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Name:  RE:Yandere (Starting life in a Yandere World from Zero)
Author: 凌石更
Original Name从零开始的病娇生活
Origin Site: SFACG
Type: CN Web Novel

Linze used to be a normal 2nd year middle schooler who once had 8th-grader syndrome, and after being stabbed to death by his younger sister's classmate, Linze realized that he is able to [Return by Death], restarting time back to the very beginning after dying.

Surpassing innumerous situations of despondency, let's look at Linze as he learns to sustain several love relationships, while searching for the hope of living on under the many paths of death.

Tags: younger sisterlove carnage, yandere, unsurpassed, interesting, death, harem

Translator notes: Imagine if you are in a world with yanderes. One that they actually dare to kill you with the slight suspicion of your cheating. You'll definitely need to have a 'save' and 'load' state option then!

Table of Contents
- Warning & Disclaimer of Liability
- Cover Image
- Character Introduction
- Translator notes 1

[Volume 1: The crumbling beginning of restarting life from zero]
Ch1: A youth's life is in vain if he does not 8th-grade syndrome
Ch2: Light-pink panties
Ch3: Hoodwinking through a situation
Ch4: Roping in a best buddy
Ch5: The correct way of a love confession
Ch6: Thursday's cooking
Ch7: A new helper
Ch8: Liar
Ch9: Death experience
Ch10: The first beginning of an end
Ch11: Bag
Ch12: Dream prophecy and Return by Death
Ch13: Tailing
Ch14: Tailing 2
Ch15: Security
Ch16: Xu Yanyan's home
Ch17: Dinner
Ch18: The second tailing
Ch19: Pervert master
Ch20: Change of plans
Ch21: Grocery shopping chance occurrence
Ch22: Making dinner
Ch23: Delicious dishes
Ch24: The second death experience
Ch25: Ability confirmation
Ch26: Haven't yet left
Ch27: An insane Linze


  1. wait so how many days just he go back or is it near infancy

  2. *slurppp*wipping my drool* this one is good ><

  3. I just noticed this.

    I never watched Re:Zero because i don't want to die of heart failure yet..

    But why is there a death tag?

    1. it refers to the MC dying multiple times due to yanderes, as he resets back in time, to try to figure out (with his denseness) on why he died at all

    2. If this ends up actually being picked back up and finished I wonder how many deaths it will take to realize what he did wrong I am gonna guess like 5 cause I have a feeling he will try getting to know her as much as possible to understand the reason and also try avoiding her as much as possible and eventually just like re:zero end up surviving either due to sheer luck or figuring out why she killed him and setting a new checkpoint in which he will think everything is fine drop his guard and get killed and if he knows the reason he is gonna need to find excuses to avoid meeting with all those girls he promised to meet with and after a few tries finally figure out how to do it since if he contacts them and says he can't the yandere will listen in to the conversation go yandere due to him talking with said girl and kill him and then when he tries just not showing up the girl will end up going to him instead which results in death and he finally figures out how to do it without getting murdered just to have an exchange student or something show up that tries to get involved in his life and boom dead and then since I don't feel like coming up with more story right now lets just say after that he finally ends up in a relationship with the yandere and he ends up dying a few times but when he finally doesn't die he ends up doing something that also makes her have more faith in him and that he won't cheat on her so there ends up not being and issues for the next few years has a child or 2 and then since originally he only got with her out of fear and a slight attraction but never truly loved her and he finds someone he does love he tries to get a divorce so she murders him and so it either restarts from the beginning where he needs to figure out how to not end up with her or he just dies and thats the end of it cause sorry its not gonna end with a happily ever after cause fuck that it needs to end in death

  4. Interesting....welp cant wait for this one beacuse i like yanderes huehuehue

  5. When will chapters be released?

  6. Replies
    1. oh sorry, give me abit of time to finish my revision for my tests

  7. Actually I'm scared to read this... I'm scared of such a sweet taste, yet, it will disappear when i get addicted

  8. do you guys know about "And You Thought a Yandere Harem is Paradise" by "Lovely Icecream Princess Sweetie"-the name of author in Ynver Moon ? I've read the prologue and it's interesting. Can u guy give me a link ??? Thanks for that :)

    1. hi dalyn says it's an original he wrote, pester him more about it!

    2. ohhhhh so it's OLN tks you ! Flare-sama

  9. Glad to have you back, flare.


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