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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c89.5.5

Vol 2, Chapter 89.5.5: The [Active type Handicapped admirer]'s cherishing

TL: flarewk

[Active type Handicapped admirer]'s cherishing:

When I woke up, I'm already at the hospital.

After Jun Cheng fainted, I originally wanted to dash over to go hug him, but I suddenly lost my strength.

And the outcome was that I fainted halfway through.

I didn't feel any pain, but my body had seemingly reached its limits.

"Broken nose, three snapped bones at the left side of the rib-cage, with one of them nearly piercing the lung, internal bleeding, right leg twisted, entire body having an accumulated total of 36 stitches with both large and minor being accounted for.........huhuhuhu, Cheng Jun, for you to not die this time, it really could be said to be of incredible luck, hmm?"

I opened up my eyes and tilted my head to look towards the source of that voice.

As expected, it's Ji Lian Bing.

She was currently sitting on the chair to the right side of where I am, her back facing me, a paper held in her hands, seemingly speaking to someone.

"A-, ahahaha.........I also didn't expect that I would be returning to the hospital that quickly.........Mn, seeing how things are as such, it's exactly the same as a certain spiky-haired dude already eyy."

"Huhu, so Cheng Jun have the self-conscious mind of being an all-around good guy, hmm?"

"Eeeh.........I'm not really considered to be an all-around good guy. Speaking of which, since you're my girlfriend, don't issue a 'good-person' card out to me!"



It's Jun Cheng's voice.

I want to see him.

Although my abdomen hurts a little, I still straightened up my body.


"Xue Qing! You woke up already! Hey-oi! Don't sit up! Your abdominal wounds are quite serious.........acgk.........."

Jun Cheng upon seeing me sit up, had an expression of anxiety as he stretched his hands out to me.

With the outcome that he pulled onto his own wound, causing him pain till he was gritting his teeth out in agony.


"Still having the time to be concerned about others, really.........she's fine herself, so you'd better lie down quietly."

"Mm, I'm fine."

To prove that there's no issues with me at all, I came down from the bed, stood on the ground and moved my body about.

My wounds were already nearly healed, it's because of the link held with Xiang Yue Xun still displaying out its effects, hence the speed of recovery was extremely fast.

"That's good then.........your abdominal wound was rather serious too, and it originally by right must have an operation carried out. However, the speed of your injury healing was too quick, and in order to not let the doctor discover about it, it wasn't carried out then.........Mm, same for me, it's all due to, um.........your saliva, cough cough........."

"Then, one more time."

Since it's that effective, I'll do it one more time then.

When licking Jun Cheng, there's a sort of intimate feeling, plus also being able to help treating him, killing two birds with one stone.

I walked to Jun Cheng's sides, intending to unwrap the bandage on his head, but had my wrist being gripped instead.

"Move aside, poker face."

"Don't, hinder me."

Although Ji Lian Bing is Jun Cheng's girlfriend, but that doesn't mean that she could take charge of Jun Cheng on deciding every single matter.

I chose to ignore her.

"You brat........!"

"Ah, it's fine, Xue Qing.........the effects of your saliva are still present, there's no need to wipe it again. My wound recovery is extremely quick, I'm even able to feel itchy too, see, did I not have any operation carried out on me as well."

Mm.........waking up earlier than me, his voice sounds to be rather energetic, and they doesn't seem to be falsified words.

I nodded my head, accepting Jun Cheng's explanation for now.

Right now, it looks like it's not necessary. Though it's a slight pity, but I'll wait till the saliva having lost its effects, before properly licking him from top to bottom then.

"And so, thanks for your kind concern."

Jun Cheng stretched his hands over; I proactively leaned my head towards him.

I liked him caressing my head a lot.

When his palms cover the top of my head, there's a sort of very heartwarming feeling.

It's very comfortable.

But kissing was even more comfortable.

That's a feeling that could addict people.

Right now there's Ji Lian Bing around, so I probably wouldn't be able to kiss Jun Cheng.

When she's not around, I must properly have a kiss with Jun Cheng.

"Cheng Jun? You still haven't realized the severity of the matter? That's a fatal injury! It's way more serious than the previous one! You circled round the gates of hell before returning back!"

This woman, she's really noisy.

She's still alright previously, but after this matter, she suddenly became extremely noisy.

