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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c48

Volume 2, Chapter 48: Eaten alive, Peeled living

TL: flarewk

I couldn't move away my vision, not even being able to blink as well!

It's not that I didn't want to move, but it was that I'm unable to move anymore already!

My body was extremely stiff, like as if the muscles on my body everywhere had already been cramped up.

It should be that she had done something towards me, which made my body lost its ability to move, I guess.

As expected, she, Xiang Yue Xun didn't have any intentions of walking towards my side at all, just like as if she had understood since long ago that I definitely wouldn't be able to flee, as she once again bent down to continue picking up the frontal arm of that corpse, like biting on a chicken drumstick as she tore off a piece of meat, chewing as she said.

"Fixatedly staring at the scenery of a lady having her meal isn't very polite at allll~ hehee, such a fiery gaze, was it looking at me, or was it looking at the food instead? Or was it, both sides included?"


Move!! Move!! Hurry up and move!! My leg!

This was the final chance, if I don't flee right now, I probably couldn't escape already!

That's the 'real deal', what's being eaten was human flesh, what's being drank was human blood, what's being gnawed was human bones, it's the real true monster!!

When I was little, those storybooks would always have human-eating wolves, monsters, demons and so on of such villainous characters appearing, but those scenes of them eating people were always brushed over, consistently never once being depicted on how exactly did they eat humans............

Right now, after I personally witnessed the entire process of eating humans, I then realized that these sort of actions were such levels of atrocity.

From when the contents of that 'title' was being originally displayed right in front of me, I then understood that from the first time I saw these people, those instinctively developed feelings of terror weren't misconceptions at all.

This person was indeed a monster that's frighteningly chilling.

It's an existence that normal people would never, never be able to accept and understand.

When people were faced with this sort of existence, they could only flee...........facing off against it was an absolutely foolish act; there's only the option to flee!

"Wanting to flee? It's no useee~ never heard of that phrase? 'Those who had been stared at by ghosts would be rendered immobile', and you as of right now are being looked at by me desu, even if you wanted to escape, you can't escape at allll~"

No, it's not that I'm completely unable to move at nostrils could still enlarge and shrink.

Don't be dazed by her words already, calm down first, focus your concentration, then search for a breakpoint.

No matter how terrible the situation, always being able to be composed immediately was one of my biggest virtues. If even this set of calmness wasn't being able to be maintained, I probably would really die an unclear death.

My four limbs indeed couldn't move at all already. Well then, I'll continue onto even more detailed body parts............

Just like that, I tried parts and parts of my body, hoping to be able to find a place where I could move, but still having no progress even after a long time later.

Looking at those residual meat pieces becoming even lesser and lesser, my heart also gradually sank into the abyss.

When she had finished eating that'll be my turn then?

Damn it!

The way of death that finally awaited me was actually to be reduced to a monster's rations, being eaten alive and peeled living*, huh!

What kind of a hellish joke was this!!

Like that, after the bizarre situation of rubbernecking a ghoul eating corpse had maintained for a while, she finally finished eating that piece of corpse, although it wasn't being consumed rather tidily.

Within the pool of blood floated some minced bits and residue meats, with extremely lengthy intestines and the bag of the stomach soaked within as well, but Xiang Yue Xun seemingly already lost interest towards the remaining body parts, as she stood up and distanced away from those residual portions, and even extremely distastefully spat a bloodied spittle towards that pool of blood.

"Pei! So disgustingly gross............humph, as expected, those who would be possessed are those people that were already corrupted from the very core."

(TL: pei = spitting sfx)

Just like as if that this 'supper' wasn't pleasing towards her.

She didn't consume the intestines and stomach as she thought that they contained excrement and digestive juices, hence being rather dirty, huh?

But eating a person alive just like that was originally already very filthy, right............I really don't get what's her standard difference between clean and dirtiness.............

Xiang Yue Xun shook her hands about, wanting to shake off the blood traces that were stained onto her hands, but wasn't able to shake it all off. Then she walked to right beside the vending machine and tossed in a coin to purchase 2 bottles of water, opening one of them and started to wash her hands and mouth, along with the ends of her hair too.

Her movements were extremely proficiently natural, just exactly like as if after a construction worker had finished doing his work at the construction site, and starting to wash his hands that were completely stained with cement.

Although it wasn't washed to be rather clean, but in the end managed to rinse off all the traces of blood on her skin already.

What followed closely next............she took off her raincoat!

Just like that, right in front of me, she took off the oversized raincoat that were fully stained with fresh blood!

If it's just taking off the raincoat I wouldn't be till that surprised, what made me feel so shocked was because............she wasn't wearing anything inside at all, being completely in the nude!

