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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c61

Vol 2, Chapter 61: Abiding upon, One's desires

TL: flarewk

This fella, she really did it on purpose!

Starting from suddenly bursting out from the crowd and bumping onto me, it was all just an act!

Although I didn't know how she exactly managed to locate me within the spacious ocean of commuters, but it's precisely because she possesses this sort of movement tracking abilities which was why she would be a stalker.

But, it didn't seem to be disadvantageous towards me at all.............

Or it should be said, it's considered as an incentive instead?

Since a girl's body always felt rather soft; especially in the case for Lan Hua's, which was even more softer to the point of being irrefutable, just like suddenly bumping into a pile of sponge that had been soaked up with water, being both heavy yet soft at the same time.

I crossed my both palms together and retracted them behind my back, using my back to compress onto its left and right. If I didn't do it as such, these two dishonest little things would probably have started groping already in a memorably delighted state.

*Huuuu*...........I calmed down my feelings. As long as my heart remained dedicatedly focused, malicious thoughts would naturally dissipate along as well.

Although Lan Hua was tightly plastered to my body, I'm not sure that if it was due to the partition of clothing, or if it was due to me and Lan Hua being not too familiar with each other, as I feel that I'm still able to control myself.

Stay composed, it should be fine as long as I endure up till the next station............

However, although my area had calmed down already, Lan Hua still wanted to rise up an issue!

She seemingly wanted to attempt onto supporting up her body once again, as she used her small arms to prop up on the glass panels right beside my shoulders, with her cheeks puffed as she strained onto leaning her head backwards. And the outcome, was that the two lumps of squishy meat that was compressed onto my chest once again had their shape being restored, with Lan Hua's body that was closely plastered onto me too slowly furthering away. But because the space was really too narrow, there would still be some physical connectivity existing between her body and mine, especially for that pair of boobs, which was like as if it couldn't bear to split apart from me, and was akin to a whacked water balloon; changing its shape, restoring its shape; changing its shape, restoring its shape...........

It's too ambiguous* already!

Do you exactly want to get away from me or not, this way seemed like it's using some sort of a bizarre body part to conduct upon some sort of bizarre massaging~! 

"Um, umm, Jun Cheng-tongxue? Can you help me, please? It doesn't seem to be quite enough just by my own strength alone.........."

Afterwards, Lan Hua struggled for a while, and after noticing that she's still unable to hold up an area of space just basing on her strength alone, she started to seek help from me.

I didn't immediately agree onto helping her, but once again carefully observed her appearance.

Her cheeks had became a little flustered, with sweat trickling down from her forehead to her cheeks, afterwards flowing along her chin and neck into the collar of her shirt. She panted small mouthfuls of fatigued gasps, and those damp, blazing breaths were all being blown onto my face. I could even feel them almost about to form water droplets already.

Uuu, I can't scan out any flaws from it at's indeed a look of being slightly worn out after strenuously struggling about.

It was a very normal reaction.

Plus, seeing a girl like her being agonized and worn out over there, I being a manly man yet still hiding within a girl's embrace, enjoying unto incentives which arose due to unexpected situations, it's simply an act of a human trash already.

Since it's like that, I had better go help her then. But, how am I supposed to help her out at all?

"Alright..........but even if you wanted me to help you, how should I help you out?"

"Um, just forcefully push my stomach will do!"

Seeing my response, Lan Hua instantly burst out into smiles, as she immediately provided a compromising solution. I distinctly felt that she had long been planning for me to do such an act can't be that I'm gradually stepping within the trap that she had prepared, right?

"Stomach, huh..........alright then."

If it's just the stomach, it should be fine.

Comparatively speaking, it's a rather safe spot as well.

Hence I only hesitated for a moment before retracting out the hands from behind my back, preparing onto helping her out.

But I didn't press my both hands onto her stomach, akin to like ballet dancing, but held onto her waist and forcefully pushed her backwards. Very quickly, the area of intertwining contact between Lan Hua and my body had been reduced to the most minimal, with the stuffy chest feeling finally dissipating.

Although my hands were a little tired, but there's only just ten plus minutes until reaching the next stop, so I still should be able to persevere on.

Afterwards..........I glanced towards Lan Hua once again. The expression on her face wasn't that of a relaxed one, but a dumbfounded look instead, an expression just like as if something had gone not as planned. After noticing onto my gaze, she then hastily kept that look, transforming into a smile as she thanked me.

But even I am able to see that the smile wasn't that all natural at all, it being slightly stiff and such, it's basically just a smile that's being forced out.

Oho, even though it's to your wishes to split our bodies apart, yet you still had a look of 'how did it become like that', huh...........

