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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c38

Volume 2, Chapter 38: Colliding, Duo Glancing

TL: flarewk

"Haaa..........a type that I liked, huh?"

If it was referring to within a manga's, I probably would be more biased towards a nadeshiko type, I guess.

It's referring to those girls who had a politely quiet personality, being gentle and prudent, as well as being dignified and elegant...........using Nisekoi as an example, rather than Chitoge Kirisaki, I'm leaning more towards Kosaki Onodera.

Suddenly, Ji Lian Bing's face flashed through my mind.

No way no way no way! That sort of bully who liked to watch me get into trouble wasn't my favorite type at all!

"Isn't Ji Lian Bing good enough? I feel like that's already the most perfect representative, eyy."

"That's true..........there's indeed not a fault to be able to gleaned from her."

Like real!

That were all because of Xue Li-xiaojie's efforts actually.

Under the education of that perfect type head maid, even if Lian Bing was to be a wild spoiled brat when young, she'll be properly converted into a wholly respectable and cultured dàxiaojie, right.

On the contrary, from the point of even Xue Li-xiaojie not stopping her twisted three views, seemingly indicated that it had some kind of backstory onto it.

I had this sort of feeling since last time already.

Such creatures like women...........I completely really don't understand them at all.

The structure of their brains were probably totally different from mine, if not, there won't be such a ginormous gap already.

Originally, just guesstimating a girl's thoughts would already be extremely difficult, coupling that up with those girls that I knew, who weren't a single bit normal at all..........

Does these group of people really belong to the human race?

It was said a little too harshly already? No, according to me at least...........those girls that I knew weren't the slightest bit normal at all.

These kinds of thoughts would unconsciously appear whenever I see Lian Bing.

"Right? As expected, Ji Lian Bing is the kind of girl that all men dream for."

"Is it..........what's good about that kind of woman already.........."

"Mm? That kind of's a rather strange reaction. Aren't you going out with her currently?"

Eh, not good, that sentence was implied to be rather displeasingly, is there a chance to remedy the situation?

"Mnnn, although it's like that.........."

If they knew about her true personality, rather than feelings of love, the feelings of fear would be way higher in comparison.

It's basically a poisonous snake-lady already, that person, plus she even carried venom that's fatally lethal.

If I really didn't care about anything and just like that pounce into her embrace, I dare to bet that I'll definitely have a horrific death.

"Explain about it then, what's exactly so good about her?"

"She's mainly cute, I guess. That face is a level of cheating already, and those unshakable cuteness would quiver a person's heart. Ultimately, human beings are sight creatures, towards objects that are pleasing towards their eyes, they will have nearly an instinctive pursuing act to it."

"Uwaa, I'm really in despair against this world that judges people by their looks already..........."

"Also, her figure seemed to be considerably not bad as well. Although it can't be easily seen while wearing the school uniform, but from Lan Hua revealed, in reality Ji Lian Bing's figure was quite curvaceous, mn? Ah, I didn't mean it in any way, but you should have already personally tried it by now, heh heh."

"How is that possible..........we had only gone out for a week.........."


A few over-stimulating things were seemed to be done already, but for a normal couple, they wouldn't have those kinds of things happening at all.

Those things were only considered to be me nearly ****, as a price to pay to trade in for those welfare.

Although comparatively speaking, those levels of stimulation weren't half of the half from those stuff which Xin Ran had done to me while I was sleeping. But it still made my heart skip some beats wildly, and now that I reminisced about it, I still felt fear lingering within me.

"...........Ahhh, it's almost time for the bell to ring, let's enter the classroom then."

I really don't want to admit about the matter that Ji Lian Bing fits the type that I liked, so I just directly ended the conversation this time and moved away the arm that Ying Liang had placed onto my shoulders, walking off first towards the classroom's back door.

"Wah! Careful careful!"

Just at this moment, a delicately pretty girl was running right in front of me, as she carried an expression of panic while dashing towards me.

The next second, our shoulders collided together, and I was like a bowling pin being knocked down by the bowling ball, losing my balance and falling onto the floor. She on the contrary had nothing happened to her at all, with only me being knocked till my entirety had been flipped upside down.

Afterwards, she hastily danced her arms wildly to halt her pace, quickly retreating a few steps to my side, with an apologetic face while stretching a hand out to me wanting to help me up.

"Ahaha, sorry about that~! Because the bell's about to ring, so I was anxious a little, sorryy~"


Looking at her energetically lively appearance, it would have made anyone unable to be angry with her at all, and I could only sigh while grabbing onto her hand.