Her breasts were slightly raised; saying it to be flat chested would also make it to be too perky, saying it to be normal would also make it to be a little small. It's considered to be small bosom that were in-between the two.

She had a silky straight long hair that grew over her waist, it even being able to cover her butt, feeling almost being able to be used as a towel already. Her body figure was just as petite as Xue Qing, having a pair of huge round scarlet red eyes, sweetly cute face contour, and a very distinctive tiny tiger tooth*, which made her seemingly slightly cheeky when she unveiled out a smile.............

No! Why was it being in the complete nude?!

"Hehee~ are you secretly looking at me? You're soo baddd~ I don't have any exhibitionism, ho~, it's just that even if I wore a raincoat, there would still be blood seeping inside from the gaps and dirtying my clothes, so I just simply didn't put on clothes merely."

Why must you explain it to me............

"Ahh, I forgot to also take off the shoes as well............heeii, xiuu~ this boots are too stupidly heavy already, so especially uncomfortable when wearing it desu."

(TL: heii, xiuu~ (嘿,咻~) = cute sfx of taking off shoes in a 'cutely exerted' manner.)

After taking off her rainboots, Xiang Yue Xun had completely returned back to a baby-like state, with her entirety being totally uncovered.

She leisurely and unslowly walked towards my side, and as our vision crossed each other midair, her red pupils gave off an even more brighter reddish glow.

Just at this point, I suddenly felt that my middle finger root jointal area was able to move already! After finding this regional place that was being able to move, my brows suddenly gave rise to a bout of icy cooling sensation, and what closely followed next was, that certain sort of strength that limited my movements suddenly vanished, letting me regain back my freedom!

Without even thinking at all, I just turned my head around and ran off !


Hurry up and flee from this human-devouring monster's side!

From my back resounded Xiang Yue Xun's astonished sound.

"Eiiii?! You actually undone my vision enchantment............wait! Don't run away! I still want to talk with you!"

In an instant, my running pace was being stopped!

But this time, it's not because my body was stiff and being paralyzed, but it's me being caught already!

She actually ran behind my back in a flash, hugging onto my waist!

"You! What do you want! Don't eat me!! I'm not delicious at all!!"

I desperately struggled, yet no matter how I struggled about, I was unable to escape her arms. I'm not even sure how that small little body of hers was able to generate such a huge amount of strength, it's simply just like being gripped by a pair of enormous pliers!

"............Pu! Hahahaha~"

(TL: Pu = an sfx that your mouth suddenly coughed out a gasp of air, can be happy/surprised etc)

A series of sudden exploding laughter.

Xiang Yue Xun laughed quite unconservingly, with her soft body entirely leaning onto my back, with those pepper-sized breasts that were plastered onto my back shaking in a bout.

What's so funny about that.............

"Hahahahahaa~ cough cough............Uuu, I didn't think that right now there would still be people saying 'I'm not delicious at all!' types of words, eyy! That sentence in our ghoul community was to be like 'tears of an era', hmm? You're quite the retro person~!"

Hugging me just like that while turning to my front, she lifted up her head afterwards to gaze at my face and said.

"Rest assured, I won't be eating you at all. I'm a 'ghoul', only eating corpses, won't be eating peopleee~"

(TL: It doesn't make sense in EN, but 'ghoul' in CN is '食尸鬼', which means 'ghost that feeds on corpses'. Of course, we all know that ghouls feed on alive humans as well, but she's merely trying to crack a joke)

".............This isn't considered to be insurance at all, right? You completely could turn me into a piece of corpse as of now............."

Are you joking with me?

If you this monster wanted to kill me, wasn't it just as easy as snapping your fingers?

"Oho, you're quite right in fact~, indeed, I could just turn you into a corpse right now............Mm, are you inviting me to eat you up? Saying a 'I'm not delicious at all!' was just to conceal the fact that you're actually very delicious?"

Xiang Yue Xun naively looked at me, her huge eyes glittering, eagerly awaiting my reply.

"Nonono! I'm really not delicious at all!! It's definitely not intentions onto inviting you to eat me!"

"Hehee, you're a really interesting person, eyy~ If it's other people, they would already long been frightened dumb or peed from horror. A person just like you being able to talk to me is still the first."

After that sentence was being said, Xiang Yue Xun's status actually turned green!

It became a friendly state just like that?

What the hell was up with this...........


But, it looks like before her status turns reddish, I should temporarily be safe, by right.

Right now............I'll just first attempt to converse about with her then.

She also seemingly wasn't that type of unreasonable lunatic monster, being different from those deceased deads that I've seen previously, a monster that could be communicated with using words.

After I've deeply breathed in three times, I steadied my heartbeat and asked her.

"You're............Xiang Yue Xun...........?"

Xiang Yue Xun, it wasn't a strangerish name.

