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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c51

Volume 2, Chapter 51: Knife's edge, Licking honey

TL: flarewk

That bloody red status, fully expressed the owner's killing intentions.

Active type Handicapped Admirer, Jiang Xue Qing. These few words all became red-colored.

But it's also different from that time when Lian Bing's status turned red...........although I can't express where exactly it was different, it just felt to be different however.

Perhaps its because that status was really too reddish already, till the point where it became glaring, which gave me a feeling of just by looking at it, my eyeballs would even be punctured by it.

Other than that, her looks were slightly different as well.

Her originally greyish hair had turned into a snowy-white color, and her deep bluish pupils had became bloody red, just like her status.

There's quite a few wounds being scratched on the clothes that she's wearing. Her school jacket was already in a horrifyingly dilapidated state, and the shirt underneath the uniform had already been torn to pieces. From within its gaps, snowy-white skin was able to be gleaned.

But the exposed skin weren't all fully white, for there's a very huge portion of it being stained with the darkish red color of blood, and those blood stains were just like muck, as it plastered onto her skin, which made me frown my eyebrows just from looking at them.

It's exactly like casually splashing a couple of filthy painting colors upon the utmost top quality of an art piece, which made people feel like there's a sort of divine gift being impetuously destroyed.

Those two knives that were being wielded had been soaked with fresh blood, and right now its even dripping blood still, it's just exactly like as if it was being fished out from a pool of blood; even both of Xue Qing's hands were being dyed red.

Those two knives weren't normal kitchen knives, one short with the other long, and amongst the two, the long knife was like those military knives that were often being carried by the main characters from those FPS games. The other shorter one was a dagger, being very short, roughly about 20 plus cm. It's entirely pitch black in color, with the handle being made out of wood.

Both of them were blades that were created just for the sake of killing people.

Why would she be in this appearance?

Had she killed someone already?

Within my brain flashed the few words 'Corpse splitting Homicidal Maniac' in an instant, as well as connecting it with Xue Qing's title.

Active type Handicapped Admirer, previously I hadn't always quite understood about it, about what the 'Active type' exactly meant, but right now, I suddenly understood it.

'A handicapped admirer who actively turns the other party into a handicap', there's only this sort of possibility already.

It can't be............Xue Qing, she.............she's actually.............the Corpse splitting Homicidal Maniac?

No, I must ask clearly about it.


I had just wanted to call out her name, but Xiang Yue Xun, who was in my arms playing about with me took ahold of the initiative, interrupting my voice as she said.


Xiang Yue Xun had an inconceivable face expression as she looked at Xue Qing, with surprise and query contained within her tone.

To be using such an intimate addressing as like Xue-er, looks like the both of them were well acquainted.

At the very least, they were friends.

But............Xue Qing's status still maintained a reddish color, it didn't regain back its greenish hue, nor a bluish one.

An unswayed color of red.

"Let him go."

Repeated it for the third time.

Although her face was still expressionless, but I'm able to feel that Xue Qing was seemingly a little annoyed already.

She followed along the small path and approached, with the blood on her knives dripping on the way as well.

I could almost foresee Xue Qing's actions, that when she approaches near to my side, she'll definitely start slashing!

Her killing intentions were just that intense!

My heart was being engulfed with panic, I wanted to move Xiang Yue Xun who was in my embrace away in order to walk over and speak to her, but I suddenly realized that my body wasn't able to move again already. Being stared at by that red pupils of Xue Qing, it's just the same as when stared at by Xiang Yue Xun, being unable to move an inch!

Ohhhhhhhh! Don't tell me that I and Xiang Yue Xun will be hacked to death over here?

Please don't!! I ran out here just for the sake of looking for you, if I'm to be hacked to death by you instead, it would be too wrongful already!

Speaking of which, since you this ghoul knew Xue Qing, then hurry up and help me to say something!!

It's just so perfectly that when I was grimacing about within my heart, Xiang Yue Xun coincidentally said out words of explanation.

"Wait wait, Xue-er, it's not what you think, I'm not thinking of eating him desu!"

I *peii*! You clearly wanted to eat me just now, and you even said, wanting to have a taste somewhat. This basically was just spouting nonsense!

(TL: peii = spitting sfx)

"You should also know desu, that a ghoul's saliva can cure wounds, your throat was being cured by me just like that, I only wanted to help cure him a little! Don't you even believe me anymore already?"


The effects of that sentence of Xiang Yue Xun's was evident, it made Xue Qing rapidly calm down her emotions.

The dangerous red hue finally faded off, and turned back into the blue color of trust. And at the same time, Xue Qing's pupils and hair too changed back into that original color.

"Phew............" x 2

I panted out a mouthful of air in relief, and likewise for Xiang Yue Xun as well.

