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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c89

Vol 2, Chapter 89: Future, Forever bleak

TL: flarewk

I somehow felt that my body was way better than earlier, with both my legs not having that feebly sensation as well. Was it because of Yu Hui lending her power to me? If I'm still not successful despite being like this, it's kinda a little too embarrassing already.

Step by step, I approached the epicenter of the conflict, yelling out her name with every step I took. Even if it didn't have any effect at all, I still must carry on shouting, for it's good as well if it made her unable to focus while facing Xue Qing.

Afterwards, I finally stepped within the surrounding scope of the battle.

It's just like as if I had fallen into the icy cold ocean, simply becoming immobile. The wails of blades rushed into my ears, with its sharp edges almost laying contact with my cheeks with just a mere 2 centimeters distance away.

As expected, Ye Liu Su immediately targeted me, assaulting onto me whenever she brandished her attacks.

However, I still couldn't see anything clearly, as under this sort of terrifying atmosphere, it felt that even wanting to pace out a step would require courage.

But I didn't panic, not even bothering to dodge at all, only walking ahead with a one track mindset.

For I knew that Xue Qing would protect me.

The luminescence of blades flickered about vibrantly at locations not further apart from me by half a meter, yet I still proceeded on walking.........all the way till I walked to right in front of Lian Bing, lifted up my hand, and pasted the paper talisman right on her head.

There weren't any obstructions along the, it should be said instead, that all the attacks that were directed towards me were being parried.

Xue Qing wouldn't let anyone else harm me anymore.

In the end, when I had reached her front, Xue Qing had already hugged her from her back, repressing on both her hands, causing her to be completely immobile.

Hence, I very successfully plastered the ghost suppression talisman right on her forehead.

"UuU.........! Do you think that this would be able to hold me back?! Wishful thinking! With this sort of sealing talisman's level, I'll be able to break through it in just a short moment! And you people are helpless against me as well! Hahahahaa, this set of body is your girlfriend after all, will you be that heartless to personally murder your own girlfriend?"

This person, she's really shameless..........

At this point of time, if I'm to personally murder Lian Bing, I could only live within self remorse for the rest of my life. And if I didn't do anything at all, all the people on scene would be massacred by her..........

That's why, I take out the magatama from my pocket.

"Th-, that is.........! W-, what are you doing!"

"Mm........I only wanted to personally put on a birthday present for my girlfriend."

However, what 'you' would become afterwards, I'm not so sure about that already.........

To have your sight temporarily robbed due to the mere dazzling of its fire, if you were to really made contact with that blaze, what would be happening to you then.........

Only a ghost would know about this sort of thing!*

(TL: a pun, he wanted to say: "who the hell (鬼 : aka ghost) knows about this kind of thing"; 'who the hell' is kind of a fav phrase for our MC)


The magatama turned from the color green to red within my hands, afterwards igniting an orange-colored blaze. It didn't incinerate my body, nor burn off its string, but this sort of blaze was effective towards 'ghosts'.

"Stop! Stoooooooop! Don't move that thing close to me!"

Ohh, it's quite a rare occurrence for this set of terrified appearance. If it's Lian Bing, she definitely wouldn't display out such expressions right in front of me, heh heh.........

"I'm begging you! It's my fault! I beg you, don't put that thing.........I'll go, I'll immediately leave this body! Tear this talisman off, and I'll straightaway leave! I beg you, just let me go!"

You want to leave? No way.

I didn't care about him, merely placing the magatama on her neck.

The magatama just so coincidentally landed on the gap of the open-chested sweater, with the blaze immediately laying contact with her skin.

In an instant, a cloud of black air floated out from her body intending to flee, but it was already too late. Merely just having the slightest bit of blaze being dyed, caused the fire to cloak up the entire body, with its spreading becoming unstoppable.


Amidst the cries of agony, the ghostly spirit dissipated off into oblivion.

"Cheng Jun, this is?"

She too finally regained back to herself, and I bitterly gave off a few chuckles while caressing Lian Bing's cheek and asked.

"A birthday present for you. You like it?"

Lian Bing wrapped her hand on mine, tilting her head with her eyes closed as she felt that sensation substantially before smiling and said.

"Mm.........I like it, I like it the most, huhuhuhu~"

"That's good then........."

Haa, so today's goal was finally considered to have been accomplished.........

I somehow felt that I had went around in quite an super super super big circle, it's so tiring.........

"Huhuhuhu, but, Cheng Jun, aren't you forgetting about something else that you haven't told me?"

