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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c67.5

Vol 2, Ch 67.5: The [Stalker (intermediary)]'s heartbreaking

TL: flarewk

[Stalker (intermediary)]'s heartbreaking:

After Jun Cheng had knocked down many people, he hastily ran away.

The surroundings became exceedingly clamorous, with everyone respectively pushing around the blame, while the station service personnel came running in this direction wanting to resolve the conflict.

Aiming at the gap in between the crowd, I easily escaped from the epicenter of the incident occurrence.

And Jun Cheng's figure had already long ran off..........but I don't need to worry about not being able to locate him.

First, let's properly reflect onto what I've done.

I've made a huge mistake just now, which was to unresistingly take advantage of the packed environment inside of the train, to grope Jun Cheng's body.

With the result that it gave Jun Cheng a disgruntled grudge within his heart.

He must have thought that I'm a perverted girl, and while I gazed at the appearance of him running away, I then suddenly woke up. My actions this time was too overly stimulative already, to be actually doing these sort of things when Jun Cheng was wide awake, it's really too much of me.

As no matter what, it should be when he was unconscious..........

A very brilliant idea suddenly flashed through my brain. I remembered that I brought it along with me, right...........flipping through my purse, and just as expected, there was the thing that I currently needed, and it was just so coincidental that there were two pieces remaining as well.

That's great, it's fortunate that I've brought it along..........

Well then. Now, let's catch up to him.

Standing at my original spot, I started to observe the surroundings, to obtain information about Jun Cheng from within the neighboring environment.

Sweat that was dripped along with his scent.

Direction that he fled to was towards the southeast

There's no exit way over at that direction.

His breathing and pace was hastied.

Deduced that his emotions were full of unease anxiety.

His body dripping out a huge amount of sweat.

Closely followed with him running at full force.

Due to dehydration, he would feel thirsty.

He didn't carry his wallet with him.

The spare change on him were being used to purchase subway tickets.

His phone was in a state of no battery plus was being switched off.

Using these information as a foundation to anticipate Jun Cheng's next step of action..........

If it's to be said about information with regards to Jun Cheng, it's me who understood him the most already, and I'm very confident that I won't miss out on any details, absolutely never missing out, fufu...........

Afterwards, I took the first step to arrive by the sides of the vending machine where Jun Cheng will most likely be appearing thereafter, purchased a bottle of water, opened up the cap and drank a few mouthfuls before dissolving two sleeping pills within the water.

After waiting till Jun Cheng have arrived, I made use of the worker who was restocking to conceal myself, and when he fell entrapped into despondency due to the lack of water to drink, I suitably made my entrance and handed that opened bottle of mineral water over to Jun Cheng.

Because of the sleeping pills having a bitter taste, I was initially worried that Jun Cheng would be able to figure out about it, hence I intentionally mixed my saliva inside as well..........Mm, it's definitely not because that I wanted to let Jun Cheng drink my saliva, that I would be spitting it inside~ (shy)!

And the outcome was just as I've anticipated, he sure enough gulped down the water that I handed over to him unsuspectingly within a single mouthful, plus I also extremely fortunately received upon an added bonus as well.

My body was being drenched with the liquid that sprayed out from Jun Cheng already~ fufufufu..........ah, it's such a pity..........why must he lower his head, this way wouldn't all the water be spat onto the floor already? He might as well spit them onto me, or perhaps into my mouth..........

Uuu..........calm down, Lan Hua. You're going to be excited again like this.

I can't be anxious, as right now the impression that Jun Cheng had towards me were lowered by a fierce amount, and if I do any more overly agitative actions, he would then probably completely hate me..........I absolutely can't let things develop that way!

I must express out emotions of guilt entirely on my face, and mustn't lie as well, as Jun Cheng is very sensitive towards lies.

If I was to lie and it was being exposed, he would forever never believe in me already..........but likewise, if I sincerely apologize to him, he would definitely forgive me.

Especially when after accepting my water, he would feel that it equals out that matter which happened just now, and by right wouldn't flee away from me due to unease.

With the outcome that I've nearly ruined it again, as I accidentally used that idiom 'camping for the prey to arrive', which made the sensitized Jun Cheng once more raising his wariness. But it's fortunate that I immediately displayed out hugging onto my arms and squeezing out my cleavage, attracting onto Jun Cheng's eyeballs and successfully averting over it.

