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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v1c33

Volume 1, Chapter 33: She smiled through her tears already

TL: flarewk

Deceased dead..........?

In the midst of the moment, my brain didn't react to it at all. As I was in a state of loss while frowning and looking at that ground protruding deathly-white hand, my heart thought, this probably should be another situation set up by Ji Lian Bing, right?

And afterwards, when I turned around to look at Ji Lian Bing, what I saw was that unexpected delighted smile, along with a fanatic craze within her eyes.

Ji Lian Bing didn't look at me any longer, but casually strolled deeper towards the cemetery, wholeheartedly ignoring those outstretched hands that were poking out from the grounds.

"Oi! Lian Bing!"

I anxiously yelled out at her, but she disregarded me completely, it's like as if she had been entranced, continually walking forward.

"Damn it!"

I had no choice but to anxiously follow her too as I wanted to bring her out of this dangerous zone.

It's still possible if it's right now, as long as we seize the chance where these guys hadn't completely crawled out from the ground and quickly leave this area, we would then be able to avoid danger! It was my instinct that told me so!

I increased my speed, running behind her back and pulled onto her wrist, saying.

"It's not safe to stay here for long, let's hurry up and go!"


But she didn't even turn her head, just continuing walking forward, and being pulled along by her, I staggered a few steps, before anxiously shouting.

"Oi! If you don't leave already then it'll be too late!!"

I glanced backwards; that very first deceased dead had already poked out half of it's body. Although I didn't see its front, but just from looking at the back already made me feel that presence of danger.

That's a sort of existence that had lost its name, a body that was already dead prior, but because of a certain reason returned back from the pits of hell towards the surface.

"Leave.........? Why?"

"Of course it's because..........!"

Those words that I wanted to say hadn't exited my mouth, when Ji Lian Bing's expression startled me.

Just like an archaeologist who had made a gargantuan historical discovery, the expression on Ji Lian Bing could only be described as 'maniacal delight'.

"I've always been investigating, although managing to discover many leads, but never truly witnessed it before............I'm finally able to see it today~"

Her tone had an unnatural monotony in it, and I discerned out that excitement which couldn't be concealed at all.

"Cheng Jun, you're really my lucky star~, being together with you will always have unexpected things happening, huhuhuhu~"

I became speechless, because I completely couldn't understand her way of thinking at all.

It's too twisted already.

Why was she still able to laugh? Why was she so delighted? Does she not feel frightened at all?

Maybe we'll even die from this!

"So this is a deceased dead, huh? I've finally seen it~, a corpse that's able to freely move about..........."

Ultimately, numerous deceased deads crawled out from the ground surrounding us and trapped us within, giving off eerily sharp wails.

From their bodies, one could see several stitches, just like a jigsaw puzzle; their skin were a greyish white, having no pupils within their eyes, only whiteness, empty and vigorless.

Wasn't this scale too overly large already!

It's not a few numbers, but a few dozen..........maybe even few hundreds!

Mass producing types of deceased deads, huh!

Normally speaking, weren't deceased deads supposed to be buried for about a hundred years before they could be formed?

Also, this piece of cemetery weren't completely suitable for deceased deads to even grow at all! This place had greenery flourishing so well, and was suitable for organic matter to thrive, there would be many insects and bacteria too. Corpses buried underground would be quickly decomposed as a result, so there shouldn't be any corpses left since long ago!!

But then, where did those fresh corpses that looked to be just recently born come from?

Don't ask me why I would know so much about this, there would always be a chuuni period of a person's life...........when I just came here to help out during middle school, I thought that perhaps I could encounter ghosts, zombies, skeleton monsters and so on, and thus I investigated many useless knawledge, and thinking back right now, it's probably considered to be a dark history of mine.

Only I've never realized that, when I utterly gave up onto pursuing those strange phenomena, thinking that this world was really boring and normal, these kinds of abnormal events instead kept visiting onto my daily life...........

At this moment, there should be an insane bearded uncle appearing who would sell me plants that could deal against those deceased deads, right? I could trade in my morality in order to obtain those life-saving plants!!

(TL: Plants vs Zombies?)

A pity's that there wasn't anything as nice as that...........

Those zombies immediately surrounded me and Ji Lian Bing, and stretched out their hands towards us with sluggish movements. Although their movements were slow, but there were really too much of them already!



Speaking of which, why wasn't there anybody coming to save us? This public cemetery was just behind the mortuary, by having such a massive amount of deceased deads appearing, those people inside the mortuary should have noticed it already, by right!

