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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c67

[Important TL announcement]: I mixed up the chapters somehow, but now it's being righted. This should then be the correct chapter after [Ch 66: Envy, Hysterical].

To any other sites hosting this translations (other than my blog), please do the necessary chapter changes as well.... -winks at *****planet-

Vol 2, Chapter 67: Whole night, Being sleepless

TL: flarewk


What happened?

Had something happened ?

Was time being frozen?

How come there's no further actions already?

Numerous queries rose within my mind, which made me unresistingly feel like opening up my eyes. But then I'm afraid that I'll be seeing upon Ke Ling's body, along with that expression that was close to being broken, hence not daring to unfurl up my eyes like that.

So, I didn't know what sort of changes had occurred.

I originally already was in hopelessness, not retaliating anymore as such, preparing to shoulder upon the outcome that arose due to not being able to manage the relationship between me and my meimeis properly, with the result that after I had said that sentence out, there wasn't any movements anymore.

Mm..........was it that sentence that had created upon a certain effect already?

Ultimately, I still unresistingly secretly peeped open my left eye, squinting it peeking at Ke Ling's expression.

Ke Ling..........her entirety had been frozen already.

Her eyeballs was like the rusted cores of a lock, not moving a single inch anymore, with zero focus within her pupils. I'm not even sure of where exactly she was looking at as well..........her thoughts were still aflutter about within her mind, as even I was to have opened up my eyes, she still didn't showed any response at all.

What closely followed next was that her expression slowly turned gloomy, as if her spirit had been drained out, with her lips subconsciously trembling a little, yet not giving out any sort of noise at all.

Utterly despaired akin to like having fallen into an endless watery pit, being equally sunken within emotions of hopelessness.

When had that innocuously cute Ke Ling unveiled before such a despaired expression?

What exactly happened already?

Was there a problem with that sentence of mine?

Just at this moment, that icy cool hands of Xin Ran caressed onto my cheeks, giving me a shudder, causing me to hastily lift up my head to look at her with a confused expression.

She lowered her head and looked at me, and twitched her eyebrows towards that dumbfounded Ke Ling.

Afterwards, she unloosened her thighs which was clutching onto my neck, releasing my both hands as well, allowing my upper half to be able to freely move already.

She's letting me go comfort Ke Ling, right. Xin Ran..........she didn't express out that much of a bewilderment over to that appearance of Ke Ling.

As expected, she had long known about Ke Ling's true personality.

Perhaps it was just only me who wasn't aware about it..........aahhh, I felt more and more that myself who was their gege was really quite a failure.

And now, it's time to go salvage back my reputation of an elder brother!

Hence, I slowly propped up my torso..........recently I seemed to have been doing this certain gesture for quite an amount of times, with my back starting to ache a little from it already. Speaking of which, doesn't that meant that I was always being bizarrely pushed down recently? That didn't sound good at all...........

Cough, right now it's not the moment to be saying that, firstly I must make Ke Ling regain back to her senses.

"Ke Ling."

I stretched out my hands and pressed onto her shoulders, softly calling out her name, and she upon hearing it shuddered her entire body, with her eyes restoring back its focus, as she slightly lifted up her head to look at me fearfully.

My heart really ached.........

She suddenly unveiled out a look of almost wanting to cry..........

"Gege........thinks that I've changed already?"


Ah. Aahhh, so it's like that.

Ke Ling still didn't know that I had already knew about her other personality through her title. The Ke Ling in the past had left an innocuous, cute and active impression upon me, while concealing that dark side of hers up.

Hence, after I said 'you aren't like this last time', it made her think that her concealed personality had been exposed already, which was why she would be like a child which had their secret being gashed apart, being equally anxiously flustered.

In order to leave a good impression onto me, she usually would be displaying out her good side in front of me.

And I had indeed thought that Ke Ling was a well-behaved and innocent meimei, completely unaware of her other personality.

Wanting to adequately pamper my meimeis, not letting them feel sufferings..........those indeed sounded to be quite pleasant to the ear, but the moronic me hadn't even once understood about my meimei's true feelings.

