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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c64

Vol 2, Chapter 64: Realizing mistakes, Fixing it

TL: flarewk

What's next was to take the 4th line switching to Liuhe Station, afterwhich boarding the 6th Line all the way till the 6th district's Jixiyuan Station, walking trailing by Peace Road up to Coastal Road, and after roughly ten more minutes of walking, I'll be able to reach home.

But now, I've progressed up to not even one thirdth of the journey yet.

In reality, as long as I enter the 6th district, I'm able to alight from any whatsoever station, since I'm still quite familiar with the surroundings of the 6th district and won't have scenarios where I'll lost my way.

It's just that if I'm to alight at Jixiyuan Station, it'll merely be faster for me onto reaching home.

Plus, there's a bakery shop coincidentally nearby that area as order to soothe my meimeis' emotions, I feel that it's better to be purchasing some desserts back home.

Ah, hold on, I don't have my wallet with me..........

That last bit of loose change had been spent by me onto purchasing train tickets, which was why I didn't even have the money onto buying water just now..........

I suddenly realized that it was actually such an agonizing matter, being a modernized person yet not carrying a wallet and phone around.

Now this would be such a headache already, if I had known I would have just borrowed a little bit of money from Xue Qing.........err, but if I was to borrow some money from her, I had the distinct feeling that she would just simply hand over that black card to me..........

When using that black card at the departmental store, it's said to have garnered the prime central of attention already, and everywhere that we walked to, there would always be people rubbernecking around us, just like as if they were looking at some sort of rare animal species. Especially for the case of the cashier-dàge, whom at the start even used a suspicious eye to look at us. But after successfully managing to swipe the card, that transformation of eye expression along with his attitude made one uncontrollably lament that so this was the feeling of being both wealthy and in power.

Perhaps there might be some people who loved this sort of central-spotlight grabbing sensation, but I just didn't like it in any case. Being stared at by people wouldn't make me feel ecstatic, merely feeling discomforting instead.

But the gazes of those people..........all of them added up together weren't even just as intense as the gaze coming from Lan Hua!

Why must you follow right behind me staring at my back..! Was there anything nice at all to be looking at my back? Don't tell me that your able to see through it? And even if you're able to see through it, there's nothing nice to be gleaned from looking at such a man like me, right? Though I'm rather conscious of maintaining my body as well as the matching of food and so on, it doesn't mean that I was working out every single day, hence the outlines of my muscles on my body weren't that distinct as well.........

Mm.........speaking of which, should I go work out?

Losing to Lian Bing in the strength department, that fact kept making me feel rather resentful.

If only I had properly worked out that time, I would be able to have the strength onto retaliating, and perhaps would even welcome upon a different sort of ending.

Always running away wasn't a good solution, and sometimes communication couldn't always fully resolve a problem.........perhaps it is time for me to change, to seek for an even more better solution to face these situations.

An example would be Lan Hua who's right behind my back.........

Even if I'm able to flee from her, she would be able to mysteriously catch up with me, and at any rate, it's still roughly the same even if she didn't allow me to not escape from her.

(TL: subtly referring to Lian Bing)

But if she was to really have some sort of special feelings towards me, it's better to seize the opportunity onto letting her give up..........

Thinking up to here, I stopped my feet with mixed feelings, and said without turning my head around.



Immediately receiving a response in return; she seemingly hadn't shifted her attention away from me completely at all.

"No, it's nothing........."

It's better to just look for a good opportunity before telling her since she hadn't even confessed to me yet, and I giving her the 'Good person' card just like that seemed to be a little too egotistic already.

While deliberating within my mind onto the phrases of rejecting Lan Hua, we walked into the subway station.

The people on the 6th Metro Line weren't that much already, since those people that were living at such a secluded cornered region as the 6th district number rather few in retrospect, with most of the people leaving midway, having already reached their destination during their journey.

Hence, the people within the train carriage currently weren't that much already, with most of the seats being left empty.

I casually grabbed a seat and sat down, afterwards waving towards Lan Hua, saying.

"Lan Hua-tongxue, there's a seat over here~"

I waving her over was due to not wanting her to sit at the opposite of me, because if she was to sit at my opposite, she would definitely keep staring at me. Lan Hua's gaze still made me feel very uncomfortable, and I wasn't able to endure that at all. If she's sitting right beside me, her gaze at the very least won't be that stinging already.

"Mm, I'll come right now."

With both of her hands hugging onto her body, Lan Hua walked over nervously. Because her clothes was soaked, her white-colored shirt had become a little transparent, and perhaps it was due to her being mindful about the gazes of other males, for Lan Hua's movements clearly became a little reserved.

Afterwards, she sat right by my sides, but didn't dared to stick close to me, with half a person's gap separating the both of us.


I'm not sure if it's due to me finally being able to sit down, as a sense of lethargy enveloped me, making me unresistingly give off a huge sigh.

I didn't expect that Lan Hua, upon seeing me sighing would have a concerned face as she leaned close while worriedly asking.