She's a part of our 2nd Year Class 2, often together with Li Nai-tongxue discussing about topics regarding food, the smallest sized among the gluttony trio group.

Always carrying about all sorts of candy around, her mouth constantly moved about from day till night. If it's not chewing onto some gum, it'll be munching on some fudge, or else lollipops.

What I do know was just about that much already, although she held such a [Ghoul] sort of title, but in my impression, Xiang Yue Xun's merely a girl that loved eating sweets, being slightly childish, yet acting out a look of an adult merely.

"Yeepp~ I'm indeed Xiang Yue Xun, but didn't expect you to actually knew meee~ I also knew you tooo, little transparent-kun~ during the day today, Li Nai still even talked to me about you."

Mn? Why would Li Nai-tongxue talk about me? Does it mean that there's something interesting to discuss with onto regarding about me?

No wait, now wasn't the time to think about these, just place these things aside first, I must first deal with this ghoul.

Towards this self-acquainting ghoul, I completely don't know how to deal with her, and after thinking for a while I asked out a very idiotic question.

"You............why do you eat people?"

"Pu............hahahaha! You're indeed a very interesting person, eyy! Didn't I say that I'm a ghoul already? What's with the why of a ghoul eating people up!"

"But...........eating corpses are a little too............"

I also don't know how to describe it, but in any case, I just felt it to be wrong, yet unable to say out where exactly it was wrong.

"If it's to be said like that, then aren't you humans often eating corpses too? Cow's corpses, lamb's corpses, pig's corpses, fish's corpses............"

"That's different!"

"It's the same, only just that your standpoints are different."

From that childish-looking face of Xiang Yue Xun rose a meaningful smile, that's a sort of expression that only a person who had weathered many past experiences would be displaying.

"It's just because you're a human, hence you would feel that it's not the same, right. 'Feeding' on the same kind is one of the 3 big taboos. Even if it's us ghouls, we won't be eating our same kind as well~. But we aren't humans at allll~, so to us, 'eating people' aren't considered to be taboos at all."


I'm unable to retort back, as she didn't place herself on the standpoint of a human being from the start, plus there's no point of even doing so at all.

To her, humans are just a type of food, she basically didn't even need to be bother about the feelings of 'foods'.


Was it because she looked to be too similar to humans already?

If she was a monster that had a very grotesque appearance, I probably wouldn't be that conflicted already, right............but reality was, a ghoul that ate people was actually a bishoujo, plus she looked to be rather cute too.............

"Pu! It's so funny~.............what kind of an expression is that~ your eyebrows are all twisted already, hmm? Is there a need to be so conflicted over these sort of things? Anyway, you'll just only need to pray that you won't be eaten up, right?"

"Yeah, you're right..........."

Indeed, right now I'm within the hands of an undeniably factual safety's already not being guaranteed, so why would I still want to spare my energies onto being so worried onto other stuff?

But I also couldn't escape at I could only pray that the other party would just spare me then?

"Then, Xiang Yue Xun-tongxue, can you please spare me?"

Upon hearing that, Xiang Yue Xun glanced upwards at my face and unveiled out her tiger tooth, displaying out a magnificent smiling face, afterwards using a merrily tone, saying.

"I~ dooon't~ want~ to~"

............In the end, praying simply wasn't even useful at all!

-ch 48 end-

(3467 words to tl)

TL: The ghoul girl liked to talk in a lot of sfx-es >.>, tough to translate indeed.

Those who had been stared at by ghosts would be rendered immobile (被鬼盯上的人会动弹不得) = It's a renowned ghost saying in CN, not sure if it still stands in the EN community as well?

Eaten alive, peeled living (生吞活剥) = A CN idiom that describes a person being unimaginably gruesomely chowed down (or tortured). He being literally eaten alive, with his skin being peeled off like how a person shaves potatoes.

Audiencing (围观) = It's supposed to be funny in CN, as normally it's used when there's a crowd of people surrounding something to watch the occurring scenario in the middle (like how you eat popcorn and watch a movie)

P/N: Although CN dictionaries state the EN translation to be 'onlooking', it didn't give off the 'massive crowd looking vibe', hence my 'audiencing' sounds better instead.

P/N 2: changed to rubbernecking >:3, thanks Kartikeye Chandramouli for the suggestion!

tiny tiger tooth = anime-trait like thingy of symbolizing cuteness.

Deceased dead (僵尸) = A type of zombie, they are divided into living deads, and deceased dead. DD are zombies that were resurrected usually through magical means, unlike living deads, who were infected while they were alive.

Bishoujo = a pretty girl

-tongxue = a suffix for 'student'

-kun (君) = a jp suffix which implied to address males 'closely' (Or it could be a pun on the MC's name)


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