But there's not a single person coming to help us out at all, had they all ran off already? Or was it that..........


They started to attack us already!

A deceased dead wanted to pounce over and bite me, but I hastily leaned sideways, making it grabbing onto air instead. Quickly dodging towards Ji Lian Bing side, I was so anxious till the point where my forehead was littered about with sweat.

"............Sorry about this, Cheng Jun."

"Ahh? What's the point of apologizing now!! Just now when I've asked you to leave, you won't leave too! Now I really have to accompany you in this suicidal romance!!"

I used my leg to kick away the deceased dead that wanted to grab onto my arm, and a little exasperatedly flustered shouted out.

"No, there's no need for that."

"Ahh? Waah!"

I've just wanted to ask her if she had any plans, when Ji Lian Bing used both of her hands to grab onto my wrists.

And afterwards, I felt my hands being pulled about by a tremendously strong power. I hadn't even stood properly yet, with the result of my body being flung upwards!


Ji Lian Bing actually flung me away just like throwing a hammer!

The f**k, I'm so dizzy!

This person's strength, wasn't it too large already? Where did this kind of strength come out from within that petite body?!

Waaahh! Shoulders! My shoulders were about to be dislocated!

"Cheng Jun, thank you for letting me understand these emotions called love."

What I lastly heard were these words, and thus, I was being dumped.

To be more accurate, I was being flung out.

(TL: Word pun → 'dumped' and 'flung' had the same word in CN, 甩)

The surrounding scenery swiftly zoomed by, and I flew out a far distance, with my shoulders landing on the ground first, rolling about quite a few circles, and finally stopped when I bumped onto a piece of gravestone.

I felt my body to be almost shattering apart already.

But rather than my body's situation, what I'm more worried was Ji Lian Bing instead!

She actually disregarded her own peril to fling me out, away from those crowd of deceased deads!

It can't be that case, since that woman's a homicidal maniac. Plus, her strength was also very large, since she could just fling me away from amidst the crowd of deceased dead, she naturally had the power to escape from them as well. Who knows, if I go in to help her out, she may even resent me for being in her way.

That's right, it definitely must be like that! I'll just stay here to look then, since that's Ji Lian Bing after all!! She'll immediately break free from those crowd of deceased deads! It may be possible that she'll even turn OP too, and massacre hordes of them off while breaking free!

But she didn't break free at all.

Those deceased deads squished towards inwards forcibly, and very quickly, that pinkish red status was being drowned out by numerous black statuses.

I dumbly stood on the spot, mouth half gaping, unbelieving that maniacal and chaotic scene.

Other than the eerie wails of those deceased deads, I could still hear uncomfortable sounds of biting, chewing, and swallowing.

Within my thoughts floated out a terrible scenario.

"It can't be.........."


Run away.

Run away from this place!

In any case, just leave this place first! Th, that's right, I'll go look for someone to help out! I definitely can't help out at all just by myself!!

Shifting my vigorously trembling legs, I subconsciously retreated backwards.

Repetitively searching for an excuse to still firmly remain my standing, I placed myself atop a shrewd position, spouting out words that were advantageous to me.

The cowardly me chose to escape, just for the sake of my life's safety. Leaving this place would be the safest choice by far.

It was the correct answer; a logical answer; a safe answer...........

But not the answer that I wanted.


Damn it!

"Damn it!"

Why did she remain?

Why did she not escape?

Why did she not retaliate?

There's only one answer, and that's because Ji Lian Bing's a [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac].

She who had necrophilia would have an almost abnormal persistence towards corpses, and those deceased deads in front of her were also considered to be corpses as well. From the start of that maniacal expression of hers, I understood about it already. Perhaps she had always been searching for those deceased deads.

Corpses that were able to freely move about, were rather important to her, hence she didn't retaliate at all.

'Killing people' was allowed, but didn't want to 'kill corpses', huh?

Aaaahh, this she an id——iot?!

I'm not even sure why I'm laughing out right now.

Although it's only a bitter smile, but my mood felt way more relaxed afterwards.

Ultimately, I still couldn't make a decision that would go against my conscience.

I deeply breathed in a mouthful of air, and readjusted my feelings.

My both legs weren't trembling any longer, and although various parts of my body were silently aching due to the fall onto the ground earlier, but the excitement from these abnormalities made me gradually ignore these pains.



I'm also an idiot too!

I definitely must be crazy already!

Dashing into the crowd of deceased dead, I definitely must be crazy!

In the end, Ji Lian Bing's a person who wanted to murder me!!