"Sorry, I'm late........."


"Mm.........I shouldn't have been that close with other girls, I's my fault for that, I'm sorry."

Honestly admitting my mistake, I originally thought that even if it was as such, Lian Bing still wouldn't forgive me, but I hadn't expected her to give off a sweet smile, and go close upfront to kiss my cheeks as she chucklingly said.

"I of course choose to forgive you~"

(TL: ↑ famous chinese neta slang for forgiving acts of ntr from the other party)

Ah, that's truly blessing to the heavens then.........

"Jun Cheng."

Xue Qing too walked to right by my sides, shook my left wrist, indicating on her presence.

I stroked her head and complimented her.

"It's been hard on you, Xue Qing."


Her face were plastered on my palm. Xue Qing who had her lips slightly curling upwards, suddenly pulled down my wrist causing me to bend over, and pasted her face over along with the flow.

Eeeeeeeh? Is she going to kiss me?

"Hold on, you thieving cat, what are you planning to do right in front on me?"

Just when she's about to kiss me, she had her hoodie being frisked up by Lian Bing pulling her back. As the height between the both of them still had a little disparity, Xue Qing was like a cat that had the back of its neck being pinched backwards as she was being held up, with her both legs not being able to make contact with the ground.

"Want to kiss."

Straightforwardly expressing out her inner desire.........

"You're only Cheng Jun's friend, hmm? You had better know your place, alright? Lit-, -tle, chi-, -ld?"

"Jun Cheng, gave me his finger."

Xue Qing used her hands to display that pinky which had went poked inside of her mouth, as she said it with an unprecedented level of seriousness.

"Little pinky, means, girlfriend." seemed to have that sort of saying as japan, raising up the pinky fingers would indicate being a girlfriend.........

However, I didn't have that intent at's merely just that the pinky was the finger that was used the least. Mm, perhaps only it'll be utilized when one was digging his nose, but that too would be using his right hand, and not his left.........

"Huhuhu.........just a mere pinky, would make you on being ecstatic up to this sort of manner.........didn't you know that the pinky also represents a mistress or having an affair?"

I-, it also seemed to be described as such.........

"His nameless finger, will be mine."

This sentence of Xue Qing seemingly made Lian Bing unable to endure it anymore, as from this distance of mine, I'm able to see that there's nerves popping out on her forehead, and her status too transformed into a pasture of orange colors.

What's most miraculous was that even the magatama on her breasts too turned orange, it being clutched within her cleavage, feeling to be a little.........Mn.........seductive..........

"..........Aren't you this paralyzed face getting even and even more overboard already? As expected, I should have used that fellow earlier to get rid of you, hmm? If not, how about I get rid of you right now?"

"Try it if you can."

So the Lian Bing earlier too wanted to make use of Ye Liu Su to deal with Xue Qing, huh?! My god, the mindset of women were too frightening already.........

And Xue Qing wasn't the least bit intimidated at all, as she possessed extraordinary prowess after she herself transformed into a ghost state. Coupling along with that outstanding talent of hers, even if Lian Bing had freakish strength that allowed her to hoist Xue Qing up single-handedly, she probably wasn't able to deal with her that easily.

Lian Bing too knew about that point, she gave off a cold snort, and once again hurled the question back to me.

"Cheng Jun? Tell her properly, who exactly is your girlfriend?"


"You shut up!"

"It's me."

"Hu, huhuhuhuhu.........."'s so troublesome! This was simply even more troublesome than having encountered murderous ghouls!

Lian Bing pulled on my right arm intending to hoist me over to her sides, while Xue Qing grabbed my left wrist and stood at her location unmovingly.........aaah, hold on a minute, what's next couldn't possibly be the both of them intending to treat me as that rope used for tug-of-war?!

Don't joke around already, my rib cage had just only been broken, and if I'm to really get pulled, I would die!

"Wait a minute.........! You people better back off from Jun Cheng-dàren sides!"

"Ah! Yu Hui!"

She had already woken up, huh?

Yu Hui clutched on her breasts while wobbly walking over, and I seized onto this chance to shake off Lian Bing's and Xue Qing's hands, hastily welcoming and supporting her.

"Thank you.........."

"Oh my? Isn't this Bai-xuemei? What's the matter, are you going to interfere with our family matters?"

"Humph, enough with the boasting, there isn't any place for you people at all in Jun Cheng-dàren's home. Jun Cheng-dàren is completely not in wholehearted admiration with all of you, you people merely wanted to satisfy those repulsive lustful desires within your hearts."

