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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v1c23

Volume 1, Chapter 23: Became attached already

TL: flarewk

"No~pe, what I wanted was not for you to serve me or be submissive to me, I only wanted to be friends with you."

Ji Lian Bing loosened a hand of hers, stretched out her index finger and wagged in front of my eyes, while saying with a jolly tone.

"Sure then, right now we're friends already. And since we're friends, can you please return the photo back to me?"

Friends, were just those people therein both parties utilize each other for their own mutual advantage...........cough cough, therein both parties help each other out, right. Since it's in that way, I wanting a small piece of photograph from you shouldn't be that big of a deal, right?

"Friends are when both parties utilize each other for their own mutual advantage............Mn, help each other out, right. By giving this photograph to Cheng Jun, what benefit will I receive in return?"

You wanted to say that both parties utilize each other for their own mutual advantage, right! So this person's definition of friends were actually the same as me, huh! I didn't think that a person like Ji Lian Bing, a riajuu would be like me, not having any friends at all. How sorrowful indeed (laugh).

No, let's first not talk about that, looks like if I don't give her a satisfactory trade requirement, it'll be impossible for me to obtain that photograph then.

I'm carrying some valuable stuff however...........

My pockets contained two separate note pieces of net worth 50's and 20's Moe Moneh (RMB), and some coins for the purpose of buying coffee.

A lousy smartphone that would even hang when opening QQ messenger, and a 10 yuan voucher for my house's nearby Rosemead supermarket..........

These things weren't even considered to be barter goods!! Ji Lian Bing's an extreme baifumei too, she basically won't even bat an eye to these kinds of stuffs!

So in the end, I could only sell myself, huh?


While being hugged by Ji Lian Bing into her arms, I glanced up to look at the top of her head, and the back of my head sunk into that soft bosom of a girl's.

Ohh, it's so soft. I couldn't tell that her breasts were quite large as well...........cough, nono, what I wanted to talk about was her title.

No matter how many times I looked, it's still [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac], and let's first not bother about the 'Corpse Lover' portion, just the 'Homicidal Maniac' (杀人狂) alone was enough to make me distance far away from her already. Being able to be crowned a sole 'Maniac' word, would mean that she had a fanatical interest onto killing people.

Since the act of killing 1 person would be a murderer (杀人犯), killing 10 people would be a serial killer (杀人魔)............then, Ji Lian Bing being a Homicidal Maniac (杀人狂), killed how many people before exactly? A few dozen people? Or few hundred people instead?

If she's really a person who killed too many people to the point of being countless already, her brain then mustn't be normal at all, and thus her having that sort of inconceivable corpse loving fetish would be muchmore reasonable already.

Should I exactly agree to it or, actually I don't even have any choice at all.

Ji Lian Bing who was holding that photograph in her hands seemed to have been an absolute ruler already.

As expected, after Ji Lian Bing saw that I was in silence, she was like a master stroking her pet dog's head as she stroked mine, and displayed an act of a high and mighty queen, saying.

"But, if our relationship can improve a step closer, it's not impossible that I'll give this photo to you, hmm?"

A step's closer relationship............does it mean a couple relationship? In the end it still came back to this question once again, why does she exactly want to make me her boyfriend?

"Exactly why must you be so insistent onto wanting me to be your boyfriend, are you planning to use me as a shield?"

That sort of development should be one of the most possible situation already. Because she felt extremely annoyed by the nonstop waves of confessions, thus wanting to just casually pick a boy to be her boyfriend(shield), and she'll be able to attain peace and quiet once more. As for why she would want to find me, it's probably because I looked to be the only male who's the most disinterested in her.

Or perhaps...........she wanted to find herself a substitute. In the event that the matter of her murdering was being exposed, she'll be able to push the entire blame onto me............also known as the so-called scapeghost(替死鬼), scapegoat(替罪羔羊), scapepuppet(替身人偶).

With my knowledge, I could only think up of these two possibilities.

But, the following words of Ji Lian Bing's overturned all of my conjectures.

Ji Lian Bing shook her head left and right as she said: "Because I love youu~"

It became pink-colored again!

What's exactly going on! Could she really control her emotions? Just saying that she love me, and she'll really love me?

That's like a complete bitch already!

Ji Lian Bing even more forcefully encircled and hugged my neck, as she squinted her eyes while excitedly saying: "Because I want to hug youuu~"

The pink color became even more darker already!

I could almost see the pupils of Ji Lian Bing reflecting out heart shapes already!