She's a one hundred percent homicidal maniac, also having necrophilia as well, a sicko pervert who had twisted three aspect views! Who knows, when those deceased dead were still alive, they had been murdered off by Ji Lian Bing, thus they would turn to zombies due to resentment towards her, seeking for revenge!

Ultimately, it's all because of Ji Lian Bing herself eating those bad fruits she plucked, and I shouldn't even be helping her out at all!

My four limbs were tucked onto the ground to weave through the crowd of deceased dead, and if there's deceased deads wanting to lean over to bite me, I would hastily stand up and use my head to headbutt its chin.

I dropped a shoe along the way, and the smart suit's jacket were already been used to entangle a deceased dead that had nearly bitten onto my shoulders.

It's really a flustered mess.

Luckily, those deceased dead didn't treat me as a target, and just like that, I hideously crawled through the crowd and eventually successfully reached the center region.

Ji Lian Bing clutched one arm of hers, while the other hand clutched onto a piece of gravestone to defend against a group of deceased dead.

That's great, she didn't die yet!

"Lian Bing!'

The moment she saw me, Ji Lian Bing too unveiled out a frantic expression, as she frowned her eyebrows and shouted towards me with all her might.

"Why..........why did you still come back!"

"Shut up!"

I used an even more ferocious expression to shut her up.

Afterwards, not even giving her a chance to speak, I directly carried her over my shoulders.

I didn't use a princess-carry, as that way it would take up both of my hands, and if I carry her over my shoulders I could still have a spare arm to handle those deceased deads.

Unlike when I'm entering, this time, all of those deceased deads stared intimidatingly at us...........ahhhh............I'm guessing that they must be wanting to suck our blood dry, eating us up without even leaving bones remaining.

These group of things aren't scary at all! A-aren't scary at all! It's n-not a l-least bit scary at all!

Oh right, I'll give them a cuter name then, I'll call them..........Jumpie!

Yeah, jumpies aren't scary at all, it's moe-ness instead! Everything in this universe could be moe-fied!


"Damn it! It's impossible to be moe-fied at all! It's ultra disgusting!"

My cheeks were being raked painfully by claws, resulting in blood dripping downwards, and my arm had a piece of meat being bitten off; it really burns painfully.

"Why didn't you just run away!"

"There's a time when a man should run, and there's a time when a man shouldn't run, right now it's not the time to run, understood?!"

Facing a woman who wanted to kill himself, a man could then run!

But seeing a woman right in front of him about to be killed, he's not allowed to run away then!

No matter what kind of resentment or hatred that I had, in this sort of critical urgency, I'm too lazy to be petty about it.

Detective Khonan said this before, a person who wants to kill another perhaps would need an underlying motive, but, for a person who wants to help out another, just from a logical standpoint, there shouldn't even be a reason required at all!

"Damn it, it's like the worst development ever!!"

The surrounding deceased deads thronged around infinitely; just by myself, it's completely an insurmountable task onto repelling them off.

So, I really didn't have any main character plot armor at all..........wanting to be the hero saving the heroine, in the end, not only did I not save the heroine, but I even brought myself into it as well, what an embarrassment it was.

I not suitable for this kind of things at all!!

"Damn it, I don't want to die here! Although I don't have any dreams at all, but I still have things like hopes around! That's to find a stable job, marry a gentle and marvelous wife, bear two children, and turn into an old man with my partner's hands in mine then peacefully passing away...........that's the kind of life's trajectory that I wanted to paint instead!!"

"What kind of commoner's thinking is that.........."

"Can't it be a commoner's thinking!"

I'm originally a commoner!! I've told you from the start already, we were completely two different types of people, so why must we still be acquainted with each other?

For what reason exactly?!

"And so!! Homicidal maniacs, demons, deceased deads and so on, don't just anyhow appear right in front of me!!"

Especially you, these group of deceased deads! Right now it's only afternoon~! You these bunch of undeads, stop making such a huge ruckus while appearing in bright daylight!! At least go and be equipped with the tradition of deceased deads being afraid of sunlight, those sort of weaknesses!!

Rather than these being exasperated rebuttals, it's more of like complaints, or perhaps it could be said as trying to inflate up my courage with that act.

"I really had enough already, from the moment I've met you, my life have entirely crumbled! And it crumbled till the point of no return, what the hell are all of these!!"

Really, it's really enough already!!

I've spat out all of those resentments that was fully occupying my stomach, and I immediately felt way more relaxed.

If it's like this, even if I died, I would be dead with a slightly more comfortable state of mind.

