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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v1c20

Volume 1, Chapter 20: A new day had started already

TL: flarewk

Seeing that sort of expression of Xin Ran's, I nearly opened my mouth instinctively, wanting to blurt out apologetic and compromising words. A habitual thinking that I've been keeping since a long time ago, I'm unable to change it in just a short period of time. Last time, in order not to be hated thoroughly by my meimei, I would always be accustomed to display out a meekly attitude.

But now I can't do that already! If I was still being led around the nose by her, I'll gradually sink into the pits of immorality, and in the end, drown within the emotions of forbidden love, being unable to get ahold of myself. It would only lead to a series of bad endings.

Things weren't that simple from what I've imagined, and it wasn't acted out to be as romantic as in television dramas, for the things to shoulder were simply too much already.

And so I must properly define out the borderlines! Siblings are just only siblings! Although many defense lines of mine had been breached by Xin Ran, and was in extreme high danger status already, but the final threshold must still be held on.

Previously it was in my sleep, about those stuff that I've done to Xin Ran, it's fine since I don't have much memories about them. If I'm awake, and Xin Ran continued to do those acts that she had detailed on earlier...........I cannot guarantee that I'm able to continue resisting.

No matter how you'll put it, I'm still a male, and 'saint mode' would also have its limits.

To let me be like Liu Xi Hui who was imperturbable from lust, it's impossible unless I really had ED.

But the things that happened in the toilet earlier could explain many problems I had already..........Mm, looks like the beastly lust within my heart was way stronger than what I've thought it to be............

"E-even if you make that kind of expression, I won't regress at all! There's no way that I can make concessions for this!"

After Xin Ran looked at me for a while, the curvature on her lips slightly raised upwards, as her expression looked to be way more relaxed.

What exactly happened? Suddenly becoming happy already?

I really don't get a woman's way of thinking at all...........

"It's very different from the usual gege, very assertive."

"Because previously I completely didn't know that you actually had special feelings towards me, it's more like I thought that you especially hated me. Not calling me 'gege' even once, always disregarding what I say, always showing an attitude of ignoring me..........."

"............Because calling gege face-to-face was very embarrassing. Also............."

Xin Ran paused, as she tightly clutched her thighs plus pursing her lips, and revealed a shy expression that I've never seen before, saying: "Umm, seeing gege's agonized face, I felt a little excited.

An S huh!

It's really been guessed out by me!

It really was because of Xin Ran's fetish which was why she displayed out an aloof attitude towards me~!

"Plus, I can't really display a smile, my face expression is more singular. Isn't gege like that too?"

"Ahhh, that's true, we're all affected by Laobà, huh............"

Speaking of which, I seemed to be like that as well, no matter how disturbed my inner heart was, no matter how agitated I was, it won't be shown onto my face. It's like the so-called 'Even if Mt. Tai was to collapse before me, my facial expression still would unchanging'.

Phew, since all the things that needed to be discussed had been discussed, and since the sky was also almost being lit up, I'll just directly get up from bed then.

I walked towards the windows and pulled open the curtains, allowing dawn's rays to shine into the room. Xin Ran instead laid back onto my bed, hugging my blankets as she squinted her eyes, with a look of wanting to go back and lazily sleep once again.

"You wanted to continue on sleeping? Then remember to fold the blankets properly when you wake up later."

Anyway, I can't sleep at any rate; as firstly, I'm rejecting on me actively proceeding to sleep together with my meimei , and secondly, after knowing about this impactful reality, I had already become wide awake.

Since I had woken up so early, I'll first go on to make breakfast then, and make my set of lunchbox too along the way. After experiencing that Ji Lian Bing canteen incident yesterday, I was planning never to head to the canteen again, as I don't want to be like a monkey within a zoo's cage, being surrounded and gawked at by everyone while eating.

I opened the windows and deeply breathed in a mouthful of fresh air, afterwards forcibly stretching a lazy arm, instantly feeling way more refreshed.


"Mm? Oh, you're feeling cold, right, I'll close the windows immediately."

I couldn't open the windows for a long period of time today for ventilation, as Xin Ran still was in the room; it's terrible if she was to catch a cold from it.


"Mm, what's the matter?"


"Whut's the matter already..........can't you just say it directly."

Everytime Xin Ran addressed me as gege, I would be slow to react to it, as her suddenly using this to address me really made me a little unused to it.

"It's nothing, only that I've finally had a reply, last time there wasn't any."

I was always sleeping last time, which was of course why I didn't reply you then! What would be replied to you was only this body that had already changed into acting instinctively!

" time I'll also reply to you, so don't come crawling into my blanket when I'm asleep, alright."


Just when I wanted to leave the room, I suddenly remembered something, and turned around to ask Xin Ran: "Oh yeah, Xin Ran, where's the jacket that I wore home? Where did you put it after you helped me to take it off?"

That jacket wasn't mine, today I'll still need to return it to Li Li as well.

But Xin Ran didn't directly answer me, and instead raised a question towards me.