Cold, icy, chilling!

I felt as if I had touched icy water, and it even made me chillingly shocked giving off a shiver.

(TL: The pun here was chillingly shocked (不丁), but normally 冷不丁 just means "jump shocked". 冷 means 'cold')

But I hadn't regained back my senses when she had already pulled me upwards, patted my shoulders as she self-imposedly said.

"Ai ya? Isn't this little transparent-kunhuh. Be careful when you're walking~! I'm going in first then~!"

What the heck, even though it's you who knocked into me, you still wanted me to be careful instead..........

Speaking of which, the heck's with the little transparent-kun...........was that my new title? It actually sounded rather apt too.

And by the way,  I remembered that this girl should be Li Nai who was sitting right next to me.

Now that I talk about it, her title was [Living dead (already awakened)], that deceased dead which had a name and surname whom I met in the cemetery last time also had those 'already awakened' words too, it can't be that there were some link between the both of them?

While that it's being mentioned, on why her body would be so chilling, it couldn't be that because she had already died, right..........

I gave off yet another shudder, not exactly because my body was feeling cold, but I felt that my heart was shivering. There's a sort of meeting onto a supernatural event during broad daylight sensation.

"Hey, Jun Cheng, are you alright?"

"I'm fi........."

"But, you even knew Li Nai-tongxue as well? What am I saying, she's just sitting right beside you also."

"No, today's my first time talking to her...........I had never been in contact with her in the past."

Within my impression, she should be a rather energetic girl, and also............always eating.

I usually could see Li Nai from morning alone starting to chew breads, and before noon would finish up her lunchbox that she brought along. When she went to the canteen during afternoon I would still see her ordering two sets of meal, plus when she returns home in the evening, she would still discuss topics about food with her two glutton friends. It's exactly like a monster that had evolved from the trait of ravenousness.

I really have no idea on where those things that she ate had disappeared towards already...........were women's stomachs all connected to alternate dimensions?

"Ohh? Even Li Nai who is able to mingle along with anybody won't be acknowledging you?"

"Is her relationship with other people quite good?"

"Mm, basically being able to get along with anyone, mainly due to her cheerful personality, I guess. In class, she's instead even more popular than Ji Lian Bing."

"Ohh..........then that's quite impressive already.........."

I pocketed both my hands and shrugged to indicate that I have zero interest onto such things.

Energetic girl Li Nai*, huh...........

After the morning lessons had ended, my most eagerly awaited lunch break hour arrived.

If you were to ask on why I would be so eager for's because today's lunchbox was being made by Xue Li-xiaojie!!

Absorbing from the punishing consequences previously, I decided to just eat in the classroom for my lunch this time.

Combining my table together with Lian Bing's, I was just about to open my lunchbox thereafter when I suddenly remembered a certain thing.

"Ahh, hang on, I seemed to have dropped my napkin at the washroom already."

That's the napkin that maid-xiaojie had given to me, plus it had been used to wipe Lian Bing's saliva, hence no matter what I would still need to properly retrieve it back.

"I'll accompany you to get it then."

"Oioi, this time it can't be that you're going to go in the male toilet again, right?

"Huhuhuhu, I don't mind at all~?"

"I told you already, I mind about it..........forget it, just do as you like."

"Then let's go~"

She didn't have any intentions onto avoiding attracting any attention at all, standing up happily grabbing onto my arm, using her breasts to squish pressing onto it with her entire body resting onto mine, expressing out a look of being completely dependent.

Lian Bing's actions today were rather strange.........seemingly always purposefully doing some rather intimate actions too, giving me a kind of 'showing to other people' feeling as well.

What's she exactly plotting about right now?

On the way leaving the classroom and walking towards the restroom, I felt that the gaze being collected onto me had increased even more already.

When I passed through the stairs, I brushed shoulders with a girl. It's that girl called Bai Yu Hui.

Because at the library last time, there's a past experience of me causing her to cry, hence I still had a little impression of her.

Only that, up to now I still don't understand why she would cry during that time, plus the piece of note that she had passed to me were quite perplexing too.

Thinking till this point, I then subconsciously turned my head around to glance, with the outcome that it's an extreme coincidence that she too turned her head to look at me.

And afterwards, both of our gazes crossed each other through the air, but there wasn't any awkward feeling at all, instead having a sort of wondrous sensation of being in complete empathy with each other.

Her big eyes were smiling beautifully, and from within her clear eyes emanated out faint heartwarmingness, with her petite lips slightly raised, as she unveiled an infinitely loving affectionate smile towards me and afterwards turning around to walk down the stairs.