Right now, the person who wronged Ke Ling wasn't anyone else but me, who was her gege!

However, it was due to her jealousy this time, which made her lose control, enacting onto gestures which was the complete contrary of her usual actions.

Afterwards, it was being exposed with just a sentence from me.

Thinking that my silence meant quiet consent, Ke Ling clutched onto her face.

" must have felt that Ke Ling had become a bad child already.........*sob*..........Ke Ling, is only.........."

Her voice then trembled. She clutched onto her face in order to prevent me from seeing her crying face, huh..........

That's right, Ke Ling had never cried right in front of me before..........she had always been all laughter and smiles; it was all for my sake..........

"Only, don't want to lose gege.........."

A watery liquid was being dripped onto my face with a 'pa ta pa ta' sound.

It flowed into my mouth, sourly.

It's Ke Ling's tears.

"I don't want gege to be snatched away by others!"

The unease which resulted from her envy made Ke Ling completely burst out.

"I like gege.........Ke Ling likes gege.........from a very long time ago, Ke Ling has fallen in love with gege already..........*sob*..........*sob sob*.........."

Ke Ling loosened her hands that was shielding her face, pulling onto my collars as she wailed, using a hoarse voice to exert out all of her strength onto squeezing out words of apology.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry.........gege, please don't hate me.........Ke Ling, will be good.........please don't hate Ke Ling.........!"

Because her concealed personality had been exposed, hence she felt that I was probably hating her already, huh?

She therefore would thus be wrongfully bawling out, hoping that I would be able to forgive her.

Really..........wouldn't it be fine to just tell me about it sooner..........

"You're really foolish..........Ke Ling."

Bitterly chuckling, I rubbed onto Ke Ling's head, afterwards pressed on the back of her head, causing her to lean onto my shoulders.

Ke Ling forcibly sniffed in her nose, as she hastily lifted up her head, saying.

"Gege, it's dirty!"

However, I still forcefully pressured, causing her face to plaster onto my chest.

"It's not, what's there to be dirty about for my meimei's snot and tears? What more is that it was being dripped for my, wiping it on me is my responsibility, and also my happiness as well."


She softly gave off a cry just like a little kitty.

Her wails were gone, and her mood seemed to turn better already. I secretly heaved a sigh of relief; I had finally managed to make Ke Ling regain back to her senses...........

Xin Ran approached my sides, and unveiled out an expression of jealousy.

Heh..........I really can't help it against you two.

I used my left hand to wipe my nose, thought for a while but still waved my hands towards Xin Ran in the end, with her then happily leaning over and lapping her head onto my shoulders.

But this time, don't think of using my hand to do some sort of strange things already!

With my hands both respectively hugging a meimei each, I simply laid onto the bed, faintly speaking while gazing at the light on the ceiling.

"Your brother is a rather straightforward person. If you don't tell me what your actual thoughts are within your mind, I won't know what you really want as well........."

Deducing people thoughts is indeed a very tiring matter, and even though I'm currently able to differentiate onto the emotions of others, I still wouldn't know onto what they were exactly thinking.

Hence, if there was anything within your mind, you don't need to be so fearfully concealing it, it's fine to just honestly say it out.

"So, there's no need to be intentionally fawning over me next time, Ke Ling. Just display out your most truest side out naturally. No matter what you've changed into, I'll never ever be hating you..........."

Because, you're my meimei after all.

How could I be possibly be hating onto my own family..........

"Just like Xin Ran, in the past she used to be always scornful in approaching me, it was simply like she had ignored onto the existence of me, her elder brother."

Arrkk, it hurts!

Don't pinch the back of my waist! Xin Ran!

"Gege..........don't blame Xin Ran-jie for that, it's because me and Xin Ran-jie had came to an agreement, gege is given to me during the day, while the night portion is for Xin Ran-jie, that's why she was always so cold towards you........."

"Eeehh? Hohh, so you two actually secretly had me being spilt apart!"

I'd say, no wonder Xin Ran would be holding night assaults upon me every single night! So it was because of that!

"Heeheee~ gege, you're the best........."