I've said it already previously, my arm strength wasn't that bad at all. Although it can't be compared with that monstrous strength of Lian Bing, but it's way more stronger than a usual male high schooler, since I was very attentive onto maintaining this sort of thing.

Heh heh, you didn't expect it huh~ I've crushed your plans already, I'm really so sorry about that, Miss Stalker~ hurry up and give up onto your obscene gestures, and go on home afterwards~

I don't know why either, but I suddenly became cocky already.

Thinking about it carefully, I understood on why I would be that cocky, it's because that I've rarely obtained onto an instance of being in a dominating state.

However, I immediately couldn't laugh out anymore already!

I suddenly felt upon an enormous bout of pressure, which placed a certain amount of stress onto my arms.

No, no wait, this wasn't the pressure that came from the crowd!

Observing carefully, I noticed that Lan Hua currently had her cheeks puffed up poutingly as she started to use force. My palms was able to feel upon her muscles which had slightly hardened due to her using force, but she wasn't resisting against the pressure which came from the crowd at all, instead forcefully compressing herself towards me!

What exactly were you trying to do!

Directly just being in a state of desperation after having committed mistakes, huh!

Eeeeeeh, don't joke around already, I won't surrender just from this........!

I too gritted my teeth and increased my strength, preparing to resist her all the way throughout.

The next second, I saw it already. Her cheeks unveiled out an expression of a sly grin.

Wait, this scenario is..........!

I instantaneously felt that there's something not quite right, with my mind silently giving off warning bells, and when I wanted to let go of my force, she suddenly twisted her hips sideways, causing my both hands to slide away from her waist, and me who had lost my balance afterwards just like that fell into her embrace.

I've! been! tricked!

But! There's still a chance!

Within a split second, I was like as if I've predicted onto what's going to happen next, as I extremely swiftly lifted up my right hands and clutched onto my mouth.

The next second, just as what I've predicted, after losing onto balance, Lan Hua once again breast-fully (correct word, no mistake) bumped over, with her head bumping along over as well.

[TL: The original word was "forcefully" (猛 xiōng měng); and breasts (胸 xiōng) have the same pronunciation as well.]

A girl's soft lips kissed onto my..........back of my hand!

It's really too timely already!

While being terrified from the bottom of my heart, I felt relieved upon my godlike speed reaction as well.

Because if I had kissed onto the other party's lips due to us bumping together, a something that originally wasn't anything much at all would become something already, and that way, things would have snowballed into an irrevocable state.

Her eyes were right before my eyes, her nose had already made contact with mine, and the distance between our lips were just a palm's gap away.

Lan Hua's eyes were fully immersed in shock. If I was her, I probably would be even more surprised than her in retrospect.

Because like that scenario just earlier, 'Kissing onto your lips due to an accident', such a scenario like that occurring was practically a confirmed event already, but was stopped due to my hand which cut right in between us.

Heh heh heh heh, how was it, you didn't expect it, huh!

What closely followed next, was that Lan Hua, who had her plot ceased, undergone some extremely interesting facial expression transformations; from shocked → uncomprehending → confused → determined → persistence, and her eyes was just like as if there was a puff of fire being lit up, I could almost hear her saying to her inner self 'I still mustn't give up, try harder again! I'm almost about to be affectionate with Jun Cheng already!' words that encourages herself.

It's not yet the time that I'm able to laugh out! Lan Hua still hadn't give up!

No, it's not merely that she hadn't give up, wasn't this already making her flaring up with tenacity already!

Eeeeeeeh..........why didn't it still reach the next station yet..........wasn't that station a little too far already!

At the moment while I'm being panicky within my heart, Lan Hua begun her next course of action, with her lips still continued being plastered on the back of my hand, plus she even stretched out her tongue, painting her saliva around onto the reverse side of my palms.

Her pinkish status gave out a glaringly bright shine, which made me squint my eyes instinctively.

The look in her eyes was a little not right already, it was just like Lian Bing who had glimpsed onto those deceased dead, falling into a state of fanaticism!

"Uuu, uuuuuu!"


That sort of laughter which sounded very obscene once again...........wah, this person is really very terrible...........

Not planning to conceal your actions already? Reservation, implicity, morals and whatnot all not wanting anymore? It's simply just like as if she had untied the restraint that was on her, allowing her lust to dominate herself.

Hold on, that place, that place at the legs, stop propping upwards already! It's propping against my balls already, it really hurts!

I hastily used my left hand to pat onto Lan Hua's back, silently expressing out my dissatisfaction and protest.

Afterwards, when Lan Hua received onto the notification that I've sent over to her using gestures, she leaned close to my ears, licked my earlobes cutely as she said.