I lowered my head to look at her, and she too raised her head to look towards me. Our visions crossed each other, and we used our eye expressions to engage in a bout of conversation.

She: How? How? It's all due to me, right? (raise eyebrows, with a pleased look.)

I: Yeah, yeah, it's really such a huge help. (nods head, in a perfunctorily manner)

She: Then, let me have a bite then? (blinks eyes, with a eager expression)

I: Go die, no deal. (flips a white eye, with lips curling)


Xiang Yue Xun pouted her lips, let go of her hands which was grabbing my shirt, turned around and once again sat right back onto my thighs.

I carried her small tummy and moved my position around a little, sitting onto the sides of the bench, finally being able to distance a bit further from that berth of blood already.

And it's just a perfect timing that Xue Qing walked over to my side, with the stench of blood once again bombarding over,'s so gross............

She lightly spoke towards me.

"Jun Cheng, everything's fine?"

"Mm? Ahhh, I'm fine. Speaking of which, you two knew each other?"

Xue Qing nodded her head and suddenly pulled up her skirt, with a pure white-colored panties appearing right in front of my eyes.

"Eeeehhhh? Xue Qing, what are you doing!?"


After she had finished speaking, Xue Qing used her mouth to hold onto her skirt hem, and just then, I noticed that at her crotch's triangular region, specifically speaking, at the left side of the base area of her thighs, an obscurely thin belt was tied there. The thin belt was connected to a black colored pouch facing towards the outer edge of her thighs; it's a scabbard. It's length was just so perfectly slightly shorter compared to with her thighs, plus, there's a portion of the scabbard being buried within the black long stockings, if one doesn't observe carefully, they would think that it's merely a garter belt's strap.

Also, it being at such a concealed position as the bottom of the skirt, under normal circumstances, it wouldn't be seen by people, right.

Afterwards, Xue Qing shook the grasped short dagger about and just directly sheathed it within the scabbard without even wiping off the blood, with the result that there's a little bit of blood being sprinkled on her panties, and its very embarrassingly sprinkled at the middle region............eeehh.............

However, Xue Qing completely wasn't mindful at all, and after putting down her skirt, she then lifted up her shirt.

The small abdomen under her bellybutton similarly had a scabbard being tied there, as if it's like a belt, and there's not a single sensation of it being out-of-place at all.

After sheathing the longer knife as well, Xue Qing then sat right by my sides.

These proficient sheathing actions made me instantly feel shivers right down my spine............I completely am unable to see, that usually there's two dangerous weapons being carried around on her!!

"Well then, let's begin~"

"Ah? Begin, oi!"

"Xue-er, help me to hold down Cheng Jun~"


From my hands, there's a discomforting sticky sensation being felt, it's the feeling of blood which was being smeared on Xue Qing's hands.

Afterwards, I fell downwards horizontally as I lost my balance, with my head being pillowed onto Xue Qing's thighs.

Mn? A lap pillow?

Xiang Yue Xun seized the opportunity to lift both my legs onto the bench too, which made my entire body lay horizontally on the bench.

"Heehee, didn't I say it just now already? Curing you desu~"


Because my hands were being held down by Xue Qing, along with my thighs were being pressed by Xiang Yue Xun's small butt, it made me unable to continue on resisting, and my shirt was directly being pulled up by Xiang Yue Xun.


She evilly laughed as she used her tiger tooth to bite onto the stitch that was buried inside my wound, and afterwards in a single breath yanked it out.

My abdomen instantly exploded about in a series of excruciating pain.


I unresistingly yelled out already, rather than saying that it's curing, you might as well say that it's creating a wound instead!

Because of the excruciating painful sensation, cold sweat appeared on my forehead, with my mouth repeatedly gasping.

"Pain pain, fly away."

Familiar words once again went into my ears, but this time, I didn't feel embarrassed any more.

The beads of sweat on my forehead was being licked off by her small tongue, and at the same time, the wound region of my abdomen too welcomed the sensation of a soft tongue.

Two lolis were using their tongue to lick my body.

Within my heart arose a bizarre sensation............ 

Speaking of which, Xue Qing's throat was being cured by Xiang Yue Xun just like this? It can't be that this was the reason why Xue Qing was unable to speak loudly?

Wait, the saliva of ghouls were able to cure injuries, and Xue Qing's throat had been injured and cured already, then that means............

Within my brain suddenly floated the scene of Xue Qing and Xiang Yue Xun, two lolis hugging while kissing as they passed saliva about; it's roughly the same as which Ke Ling was kissing me as she sent the liquefied ice-popsicle right into my mouth.

But, if that image was to change into these two lolis............