Afterwards, as long as I'm to fawn over him, along with sincerely apologizing towards him thereafter...........

Although I was still a little worried about it at the start, thinking whether if Jun Cheng would really be angry about it, and what should I do if he still refuses to forgive me, but after I secretly observed his expression, I noticed that he seemed to have the appearance of being deeply sympathetic with me.

Huh? Why is he sympathetic?

The eye expression that he used when looking at me, rather than saying that it's one of a 'Guess it can't be helped', it's more of like those gazes where he treated me as his companion. Why would it turn out to be a companionish kind?

And after I said out those self-rebuking words, Jun Cheng was like as if he had shots fired at him too as he crumpled down lying onto the ground..........was it because that he had also done those things which I did to him towards someone else already?

..........Looks like there's something that I wasn't aware of happening between Jun Cheng and Jiang Xue Qing.........

What sort of thing exactly happened already? I really want to know!

But even if I'm to ask him, he definitely wouldn't tell me about it.........if only I'm an existence in which Jun Cheng would be wholeheartedly trusting.........

Carrying upon such feelings of indignation, I simply went all out without holding back, wanting to reveal out my breasts to show Jun Cheng, with the result that it was being prevented. Eventually, I could only take a step back to reveal out my belly.

Like that, after he had seen onto my exposed skin, Jun Cheng would feel that he's owing me, and I'll be able to make another request that's within his area of acceptance already!

Next, I then immediately made a request to Jun Cheng, hoping that I'm able to go home together with him.

And just as according to plan, he agreed to it as expected.

Afterwards, I'll just need to wait.........quietly wait for the sleeping pills that were ingested inside Jun Cheng's body to slowly deliver out its effect.........and when that time comes, I wouldn't need to endure any longer.........fufufu..........

Stepping on board the train, after a short while, Jun Cheng unresistingly fell asleep.



Ah, I've uncontrollably chuckled out already.

Right now, Jun Cheng was sleeping on my lap.

Looking at Jun Cheng's serene's sleeping face, I unresistingly wanted to kiss him once again..........

Uuu, I must resist, don't be rash, Lan Hua.

Right now there's people looking at us from the sides, mm? Let's first not speak about the fact that I didn't want my body to be seen by men other than Jun Cheng; if I was to execute something too overly stimulative, the rubbernecking crowd would perhaps take a picture of it. And it'll be terrible if it was to be seen by Jun Cheng afterwards, so I must first endure..........


This period of enduring was really too prolonged already..........

So prolonged that it was like having to wait for a few centuries.

Finally, after passing by the second last station, the passengers onboard the train had all left.

The train carriage was void of people already!


The sleeping Jun Cheng would definitely not easily wake up, as I tried many things during last time, and he didn't wake up from all of those, hence this time, I wouldn't need to be in such trepidation already.

To reach the final station, there's still roughly..........8 minutes, huh? Uuu, it's a little short, but..........

From right now onwards, it'll be Lan Hua's time already~

Fufufu, fufufufu..........

I can do whatever I wanted in however I wanted already..........

Jun Cheng's lips, they looked very's so soft~

It's really very soft; thank you, thank you for the meal.

I'm really thankful to heavens for letting me encounter Jun Cheng, really, I'm truly grateful for it.

Secretly licking off the saliva that Jun Cheng dripped out, but it's with the result that I unresistingly drank off all of the saliva which was accumulated inside his mouth already.

Tightly hugging onto Jun Cheng, I felt that my heart was about to burst.

The scent on his body was really nice to smell. It's the same scent that I breathed in last time inside of Jun Cheng's blankets, but way more stronger than that time..........*sniff* expected, the original person himself is the best already.

I can't anymore..........I really want it. Just like opening a tap which is inside my stomach, the back of my skirt had become completely drenched.

If I'm to push Jun Cheng down here, the time wouldn't be quite enough, plus there's still surveillance cameras inside the train carriage..........should I bring him to a love hotel? No, don't be rash, Lan Hua. That way, you'll only be able to obtain his body.

If he doesn't love me, even though I had obtained onto his body, what would be the point of that then?

Uuu.........I hate it.

Not only because I'm grousing that the time's too short, but also grousing over my greed.

Everytime after I had obtained onto a little something, I would want even more afterwards..........I'm such a greedy girl.

Shaking my head to cool myself down, the train too reached its final destination at the same time.

I lastly gave Jun Cheng a kiss, and called out his name by the sides of his ears, waking him up.

