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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c63

Vol 2, Chapter 63: Shirt stripping, Breasts revealing

TL: flarewk

"Eeehh, apologize?"

Carrying upon a face of guilt, Lan Hua silently nodded her head as she said.

"That's right.........just now, I've done something very terrible to Jun Cheng-tongxue. This is because, um, it's my first time that there's a boy being so close to me, and when I smelled Jun Cheng-tongxue's scent, my head became a little dizzy......."

As she spoke, Lan Hua's face became red once more, as if she's recollecting the events happening just earlier, demurely explaining onto the reason of why she would be conducting that sort of perversed actions.

Just like as if she had found back both her morals as well as her sense of shame at the same time; this, should then be the attitude that a girl must be having.

"To be confounded by the temptations of my heart onto doing those sort of actions, I'm really very sorry!"

"Mm, mn."

(TL: agreeing sfx - imagine head nodding in agreement)

Perhaps due to the reason of not having any bodily contact between us, Lan Hua clearly had an appearance of being fervently simmered down, returning back to her normal state. But rather than saying that her expression was that of an inadequately ardent one, it's more of like those appearance after a person had regained back onto their senses, with a face of sheer regret to the point of wanting to just die.........just like me using my hands yesterday to feel terrific for the entire night, this person too also used her hands onto being euphoric for the entire journey huh.

Clutching my jaw, I repeatedly nodded my head.

Towards such an explanation given by her, my indication was that I'm fully able to understand it.

Or it should be said, that I shared the same feelings as well!

Because, to be frank, Lan Hua was just like me, being unable to control onto our malicious desires..........

I suddenly had a feeling of meeting onto my fellow diseased comrade, because just by looking at the motives of this incident, me and Lan Hua were said to be completely the same.

Aaah, I know, it's really very difficult to endure.........there's someone very clearly being plastered onto you, and a person who could resist onto not groping simply doesn't exist at all.

Although it seemed to be a little too immoral to be saying those words after finishing groping the person, but Xue Qing's figure had seemingly no difference to that of a child's already, plus groping a child and whatnot, it shouldn't be considered to be too much, huh..........

Although I've thought about it before within my mind; Why not just push down Xue Qing, just do it with her until daylight, about the issues afterwards let's just place them aside for later on, but in the end I still gritted against that notion. I thought that I was already quite impressive, as Xue Qing didn't really get pushed down at the very least, wasn't it? I didn't do onto any sort of irresponsible human trash-like actions, hmm?

Ahaa, ahaahaahaa.......

(TL: sfx - nervous laughing)

Lan Hua kept lifting up her head and lowering it, continually apologizing to me, with her hair being flung about and turning into a mess.

"Under that sort of situation, a person who's able to endure it simply doesn't exist at all; I carried onto that sort of lucked mentality, which opened up a convenient path for my desires, resulting into the mistake this time. If only my fortitude is to be a little stronger, I'm obviously able to endure that!"

*Pu!* My knee got pierced by an arrow. Unable to support myself, I knelt onto the ground with one knee lying down.

"I actually still even thought of 'It shouldn't be nothing much of a deal for a boy to be groped by a girl', wanting to rely on that sort of excuse onto covering up my own actions, it's really too despicable already!"

*Pu!* Another knee of mine got struck by an arrow, and with a *Pu tong* cry, this time I fully knelt down.

"In the end, I actually still wasn't satisfied yet, still thinking of doing even more overboard actions, it's simply too shameless already! ! !"

*Pu!* The final arrow stabbed onto my heart, causing me critical damage, which made me directly unable to hold up myself and to display out a despairing body-fallen-over posture.

What she's refuting at was to herself, but I was also unknowingly lampooned too at the same time.

Relying upon Lan Hua's 'similar acts' onto decreasing the feelings of guilt that I had, I'm really such a lowest piece of trash.

With the result that ultimately, I still couldn't deceive myself, as I once again understood, that through myself repeatedly trying to find excuses for my behavior, I originally was a piece of trash-like human that only knew how to flee. I instantaneously fell amidst emotions of self loathings.

As expected, this sort of things weren't just able to be resolved with just a simple apology.........ORZ

"Right now, I've already fully reflected upon my mistakes, so, please forgive me! Jun Cheng-tongxue!"

The matter about Lan Hua molesting me, I'm already not so concerned about it anymore, but as for Xue expected, using only fingernails and hair as compensation and whatnot, it's simply too cheap could even be slated that I've tainted her purity, yet I still was acting like a nobody.

But, wanting me to split up with Lian Bing and have a relationship with Xue Qing.........

Perhaps I would die.

I'm saying the truth, I'll be killed.

It's not a joke when Lian Bing is being pissed off, I'll definitely die a gruesome death.

She had multiple ways onto making me disappear from the surface of this world..........about that point, I have never doubted that at all.

