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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c67.7

Vol 2, Chapter 67.7: The [Eavesdropper (advanced)]'s worry

TL: flarewk

[Eavesdropper (advanced)]'s worry

After she had finished listening to the story that I narrated, Xiao' Hua lifted up her coffee cup and took a sip, afterwards raising her head up to gaze at the scenery outside of the windows while gradually becoming extremely absorbed.

"Black Street, huh.........."

She seemed to still be considerably interested into my story. Anyway, being able to divert away her attention like that, it's fine as long as she didn't go think about that failing confession matter.


"Mn? What's the matter?"

Xiao' Hua suddenly nervously stood up, took out a few small change and placed it on the table, hoisted up her purse and frantically said to us.

"Um, Xiao' Ying, Ah' Liang! I've something urgent, so I'll be going first!"

"Eyy? Wait, Xiao' Hua! Where are you going!"

I hastily stood up, shouting towards Xiao' Hua's direction, but she was so anxious that she didn't even cared about my asking and had already ran out.

She's actually that anxious.........what did she exactly see already?

Through the glass windows, I saw onto the expression when Xiao' Hua was leaving. It wasn't that gloomified look any longer, but an extremely agitated yet incomparably delighted appearance at the same time.........I think I can roughly guess onto whom she had seen.

But I still had better confirm about it.

"Oi, Moron Ying. What did you see already?"

"Mm? What did I see........."

While slurping his milk tea, Ah' Liang turned his head over, dumbfoundedly looking at me while asking.

This idiot! You have definitely seen it!

"I'm asking you, what exactly did Xiao' Hua see which made her that anxious!"

"Oohh, you're asking about that huh, it's because she saw An-ge."


Even addressing him as a -ge? What sort of magic did An Jun Cheng cast upon my two childhood friends already?

(TL: -ge basically means 'big bro')

"It's Jun Cheng, An Jun Cheng. you should get it if I say it like this, right?"

"As expected, huh.........."

I nodded my head with a finger propped onto my chin. As expected, Xiao' Hua leaving that anxiously was due to her seeing onto the person that she liked.

Just for this An Jun Cheng, Xiao' Hua couldn't bear to even change her seats, refusing my invitation as well, remaining still seated at the very last row.

I really don't get it, what's so good about that An Jun Cheng?

"I'd say, Ah' Liang. What's so good about that An Jun Cheng?"

"Mmm? You're asking me?"
"Bullshit, if not then who will I be asking instead? Didn't you become friends with him recently?"

Recently, I saw that Ah' Liang and that An Jun Cheng were to be considered rather close; they greeting each other in the morning, and talking to each other during break times in between lessons.

Ah' Liang didn't have many friends, but every single friend of his had a very good relationship along with him. But a friend who was able to be so close to him for not even a duration of two days, it's still my first time noticing about it. That's because Ah' Liang and that An Jun Cheng shared the same tastes, becoming great buddies upon that, or perhaps it was that An Jun Cheng's charisma was indeed quite high..........

'Mm,'s probably about him being very straightforward. I previously even thought that he's a very solitary type of person, and after I've spoke to him, I then found out that he's a direct person, just as true as to his name."

"Oho, so your review towards him is quite high, it's indeed quite a rarity."

"Making friends with a direct person is extremely relaxing, you completely don't need to consider about any sort of nonsensical things at all; just get along with him as how you want to get along with him, there's quite alot of freedom in it."

Ah' Liang pushed up his spectacles, purposefully saying it out in a mysterious-like tone.

"If I'm a girl, perhaps I would have fallen in love with An-ge already. A boyfriend who never lies, doesn't that sound pretty assuring?"

I gritted my teeth while saying despisedly towards him.

" gross..........growing up together till now, it's my first time realizing that you're actually a perverted gay.........."

"Hey! It's you who made me say it eyy! Plus, I'm only giving out an example!"

"Yeahyeahyeah, but this doesn't cover up the fact that you're gay all around."

" *Pu*..........."

A person who wouldn't lie and is completely honest, huh.........what Ah' Liang said indeed had a bit of logic in there. There are no girls that wouldn't like boys that are able to provide them with a sense of security.

About that factor, it's a very huge plus point indeed.

Then again, I still don't quite understand on why Xiao' Hua would be so obsessed over can't be, that the problem wasn't due to An Jun Cheng, but onto Xiao' Hua instead?

"Eyy.........oh right, Ah' Liang. Recently, have you seen anything strange?"

I didn't expect that when I just opened up my mouth to ask him that, Ah' Liang then very nonchalantly replied to my question. His mouth had a straw being hung within it, with his both hands cushioned behind the back of his head; an appearance of being unfocused.