"What's the matter? Jun Cheng-tongxue? Is there someplace where you're not feeling well? Aahh, I get it, it's your back leaning against the doors, that's why you felt uncomfortable huh. Then just let me help Jun Cheng-tongxue onto cushioning it? Fufu........fufufufu.........*si*........"

(TL: *si* sounds that can be expressed as swallowing in saliva)

Her lips finally left my palms, but I still dare not place my hands downwards. For I distinctly felt that if I lowered my hands downwards, she would be like a hungry wolf, unhesitatingly munching upon it!

Lan Hua sucked in those saliva that had dripped out from the corners of her mouth, but couldn't suck it in cleanly, hence she used the back of her hands to wipe it clean. Afterwards, when her hands had left her mouth, new saliva once again dripped out from the corners of her mouth.

Flooding out uncontrollably.

It was simply like as if she couldn't resist onto eating me up, and I'm talking about that definition of 'eating' me up.

Blazingly hot breaths, uncontrollable saliva leakings, lovestruck's exactly the same as those 'passionately aroused' females in those R18 doujinshis. I originally even thought that these were drawn out to be overly too exaggerated already, but looking back at it right now, it seemingly wasn't considered to be that exaggerated...........

Just like that, Lan Hua inserted her hand right in between the gap behind my back, and explored her hands downwards...........

"Uuuuu, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu? !"

Th-, this person's trying to molest me!

Waah, don't grope my butt, are you a pervert!

"Umm, it's because I've seen someone earlier who wanted to go pick Jun Cheng's pockets, so I..........."

You really think that I would believe you, there's nothing being placed in the back of my pockets at all! Plus, I'd rather that someone pickpockets me, than to have you groping around my butt like that! last night, Xue Qing felt this sort of sensation, huh..........

But that should be comparatively more worse since I had been directly feeling upon Xue Qing's skin. Plus, my hand play was even way more terrible than this, since I've even groped onto such a deep area of her's already..........cough cough............

Uuu, my conscience hurts so bad...........

So the feeling of being played around by people was that terrible huh, plus, such a manly man like me being arbitrary played around by a girl of the same age, it's too humiliating already!

The crux was that she even did it in front of so many people! There's already a bunch of people who were using strange gazes to look at us! It's too shameful already!

But then, I also felt a little excited as well..........and whatnot, it must just be my misconception!

Thinking about it right now, whenever this sort of scenarios occur in animes, usually won't it be the female lead having their faces cloaked in shyness as they had their backs leaned against the train doors, while the male lead would be painstakingly supporting against it, lastly hugging upon the female lead as he's unable to support himself up already, and afterwards, the both of them having the faces dyed in red with their eyes averted from each other; a sensation of being slightly ambiguous yet naively innocuous...........

But currently, this was completely being reversed already!

Not only the male and female leads had their roles reversed, even the events that occurred had a complete 180 degrees change already!

Why was it that a scenario that supposed to be ambiguously heartwarming, why the fluff would it turn into such a dangerously obscene scenario? Although I love groping girls, but it doesn't mean that I loved to be groped by girls! What sort of R*peLay version was this?!

There's a female pervert who's currently molesting me? !

Can I go look for policeman-shūshu to go help protect me!

And that's why, hurry up and quickly reach the next station, you decrepit old train!

Why would ten minutes feel to be such an eternity!

I can't take it any mooaare!

I'm almost unable to control maaahselfff alreaddyyyyy!

-ch 61 end-

(3402 words to tl)

Abiding upon, One's desires (随心所欲) = An CN idiom, the correct and full definition is: 'Going along with one's desires (lust in this case)'

Ambiguous = in here, it's referring to MC's opinion that it only should only be done by couples in romantic love.....not between strangers

Human trash (人渣) = scumbags of society..... 

Blazingly hot breaths, uncontrollable saliva leakings, lovestruck's exactly the same as those 'passionately aroused' females in those R18 doujinshis = referring to this, I guess

R*peLay (レイプレイ) = a 3D eroge video game made by Illusion. Basically game is about high schooler girls being ahem-ahem in trains.

Policeman-shūshu (警察叔叔) = The original neta was that this term would be a holy word that lolis would often use to innocuously "threaten" older males that predate upon them, but the funny part was that now the situation is reversed.

-shūshu means "uncle", it's used to refer to them in a friendly, elderly stance.

(one of them had a bad translation, 'police's uncle' is an incorrect word, because the 'uncle' here used is a honorific to address the status of the policeman from their perspective - just like how you would treat your uncle - uncles usually are kind, elderly, etcetcra)

-tongxue (同学) = honorific for 'student'. It also subtly refers that the person treats that target as just merely a 'student' form of relationship.


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