"Jun Cheng-tongxue, are you alright? Just now I nudged onto your stomach so forcefully, it didn't open up your wounds, right?

"Mm? Oh, the wound's fine, it's already almost fully healed, so it doesn't really hurt that much."

Through the shirt, I stroked my stomach; even if it's being pressed on, I wouldn't feel painful already. Looks like it's true on what Xiang Yue Xun said, that a ghoul's saliva would have healing properties, as it's just a mere night and the wound on my abdomen have almost been fully recovered.

Eh? No wait, how does she know that there's a wound on my abdominal region?

Speaking of which, she even knew that my home was at the 6th district..........had she investigated onto me already?

About the fact that Lan Hua knew about my matters, I bizarrely felt rather terrified, with my expression thereafter honestly reflecting it out right on my face.

Upon seeing my expression, Lan Hua thought that I was enduring the pain, with her face afterwards being fully encompassed with concern.

"Are you really alright?"

"Mm, it's really fine. I was sighing because I didn't notify my family members before running out yesterday night, with the result that now my phone ran out of battery, so now I'm not able to contact them. Right now, they should be worrying about me........."

I simply explained the things that I was worried about, and of course, there's another factor which was the stuff that's about Lan Hua........needless to say, I can't tell that to her right in front of her face.

Nodding her head, Lan Hua said a 'I see', afterwards taking out a clothed bag from out of nowhere, retrieving a portable charger from its insides and saying to me.

"Um, I brought along a portable charger, does Jun Cheng-tongxue need it?"

Ooh, that's quite the help during my most dire moments, she've actually carried a portable charger along with her. Her thinking was really rather well-rounded.

Speaking of which, so she was actually carrying a bag along with her?

Forget it, as long as I'm able to charge.........

"Can I? But I'm using a Xiaomi, and its charge cable is a little different from normal phones........."

"It's such a coincidence, I'm also using a Xiaomi too, and it's just so perfect that it's just the same as Jun Cheng-tongxue's phone."


As she spoke, Lan Hua took out her phone and let me take a look at it.

Not only was it the same type, even the phone casing itself was also exactly the same..........


Looking at that kindly benevolent smile of Lan Hua along with an expression of wanting to ingratiate me, I gave off a shudder out from seemingly nowhere, as well as due to myself being a little happy as there's someone being concerned about me..........resulting in mixed feelings.

Perhaps..........she was even more obstinate than what I had imagined her to be...........

Because I'm afraid that I might expose my heart's inner shock, I merely nodded my head and thanked her before receiving the portable over.

She dared not look at me again, voluntarily lowering her head to gaze at her phone instead.

Purposefully displaying that infatuating appearance when she was facing me earlier, even up to the point of unhesitatingly wanting to reveal out her breasts and tummy, but right now, she suddenly became a reserved lady already? I really don't get it onto the boundaries of her sense of shame..........

Was it because that she liked me, which was why she was so willing onto showing me?

It's been said that love could make a person dumb, it can't be that Lan Hua's brain too had turned into a love-mindset already?

Propping my cheeks up with a single hand, I looked at that status of hers which was still so pinkish that it made me feel rather embarrassed, while searching for recollections regarding Lan Hua within my mind.

When was the moment that she had started liking can't be that she had fallen in love with me at first sight, right?

Thinking and thinking, I gradually ran out of thoughts, with my brain starting to pack up, and my eyes too became blurry, along with my eyelids beginning to lower downwards disobediently.


I gave off a large yawn, with lethargy and exhaustion filling up my entire body, along with my eyelids repeatedly fighting against it.

So tired.........eehhh, my phone had just only started to charge.........

But, since it's almost reaching home already, it shouldn't matter whether if it had charge in it or not, right?

I can't, I'm so tired..........what's the matter, why am I so tired..........

"Jun Cheng-tongxue, Jun Cheng-tongxue?"

Lan Hua's calling me.........I shook my head, but still felt rather fuddle-headed, and could say to Lan Hua.

"Ahh, sorry, let me sleep for a little, just let me know when we've reached Jixiyuan Station.........."

I really can't endure it much longer..........

I'll first just take a short nap..........


"We've reached the station already~, Jun Cheng-tongxue."

"Ah, ahhh?"

From my ears resounded the voice of a certain someone calling out to me, it's a voice that sounded very soothing.

Lan Hua was smiling while looking at me. Why was her face in front of'm...........

I'm currently lying head-down on her thighs!

I instantaneously became wide awake, and hastily lifted up my upper half.


I don't know why she didn't dodge it, but anyway in the end me and Lan Hua's head collided together. Plus, it's that sort of very forceful impacting, with my forehead having a huge bump rising up.

" hurts so much........."

"Sorry! Because I suddenly saw your face, it gave me such a huge fright, so I.........."

"Do I look to be that frightening.........humph.........."

"Eehh, no, it's just that, I merely didn't think that I'll be lying on your legs while sleeping.........."

Because I didn't want to continue this subject, I hastily surveyed the surroundings, searching for another topic.

At this moment, I discovered that there's already not a single person within the train carriage already. So we took the train up till the final station?