Ji Lian Bing then rubbed her face on my head, as she hyper-lovingly said: "I reaaally want to be intimate with Cheng Jun~"

Damn it, she's actually so cute! There definitely must be somewhere wrong with this!!

"I reaaally want to give birth to Cheng Jun's childdd~"

Wrraaaagghh! I've nearly been killed off by the cute rays emanating out from this person!

Y, you beast! Even though I'm being threatened, I'm actually being moe-ed by this person instead! I felt hopeless towards myself already, and despaired too to this 'Cute is Justice!' world already!

Cough, don't be bewitched by her, me! She's able to freely control her emotions, and that's only her disguise!!

Yep, first I must expose her disguise! As long as her secret too was within my grasp, I'll be able to have an equal platform to negotiate with her then.

"I'm not really very clear...........which part of me did you like exactly?"

Although I myself saying that would sound a little too much of it, but regarding the issue that I'm a rather unpopular boy, I still am very clearly in the know. You could even say that, if I'm a girl, I would also absolutely not fall in love with a boy like me.

Ahh, that's right, didn't Li Li said that the charm magic circle had ran into my head already? Could it be because of that magic circle, causing Ji Lian Bing to be so head over heels for me as a result?

It shouldn't be until as that, as Li Li said that the magic circle could only make people's impression on me better, and it won't be to the point where women would directly fall in love with me. If not, right now I should be like a hentai MC already, spreading my seeds around everywhere, and not with a nutty yet school's number 1 bishoujo here pitting saliva against one another.

I stared at Ji Lian Bing, really unable to think up of the reason on why she would fall in love with me.

Ji Lian Bing sensed my gaze, and she gave off a smile, as a shy red blush appeared on her white tender cheeks.

"I love everything about youuu~"

Pu tong!      (heartbeat sfx)

Critical damage received...........

If Ji Lian Bing didn't have that kind of status at all, if she wasn't a nutty, perverted homicidal maniac...........being able to attain such a cute girlfriend, I'll definitely be dead from happiness already............

If she wasn't a homicidal maniac who had necrophilia at all...........

Wait wait, necrophilia............

Don't tell me?

"You love everything about me?"

"Yepp~, I love everything."

"Then which part about me you love the most? My spirit?"

"Mm." It turned green.

"My body?"

"Mm!" It turned pink.

"My personality?"

"Mm, Mm........." It turned green.

"My corpse?"

"Mm, Mm!" It turned pink.

As expected, it's like thatttttttttttttt!!

I wrestled out from Ji Lian Bing's embrace in a single vigor, and distanced myself away frantically and messily from her.

What this person liked was only my corpse! Previously, her status would be able to change colors at that moment as she looked at me to be a corpse already!

The f**k! In her eyes, I'm actually just only a corpse, huuh!

That's too scary already!

"Ai ya, looks like I've accidentally let it slip~, but Cheng Jun, you also seemed to know about my interest since a long time ago too~............where did you learn about this matter?"

"You, you indeed!"

She admitted to it! Although she didn't say it out clearly, but the meaning of that was evidently silently admittance already!

And that means, Ji Lian Bing's a real and factual 'Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac'!

"That's right~, Cheng Jun. I really love your body, I want your body, I want to make you forever stay by my side...........after your death!"

My teeth couldn't resist trembling as her frightening killing aura encompassed my entire body!

This wasn't yandere at all! Ji Lian Bing's an existence that's even more scarier than a yandere!

If you was to say a yandere was 'If you don't love me then die!', Ji Lian Bing would be 'After you died I'll love you~!'.

The former would be a messed up, abandoned ending; while the latter would be a lunatic, perversed starting!

She walked towards me who was sitting on the floor step by step, and I could only drag my butt on the floor retreating backwards. She finally came to my front, and cross-leggedly sat onto my thighs, as both of her hands grasped on my cheeks.

"Although I could kill you off anytime, but that way it'll be too uninteresting already...........huhuhu, so, Cheng Jun, how about we make a bet?"

"What do you want?"

Ji Lian Bing gave off a sweet chuckle, as she stuffed the photograph into my shirt pocket and said.

"Before this week ends, as long as you're able to hide from my hunt, I'll return the photo negatives to you, and will also delete all backup copies too, how about it?"

"And if I'm unable to hide myself from you...........sure, then I'll be dead."

"But this could actually be a chance to Cheng Jun, hmm? If I send this photo to your parents, or to even spread it on the internet, what kind of things would happen then?"


