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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v1c25

Volume 1, Chapter 25: Being protected already

TL: flarewk

It's poisoned!

Not only the chopsticks had poison, Ji Lian Bing herself was also poisonous, it's a real double meaning of poison!

"Where's the basic level of trust between people..........."

"Ai ya, I didn't deceive you at all, hmm? I only mentioned that I didn't place poison inside the lunchbox, but never said that I won't poison anything else too."

"You've actually set this kind of word trap, huh!"

It's really a situation where I cannot even let my guard down a little!

"Plus, that also isn't any sort of fatal toxicity poison, it'll just only let you develop something like food poisoning onlyy~ I just wanted to try taking care of Cheng Jun..........."

She displayed a look of sobbing, along with an expression of deep infatuation for her boyfriend. Just by using appraisal alone, no one would be able to differentiate whether it's acted or if it's real.

Although it's being said as that, the terror within my heart didn't even decrease a bit.

Because if you slightly think about what would happen later thereon, you'll be able to deduce the development process below.

Felt stomach being uncomfortable → went to ask teacher for sick leave to go to infirmary → resting in the infirmary → Ji Lian Bing came to visit me, a patient → killed inside the infirmary → dead ending

It's evident that if I walk a step wrongly, I'll be boarding a single express train ride towards death!!

"Enough with it."

Jiang Xue Qing who was all along silent just said it simply.

Enough with this...........does that mean that she too knew about the matter of Ji Lian Bing being a homicidal maniac! Or was it that actually everyone knew about it, only I was left in the dark!

"Ai ya, isn't this Jiang Xue Qing-tongxue, hmm? Not talking always, I even thought that you didn't exist~"

Uwa, only opening her mouth and its this sort of personal attack. Just by looking at her outer appearance, you really cannot see that this woman's attitude is so unbearably malicious.


Jiang Xue Qing walked to in front of me, stretched out a hand and flagged it in front of me, a look of wanting to protect me.

"Ai ya ya............I say, the one leaving should be you instead?"

That smile!

Ji Lian Bing became angry again!

It wasn't that kind of smile that's not smiling under the face, but it's a kind of naturally appearing smile that's just so perfect, that you could almost use it as a 'smile' example to educate the poker-faced masses as a template to learn how to do so.

But in this kind of atmosphere, this kind of situation displaying out that sort of smile gave us not the feeling of 'friendliness', it was saturated with 'maliciousness' instead...........a dangerous smile!

The corner of her lips were smiling, her eyes also smiling, but it's because that this smile was way too overly standard, it instead gave people some sort of invisible-like pressure.

If it's people who had a slightly weaker mental constitution, they might have possibly already knelt down before her, kissing her feet as they say 'Ji Lian Bing-dàren, please spare the lowly me!' this sort of good-for-nothing words.

To be frank, right now I couldn't endure against it a little already............

"Anyhow barging in between a couple's beautifully peaceful world of two, even intentionally interrupting our intimate actions, don't you think that your concern is a little too broad already? Jiang Xue Qing, tongxue."

The heck, I think that a beautifully peaceful world of two wouldn't exist in a stance of both parties trying to deceive and outsmart the other, right...........and it won't even exist in such a terrifying situation where the girlfriend would want to poison her boyfriend, right!

This was even more overboard than making unfathomable cuisines for me!!

"It can't be that Jiang Xue Qing-tongxue also liked Cheng Jun too? Or was it that you're that type of person who hated seeing other people being in an intimate love relationship, that sort of opposing party, hmm?"

Every sentence was laced with assaults, although there wasn't any direct verbal lashing at all, but her every word pointed directly at the weak points, assaulting other people's shortcomings.

How did this person do it that she could carry a smile on her face as she slander people!!

It's too frightening already!

I dare to bet that if anyone would want to talk terms with Ji Lian Bing next time, they'll definitely be pressurized by her till they wail out incessantly on the spot.

But on the contrary, Jiang Xue Bing still remained silent...........because her back was facing me, I'm unable to see her expression. However, no matter who heard about these sort of words, they would definitely feel discomforted, hence I who originally had a set rule of living harmoniously then deliriously cut into the middle of both parties to be a peace mediator.

"Oi oi, that's enough, it's too overboard..........."

"Don't talk, Cheng Jun." "Shut up."


Facing against an aggressive female, I would always wither out a little..........encountering two would be even more wimped out already...........

At this moment, males don't have any right to say anything at all, huh..........

"I like."

Very suddenly saying out these words, two seconds later I then regained my senses onto that these words of Jiang Xue Qing was replying Ji Lian Bing's prior question.

I think that what Jiang Xue Qing wanted to express wasn't that she liked me as a person, but 'I like to do this, what concern of it is of yours?'. Don't ask me why I would know it, as I'm more excelled into reading these kind of expressionless person's words true meaning that they wanted to convey.

Ji Lian Bing retracted her smile, as she stared at Jiang Xue Qing. Her both eyes seemed to be able to shoot out sharp gazes of refraction.

"I see, so you are also the 'same type' as me, huh."

"..........I'm different from you."

"I had him as my target first, so you're going to intervene in this?"

"..........No interest."

I completely couldn't interrupt their conversation at all...........was this the so called girl's talk?  (Not really)

I just had a distinct feeling that I'm being treated as a prey, or a certain form of bartering item already..........I suddenly had a type of lowered status's sorrowful feeling..........

"Then why.........."


The crisply clear voice wasn't loud, but it clearly entered into my ears, and it very evidently carried a turnabout meaning.

"He's friend."

He's my friend, that's why I cannot watch you harm him.

Seeing that small figure standing in front of me, a sense of safety started to spontaneously rise out from my inner heart.

