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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c66

Vol 2, Chapter 65: Envy, Hysterical

TL: flarewk

Why would Ke Ling be in my room?

No wait, the more crucial question was, what's she up to, lurking around in my room?

My perplexity immediately obtained a resolution.

Using her actions, Ke Ling told me onto why she was in my room!

Just at those few minutes when I was dumbfoundedly standing by the front of the door, I saw that title which was within the darkness unpredictably appearing before me, and what closely followed next was that my back ankle received onto an assault, with me directly losing my balance and falling backwards, instantly having the sensation that the heavens and earth were being switched around!

My both legs floated in midair, along with my body plunging backwards, and within my mind, I could already foresee future events of me tumbling down the stairs, having grievous injury caused by that fall and admitting into a hospital.

But, there was somebody who had just so coincidentally appeared right behind my back, catching ahold of me who was just about to fall down.

The back of my head plummeted within an enticingly fragrant valley of softness, and as I lifted my head up, what I saw was that familiar yet aloof expression.

Xin Ran?!

What the hell was going on around here?

I felt incomparably shocked, not knowing onto what exactly they were planning to do. What's most important was that their movements were extremely in sync, just like as if they had practiced for this moment many times, they being so fluently smooth that it even made me unable to react upon it.

Weaving both her hands right under my arms, Xin Ran interlocked my upper body, while Ke Ling hugged onto my legs, and just like that, the both of them lifted me up in unison.

Being hovered about and swung around afterwards, I was being thrown onto the bed.

*Kuang dang*, *pa ka*

The sounds of the door being closed, and what closely followed next was the sounds of it being locked.

It was pitch-black inside the room, with no lights being switched on and the curtains being drawn down. After the door had been closed, it became completely unseeable already.

I could only vaguely see the position of my two meimeis, but was unable to see onto their posture, nor able to catch a glimpse upon their expressions.

Wh-, what did they want to do to me?

I instantaneously became so nervous that cold sweat kept dripping out.

Due to being affected by the darkness, I once again started to imagine wildly.

My meimeis cooperatively schemed to throw me onto the bed, so for the things that are about to happen next, wasn't there only one sort of possibility already?

Those stuff that could be done on a bed, other than sleeping, it'll only be..........


I gulped in mouthful of saliva, suppressing onto the maliciousness within my mind, as I psychotically cried out.

"W-, wait a minute, enough playing around already, you two! Didn't I merely just not return home for the night? Must it be till like this?"

Though it was my fault making my sisters worry about me, in the end, didn't I return home safe and sound? Although I had indeed encountered upon some dangerous situations..........but there's no need to be telling those stuff to them already.

"Don't joke around anymore, Xin Ran, Ke Ling, I'm going to be angry already..? I'm really going to be angry already..!"

I purposefully used an intensified tone onto expressing out my displeasure, but in reality, I completely lacked any sustenance within my heart. They could be said to be two Xin Ran even learnt a period of MMA before. Hence, I simply wouldn't be able to even last through three moves from right under her hands.

If I was to be knocked into unconsciousness, I'll be completely doomed. I probably would unknowingly lose away my virginity during my state of it's even taken away by my meimeis! It's only this point that I don't want to happen at all!

I can't; I must escape, even if the option left is to jump out of the windows! I definitely can't just sit here awaiting death!

"Gege, welcome back home~"

Within the darkness, such a sentence suddenly resounded, responding to me.

If it's said to be replying back to the greeting I made when I was at the porch, wasn't the interval between it a little too large already?

"Hee hee, are you shocked? This is the punishment towards gege~! Who asked you to not return home for the entire night!"

"Eeeh, umm, can you please switch on the lights? I can't see anything clearly like this........."

Right now, I'm in a state where I mustn't have sight upon darkness at all, with me being a must to thrive under the light's glow before I'm then finally able to maintain a flawlessly innocuous mind.

".........Sure~ For this small request, Ke Ling of course must satisfy gege already~ Xin Ran-jie, switch on the lights, gege's scared of the darkness~"


As she spoke, Xin Ran walked to the door sides, and switched on the lights.

As the lights were being lit up, I instinctively covered up my eyes, not merely because that the lights were glaring, but it's that I'm afraid I'll be seeing onto something that I shouldn't be seeing.........

"Gege, what are you doing?"