Wasn't it obvious enough already? What welcomed me next would definitely be an outcome even far more worse than death! And the most important thing was that Xin Ran will be affected too! Even if I die, I couldn't let this sort of thing happen!

Aaaaa, I it's like that.

"I'll be dead no matter which side it is, so I might as well gamble onto it; that's your meaning, right."

"When you're faced with danger and have nowhere to escape, what kind of action will you take, I'm really eager for it, Cheng Jun."

"But isn't this a little too disadvantageous for me already..........."

I who was being hunted down was laid in an extreme disadvantage, as the side hunting could freely set up traps, and choose many different varied ways of assassination methods, but to me it's too unfavorable already.

"That's why, just like what I've said before, if you become my boyfriend, you'll be able to 'restrain' me already~."


I see, so giving me the status of 'boyfriend' was just for this, huh...........that way, Ji Lian Bing as my 'girlfriend', being able to be under the condition of being suspect-free and managing to murder me still, would be an extremely difficult task.

Intentionally increasing the difficulty level for herself, was she a sicko?

Do you even need to ask at all, she's originally a sicko in the first place!

Ji Lian Bing placed both of her hands onto my shoulders, and stared at me with an expression of deep infatuation just like an innocent girl.

She actually looked to be extremely cute, it really pissed me off!

"Then from right now, the both of us will be in a mutual love and kill couple relationship alreadyy~ Are you willing to become my boyfriend? Cheng Jun?"

"...........I'm willing, I'm willing to be your, Ji Lian Bing's 'boyfriend'!"

Although I was practically using a roaring manner to spout these words out, Ji Lian Bing still looked to be extremely happy.

I saw the status on top of Ji Lian Bing's head turn from green to blue, perhaps she had already thought of me as her's already.

"Well, from now on just call me Lian Bing then. I love youuu, Cheng Jun~"

She planted a kiss on my cheeks, but I didn't feel any sort of sweet sensation at all. It's like I've been imprinted with a death mark.

Just like that, I became Ji Lian Bing's boyfriend.

And the three days time period of escape-hunting game thus began.

-ch 23 end-

(3098 words to tl)

TL: Recently you can see my tl speed going down a lil, its because I'm preparing to go back to school.... (hols ending)

riajuu = a person who's a winner in life.

50 and 20's Moe Moneh (RMB) = The pun is that, Moe Moneh actually stands for 软妹币 (ruan mei bi) or RMB as well, homophones with the real RMB.

I translated the term 软妹币 into Moe Moneh, as the entire term itself came from ACGN, and 软妹 = 2D Girls, 币 = Moneh. (money, lol)

Yes, the notes itself exists (fake).


QQ messenger = A messenger that's famous in china. It's been popular since china censorship blocked nearly every foreign thing i heard of, including my this google blog -3-

Rosemead supermarket (和平超市) = A real supermarket in china. Here's its brochure. Too bad the sale's over since 3 days ago, so you can't buy em now!

baifumei (白富美) = a chinese abbreviation of what constitutes a 'perfect' dream woman that every men would be heads over heels for.

bai (白) = 'White', it meant having a skin complexion the more paler the white, the better. It's the chinese traditional way of beauty-view. Of course, not being sarcastically like ghosts, okay?!

fu (富) = 'Rich', the wealthier the other party, the better it is. Why? I don't really need to answer that, do I.......

mei (美) = 'Beautiful', probably the most important aspect for a girl, as the saying goes 'Looks are everything'. And judging from how 90% of the world goes along with it, I'd say it's pretty much accurate.

scape-xxxx and their related puns = scapeghost, scapegoat, scapepuppet. These made no sense in eng, but in CN it all related to the same meaning, 'scapegoat'. The author just mashed in all the 'scape-' in front and append stuff behind, and I wanted you readers to experience that feeling, kinda.

bitch (痴女) = It's not the derogatory term. In this context, it's referring to a woman who's extremely promiscuous.

Originally, I was kinda hard-pressed to find a suitable word as the origin of the word '痴女' came from JP, but then later I remembered there's a published jp light novel, something like Bitch x Otaku; hence I just used the term as it was.

heart shaped eyes = A common drawing in manga to reflect obsessive love.

i swear, i google searched for heart shaped eyes😟

moe = it stands for cute, and the term came from jp otakuculture.

'Cute is Justice!' = a term in jp otakuculture used to refer to any girls regardless of what they are (non humans too), as long as they are cute, its all okay!

Bishoujo = jp term for 'beautiful girl'


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