Today, within a span of a single day, I actually obtained two friends!

Waahh, I've broken my life's highest record ever...........I'm ultra touched!!

"Huooh..........friend, hmm?"

The pressurized feeling disappeared.

"Huhuhuhu, you're so popular indeed...........this time I'll first take my leave then, let's go home together at night, Cheng Jun~"

Ji Lian Bing elegantly grasped her skirt hems, unveiling out a smile resemblent to an angel's, as she grabbed her lunchbox and turned around to leave the pavilion.

That Ji Lian Bing would actually choose to's a miracle!!

I wiped the non-present sweat on my forehead, saying.

"Phew~ thanks for the huge help, Jiang Xue Qing-tongxue."

This was almost being able to be described as a life-saving act to me already!

There's nothing I could say to be able to describe my gratefulness at all.

Jiang Xue Qing turned around, raised up her head to look at my cheeks and stretched out a hand towards me, saying.


What? It's actually a reward motivated act?"

Uuu, all right, there's expectedly no free lunch in this world (except for poisoned ones), and since she had helped me, I indeed do need to give a proper repayment in return.

"Umm, how much money do you want? I'll say this beforehand, I don't have that much money with me..........."

I said it beforehand already, the entire collective sum of all the money on me wouldn't even hit 3 digits, plus this was when I was carrying more as well. If it's the usual me, it's possible that I would only carry a few coins.

But this was a life-saving deed, if I was to use wealth onto weighing it accordingly, wouldn't it mean that my life was rather cheap?

My feelings became mixed.

Luckily Jiang Xue Qing immediately gave out an answer that I wanted to hear.

"Don't want money."

"Then what stuff do you want?"

For example that I help you out on something and so on?


Jiang Xue Qing shook her head and raised a peculiar request.

I became slightly confused as I pointed towards my own hair and repeated.



It's indeed hair without a mistake.

Although I wanted to ask why it would be hair, I hastily swallowed back my words inwards instead.

Being one of the members in our class, Jiang Xue Qing's also a slightly strange person, and from that title I'm able to see that out too. Hence, raising a slightly peculiar request wouldn't be that much of a weird thing as well.

In any case, it can't be that she would want my hair to curse me and whatnot, right?

"Although it's rather strange, but since you wanted it, giving my hair to you won't be nothing as well...........wait, how many do you need? It can't be that you wanted all of my hair, right?"
Uuu, if it's really that she wanted all of my hair, I won't have any regrets even if I was to shave to a bald state!

Jiang Xue Qing placed her book aside as she approached towards my front. Eeehh, this was too near already, right............our noses could even touch onto each other.

"What's the matter?"


She seemed to be saying something, but her voice was too soft already!!

Even though she had approached so closely, her voice was still like a lousy signals broadcasting device, being completely unable to hear its contents at all.

"Wait wait, I can't hear what your saying, just tell me directly the amount of hairs you wanted!"

Jiang Xue Qing tilted her head and pondered for a while, before taking both hands out from her pocket, and spontaneously opened all five fingers and displayed in front of me.

"Ten strands?"


This time, Jiang Xue Qing properly gave a response, a simple reply yet the sound wasn't soft at all. Looks like Jiang Xue Qing's speech length and voice loudness would have a direct contrasting relationship, huh.

If it's just 10 strands then it's basically harmless, as humans naturally lose many times more than this sum in a single day.

I casually plucked out a bunch of hair, and counted those hairs that were clutched in my hand. It's perfectly 10 strands of hair, but some white hairs were mixed within as well.

I lifted my head up to glance at Jiang Xue Qing, asking.

"Is it okay if there's white hair too?"


Jiang Xue Qing's expression changes were even more minuscule compared to Xin Ran, and it's possible that a huge amount of people wouldn't be able to see out her change in expression. But maybe it's because I'm already used to facing a person who's attitude was more aloof, hence from the atmosphere I could tell that Jiang Xue Qing's mood was rather not bad.

"Is it really okay to just have some hair? That's a little too.........."

"It's enough."

She seemed to be really happy.

I don't really understand what's there to be happy about over having some hair.

After receiving the hairs from my hands, Jiang Xue Qing then took out a transparent seal bag from her pockets and carefully placed it within, afterwhich placing it into another bag.

Speaking of which, last time I also saw her keeping her fingernails as well...........what a strange fetish indeed.

Well, since the other party's happy then its fine, I won't let the issue of fetishism despise onto my friend!

By the way, since its just only hairs, I could completely pay it out, so I might as well hire her as my bodyguard?

But, hiring such a petite Jiang Xue Qing to be my bodyguard, it's a little too much onto my pride..........

Mm, I'll temporarily first think of a plan myself, if its really unbearable then I'll once again ask my dearest friend, Jiang Xue Qing for assistance!

And at this time, the me didn't realize that from the start the reward was only hair, and in the end it'll gradually escalate to wanting a price that I completely am unable to pay it off at all...........

There's basically no free lunch in the world!

-ch 25 end-

(2929 words to tl)

TL: Hi all, I've finally worked on the character settings for this webnovel. First out is thy meimei, An Xin Ran! Wincest link here~

unfathomable cuisines (黑暗料理) = It's in reference to those food you will see on animes and all, where (usually tsundere) girls will prepare uh, "unhealthy" food for the other party. It's so bad that it earned a whole new category for itself within the list of cuisines. 

-dàren = a suffix used to address someone as being respectful, it's like the english word 'My Lord~!"

tongxue = it means 'student'. Normally you would suffix it behind a word to indicate that the person's relationship to you would be just a classmate; but in this case Ji Lian Bing wanted to remind Jiang Xue Qing of her "status" to the MC.


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