Eeh? Bai, Bai-xuemei? Yu Hui, -xiaojie?

"Just a mere human who's being possessed by ghosts, yet actually daring to wield a body part of Jun Cheng-dàren, better hurry up and hand it over!"

Why did it suddenly become so explosive?

"Don't want."

"I'd say, Bai-xuemei..........what exactly are you to Cheng Jun, aren't you being a little too busybody already?"

"I and Jun Cheng-dàren are connected by fates of previous reincarnations, hence this lifetime of mine would only be devoted towards Jun Cheng-dàren, safeguarding both his left and right, and it is my mission to drive off you fiendish women."

It didn't have that much of a difference to what she had told me earlier. Reincarnated type childhood friend, huh..........

"Oh myyyy, spouting out fates of previous reincarnations and whatnot.........devotion and so on, safeguarding and so on, it's all just merely 'acts', right? I didn't expect Bai-xuemei to actually be such an incurable, wildly deluded eccentric female, isn't it fine to just continue on your sleep to enjoy that wonderful dream of yours? Why must you wake up? Unable to differentiate between delusions and reality already? Then that's such a true pity, huhuhuhu."

Woah, Lian Bing's poisonous tongue technique had been activated..........she really was unrelenting on that one.........


Xue Qing, enough already with you too.........

"Being able to be equally relied on by ghosts is enough to prove on how malevolent you people inner thoughts are, for if it's a true benign and kindly person, they wouldn't be possessed nor equally relied on by ghosts at all! Do you still want to attempt denying onto that point? You bunch of evil fiends! Better speed up and get lost from Jun Cheng-dàren's sides!"

", really, dared, to, say, that, hmm?"

"You, dislike."

My good lord, the situation already couldn't be controlled any longer.........

Seizing the chance right now, when the three of them were bickering to the nth degree, I'd better quickly leave this place.........

I slowly inched. My presence originally was extremely low, and so long as I don't make any attention garnering acts, I would definitely be able to successfully escape.........

"Wait, Cheng Jun? Where are you going?"

"Jun Cheng, don't leave."

"Jun Cheng-dàren, your injuries are extremely grave, please don't leave my sides."


I still was being discovered.........

At this moment, I should just haphazardly find an excuse to absolve myself. If I continue on staying here, I'm afraid that it wouldn't be sufficient even if I had multiple lives to spare.........

"Nothing, um, I only wanted to go to the toilet........."

"You lied, hmm?" "Liar." "Please don't joke around already!"


What sort of hellish situation was this..........

Eeh, my innards hurt so much.........

Aah.........the adrenaline from the excitement had passed away already..........that mysterious strength that pillared on my body earlier too had been exhausted..........all of the agonizing pain that I chose to forget surged upwards all at once, which made me feel that I'm almost about to die..........

"Haa.........then, I'll take a nap first, alright?"

Even if you people don't agree, I'm not able to hold it in much longer.........

Being able to support myself up till now with this sort of injury could already been said to be of a miracle.

Rapidly losing away my strength, I only felt my body turning wobbly, not being able to hold on any longer and was about to crumble. My eyelids too became very heavy, eyeballs parched, which made it excruciatingly difficult for me to maintain an opened-eye state.

"All of these, wait till after I've awakened.........." 

"Cheng Jun!" "Jun Cheng." "Jun Cheng-dàren!"

From my ears resounded cries of three people, while I had already lost my balance and crumpled.

However, my inner heart felt onto a sensation of ease.

So fainting could actually be such a omnipotent solution.........

But, it's impossible to be fainting next time upon me desiring to faint, right?

If there's that sort of shuraba occurring next time, what should I do then.........

My future really was coated with a layer of bleakness..........


Shouldering multitudes of worries towards the future, my consciousness slowly faded off my mind..........

-ch 89 end-

(3273 words to tl)

shuraba (修罗场) = a term used to describe a death battle (fight) between many girls over a boy

-dàren (大人) = it's a honorific which refers to someone very respectfully, uh. It basically puts the person in a level above yourself, in a stature to show respect to him/her. Can be used for male/female targets

-xuemei (学妹) = it's a honorific indicating the person being a junior under-classmate of the female gender. Very freaking specific, which makes me tough to translate it out to english while making it seem smooth, so I opted to go for this instead.

-xiaojie (小姐) = a honorific used to politely address a female. Like 'Miss', etcra


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