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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c83

Vol 2, Chapter 83: Panic, Clueless

TL: flarewk

That was an ability that's inherent within Xue Qing. As a handicapped admirer, it's precisely because of her possessing movement capabilities of being able to easily snatch off the limbs of others, which explained on why she would be an 'active type'. "As expected, it's not even considered to be a crisis at all, as to Jiang Xue Qing, the outcome will probably be the same, even if there are 10 more people appearing."

"You long knew that it will become like that?"

"Yes.........normally speaking, it's an extremely rare occurrence that a ghost would split off half of its soul to have an equally reliant relationship with a human being, for equally reliant differs from possession; any side which suffers damage will have both parties equally affected. It could be said that if there's one side becoming affected, all sides will become affected. And the primary aim for ghostly creatures are to merely feed on humans, thus treating the possessed host as 'disposables', and such situation as like Jiang Xue Qing are few among the few."

But it's precisely because of that, which caused Xue Qing to be even more powerful than those murderous ghouls.

"Hence, rather than those convened mediocrity, I'm more worried of what Jiang Xue Qing would be doing towards you, and you saw it as well, right? With that sort of ability of hers, if she wanted to do anything towards you, Jun Cheng-dàren, you'll basically be........."

"I would basically be unable to retaliate back, right."

The me previously didn't understand her true prowess at all, hence didn't had any thoughts about it, but after personally witnessing Xue Qing's 'work scene', I knew everything already.

In comparison, when she wanted body parts from me, she's simply too gentle to the point of not being able to be gentler any further.........

"That's right. I believe that you should be clear about it already, and my purpose this time in coming to your sides is to protect you from the hands of Jiang Xue Qing. That's why, please don't do any more self abandoning acts, Jun Cheng-dàren."


No wonder Bai Yu Hui was unwilling to let me find Xue Qing no matter what, so it was because that the person she's cautious against was only Xue Qing alone, huh? She had long knew that there was no chance of victory at all even if other murderous ghouls were to team up dealing against Xue Qing, hence her aim was only one right from the get go, and that was to not let Xue Qing find me.

But, was that really the case? Xue Qing, she.........

*Clap clap clap clap clap*.........

Clapping sounds echoed out.

There's still one last murderous ghoul. He didn't flee, even when all of his companions were massacred, and actually had a satisfied face of having watched an excellent show.

This fellow seemed to be a little amiss? His status.........was actually, white-colored?

"Beautiful, it's simply too beautiful."


Limbs severing Murderous ghoul Ye Liu Su took a puff of cigarette, and after heaving out a few circles of smoke, he tossed away the cigarette and walked over to Xue Qing.

"Huu~ just judging from technique alone, you're even more skilled than I am. I really didn't expect your ability to be that adept to this sort of level. Last time, because my host was too weak, I'm not able to see your true prowess........Jiang Xue Qing."

(TL: huu refers to him blowing out cigarette smoke)

Ye Liu Su actually knew Xue Qing's name!

Last time was referring to.........?

"What a pity, what a pity. Why didn't I meet you earlier? If I'm able to meet you earlier, and had allowed me to possess you, it probably would have the strongest murderous ghoul ever been created since historical times........." 

Hold on, what did this person say just now?

'Allowed me to possess you'?

This fellow, his interior actually had a ghost in charge?!

No wonder his status was white-colored, to be looking at a pile of 'food' fighting here and there, he in all likelihood had treated it as watching a show already!

"Hey! Did you hear that! His words said just earlier!"

" can it........."

Bai Yu Hui looked at that windbreaker man, revealing out an expression of surprise too.

"That man is a true 'ghost', am I right!"

I pressed on Bai Yu Hui's shoulders as I agitatedly asked, while Xue Qing too asked out a similar question.

"You are, ghost?"

Ye Liu Su didn't make any efforts on concealing it, as he simply spread his arms out wide and admitted.

"Correct, in order to deal with you, I searched the entire city, before being able to locate this deranged human, who also had killing intentions inside his heart. I spent quite a great amount of effort before finally drawing out his killing desires through his dreams, possessing this human being.........all of this, is just for you!"

What? This ghost actually went on searching for an insane person to possess him!

Just at this moment, Bai Yu Hui too murmured out in an apparent state of sudden comprehension.

"So that's it, this ghost intentionally located a human who had an absence of sanity, which was why he's able to obtain the dominant role just like, this way, he's also able to assuredly utilize the state of equal reliancy.........

"This can also be done? !"

Oioioi, that's too much of a cheat already! This wasn't just possession anymore, it's simply a transmigration!

"Why didn't I think of such a solution like this in the past? As such, now I can assuredly equally rely onto this human's body........."

Ye Liu Su stretched his hands into his pockets, pulling out a knife from its scabbard, with the sharp edge of the knife brushing on the streetlamp, giving off a piercing sound..........

Afterwards, with a *ka cha* sound, the streetlamp was actually being cleaved apart!

His hair too turned white-colored, with a red glow dazzling about within his pupils. He had shockingly transformed into a ghost-like state!

The almost 4 meters tall streetlamp fell towards Xue Qing, with her immediately jumping towards the side, and the streetlamp smashed into the pool of blood lying in the middle of the road, exploding out a huge pit, causing an immediate rain of blood.

Although Xue Qing avoided that fallen streetlamp in the nick of time, the splattered blood seemingly pierced onto her face, causing her to instinctively close up her eyes.

"Since I'm unable to obtain you, I can only.........personally destroy you!"

"Xue Qing!"

While Ye Liu Su wielded a knife dashing towards the temporarily blinded Xue Qing, I too subconsciously dashed out.

