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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v1c33.9

Volume 1, Chapter 33.9: The [Haraguro type Bro-con meimei (true)]'s anxiety

TL: flarewk

[Haraguro type Bro-con meimei (true)]'s anxiety:

25th of March.

It's a Saturday today. I was half-lying onto the sofa while looking at the boring TV show, and gave off a yawn a little tiredly.

Although there's many friends who asked me to go out with them to play, I rejected all of them instead.

If you asked me's because gege was around!

Gege wouldn't leave the house during weekends, that means I'll be able to stay together with gege for the entire day~

I've prepared games to play and movies to watch since long ago, and now I'm able to plaster myself within gege's embrace for the entire day, recharging my gege meter already~

As I couldn't be like Xin Ran-jie, being able to sneak inside gege's blanket every night, hence I only had the weekends to get closer with gege.

Xin Ran-jie's so lucky...........I've been envying her within my heart countless times already.

Especially recently, as the matter about her night assault actually got gege's approval. Although I heard that she was forbidden to do anything over the line, but just the point of being able to get gege's permission onto hugging him to sleep, it's enough to make me cry out in happiness.

A few days back, when she told me that the night assault's matter had been discovered by gege, I was horrified by it!

But luckily gege in the end seemed to have accepted Xin Ran-jie..........he originally wouldn't reject her too, since gege's so gentle, that's why he'll definitely be accepting onto it.

Although I'm a little jealous, but ultimately, Xin Ran-jie would have to give up on many things, plus she had loved gege even earlier than me. However, she gave up her namesake, and only wanted to stay by gege's side instead. If even this wasn't being able to be granted, it's possible that Xin Ran-jie would then give up on life.

Giving up the 'namesake' for me, while hiding in the shadows without any regrets...........

Hum, don't think about these things anymore.

About the matter of how to share gege, it's been decided since a very long time ago, and right now it's in process, step by step.

During middle school, build a good rapport with gege, completing a loving sibling relationship → during high school, continue to build onto the favorable impression, and breakthrough to the second phase with gege → during Year 3 of high school, when gege's under the most pressure, giving him care and warmth then, crossing over that borderline, joining our bodies together, breaking past our sibling's relationship → go to the same university together, and begin our sweet, promiscuous and happy, shameless debauchery life of living together → give birth to two children for gege, it's best if it's a boy and a girl, both being siblings as well, while graduating from university we'll also get a shotgun marriage too → staying together for a few decades, turning into an old grandmother and holding gege's hand in mine and peacefully passing away...........

A perfect blueprint of life.

Right now, the first step had already been fully completed, and it's in the midst of the second step. Recently, about the matter of hugging me, gege had been completely used to it, and was also used to cheeks and forehead kissing, so, looks like its time to snatch away gege's lips then.

Especially since right now that Xin Ran-jie's issue had been discovered, it's even more advantageous towards the plan's development. Such a serious person like gege definitely wouldn't do anything towards Xin Ran-jie, but since gege's a man, he'll definitely have lusts too, and under those bold actions of Xin Ran-jie, he'll definitely be enduring it to the point of being extremely unbearable.

But even if it's like that, I dare to bet that gege still wouldn't do anything towards Xin Ran-jie, and would only endure those all by himself.

Because the both of them are blood-related siblings. Gege and daddy were like the same, being absolutely rigorous and carried righteous morality views, hence they won't condone any wrongful doings.

At this time, as long as I slightly do some actions that would seduce him, he'll then vent all his lust onto me, a 'not blood-related' meimei's body.


Aahhh, my cheeks started to get hot already.

I'm a little too overexcited already, and my expression right now was surely quite terrible.

It's nearly time for gege to be awake, so I'll need to hurry up and calm myself down.

I took out a strawberry ice cream that gege bought home from the fridge, tore open its packaging and started to eat it.

It's really cooling.

A pity's that tomorrow, gege would have to help that old hag out, and he'll be leaving early in the morning.

Really, that cursed old hag! Why must she purposely look for gege to help out? Were all those newcomers just slobs? Although those pieces of trash definitely wouldn't be as capable as gege, but if they couldn't even handle this sort of situation, then they may as well go die then! Since they were working at a crematorium too, they might as well erect a gravestone and bury themselves within it then? Aah, I've been mistakened, those bunch of beggars definitely couldn't afford to buy cemetery spots, who knows, they wouldn't be able to afford caskets as well (sneering).


Just at this moment, I heard a series of hasty footsteps, it's definitely gege's. The pace was a little quick, and the steps were way lighter, seemingly not wearing any slippers at all, he seemed to be rather anxious?

I swiftly moved my head around to look, and after seeing clearly gege's appearance I then turned back and acted as if I hadn't noticed him at all.

Huh? Gege's today actually wearing those clothes that I've selected for him eyy.

As expected, he's so handsomeee~

This sort of refreshing dress style is really suitable for gege indeed!

But he actually suddenly put on this kind of outfit..........did he have anything important going on? If it was to go to the nearby supermarket, gege definitely wouldn't be mindful on what he's wearing, and would only just put on a simple sports attire and leave.

Seeing that gege didn't even notice that I was in the living room at all, I suppressed my unhappy mood, and feigned a look of curiosity, asking.

"Gege, you're going out?"