"Quickly put me down! Let me throw you out of here!"

Ji Lian Bing also seemed to be a little anxious, as she used a rushed tone to speak, wanting to repeat the situation earlier of flinging me away from the group of deceased deads.

"Really! Even though you confessed to me firstly, in the end you actually wanted to dump me! Are you making fun of my feelings!"
"I don't mean it that way...........!"

"Then what does it mean! In this sort of hero-saving-heroine situation, you being a female lead role, your lines instead should be 'Thank you for saving me!' or 'I want to marry you as thanks!', you'd better remember them!"

Tch, it hurts, if I only had a weapon..........

The injuries on my body compounded more and more, and as my blood dyed my white singlet reddish, my vision started to become blurried.

"Cheng Jun...........why must you save me?"

"Yeah, why must I save you! It's really damn stupid!! You kept thinking of numerous ways to kill me, yet I still wanted to save you, I'm really an idiot to the max!!"
Under agitation, my words sped up quite hugely, and this would probably be my first time in my life that I was so agitatedly yelling out.

"Why must I save you? Of course it's because I'm a good guy! Plus I'm that kind of stupidly foolish good guy!"

"Cheng Jun, aren't you that type of person who wouldn't bother much about things around you!"

Tch, this person really understands me very well.

"Alright, my truthful words is that because you're too beautiful already! Seeing you die just like that will be too much of a waste then!!"

"That's kind of possible.........."

"Isn't it nice to feel good about yourself?!"

My mouth spouted out cheeky words, but the situation was extremely tense.

What should I do, what should I do...........if this goes on, me and Lian Bing would be dead under the strategy of being drowned out by numbers of corpses.

My brain swiftly pondered, as I tried to think up of good strategies for escaping.

Just at this moment, I suddenly realized, in the very center of the cemetery, there's a person cross-leggedly sitting under that enormous cypress tree.

...........No! That's not a person!

[Deceased dead (already awakened)]

[Gou Xia Wen]

It had a name!

It's a deceased dead that had a name and surname!

Within my brain suddenly floated out that sentence that Li Li half jokingly said out.

——But being able to see the true name, it's simply just like the nemesis of demons; who knows, Cheng Jun may even be the legendary Demon King too~!

I didn't expect that at this kind of critical juncture, what came to my mind was actually those mocking words.

True name, huh...........

Although there's still many questions about it, like does this kind of method that works against demons also effective against the deceased dead?

But right now, I could only gamble onto this only last shred of hope left!

Ahh! I don't care any more! I'll just do it! Since not doing anything as well would also result in my death, so I'll just do my best struggling!

I deeply inhaled a deep breath, and shouted out the deceased dead's name extremely loudly, seemingly afraid that it wouldn't have heard me.

"Gou Xia Wen!"

That deceased dead that was cross leggedly sitting under the tree suddenly shuddered and unbolted its eyes.

Being different from other deceased deads, he possessed blue colored pupils, and didn't had any wounds on his skin's surface; looking to be no different from the average person.

Uneasiness brewing within my heart, I didn't care whether it was successful or not, and just directly issued a command.

"Stop those deceased deads!"

And afterwards, that deceased dead instantly jumped to right in front of us, and with a single sweep he kicked off all of those deceased deads surrounding us.

He's extremely strong!

Don't tell me that this deceased dead was a boss? It's too lucky already!!

I who had suddenly sighted a glimmer of hope then immediately spread out my legs and ran, exerting out my very final spurt of strength to dash towards the entrance of the cemetery. Along the way, there's deceased deads that wanted to grab onto me, but were being stopped by that blue-eyed deceased dead.

Finally, I successfully managed to reach the cemetery entrance, and when I've ran out of it, it was like passing through a thin layer of membrane; there's a feeling of being separated off from the world.

I glanced backwards; the cemetery was a blanket of quietness, those group of horrifying deceased deads were all gone, there's not even a trace of ground protrudingness being dug by them.

We've escaped!

Waah! Thank the heavens! I'm actually still alive!


(TL: si = nose sniffing/ sobbing sfx)

After my body was relaxed, I then started to feel pain.

Those deep and surface scratch wounds on my body were all bleeding, and I suddenly felt a bout of dizziness, and collapsed onto the ground feebly.

"Cheng Jun!"


I'm a little body's really heavy..........

My head got cushioned on a very soft area, was she giving me a leg pillow?

"Thank you, for saving me."

What were you being courteous about, you're my girlfriend after all..........

"Also, I'm going to marry you as thanks."