I ran past the floor-to-ceiling windows, simply bolting towards the door entrance!

I couldn't just sit by any longer!

But Bai Yu Hui as expected wouldn't be letting me proceed on, as she reacted over to it the moment I stood up, and simply pounced on me.

"Let go of me!"

That Ye Liu Su, compared to other murderous ghouls wasn't just the same level at all!

"Why must you still proceed! If Jiang Xue Qing is unable to face him, there's even no point in you going as well!"

"Then I must go!"


Perhaps she had really became incensed to the limits, which resulted in her addressing towards me even changing as well. Though she had always expressed herself to be rather respectful towards me, giving me a sort of very mature sensation. But in reality, Bai Yu Hui was just a girl who's roughly the same age as me, no, even more younger than me.

However, that infuriatingly incensed expression was merely unveiled out for not even half a second before being properly kept, as she used an even more swift tone to interrogate me thereafter.

"Why must you be so obsessed with her! Jun Cheng-dàren! Didn't she even want to harm you as well!"


"Jiang Xue Qing merely wanted to pilfer your body! Didn't you long knew about that already? She first wanted hair from you, afterwards fingernails, what she want to see is the look of your body becoming incomplete!"

"Perhaps, that's the case.........but, I don't blame her."

Before encountering other murderous ghouls, there's a battle of cat-and-mouse between Xue Qing and myself, with her purpose just to take my finger away from me.........

However.........even if it's like that, I wasn't able to hate her.

I couldn't hate her.

"It wasn't out of evil intentions that she wanted to harm me, or perhaps, in actuality she had never wanted to harm me, not once at all.........she merely wanted, under conditions that I'm not able to feel any pain, to take away a portion of my body."

If Xue Qing was to really use force onto pilfering my body, I would be instantly disassembled into a debris state.

But she didn't do that towards me, merely following me, afterwards pleading with me.

When she's really unable to endure it anymore, she would then be providing conditions for the exchange, even if it's to hand over her body, she still also wanted to obtain my finger.

This sort of her, how could it make me hate her at all!

"She, is the same as you........Yu Hui."

Same like you, having the color of blue always presented out in both your statuses, wielding an indubitable level of trust towards me.

Hence, I wasn't able to perform things that were detrimental towards her, always trying to speak up for her instead, incessantly guarding over her.

Just like you guarding over me.

"You're in charge of protecting me, while I too have someone that I want to protect."


She should have understood me, hence would be tightly biting onto her lips, unveiling out a disinclining expression.

It's because of her knowing that she's unable to persuade me.

Lying on the ground, I stretched out my hands to caress her hair, smiling while thanking her.

"Thank you for everything that you've done for me. Move."


Bai Yu Hui stood up and left my body without a word, afterwards clutching both hands on her face.

Don't tell me that she's crying once again.........

Making the same girl cry twice, am I a little too scummy already?

.........If I'm able to make it back alive, I'll properly comfort her then.

Right now, I'm going to seek my death!

I'm not sure if it's because of me having ran into the pile of deceased deads before, that sort of seeking death experience, which was why I'm not that especially afraid this time. Perhaps it was due to me becoming used to it.

The adaptability of humans are really very wonder we're able to populate the entire world.


I stood up and walked towards the entrance of the book store, opened up the lock and went outside.

The sound of metal hitting against each other persistently rang out in the empty street.

That's a battle that had completely surpassed common sense, it's already that quick, till the point where I'm not able to clearly see the shadows of both people. Only when sparks appeared from both blades making contact with each other, I'm then able to ascertain onto the position of both people. Yet when I shifted my eyes towards that direction, I wasn't able to locate both of them any longer.........

With speed and reactions that had way surpassed human limits as a foundation, an extreme rapid evading and assaultive fight was being carried out.

I rubbed my eyes furiously, desperately wanting to see clearly what the situation was currently like.........

Perhaps its due to my focus being concentrated, as I actually gradually managed to keep up with that speed, and was even able to clearly see the movements of both people as well.

Technique wise, it's expectedly Xue Qing who was way more adept. During the moments of gaps where both blades clashed with each other, Xue Qing would be able to seize opportunities, leaving wounds on the other side. While the other party weren't any just small fry either, as he unfearingly continued rushing within Xue Qing's attack range.

Afterwards, metal once more struck against each other, and a new round of clashing again was being carried out.

Though Xue Qing still wasn't injured yet, with the wounds that was pierced on Ye Liu Su's body repeatedly increasing. However........Xue Qing was currently dwindling into a disadvantage.

Even an outsider like me was able to see, that every single movement of Xue Qing was slightly slower than the other side, with the damage that she's able to inflict becoming extremely limited, gradually falling into a handicap!

I stood at my original spot desperately thinking on how to break this situation, for if I'm to just haphazardly charge over, I probably would be sliced to minced meat in just a moment.

But the sudden change of events were way beyond the speed of my thoughts!

After clashing for a few times, the both of them seemingly recoiled backwards at the same time.

Ye Liu Su played with the knife in his hands, and spoke with an expression of ease.

"Hm? Has the ghost transformation been removed already? Looks like there's some problems occurring at 'the other side'.........hahaha, even the heavens have doomed you, little girl."


That snowy-white hair on Xue Qing slowly turned back to a grayish white color, as she arched her body, using her left hand to clutch the sides of her abdomen.

She had actually been wounded!

-ch 83 end-

(3116 words to tl)

-dàren (大人) = it's a suffix which refers to someone very respectfully, uh. It basically puts the person in a level above yourself, in stature to show respect to him/her. Can be male/female


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