"Gege, where's your school uniform? Why did you wear the sports jacket back home? Plus you didn't wear anything at all inside the jacket..........."

"I accidentally tore my school uniform. Even the singlet inside was doomed along with it, and that jacket came from someone else who lent it to me."

I intentionally concealed the reason of it being torn as well as the person who lent it to me, it's all because of not wanting to expose those things about Li Li.

It was mainly due to things about Li Li being linked to various mysterious events, for example that Li Li's a succubus, or like about my ability..........these things weren't stuff that could be easily mentioned.

And if there weren't any necessity at all, I wouldn't want to tell about these stuff to others. Especially my family, if I was to involve them into these nonsensical stuff as well then it'll really be disastrous.

However, Xin Ran's astute intuition made her grasp the main point in just a short moment, as she pointed her sharp gaze towards me, stood up from bed and walked to my front while staring at me. After a moment of mysterious silence she asked: ".............................The jacket, whose is it?"

Although I can't explain clearly what kind of feeling it was, but intuition told me that it's better for me to not completely say it out, hence I rubbed my nose and said: "Umm, it's a friend's.........."

"Liar, you don't have any friends at all."


I've been exposed in just a short moment of time, even I myself thought that the excuse I've found was too lousy already. I couldn't help it, who asked me to be completely unable to lie at all?

"And on this jacket also had the scent of a woman's, gege, you had a girlfriend already?"

"Didn't you say just now that you won't interfere into my own life.........."

"This is just concern from being a family, as gege's girlfriend could possibly be gege's wife, and gege's wife will also be my sister-in-law, if she wants to be part of our family then she'll have to go through my consent."

Every time she said a passage of words, Xin Ran would take a step towards me, and I was forced to retreat back a step in return.

Her face was abnormally close, and it's extremely intimidating! Faced with this sort of intimidation plus the habit that I always meekly dodged Xin Ran normally, it made me unresistingly say out the truth.

"It's the teacher's, the teacher's! The library's Yang Li Li-laoshi! Just like what you've said, because I don't have any friends, that's why I can only look for the teacher to help me out, and hence the teacher lent me this sports jacket..........."

"The library's Yang Li Li-laoshi...........I see."

I don't know why Xin Ran didn't continue to pursue it, but she flipped her sleeping gown's skirt up, and handed the jacket that was clutched in between her legs onto my hands.

She actually hid it at that sort of place! No wait, it should be said instead that how could she hide there as well! Does the inner of women's skirts all contain dimensional spaces!

It's so mysterious and curious-inducing..........Nonono, what am I thinking about exactly!


"Mm? Anything else?"

I placed my hand onto the doorknob as I half-opened the attic's door, and turned around to look at Xin Ran.

Xin Ran raised up her head a little, using a slightly damp eye expression to look at me, and tiptoed to plant a kiss onto my face.

"I love you."


I remained silent for a moment, and unveiled a natural smile thereafter, stroking her cheeks as I also planted a kiss onto her forehead.

"I love you too."

Although it's only a sibling's love though...........

And my brand new day started from a meimei's morning kiss just like that.

-ch 20 end-

(2280 words to tl)

TL: The last part was in reference to the prequel last time when the MC asked us about how our day started off with.

Liu Xia Hui (柳下惠) = Longass story. TLDR it's just a proverb of staying honest to what you really want and not be swayed by anything else. (lust)

There are many stories about this, but it all boils down to the same meaning as explained in the TLDR.

Anyway for a word breakdown:

Liu (柳): is a willow tree, 
Xia (下): it simply means 'below', 
Hui (惠): beneficial effects.

Waiting under a willow tree, to obtain beneficial effects in the end.

Uh, if you really want to know 1 of the stories behind this term, it's:

There's a couple in the state of Qin. They were childhood friends, the male was handsome, the female beautiful.

The Qin emperor, a lecherous emperor who sought to have as wide as a harem as possible, caught an eye for the female.

But the female didn't want it, even against the might of an 
all-powerful emperor, that could (a) provide her with infinite wealth and status (b) destroy her completely with his power he wields, whether socially, economically, everything. (destroying her family included)

So the couple made a promise - the girl would run away from the arranged marriage and they will meet under a willow tree.

And then people lauded the two for being so truthful to their feelings and named this term after them.

Uh, I have no idea how the term Liu Xi Hui (lust related) comes after that ^ kind of story, maybe it's some other stories, but honestly, I'm too tired to go look for more information about it's backstory -3-

ED = erectile dysfunction

S = sadistic

Even if Mt. Tai was to collapse before me, my facial expression still would be unchanging = the first part of a proverb. It just meant having a fixed composure, never frantic upon encountering things.

It probably came about as Mt Tai was known to be a "immortal" like mountain which never dies, and if it does die, it means the end of the world is nigh.

So when this "immortal-like" mountain crumbles to bits in front of you, and if your face still remain composed, despite ominous signs of 'end of the world' occurring, it just means your a really composed POS. Ok i'm jk about the POS part.

meimei = 'younger sister'

gege = 'elder brother'

-laoshi = a suffix, it means 'teacher'


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