This proved, that she already wasn't in that state of being carefree.

I'm able to see, that she's still very vexed about the matter this time.

Perhaps Jun Cheng hadn't discerned it out, but from her voice, carried along feelings of regret.

So, she thought that the matter this time was her own fault?

Mn..........actually it can't be considered to be her fault.

She's only a victim. A normal person can never resist against being possessed by a ghost, what more being placed in a state of equal reliancy.

Jun Cheng unveiled out a headached expression, as he scratched the back of his head and said.

"Ahh.........but, didn't I not die after all.........."

"Is it fine just for you to not die! Being afflicted with such heavy injuries........."

I see.

So it's because of her having wounded Jun Cheng, which was why she's that vexed.

Ji Lian Bing, so she too would have that sort of feelings?

I originally thought that she was cold blooded, just like a vampire; a person who treated people as their playthings.

I hadn't expected her to be myraidly full of compassion.

Or was it, that she only treated Jun Cheng as such?

Then that's not bad either.........

"Quieten down a little.........Yu Hui, erm, Bai-xuemei is still're in quite a fiery mood today, Lian Bing."

"It'll be strange if I don't get mad, after you had fainted, this poker face too fainted, and afterwards, your Bai-xuemei also collapsed, just as if that all of you agreed to do so, hmm? Do you want to know how I carried the three of you to the hospital? Huhuhuhu, it's still the first time for this young lady to be carrying out this sort of physical activity. I'm considered to have experienced an instance of feeling on being a construction worker.........huhuhu........."

"I-.........I'm extremely sorry........."

When facing against Ji Lian Bing, the atmosphere of Jun Cheng would be diminished by a third, him appearing to be quite frightened.

Being able to cause Jun Cheng to feel afraid would have her unworthy already.

Looks like even when she had special feelings towards Jun Cheng, she still wasn't up to par.

"Then right now, there's Yu Hui left who haven't yet wake up.........just as expected, the injury she got on her back was way more serious."

"Humph, even though it's fine to just go to a quiet single patient ward, why must you come to this trio ward........."

"Well, if I didn't see them, I won't be feeling, isn't the hospital out of single patient wards as well........."

"Jun Cheng, where's your father?"

"Ah, Laobà today should have knocked off from work in advance. As it's the Qing Ming festival, our whole family promised to go pay respects together, and I originally was thinking to head over after I've finished attending the birthday gathering, but I didn't expect that I would actually encounter onto this sort of stuff........."

"Huhu, true, that's really unfortunate.........most importantly.........the right hand's pinky finger, isn't there anymore."

Ji Lian Bing spun her head around and looked at me as she squinted her eyes.

"Well then, for a certain unscrupulous little girl, isn't it time to be handing it over? There are certain stuffs, that you shouldn't accept even when other people give it to you, don't you even know about that?"


What she wanted me to hand over was probably the finger.........

Jun Cheng's pinky.

Ji Lian Bing's eyes were almost spouting out flames.

To her, for Jun Cheng's body to be deprived of a portion, she would feel extremely discomforted.

It's the complete opposite of me, chasing after a person who's perfectly impeccable.

A fool's greed.

In this world, there's completely not a single existent flawless being, as every single thing would have its flawed aspect.


"A certain person, even after sleeping still rigidly gripped onto other people's fingers, there's no way to take it out even with said intentions.........hurry up and hand it over!"

"Hey, Lian Bing.........that's me personally giving it to her."

"Why would there be somebody who will give their fingers away to others! Are you an idiot!"


Jun Cheng, he originally wasn't a handicap.

He was initially complete.

It's not that he lost his limbs due to an accident, it was he himself who proactively chopped it off.

Chopped it off.........for my sake.........

Although I'm extremely happy.

Very delighted.

I felt that I'm even able to laugh out even while dreaming.

But, I couldn't..........

I don't want to hand it over.........but, if it's for Jun Cheng..........

"Xue Qing?"

".........return you."

I handed that finger, which belonged to Jun Cheng, over from my hands.

"Jun Cheng's, finger."

That's right, it's for the best, this way.

"Still can, be connected back."

"Mm.........if it's given to Laobà, perhaps it really might be connected back.........but, forget it."

"Cheng Jun!"

"You too know that I'm a person who keeps to my promises, Lian Bing."

Jun Cheng unveiled out a serious look as he said to me.