The black, long-haired loli and the white, short-haired loli both in the complete nude as they were hugging each other, with Xue Qing slightly lifting her head as she opened her cherry small lips, while Xiang Yue Xun grasped her hair and tucked her long hair behind her ears, afterwards kissing onto Xue Qing's lips and sending the accumulated saliva right into her mouth.

After a long period of time later, Xiang Yue Xun carried an evil smile, as her tongue traced a long liquid of string as it left Xue Qing's tongue, afterwards starting to lick that snowy-white skin, all the way until her entirety had been completely licked.

Two crimson-red pupils sparkling aglow within the darkness.

Mysteriously possessing some attraction to it, unearthly and aesthetically beautiful, plus it made one's mind flicker towards............

Uuu, why did I have such a vivid imagery............had my imagination actually become that strong already?

"Heehee, Cheng Jun, are you having of any sort of pervy thoughts?" 

From beneath me resounded evil sounds of laughter, as the two small hands of Xiang Yue Xun groped onto my crotch, and I then suddenly regained back to my senses............I had a reaction already.

"Cough............nonono, I'm not thinking of anything at all............."

Wait, I didn't even have a reaction when Li Li was kneeling in front of me licking, but I had one already just because I imagined two lolis french-kissing?
Don't tell me that I'm really a lolicon? (falls deep within self-suspicion)

"Heehee, what you've seen just now are things that had really happened, hmm? It's me who had let you see them desu~"


I originally wanted to continue asking some more, but Xiang Yue Xun licked her lips as she gave a review.

"It's really so unsatisfying just by only licking...........I didn't notice about it before, Cheng Jun, your quality was actually so high desu."

"Qua-, quality, huh............"

I'm having mixed feelings....

It's like as if it's giving a rating towards meat.... To Xiang Yue Xun, my existence was just merely like an edible piece of meat, huh............

"If it's a rating, it will be the utmost topmost 5A ranking, hmm?"

"Kobe beef~?!"

"Just the fresh blood alone is also very delicious desu, because I'm a ghoul, I'm not that obsessed with blood, but if a vampire had tasted onto your blood, they will directly become addicted to it."

It's that scary? So my blood was like akin to vampire's vita lemon tea*, huh!

"Then again, you're being taken care of by many people as well............"

"Ahh? Me?"

I, being taken care of by many people? come I don't remember anyone especially taking good care of me? Other than Li Li or Xiao Zhen-laoshi who were often taking care of me, I don't remember there's anyone else especially looking over after me............

Ah, that's right, right now I'll need to count in a Xue Li-xiaojie as well.

"I've only licked your blood, and my tongue was being burnt by it desu. Here, take a look, eyyy~"

Xiang Yue Xun approached close to my face, and spat out her tongue right in front of my eyes, letting me glance at it. It indeed was like as if it was being scalded, there's a portion of it being decayed already.

What's even more baffling was that, the decayed off tongue was actually regenerating itself at a discernible speed.............

"Just by drinking your blood isn't satisfying at all, I really want to directly have a taste of about selling your corpse to me after you've died? I can pay huge amounts of money to your relatives, hm?"

"It's such a pity then, my corpse had already been reserved by others."

It's been reserved beforehand by that sicko woman known as Ji Lian Bing already.

Plus, speaking from a stance of it being used, giving it to her would be way better than giving you instead.

At the very least, Lian Bing would properly preserve my corpse, but if it's given to you, it'll be entering your tummy in a moment and dissolved by digestive juices already.

"Oho, that's such a real pity desu............"

Xiang Yue Xun once again licked my wounds, then finally straightened up her body as she leaped down the bench and asked Xue Qing.

"Xue-er, have you caught up with it already?"


"Hoo, where's the other one?"

"At the end of Coastal Road."

Xue Qing tilted her head and thought for a moment before continuing to speak.

"The second last, alleyway."

"I got it~ I'll go ahead to handle the other one then~"

I became muddled from listening to their conversation, handling the other one............does it mean that she's going to eat another corpse?

What kind of relationship did these two lolis have, were they accomplices?


Xue Qing suddenly grabbed Xiang Yue Xun's hands, and coldly spoke.


Xiang Yue Xun immediately had a forlorn face as she cried out.

"No way, a price for this as well? I've only just sucked in a few mouthful of blood desu!"

"Pay, the price."

A doubtless reply.

Xiang Yue Xun immediately turned into an appearance of being wronged, as she pouted up her lips, grumbling while looking at Xue Qing, and in the end, she inserted her thumb right into her mouth.

Ka Cha!

Blood splattered onto my face.

"Pei! Sob sob, it's fine already, right!"

Xiang Yue Xun spat for a moment, spitting out the severed finger onto Xue Qing's hands.

She actually directly bit off one of her fingers!

"Tch...........Xue-er, you really aren't the least bit reasonable at all! In any case, we're considered as partners, it can't be that Cheng Jun's more important compared to me?"