I was slightly stunned by it, as I didn't expect that she would be so good looking when she laughed.

"Cheng Jun?"


"Heehh? Even though your genuine girlfriend is right beside you, you still dared to affectionately gaze at other women, such brazenness indeed?"

"Err..........I didn't.........."

"But, for Bai Yu Hui to be actually laughing, it's really mystifying."

"You knew her?"

"Don't look down on my information network~, she's in our next batch, but only became the spotlight not too long ago. Originally seeming rather obscure, she recently suddenly took off her spectacles and untied that old fashioned ponytail, before being discovered by others that she initially was a bishoujo that didn't lose out to me at all. Perhaps she had someone that she liked already, as a girl in love will always have a heavenly-shaking change onto her, huhuhuhu~"

Lian Bing caressed her face as she continued.

"Because I've been conquered by Cheng Jun, so now she became a new central attention to replace me already, hn?"

"The heck's with you being conquered by me already.........."

"It's exactly what the word meant~ huhuhu~"

...........Her mood today seemed to be rather good, looks like my puny life won't be threatened upon already.

"Only that I heard she's even more aloof than me, being very decisive when rejecting other people's confessions, unlike myself being in such euphemism."

You this temptress was only playing around around with those group of innocent-hearted youths, right! Not directly rejecting to allow those people feel that there's still a glimmer of hope, and afterwards everyday living within a's better to just decisively reject, humph!

"So when she was smiling towards you just now, it really gave me a shock. Who knows, the person that she liked may actually be Cheng Jun, hmm?"

"What kind of a crappy joke is that."

"Ai ya, be more confident a little~, you're the man that I fancied, hn?"

"Being able to be fancied by dàxiaojie, the lowly me is really honored by that."

"Stuupid hubbyy~"

The spoiling of cuteness were really continuous nonstop eh..........

What's even more catastrophic was, I actually was being moe-ed by it..........

Tch, this deeply sinning woman!

-ch 38 end-

(3051 words to tl)

nadeshiko type = a jp term, it refers to the perfect "wife" type of girl→ pretty, gentle, caring, shy, modest, can do almost any household chores and so on. A good example of what is NOT a nadeshiko type would be Lian Bing normal state. Moe Bing is quite a likely candidate, however.

three views (三观 ) = shortcutted. Those 3 views are, (1)Thinking onto life, (2)Outlook onto the world, and (3)Thoughts about ethics. Also known as the Three Viewing Aspects. It's a philosophical thought.

nearly **** as a price to pay to trade in for those welfare = the asterisk in this moot was a guangdong slang (仆街), which can mean anything, but basically its an expletive, think of it as "fuck" or "shit". In this context I think of it as a substitute for "fucked" instead, of course, not that kind of literal sexual act, but being fucked up badly.

living dead/ deceased dead = all classified under 1 generic term, zombies.

meeting onto a supernatural event during broad daylight = It stems from the belief that usually one would see such events at midnight. Witching hour? Ghosts haunting at night? Werewolves howling during full moon periods? All night events. Having them occurring in the day would be really bizarre.

Energetic girl Li Nai (元气少女李奈) = The original text could be a reference to that manga/ anime series, Kamisama Hajimemashita.

Kamisama Hajimemashita alternate names:
JP → 神様はじめました
CN → 元氣少女緣結神

Checking the plot, it seems apt too. The main female lead always had a kind energetic personality no matter how down she gets (gambling broken debt family and so on)

lunchbox = I'm aware that it may reflect "bento" in the original text (hard to define unless I contact author, but me iz shy). Since there's no such conformation of it yet, I'm still using the term 'lunchbox'.

infinitely loving affectionate (风情万种) = It's an idiom, it basically means those numerous love adoration that's flirted around between a couple.

xxxx, right. = this sfx of 'right' refers to "吧", which sometimes cn be omitted if the sentence contained an "unsure" phrasing. if not present, I'll add the ", right" behind. 

bishoujo = a jp-ish term to describe an extremely beautiful girl

moe = a jp-ish term used to describe a person onto being cute, adorable and innocent

-xiaojie = a respectful way to address someone (female). Think of it as "Miss".

dàxiaojie = Not to be confused with "xiaojie". It simply means "mistress", the respectable form used to addressing a daughter of a rich, reputable family.

-kun = yep, it's a jp term being used in here. It basically is used to address a male somewhat with affection, yet not losing out on respectfulness as well.

-tongxue = a suffix meaning student


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