"Mm........gege, always the best........."

Aaa, really, you two being like that will cause me to feel shy!

In order to hide my embarrassment, I kicked up the unspread thin blanket, making it cover up onto the 3 of us as I said.

"So let's sleep then! Sleep! I've took the train back from Jinhua departmental today, changing two lines in return, it nearly worn me out to death!"

Of course, it primarily was due to the encountering of Lan Hua, which caused my fatigue to increase exponentially ultimately..........Mm, at this timing right now, Gao Ying Nai should have already found Lan Hua, right?

After obtaining comfort from her best friend, Lan Hua more or less should be able to cheer up then..........

Speaking of which, I made two girls cry conscience was almost about to have a large hole being tunneled right through already.

"Jinhua departmental? Gege went to buy things already? Didn't you say that we're to buy stuff together tomorrow..........then are we not going tomorrow already?"

Ke Ling had a face of disappointment as she pouted up her lips, expressing out her dissatisfaction.

"No, the schedule for tomorrow still stays. First, we'll go to Laobà's place to have a check on my wound, before going shopping afterwards.........."

I didn't mention the stuff about Xiang Yue Xun, as about that's something that couldn't be revealed.

"Well then, hurry up and sleep, don't speak anymore, okay."

"Gege, you're not switching off the lights?"

"Mm, not switching off. The lights in this house aren't also especially bright anyway, so let's just leave it on like this."

If it was switched off, something extremely terrible would be occurring..........

I closed my eyes shut, lying on the bed unmovingly. Because of sleeping at the train earlier, I wasn't that tired yet right now.

After a moment, Ke Ling suddenly spoke.

"Gege..........we seemed to have never slept before in a '川' way like this.........."

"Ah, it seemed so as well."

Indeed, the memories of us three siblings sleeping together, it had never occurred before.

"Back's all because of Ke Ling being too spoilt already. Thinking back about it right now, Ke Ling's really too foolish.........."

I didn't quite comprehend onto which back then was Ke Ling referring to, but it should be referring to that moment when she had just arrived at our house.

"Well, since you didn't know about me and Xin Ran at that time, not to even mention about being brothers or sisters already, it's basically just strangers back then."

I remembered that at the start, Ke Ling was still rather afraid of strangers when she moved into our house, not acquainting with me and Xin Ran, and was even always hiding away from us.

At that moment, Laomā wanted the three of us to sleep in the same room to understand each other better, but Ke Ling was crying indignantly against it instead, eventually leading to me actively emptying out my room to let Ke Ling sleep there.

And this was the reason why me and Xin Ran would be sleeping in the same room.

In the past, me and Xin Ran was living in the same house, but it was merely just a upper and lower double-deckered scenario, never once sleeping together in the same the very least, in my conscious impression, I had never slept with her before. It didn't count those situations where she had seized the opportunity where I have slept, to go sneak right into my bed.

And afterwards, due to me moving to the attic, there wasn't any further chance to be sleeping together already.

Plus, sleeping with Ke Ling together, there seemed to be only just a few couple of times, in order to appease her who had nightmares, hugging her while sleeping together.

For the three of us to sleep together, it was a first today, and I'm not sure if it would be the last as well.

"If only, it will always be able to be like this.........."

Xin Ran's murmurings floated into my ears; perhaps these was the most truest of thoughts from her mind.

"Heehee, it'll definitely be happiness this way~"


I didn't respond, pretending that I had already slept instead.

My meimeis didn't speak anymore as well, merely shifting their bodies closer towards mine a little.

Always being like that, it's impossible for it to happen..........impossible..........

This night, I wasn't able to sleep for the entire night.

The lights were also lighted up throughout, along with my consciousness, being lit all the way till daylight..........

-ch 67 end-

(3231 words to tl)

meimei (妹妹) = 'younger sister'

gege (哥哥) = 'elder brother'

-jie (姐) = a more respectful form of a honorific which means 'elder sister'

Laobà (老爸)/ Laomā (老妈) = informal way to address their dad/mom. Think of it as "Pa" / "Ma"


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