"Yeah, I've seen quite a few bizarre incidents. And they were extremely dangerous as well, even I also nearly lost my life due to that."

"Haa? Be serious!"

"It's up to you to believe me, I've always been very serious, all right!"

He doesn't seem to be making bluffs.

Then that also mean..........that Ah' Liang really have encountered dangers onto his life already?

Uuu..........because of me being worried about his safety, my tone subconsciously turned softer a little.

"What exactly is it? Is it that dangerous? Ah' Liang, you aren't being dragged into it, right.........."

Ah' Liang displayed a face of seriousness as he told me.

"I'm still alright, although I've seen it quite a few times already, but I wasn't dragged into it in the end........."

"What exactly happened already?"

"About what exactly happened, I'm not too sure about it either. But what I'm sure of, is that it's extremely dangerous at night. If the sky turns dark, just hurry up and go home; don't be like that last time, dawdling about outside already. Mm, it's already very late right now, let's go back first then."

As he spoke, Ah' Liang stood up and pulled onto my arm walking out of the cafeteria. Eeeeehhh? So can't be that he wanted to drag me to..........hiiiiiiii, it's pr-, progressing too quickly already! At the very least we should first, hold hands..........

"Ying Nai, have you heard about that rampantly widespread rumor about the corpse splitting homicidal maniac?"

"Mn? The corpse splitting homicidal maniac? Uuu, about that, I don't really know much about it at all.........I've only heard that, the corpse splitting homicidal maniac seemingly wasn't only just a single person..........hold on, it can't be that you!"

Ah' Liang frowned his eyebrows, silently nodding his head.

"Mm..........I saw the 'murder scene'."

The murder scene!

"The homicidal.........! You met onto that news-broadcasted.........!"

"Mm, it is that corpse splitting incident."

"Then Ah' Liang, you.........!"

"It's fine, my face wasn't being seen. Seeing onto that sort of scene, I didn't even want to be chancing upon it at all, so I immediately ran away from the scene. If I'm to be slower by a step, I probably would have already been victim to that circumstances."

"Phew..........that's good then.........."

Starting from in the past, Ah' Liang would always be 'coincidentally' witnessing upon some bizarre occurrences.

From spirits to UFO, even seeing dragons and vampires before as well, and I've always been half believing and disbelieving about that.

From his voice, I'm able to discern that he's not joking around at all, but I still think that it's possible that Ah' Liang went through a bad nightmare, or perhaps that he had delusions and whatnot, which was why he was so deeply trustful onto what he had seen.

But this time..........he had witnessed onto an incident that had already happened.

"Ah' Liang, did you see what that homicidal maniac looked like?"

".........I saw."

"Then why didn't you go tell.........!"

Ah' Liang seemingly had long knew onto what I wanted to say, as he interrupted my words, saying.

"It's no use.........because, there isn't only just one homicidal maniac, there's many of them around. Even, in our class too."

"What! Who is it! Go report her!"

"Ah, that's why I didn't really want to tell you..........I think that things shouldn't be that simple, because these people seemed to even be killing amongst themselves too..........."

"Killing amongst themselves?! What exactly is going on already!"

Homicidal maniacs would even be killing amongst themselves as well? What exactly is going on!

"I don't know. To be frank, I'm just a passerby, merely a 'bystander', and as for what exactly happened..........I still didn't understand about it that deeply to that extent."

"Isn't it said that bystanders are able to interpret the situation the clearest already? And yet you didn't understand what exactly is going on?"

"If I'm able to be like you, being able to hear onto the contents of their conversation, I probably would have already knew about what was going on already..........speaking of which, you also don't need me to remind you about it, right. Since there's basically no such information that couldn't escape from your ears."

About matters pertaining to the corpse splitting homicidal maniac, I do know a little bit of details..........but I didn't understand much about it too, only that it may perhaps be linked to 'ghouls'.

"I did hear a little bit of rumors about it.........but since it's said that 'what's being heard can't be trusted; what's being seen is evident', although I have indeed heard onto quite a couple of stuff, but ultimately, exactly which part of it are baseless gossips or factual occurrences instead, it isn't that easy to be differentiated already."

"Indeed.........ah, let's firstly head back."

"Wait, what about Xiao' Hua!"

"Relax, isn't she following Jun Cheng? There won't be anything happening to her."

"Uuu.........okay then."

Although I'm a little worried about Xiao' Hua, but in the end, I still went back together with Ah' Liang.

But what I didn't expect, was that when I've just returned home, took a shower and was wiping my hair dry, I received onto his call.

While listening to his narration, my expression became even more and more grave. This stroke of bad news couldn't have been more untimely.