What kind of a joke was this..........I don't want to marry you at all..........

Unless you turn into Moe Bing's state...........and afterwards swear never to kill me...........

"Cheng Jun!"

Under her screams, I barely managed to force open my eyes.

What I saw lastly, was her entire body trembling as she bit her lower lips, with her hazy eyes gradually welling up a layer of fog; tears welling about within those eyes. The corner of her eyes seemingly would have tears falling off the very next second, but it didn't happen ultimately, as if those tears were lovingly concerned about ruining the complexion of her white cheeks.

I unresistingly said out.

"Don't fool."

She became stunned momentarily, and instantly regained back her senses afterwards as she with great effort knitted her eyebrows together, wanting to display out a look of brilliant smile, but in the end it instead made her tears fall out.

Heh, she smiled rather terribly...........

But perhaps this would be the most realistic smile she had ever done..........

The top-bottom of my eyelids switched positions correspondingly, as all sensations drifted away from me, unabling to ponder about anything else anymore.

My consciousness then got cut off.


"Sorry! Sorry! I'm late.........."

"You're too late already, Li Nai!"

"Ahaha..........I've gone out with friends to eat cheese ribs and hence forgot about the time, sorryyy~"

"Really, choosing you to be an ganshi specialist must definitely be a wrong decision!"

"I also didn't want to do toooo, it's the mayor who designated me to be one...........huh? You're injured?"

"Ahhh, it's nothing, these minor injuries will be restored in a moment. But it's lucky for those white deceased that chewed onto my flesh earlier."

"What happened?"

"Two humans went inside the barrier."

"Ehhhhh?! Are they normal people?"

"One of them even ordered me to be a shield for him. His mental strength is so incredibly powerful, he shouldn't be a normal person at all."

"Wah~ could they be daoists? Now this could be troublesome already~~!"

"I used my phone to take a picture of these two people already."


"What's the matter?"

"Isn't this Ji Lian Bing-tongxue and little transparent-kun!"

"Someone you know?"

" could.........."

"In any case, let's just go back and report this matter to the mayor, you too be careful as well, these two people aren't simple at all..........."


-ch 33 end-

(5456 words to tl)😑

chuuni = chuunibyou, aka eight grader syndrome.

OP = acrynym for overpowered

Three Aspects View (三观 ) = Thinking onto life, Outlook onto the world, and Thoughts about ethics. Also known as the Three Viewing Aspects in chinese. It's a philosophical thought.

Detective Khonan (万年小学生) = CN's pirated version of detective conan, with it being renamed to the chinese equivalent. It was removed subsequently from their famous video channel equivalent of youtube, called Tudou.

Deceased dead traits = Looks like the author goes with 1 of the generic trait of it: It's immune to sunlight

The strategy of being drowned out by numbers of corpses = an idiom, used to describe a saying. If the opposing person is way stronger than you, bring 50 more allies along to fight him. If the strong person have equally strong friends with him, bring an army to drown him off with sheer numbers.

I got reminded by a comment of a point here. The original saying was used to reflect humans, but the author changed it to corpses instead as a reference.

It/ He usage of (Gou Xia Wen, deceased dead) = I wanted to follow along the author of not divulging the gender until the later stage, so I used "it", since it's in a grey area as well (Is it really a human to not be called it?)

Ganshi Specialist (赶尸匠) = The term "Ganshi" itself means "Driving away corpses", which indicated onto the nature of those two jobs; to exterminate/ chase off zombies that may be formed.

It's actually debatable whether it's a real profession or not irl CN, but in this story, they do exist.

Mayor usage (城主)= It wasn't indicated clear as of yet in this story that it was referring to the head of a town, or the head of a castle-like town as in ancient times.

I chose mayor since it's modern times and more likely to be a town instead, but may be subject to changes if the intended meaning is depicted differently in later chapters.

Incredibly powerful mental strength = Could this be a hint that the succubus contract still wasn't broken yet? Or was it just the effects of the Taijitu Demon Warding Mirror embedded within Cheng Jun?

-tongxue = a suffix for 'student'

-kun = a jp suffix, uh, referring to a male person rather informally I guess.


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      Not saying that I believe that one should murder people, I just think that the line you mentioned is so damn stupid. There always exists reasons to kill someone and saving someone is exactly the same. The biggest difference is only the kind of reason you have. Be it self-satisfaction, heavy morals or out of selfish affection, people don't save others without a proper reason to do so, especially not if it risks their life. Even more so if you don't know the other party.

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    Thanks for the chapter


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