I secretly peeked at Xin Ran and Ke Ling, through the gaps in my fingers.

The both of them weren't bare-bodied, and they weren't wearing any overly exposed sleeping gown as well, with the expression on their faces looking to be seemingly not any different as from usual.

It gave me a sort of misunderstanding that everything was actually merely just a prank.

"It's's only just that the lights are too strong, my eyes can't take it a little.........."

But, that's merely for the outward appearance.

Looking at the color of their statuses, I'm able to understand that the inner thoughts of the both of them weren't calm at all, or you could even say that they were actually rampaging.

.........Ahhh, there still were problems as expected.

Starting from being able to see onto these statuses until now, my meimeis whom statuses color had never once changed before, finally had some sort of other colors being mixed in-between today.

Within that field of pinkish status, it also carried the color of grayness and orange.

For Ke Ling, her grayish portion was slightly more, with it even seemingly almost wanting to cover up those colors of pink. And as for Xin Ran, those shades of gray were so less to the point of almost becoming unseeable instead, with orange occupying a small area, while a huge portion still maintained a pinkish color.

Gray is the color representing the emotion of envy, and I'm guessing that it's probably due to the matter of me staying at Xue Qing's house that had created envy within their hearts already.

While as for orange, although that color was rarely seen, it's not up till the point of never seeing it before. Last time when I had attempted different addressing ways to discipline...........cough, call out Li Li, her status became orange-colored in the end.

(TL: the discipline here is not the stern kind, but the....R18 train-someone-into-something kind)

That was the color of rage. When people became angry, their status would turn orange.

Speaking of which, when I made Lian Bing mad last time, I didn't even notice any colors of orange on her. She just turned into a pool of bloody-red color..........simply skipping off the anger portion, wanting to directly kill me instead.

Remembering about it right now, I felt a shudder of afterscare.

Then that also means, my meimeis also were angry onto the matter of me not returning home at night, but merely acted onto an appearance of not being mad at all.

Mm, then I too shall act as if I didn't know about them being mad at all, and will just persuade them to return back to their rooms then.

"You two should go on and have an early rest, and I'm quite tired today too..........I think that I should also have an early sleep as well. Mm, I'll go brush my teeth first."

After finished saying that, I even pretended to give off a yawn.

Ke Ling didn't speak, but looked at me with a smiling face. The feeling it gave me however, was that it's being drastically different from usual. Under her well-behaved appearance, there seemed to be something being hidden..........emotions that I don't want to know about.

Standing up from the bed unfrantically despite facing danger, I went past Ke Ling's sides, and just when I was about to walk out of the room, Xin Ran wordlessly stood blocking in front of the door and shook her head at me.

"What are you doing, Xin Ran, let me out.........."

I haven't finished my words when Ke Ling's sweet voice resounded out from my back.

"Don't be in such a hurry, gege~ the home welcoming 'punishment' haven't ended, hmm?"


Merely spitting out a syllable, with not a complete word even managing to be uttered out; I was being pushed down already!

With a capturing hug, Xin Ran pounced me down onto the bed, afterwards utilizing a series of joint locking in which I couldn't even describe out its name, causing me to cry out anguishedly in torment. I simply didn't understand onto what exactly had happened!

I only knew that I had completely lost my freedom in the end, as I was being locked down by my two meimeis using their bodies.

Ke Ling was sitting on my **, with her two legs clutching onto my knees, and her hands were pressing downwards onto my stomach. Xin Ran used her thighs to clasp onto my neck instead, as she grasped my both hands under her arms, causing me difficulty in moving around.'s not really that painful, but this position itself was very terrible in all sorts of ways!

The back of my neck felt a little damp, but that can't be Xin Ran's..........eeeeehhhh! Don't anyhow think already, me!

"Hey! What are you all doing! Enough already! It's a little overboard already!"

"What's overboard is gege instead!"

I became dumbstruck instantly.

It was my first time onto seeing Ke Ling with such an intensified tone, seemingly carried onto a tiny bit of sobbing as well.

But, when I looked towards her face, what I saw wasn't a pair of tear-stricken eyes, but a pair of emptied, hollowed pupils instead..........!

Why would she turn out to be like that!

"Gege, last night you was sleeping at the house of that woman called Xue Qing, right?"

"That's right, but Xue Qing's only my friend! It's very late already when I found her yesterday, so I borrowed a room to spend the night at her house."