Afterwards, me and Jun Cheng went out of the subway station together.

Because the insides of my panties had become drenched and sticky, I dared not proceed too quickly while walking.

If my footsteps was to be too wide, it'll be dripping out.

I really want to take off my drenched panties and stuff it inside of Jun Cheng's mouth..........if only I'm able to bring him home, I'm able to do even more things already, fufufu...........

Uuu, don't be rash, Lan Hua.

Right now's still not the time yet..........

Jun Cheng very gentlemanly expressed out his intentions of wanting to send me home, and although I really wanted to agree, I eventually still rejected it.

Because I wasn't able to hold it in any longer, I need to find a public toilet immediately to resolve it.

But I must retain some side dish as well, and before Jun Cheng leaves, I must properly retain his figure within my eyes.

I stood at the original spot and kept gazing at his departing figure, suddenly thinking that it'll also be great to be always looking at him like that.........

Afterwards, an unexpected turn of events happened.

"Lan Hua!"

That's Jun Cheng's voice!

And it was the first time that he directly called out my name, plus it didn't have the tongxue addressing along with it as well!

I'm so happy that I could jump up already!
Does this mean that he finally had thought of me as a friend already? Finally willing to accept and get closer to me already? It's fine even if we're just friends, so I finally am able to talk to him normally already?

Aahhh, being able to normally greet him every single day, able to normally talk to him, with a status of a friend to go eat with him together, and asking him to go out and play as well.

It finally can all start already?

"Um! I'm very sorry! I have a girlfriend already!"

However, it wasn't the start.

"So! Even if you liked me! I can't go out with you!"

But, it had already ended.

"Really! I'm really very sorry!"

My love which hadn't even begun ended just like that.


When my ears heard those words, I didn't immediately understand the meaning of what they contained.

In order to shut my feelings up, I spent quite an effort into delivering an accurate interpretation of those words to my brain.

My brain filtered out these words, and comprehending the information derived from therein took once again a period of time.

My body however had a reaction beforehand, and when I came back to my senses, I realized that a huge volume of tears had long dampened my face.

I had my mouth half gaping, dumbfoundedly touching onto those tears that were dripping out, and basing onto my body's reaction, I then understood. That I already..........

Had been dumped.

I was dumped.

I was being dumped already.


Wailing just like a little child.

There's something that fell onto the ground.

It's my heart.

It was shattered into pieces already, huh.

I'm unable to fix it back together anymore.

"Cough........cough cough.........!"

I forcibly coughed quite a few times, spitting out blood.

Exerting out my entire strength pressing onto my chest, I wanted to cover up that hollowed chest of mine, but only felt unimaginable agony.

" hurts.........."

It hurts..........It really hurts, Jun Cheng..........

Why must I be experiencing onto this sort of pain..........

I don't want, I don't want to suffer anymore...........

Anyone, someone..........please cover up the hole that's on my chest..........

"Hoooo~ young lady, you're being dumped already?"

..........It's not Jun Cheng.

It's a man that I don't recognize.

Wearing an unclassy hat.

A golden necklace was being decorated on his neck.

And behind him, a few more slovenly-looking men had been following him as well.

They looked to be very frivolous.

With the smell of cigarettes and alcohol on them.

And there's the scent of make up on too.

An appearance of lust, with their nostrils pointing towards the sky.

They probably were partying about just a moment ago.

The man approached my front, lecherously stared at my breasts and said chucklingly.

"Forget about that sort of scumbag already! Want to come along with us? You'll be able to forget about everything through drinking, heh heh........."

..........Able to forget about everything, huh...........


I didn't wipe off my tears, standing up just like that, with my head tilting while unveiling out an agonized smile.

"Let's go happy!"

-ch 67.5 end-

(3357 words to tl)

Camping for the prey to arrive (守株待兔) = The original translation of the idiom was 'waiting for the easy prey - a rabbit, under a tree'. 

(There's an interesting backstory to it, go read it!) 

But to fit in w/ the context of the story, I adjusted the meaning to contextually fit the passage~

Let's go happy! (去快活吧!) = I don't know a more accurate meaning of what I've translated, but here's the rundown for it. It means that "let's just go ahead and be happy!" Normally referring to going to pubs partying madly without a care and eventually XXXXing with the people there later on......... possible N T R?

-tongxue (同学) = honorific that refers the relationship of the target person to be a "student".


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