Aah, oh crap, I originally only wanted to sleep for a little while, but I didn't expect that I would actually oversleep..........

"Um, this is the final station already right? Why didn't you wake me up?"

Lan Hua, upon seeing me using a tone which was like as if rebuking her to ask her a question immediately said in a wronged pitiful manner.

"It's because I saw that you're sleeping so soundly.........saliva was even leaking out already.........I really can't bear to wake you up, so we took the train till the final stop."

"Ehh? !"

I originally thought that my saliva was dripping, hence I hastily used the back of my hands to mop it about, but the outcome was that I didn't feel upon any sort of saliva at all.

Huh? My saliva wasn't dripping?

She's merely lying to me?


"Ah.........well, it's fine, it's also not too far from here to my house, just only needing to walk a few hundred meters. Let's hurry up and get off the train, it's going to move off again in a moment."

After quickly getting off the train, we returned back to the surface, and I discovered that the sky had already completely darkened. I guess that the time now should roughly be 8 to 9 pm.

I'm also not sure what had happened to Lan Hua, as she constantly remained very silent, taking small steps with her head lowered as she followed right behind me.

Finally, I stopped at a T-junction. Scratching my head, I pointed eastwards while saying.

"Well then, next, I'm going to walk this about you, Lan Hua-tongxue?"

Should I send her home.........Mn, I think I'd better do it. Letting a girl walk in the night all by herself, as expected it's just not right.

"Then let's just go our separate ways here then, my house is just nearby, it's that building~! Heehee, actually, it was for my own convenience that we took the train to the final stop. You won't be blaming me for it, right? Jun Cheng-tongxue?"

She's lying.

An easily discernible lie.

Although I don't know where Lan Hua's house was, but in any case, it can never be that building that's right in front of us.

Was she saying this sort of lie for the sake of not wanting to trouble me?

"I see.........then I'll be going already?"

I intentionally used a questioning statement, indicating to her 'Actually it's fine for me to send you.', that sort of hidden intention.

However, she still didn't retain me, merely demurely waving her small hands bading me farewell.

"Bye, Jun Cheng-tongxue."

"Ahh, ahhhh, goodbye........."

I awkwardly waved my hands, afterwards turned around and walked..........the gaze still didn't disappear.

She's looking at me.

Always, always, always looking at me.

Which made me subconsciously think, that even if my figure was to completely vanish, she would still be at that same place looking at me.

Remembering that pink-colored status, I once again gave off a sigh uncontrollably.

The more you liked me, the more I feel that I've let you down.

Instead, it was me who even wanted to kneel down onto apologizing to you.


Make up your mind, don't be hesitant, or else problems will come out from it!

With my mind determinedly set, I turned around and loudly yelled out her name.

"Lan Hua!"

I didn't add the honorific '-tongxue' along with it, as what I'm about to say next wasn't me treating her as a status of a 'classmate' while saying it out.

"Um! I'm very sorry! I have a girlfriend already!"

First, the reason.

"So! Even if you liked me! I can't go out with you!"

Next, completely sever off our relations.

"Really! I'm really very sorry!"

It changed to me onto saying out these sort of apologetic words, with my heart feeling a bout of relief as I did so.

After finishing saying it, I turned around, and had just wanted to pace off my footsteps when my hearing, which became extremely sharp captured onto the sound which came from Lan Hua's side.

It seemed to be crying sounds.

That should..........not be just my misconception.

But, at this moment, it shouldn't be me who should go comfort her..........

Gritting my teeth, I didn't turn back, furthering the distance away, both literal and non-literal, between the both of us.

I hope that you're able to find someone whom you truly love..........

And that person isn't me.

-ch 64 end-

(3655 words to tl)

TL: I'm taking one day off for jeopardy in order to finish translating out synthesis prologue 2 >.>

Liuhe Station (六合路站) / Jixiyuan Station (季夕园站) = I gave up after searching for a long time....if anyone is able to confirm onto the correct naming for these places I'll translate out another bonus chapter for jeopardy (jk)

Peace Road / Coastal Road = I remembered that I translated it to these in the past according to my glossary (in order to keep this novel terms contextual). But I think the original naming should be e.g. Heping Road, so I kinda f uped somehow >.>

Heping (和平) is 'Peace' being translated out. (But china retains the HYPY form for their train station naming)

Binhai (滨海) is 'Coastal' translated...

'Good person' card (好人卡) = It refers to the taken phrase when (usually) a girl rejects a boy confessing to her: "I'm sorry, you're a good person, but it's impossible for the both of us."

meimei = younger sister

-tongxue (同学) = honorific for 'student'

-dàge (大哥) = honorific that basically address the person as a 'big brother' respectful relationship. I was deliberating not to use this (so as not to confuse y'all), but 'Big Brother Cashier' seems weird (and criminal-ish) asf so nahman.

I get that some honorifics in EN is legit, like Doctor Yang/ President Pooh, they can be directly translated (like what I did for the prev reincarnated childhood girl's chapters); but this one.....nahman!!!


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