『........and that's all, so I'm hoping that you'll be able to go pick up Lan Hua. It's been troublesome for you already, I'm really very sorry!』

Yes. He rejected Xiao' Hua's confession, and left her alone right round the vicinity of the subway station.

"I got it, just leave Xiao' Hua to me..........thank you."

Intentionally giving me a call to notify me about it, he's considered to be rather thoughtful.

It's because that he felt guilty, worrying that something would happen to Xiao' Hua due to being overly broken-hearted, hence he would make this call to notify me, her good friend.

"I've finally understood why Xiao' Hua would be liking you so much already. At the very least, you're just a little bit better than those scumbags." 

Compared to those scumbags who dragged these sort of things about just like dragging around an oil canister, treating other women as their backup partners, he's way better than them already.


"Though I still wasn't able to like you at any rate."

I'm Xiao' Hua's best friend, and regarding to the matter of An Jun Cheng rejecting Xiao' Hua, there's only one evaluation from me: You don't know what you're missing! You blinded guy!

Pa ka.

I hung up the phone roughly.

Afterwards, I immediately returned to my room and put on a jacket, donned headphones, carried along housekeys and proceeded to go look for Xiao' Hua.

Ah' Liang had said it before during the day, that nighttime was the period where the homicidal maniac would be appearing.

Especially for that subway's final station, it's located at the corners of the city where the presence of people are less..........Xiao' Hua, she's in danger!

I must quickly hurry up and find her!

With the result that when I ran to the vicinity of the subway's final station, I didn't see onto her figure. Being anxious to the point where my heart seemed to be torched ablaze, I screamed out her name around the area nearby, but there was no response at all.

Uuu! If I had known, I would have called along Ah' Liang as well.........please don't let anything be happening to you!

"Aaaaahh! Aaaaaaaaaaaah!"

Just at this moment, I heard onto sounds of screaming. But it wasn't the shrieks coming out from Xiao' Hua, and was the cries of a man instead.

Turning my head to the direction of that sound, there's quite a few men who dashed out crawling from an alleyway, with their heads turned backwards looking at it, carrying an expression of extreme fright while fleeing about in all directions, as if they had seen onto a ghost.

Over there.........had something happened over there already?

Don't tell me it's..........

Unpleasant thoughts floated about within my mind. My heart sank, as I hastily ran over.

I've finally located Xiao' Hua. Luckily, she's still standing over there looking to be fine, and the clothes on her seemed to be alright as well.

Phew..........realizing that things weren't that terrible as what I've imagined them out to be, I heaved a sigh of relief within my head.

..........No, wait. Xiao' Hua's appearance looked to be a little strange?


Upon hearing my voice, she lifted her chin upwards, with her body slightly arched backwards, with her head turning 45° around, using the sides of her face to confront me.

Her hands were drenched with blood, with traces of blood being splashed onto her clothes as well, and she's even holding onto a knife within her hands..........

I was so shocked that I couldn't speak at all. It wasn't because that her expression was so horrifyingly appalling, but it's because's too beautiful already!

Her originally delicate face, after finishing drinking liquor had a few more shades of redness appearing onto it. Her eyes were dazed, and her tendery lips which had been moistened up with liquor was glowing, making it even more alluring.

Under the moonly night, she was chuckling delightfully, with her smile being extremely dazzling. It was, ever since these few, it's the most dazzling smile that I've ever seen.

She actually...........was smiling?

After breaking up, she wasn't crying, but smiling?

Those words of comfort that I had long prepared were all being stuck within my throat, and as I looked at Xiao' Hua's smiling face, I suddenly felt incomparably heartached.

The love that Lan Hua had towards An Jun Cheng, was so fanatical as such.

Fanaticism and hysteria are just a mere strand of gap apart from each other.

To bystanders, the feelings of love are perhaps just momentary urges.

And speaking in the perspective of An Jun Cheng himself, such feelings of love are merely just not to be taken seriously.

But towards Xiao' Lan Hua's state of mind, this set of fanatical love had already become her entirety, huh..........

No! I can't let her drown in it anymore!

Being her good friend, I must stop her!

Letting her wake up from it! I must let her understand that such fanatic love wouldn't have any outcome at all!

-ch 67.7 end-

(3499 words to tl)

Hiiiiii (噫) = a shuddering in shock sfx

Yes. He rejected xx's confession = the 'yes' here is an affirmation to the previous statement, and NOT ying nai herself celebrating >_>

Xiao' (小) = prefix that is used to refer to a subject endearingly

Ah' (阿) = It's a little difficult to explain this......but the gist is that if this was used, you basically wasn't a stranger to that target person how couples who are married for years are completely unabashed from each other.....


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