"Mn? Friend? Only, a friend?"

Facing against a question that carried suspicion within, without any single bit of hesitation, I cried out loudly.

"Yes! Only just friends!"


Ke Ling tilted her head to the right, innocuously propping her finger against her cheeks, and repeated it once again, with its pronunciation strangely bizarre.

Afterwards, she tilted her head towards the left, and once more repeated that term, but with the meaning completely changing instead.


(TL: homophone chinese pun, the words were twisted to sound a little alike)

"Oioi! Don't spout rubbish! Do you even know what's the meaning of sexfriends?"

"I know, gege, don't think that Ke Ling's still a little child that doesn't know anything at all. That Xue Qing woman and gege are bed friends, night friends, bodily-related friends, right?"

"It's completely not at all, we're just merely normal friends!"

As expected, Ke Ling was suspecting that there's something occurring between me and Xue Qing. Although there's some things that had indeed happened, but it's not even completely being related at all to those things that you were thinking of!

"Then, does gege dare to guarantee, that there's nothing happening with that woman at all?"

If I'm wanting to say that there's completely nothing then it'll be untrue, which resulted into me carrying upon a strand of hesitation when I replied her.

"Err.........there's really nothing at all!"

"..........You lied, gege..........Ke Ling's so sad.........."

The expression on her face instantly stiffened, it becoming expressionless, with her tone becoming even more frosty compared to Xin Ran!

Damn it! Ever since birth, it was my first time that I felt that this sort of unlying personality had caused things to become even more terrible already! There are some times when lies must be necessary to cover up some matter of facts that needed not to be expressed out at all!

Ke Ling's appearance wasn't right, her condition also wasn't that right, and her status was even more not right!

The graying color was slowly eroding off other colors, causing the pinkness to turn dully unilluminating. That naively innocuous Ke Ling was already gone, with only a meimei who had became distorted, due to jealousy!

"It's alright.........since gege was being tainted by that filthy woman, it'll be fine after we help to 'purify it', right? You'll also agree, right? Xin Ran-jie? Hee hee........."

A bizarre speech, and placing it into actions thereafter, she then became hysterical.

"Xin Ran?! Hurry up and stop her! Xin Ran!"

Exerting out strength, I lifted up my head and cried out towards Xin Ran.


But she only responded back in silence, with her eyes closed and head slightly turned away, expressing out her status for this matter.

Damn it!

"Those areas where that woman have touched before, they'll be wiped clean by me; those places where that woman have kissed before, they'll be licked clean by me.........I'll make gege completely clean, mn? Hee hee........."

Ke Ling stretched out her hands to unloosen the buttons on my shirt, with her saliva dripping onto my heart region. Her hands caressed onto my chest, dissipating the saliva away, afterwards bent over stretching out her tongue to lick onto my..........

Eeeh.........for that innocuous Ke Ling to be actually doing this sort of extremely seductive actions, under the sensation of her body along with that contrasting feeling she's displaying, I actually had a reaction!

"Hee hee~ gege is also thirsting for Ke Ling's body, so just let Ke Ling satisfy gege then?"

Don't! stripppp!

"Wait, don't be rash! We're siblings!"

"Gege also knows about it, right? Although Ke Ling and gege are siblings, in reality we aren't related by blood, mn? And so, that's not an excuse~"

While Ke Ling was speaking, the movements from her hands didn't stop at all, as after she stripped off her outer layer, she untied her hairband.

Her hair unfurled out, it just as smooth as black-colored patterned silk, and as equally gentle to that of a willow branch.

Afterwards, it covered up the lighting from the ceiling, as she closed up her eyes while slowly leaning her cheeks towards me.


It's hopeless, there's no one who's able to stop the jealously hysterical Ke Ling already. Plus, there's Xin Ran helping her out as well, and after when the lights were being turned off, I who will be shrouded within the darkness wouldn't even be able to control myself then.........

I despairingly closed up my eyes, and agonizingly spat out my final words.

"Ke Ling.........why did you turn out to be like aren't like this last time........."

Time seemingly froze at this very moment.

-ch 66 end-

(3375 words to tl)

TL: 2am gnite

Envy, Hysterical (妒火中烧) = a cn idiom that's used to describe being extremely agitatedly hysterical due to envy

meimei (妹妹) = younger sister

gege (哥哥) = big brother


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