Being able to survive from her hands by sheer luck, it's all due to the occurrence of multiple coincidences, and perhaps it had already used up my accumulated luck for my entire lifetime.

After using up my final strand of luck, what else can I rely on?

Rely on Xue Qing?

To abandon a girl, and to go fall into another girl's embrace thereafter; why does this sort of scenario seem so seemed to be like a certain trash-like human who had the same surname as me who have done this sort of thing before...........

(TL: probably referring to School Days)

Then that means, I'm actually slowly walking down the path of being a human piece of trash? And at my not-so-distant future, what's waiting for me can't actually be a BAD end, right?

I imagined that scenario within my mind for a moment.

Entirety bathed in blood, sporting snowy-white hair along with bloody red-colored pupils, Xue Qing who was shrouded in an appalling atmosphere of killing aura was wielding a dagger and a small blade; Her eye expression evidently already turned darkly sinister, while cloaked in a climate of mania, with a face expression bearing a smile that 'permeates hearts with frosty coldness', Lian Bing's hands grasped a doll which looked just the same as me.........

Confronting each other face-to-face, each respectively having hostility gushing out, with a massacre about to develop.

Was it for the sake of vying for me.........or was it for the sake of disposing me instead?

In any case, the ultimatum ending that awaited me would either be turning into a 'complete corpse' or an 'incomplete corpse', just these two options..........

I'm actually able to imagine out such a realistic scenario, it really made me frightfully terrified..........

Ahhh, my stomach hurts..........

Not receiving my response even after half a day later, Lan Hua used a perplexed tone onto calling out my name.

"Jun Cheng, -tongxue?"

However, I was still drowning amidst my upcoming bleak dark future along with my self-loathing emotions, and was completely unable to extricate out from it.

"Jun Cheng, -tongxue? Huh? Why are you lying over there...........Uuu, since it's like that, then I must also kneel down as well!"

And I heard a *pu tong* sound, with a black-colored short skirt plus white tendery round legs appearing within my sight.

Lan Hua had also knelt down right before me.

I blankly lifted my head up to look at her, with my current expression being distinctly revealed.

She saw upon my eye expressions of utter despair, with her looks becoming bizarrely shocked as a result. It can't be that she had developed a misunderstanding onto thinking that it was all due to her fault that would cause me to be feeling that downtrodden?

Although the cause of it was you indeed, but it doesn't have much to do with you at all..........suddenly kneeling down and whatnot certainly seemed to be a little exaggerated already, I had better quickly get up.

I just wanted to lift up my upper body when Lan Hua was like as if she wanted to switch positions with me, as she simply kowtowed with her head and four limbs lying onto the floor.

A standard dogeza posture of apology.

Oi oi, doesn't this turn into the posture where a couple bows to each other during marriage*..........

"Hey, don't be like that, quickly get up."

I hastily stretched out my hands wanting to lift her up, but then I suddenly remembered that experience of getting my hand massaged upon meeting Lan Hua, hence my hand had only stretched out till halfway before stopping.

Lan Hua was still kneeling onto the floor, with her hair fully scattered onto the ground, having her snowy white neck being exposed to the air.

"If you don't accept my apology, I won't get up!"

"Eeehh, okay, okay, I forgive you."

"This sort of casual uncommitted my sincerity still not enough!"

Lan Hua lifted up her head, shut her eyes up and loudly yelled with reddened cheeks.

"Umm! It's been said that revealing the breasts out will be the most sincere action when apologizing! I-I-I-I! I'll strip and reveal my breasts now!"

As she said, Lan Hua started unbuttoning the buttons on her shirt, the first button, the second button..........

The f**k! What the hell!

"Oi oi, don't be like that! Other people are looking at us!"

"I, I get it, what's trending recently isn't revealing out breasts when apologizing, but to reveal the belly to show the other party, right! Then I'll be showing my belly........"

Afterwards, Lan Hua started pulling up her shirt. Because the last two bottom-most buttons were already unbuttoned, I couldn't manage to stop her in time when she had already pulled up her shirt, unveiling out her belly.

That tendery white small waist, plus her small abdomen which didn't have any single excess layer of flab at all, along with a cute little bellybutton were completely being exposed right before me.

Lan Hua even had her head slightly raised, with her mouth turning upwards to form a ã¸ shape. It's not known if it was because of her being nervous or if her clothes was completely drenched, causing her to feel too cold as her body was trembling. Her two hands that was pulling up her shirt had subconsciously turned into a cat-like paw state of grasping.

"I'm really, really sorry!"

Two red puffy eyes, with the corner of her eyes slightly damp, and a face full of absolute sincerity.

No matter who it was, upon seeing a girl bearing upon such sincerity and apologizing, they would all have their hearts softened as well as accepting it.

And I'm not an exception as well.

Or you might say, that I'm really thankful that you provided me with such eye candies.