"Wah! It's actually an instant reply! I really am going to cry out already~! Sobsobsob..............uwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!"

Weren't you crying out the way, the crying's really fake....

After noticing that the both of us were ignoring her, Xiang Yue Xun then found it boring, as she wiped her tears that had came out of nowhere as she said afterwards.

"Then I'll be going off already~? Cheng Jun, how about lending me your jacket? Don't tell me that you want me to walk over in the nude?"

"Ah, ahhh, here..........."

I dazedly lifted up my upper half, and hastily took off my jacket and passed to her.

My eyes were still affixed onto Xiang Yue Xun's hands. Blood had already stopped dripping, and there's even a new finger growing out right from the severed region.

But, even if it's able to be regenerated, normally speaking, would someone just bite off their fingers?

And it's just because Xue Qing wanted her to pay the price?

Afterwards, Xiang Yue Xun then unhesitatingly bit off her finger and gave it to her already?

My god, what is up exactly with these two lolis............

It's too frightening already............

"Heehee, Cheng Jun's jacket is really big desu~ saankss, Cheng Jun, after school reopens I'll then wash it clean before returning it to you, hm?"

"Ah, be my guest, anytime's fine............."

You wanted to wear my jacket to go eat corpses............I'm very suspicious on whether it'll still be able to be washed clean............

"Bye then, Xue-er as well, quickly head on home to rest~"

Just like that, Xiang Yue Xun waved her hands towards us, and energetically bounced about as she left.

After watching her leave, Xue Qing then stood up, and said towards me.

"Let's, go back too."

"Ahhh, back to where?"

I've asked a very idiotic question.

Yet I received back an unexpected reply.

Xue Qing used a composed, yet irrefutable tone, as she answered my question seriously.

"To my house."

And so, I've been brought by a loli back home*.

-ch 51 end-

(4343 words to tl)

TL: dawned on me, there's a pure-blood vampire lurking in Jun Cheng's class! -evil laugh-

Knife's edge, Licking honey [Chapter Title](刀头, 舔蜜) = It's an idiom! Surprised? Well, here's the breakdown.

It basically refers to a situation, where the cons outweighs the pros.

It also can subtly refer to a lustful situation (not even caring when one's life is in mortal peril despite it), which this chapter is somewhat leaning towards.

Well, does those CN words fit in to describe this idiom?

刀头舔蜜 → Licking honey from the edge of a knife.

Honey is tempting and delicious, and there's some honey on the edge of a sharp knife. What would you do? Lick it and lose a tongue? But's it's so tempting....! (licks it anyway and loses a tongue)

[A metaphor to describe something like a moth drawn to the flames]

P/N: I realized that some chapter titles (of vol 2) may be idioms, hence I'll be explaining them if they are

School jacket = Note that it's not the usual jacket you buy from uniqlo or something, it's the school's version. It's not a blazer-kind of thing, but a standard wear you see normally in JP anime or stuff.

The outer layer ↑ of wear above, is the school jacket here. The inner layer have a white colored shirt along with a tie within.

Killing aura/ Killing intentions (杀气/ 杀意) = Although technically both are the same, but the terms in CN are slightly explained by the EN chosen words I translated. I'm not sure how to explain the difference though....

Tiger tooth = A tooth that's a cute feature on 'energetic' type of girls

(...) Ellipses to sub for 啊 sfx = just so yer know. Anyway, that sfx is more for self-realization / monologue thinking, such like "heeeh...?" that kind.

Vita lemon tea = it's...
An online meme (CN version).

There's a saying, "Vita lemon tea, better than smoking pot" (well, translation to EN doesn't sound rhymetic, but in CN it rhymes)

Anyway, the meme comes from a CN social media posting of this packet of drink being photoshopped.
Notice that the 'vita lemon tea' on the left side had a weed image on it, and the right side seemingly indicated that there's still a shitload carton of it more for the user to enjoy (the weed vita)

P/N: Comments there 
1st = OP, did you won these from the lottery?
2nd = Cannabis flavor? Isn't this flavor supposed to have nose sucking it in?
3rd = @damacha茶: I'm grateful to my sponsors

TLDR: so in short it just means that Jun Cheng's blood is like weed version for vampires, able to make them addictingly high

And so, I've been brought by a loli back home = It's a word-play pun, generally it'll be the opposite, see?

-er (儿) = a suffix, it symbolizes 'familial' relations towards someone else more than anything, usually family members would be addressing it towards themselves.
In this case, it's a huge hint of why the 'Ghoul' Xiang Yue Xun would call the '???' Jiang Xue Qing that suffix....... (hint hint~)

-laoshi (老师) = suff for teacher

-xiaojie (小姐) = suff for 'miss'


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