"That pinky finger is the reward that I gave you, Xue Qing, and since it's a reward, I don't intend to take it back. The same goes for these pair of hands too, and as long as you want to take them away, you can take them away anytime."

"Cheng........Jun! Really.........!"

I'm so happy.

Jun Cheng's so cool.

"Anyway, the pinky isn't used that often too, and even if I don't have it, it won't seem to be too much of an issue."


It'll be up to me to fill in instead.

I must fill up that portion of where he was lacking.

"Eeh, Xue Qing, are you listening?"

"Can it to, nameless finger?"


"I want, left hand nameless finger."

That finger which can only put on the ring of promise.

If it is able to be entrusted to me.........

"No refunds allowed!"


"Even if you pout your lips, I also won't soften my heart.........Eeehh.........I definitely won't!"

Jun Cheng spun his head to one side as he rejected my request.

I had anticipated that it wouldn't be successful.

But what I truly wanted was.........



Stretched my tongue inside.

Traded our saliva respectively.

Enjoyed that sensation of warmth.

"You..........this.........paralyzed.........face! Huhuhu.........."

The volcano is about to explode.

I'll temporarily first retreat then.

After finished kissing him, I planted a kiss on Jun Cheng's lips before leaping off the bed, dashing out of the ward.

My stomach felt a little hungry. The wound recovery spent quite an amount of energies, I'll first go look for something to eat then.

Entering the lift, I met a familiar acquaintance.

It's Xiang Yue Xun.

Her face was entirely filled with guilt, her body still plastered with copious amounts of blood.........not human blood, this was, ghost's blood.

"Sorry desu, Xue-er, it's me who's late by a step........."


"Letting you shoulder such a dangerous task of being a bait, yet wasn't able to provide you with much support in the end too even depended on all of you eventually before being able to resolve it........."

"It's not, entirely because of me."

There's still Jun Cheng.

There's still Bai Yu Hui.

Maybe Ji Lian Bing too.........

If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be able to survive.

"I's all due to you people this time, if not, the outcome would be unimaginable........."

"What's, the matter?"

The original plan was to surround and curb them, but it turned out to be a reverse-surrounding curb instead.

Where was it that caused the problem?

"It's the secrecy aspect that caused the problem desu, there's a person in the circle who leaked out the internal news, hence it allowed those ghosts to go along with the plan, installing a reverse preventative barrier, causing the people from the organization to not be able to the defenses of Black Street are done extremely well, it resulted in us being helpless against the barrier for quite a's really unexpected desu........."

The resolutely impenetrable fortification turned out to be shackles instead.

We have been used, huh.

"Although afterwards the organization immediately changed plans to straightaway look for the location of where those ghosts original bodies are, intending to resolve it from its roots, but it's still slightly too I'm injured along the way desu........."

I see, so that's why at that time, the ghost transformation would be removed.

"But.........all those bunch of ghosts have been eaten up by me desu."

".........Is that alright?"

"It's fine, it's not any of a strange thing for ghosts to be eating up's time to also let them experience the feeling of becoming devoured........."

Her expression was dark, her voice contained killing intent therein.

Looks like she too had pushed herself quite a lot.

I walked over, hugging her and said.

"Thank you, Xun."

"Huh? Xue-er, you directly said my name!"


"I'm so happy desu! Heehee~"

"Xun, I have a person who's able to fill up that spot."

Xun herself knew what I was referring to.

"Is it Cheng Jun?"


"Is it.........your decision is extremely good desu."

She patted my back and spoke.

"Since that's the case, you must properly cherish him then, Xue-er........."


I will.

Because he, Cheng Jun, is.........

A person that is able to fill up those 'emotions' that I've lost.........

-ch 89.5.5 end-

(3236 words to tl)

'Good person' card (好人卡) = It's famously used by girls when they are confessed to by boys. "Thank you, (insert_name), you're a good guy, but..........." Hence this phrase is considered to be an omen.

-xuemei (学妹) = it's a honorific indicating the person being a junior under-classmate of the female gender. Very freaking specific, which makes me tough to translate it out to english while making it seem smooth, so I opted to go for this instead.

Laobà (老爸) = informal casual way of him addressing his 'dad'.

-er (儿) = a suffix, it symbolizes 'familial' relations towards someone else more than anything, usually family members would be addressing it to themselves.


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