"Alright, I've already forgiven you. Quickly get up."

I continued stretching my half-outstretched hands over, making contact with her shoulders and helped lifted her up.

Afterwards, I hastily pulled down her shirt which was being rolled up downwards, and turned around to survey the surroundings behind me. There's a few passerbys using curious gazes to look at us........luckily, this vending machine was being displayed in a rather obscure corner.

"Thank you.........I'm really, very sorry..........!"

"Since the disagreement between us have been settled already, I'll be heading back first then.........Lan Hua-tongxue should also better hurry up and go back as well."

"Umm! My house is at the 6th district as well, can I go back together with you?"

Stalker sent out an invitation to go home together with you?

Do you accept the invitation?


My brain which started wildly imagining gave me such a selection option.

This is urgent, I'll be waiting online for answers!*

Uuu, it's a pity that my phone was already out of batt, so I'm unable to seek help from online netizens.........

Then again, the time now should be about 7 to 8 pm at night already, and letting a girl travel at night all by herself indeed wasn't such a good idea.

Since she had already reflected on her actions, I think that she shouldn't be doing onto that sort of overdone actions already.

If it's just boarding the subway together, there shouldn't be any problems at all. Since it's as such I'll just agree to her then.

"Alright then, let's go back together."

Lan Hua upon hearing my response had the expression on her face instantly brightening up in joy, with her smile just as bright as with the morning sun.

Merely just because that I've agreed onto such a minor issue of hers would cause her to be that status, huh..........

"First wipe the water off, being dripping wet shouldn't be very comfortable, right."


When wiping off the water, Lan Hua subconsciously unveiled out an expression of reluctance, with her even mumbling 'Such a pity........' and whatnot.

Please, don't be like am I going to take it if you're like that?

After she had wiped herself clean, I awkwardly said a 'Let's go then?', pacing away my footsteps firstly akin to like fleeing thereafter. Lan Hua followed behind my back well-behavedly, but she didn't walk along side-by-side with me, resulting in some sort of subtle distance between the both of us. Saying that the both of us didn't know each other would have the distance between us seemingly a little too near already; saying that the both of us were friends would have our positions once again slightly being not quite right.

Just like as if there's a spirit behind my back, as she followed right behind me.

A stalker that's really true to its name indeed..........

-ch 63 end-

(3076 words to tl)

TL: Sorry (perfunctorily), I was watching OPM again, thus didn't translate out synthesis'll be delayed to tmr's release 😆✊ Here's an early chapter anyway

Shirt stripping, Breasts revealing (袒胸、露怀) = This is a neta of the CN idiom <袒胸露臂>, which translates to "stripping off the upper shirt to reveal out ones shoulders", which refers to being very impolite and uneducated.

In china, females never reveal out their bare shoulders (due to conservativity), and this act is deemed immoral.

Of course, in this chapter, you would see why the naming of the idiom is being modified as such.

The difference is that 露臂 refers to "revealing out ones arms", but 露怀 refers to "revealing out ones boobs" (lolwut). The general meaning however, is the same >_>. (impolite unruly behavior)

I recall that the there's a similar idiom that means 'be completely frank to the other party', perhaps the neta would truly be this then? (i forgot the other idiom >_> 坦怀? uhhh...)

P/N: At first I used the term 'boobs', but then changed it to 'breasts' later-on, coz I don't think a girl would say 'boobs' rather than 'breasts'.... or am i mistaken....?

My knee got shot by an arrow = neta of the pun "Took an arrow to the knee"

BAD end = here it's referring to being chopped up / sliced up, by knives through yanderes

Darkly sinister (黑化) = Aka the transformation into becoming very creepy and frightening. Usually you can see it about to happen when the eyes start to turn very very black....

Dogeza = like this. I believe its origin came from JP

Posture where a couple bows to each other during marriage (夫妻对拜) = There are 3 bows in traditional chinese marriages.

(1) first bow towards the heavens (for blessing)
(2) second bow towards elders (your side and her side) (for respect and blessing)

(3) third and last bow towards each other

There is a step 4.....which is to (4) now go to the bedroom to make babies! I kid you not.

This is urgent, I'll be waiting online for answers! (急,在线等!) = chinese slang. I did the full contextual translation out so I don't really need to explain it here, but I'll just list it out just so you know it's a slang😝

Alright alright, a little further explanation. Usually, this phrase will be seen in forums where the OP asks a super ultra urgent question before using this phrase to indicate he's still waiting online for ans..... (meh, it's just a metaphor to indicate the urgency of the issue most of the time)

-tongxue (同学) = honorific for 'student'

— — — — — — — — — — —
P/N: One interesting fact. Notice in the previous chapters when Lan Hua was in full-bitch-in-heat mode (during groping), she didn't call out our MC with honorifics......something to gloss over about, eh?
— — — — — — — — — — —


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