"Mm, I'm going out for a while, and probably won't be home by afternoon. If I didn't come back, you guys just go ahead and make some curry to eat first then."

So he really wants to go out, huh. If that's the case, then I'll go together with him then.

"Can Ke Ling come along as well? It's perfectly nice that I have something I wanted to buy too~"


I originally thought that the gentle gege would straightaway agree to my request, but I didn't expect that this time, he actually unveiled out a rather troubled expression.

"Sorryy, Ke Ling, this time I'm going to look for a friend, it's not suitable to bring you along."

After gege raised an apologetic hand gesture towards me, he put on his shoes and straightaway left the house.

Looking at gege's distancing figure, I tilted my head and pondered instead.

Gege said that he's going to look for a...........friend? Gege actually had a friend already?

Recently because of the matter in class, I've slightly relaxed my watch onto gege, and didn't look for him to have lunch together during lunch break as well. It can't be that he seized this period of time onto befriending people?

It's so irritating, if only me and gege were in the same class. Although our three siblings' age and birthday were the same, but as I enrolled to school a year later, right now I've just only entered high school as a result.

If I was to be in the same grade as gege, no matter what, I must be in the same class as gege's!

Looks like I'll need to properly investigate onto gege's friend. If it's some unsightly dubious human piece of trash, I'll definitely need to hurry up and get rid of him.

A few minutes later, Xin Ran-jie also walked down from the 2nd floor and asked me.

"Where's gege?"

"He just left, saying that he wanted to meet a friend."

After Xin Ran-jie heard my words, she unveiled a slightly surprised look and asked back in return.

"I see..........Ke Ling, you didn't follow him?"

"Mm? Why follow him?"

"I see, I didn't think that you wouldn't know about that."


Xin Ran-jie's tone gave me had an ominous premonition.

"The person's gege about to see is his 女友."

(TL: 女友, pronounced as nv yǒu, means 'girlfriend')


Gege's about to see a friend called nvyou

What a rather strange name indeed.

"Ke Ling, do you know who's Ji Lian Bing?"

Ji Lian Bing huh, it's that Ji Group's dàxiaojie, right.

I heard that she had a bunch of gigolos, an extremely lustful woman who possessed a reverse harem.

Because it's a coincidence that she sat behind gege, I thus did quite an amount of research onto her too, but according to what I know, gege and her completely weren't acquainted at all.

That's true, she and gege were originally two different kinds of people, so how would it be possible that they would be in contact with each other.

That kind of dàxiaojie (laugh) like her basically would be contempt onto acquainting with us commoners, right (sneering).

The boys in school were all so maniacally chasing after her. I really don't get what's exactly so good about that cheap licentious slut already? Wasn't it just because she only had a face that's slightly not bad-looking, and a slightly wealthy family too? What people see was the general feeling instead!

Women are creatures that have many personalities to them, and I dare to guarantee, that look of elegantly gentle appearance was definitely being feigned out~!

Who knows, deeply embedded within her bones she's a necrophilia, a sicko pervert who enjoys killing people~ (laugh).

"Ahhh, I know, not knowing such a famous person like her would then be strange instead, isn't it? Those boys that had their brains stuffed full with wakame would use her as lewd material whenever they had spare time, it's so freaking disgusting!"

I spat out a mouthful, saying.

People like gege would definitely never ever bother with that kind of frivolous green tea tramp. Even if that Ji Lian Bing would proactively strike a conversation with gege, gege also would definitely be displeased about it, and definitely would then righteously distance himself away from her.

"But recently I heard that someone actually successfully confessed to her. I originally thought that kind of dàxiaojie like her would only look up to some kind of prince from a country or some financial group's wealthy son types of high status people, but in the end, the person that she was going out with seemed to be just a normal person."

It's once again that sort of dàxiaojie falling in love with a commoner, afterwards running away together sort of drama act.

Such an exaggerated routine.

Xin Ran-jie's expression had a more distinct change, but I couldn't differentiate out what kind of expression it was, it's a little bizarre yet speechless yet hesitant look?

"What's the matter? Xin Ran-jie?"

"That person, is gege."

"Oh, so it's gege, huh..........what do you mean by that person you're talking about? Gege? Haah? Whose gege?

Usually, I was able to converse with Xin Ran-jie even by using our eye expression, but this time, I actually couldn't understand what Xin Ran-jie had said.

"That person is referring to the beau that's going out with Ji Lian Bing, her boyfriend is our gege."


It's already been said very clearly already, but I still didn't understand it at all..........maybe I'm just not willing to understand about it instead.

"It's our gege, An Jun Cheng, Jun-gege."

Under Xin Ran-jie's repeated words, my brain finally inputted the representative meaning of that sentence right into my mind, and after I understood what it exactly meant, I had already completely turned into chaotic disorder.

"Meeoooww?! Meowmeowmeow?!"

"They seemed to have started going out from Friday onwards, but the confession seemed to be on Thursday instead."


Xin Ran-jie regained her aloof composure as she said.

"It's very possible that the person that gege had gone out to look for was Ji Lian Bing, did he specially change his set of attire before going out?"

That, that means!

"Ji Lian Bing..........."

Is, gege's, girlfriend?


Too lax already.

I've recently been too lax already!

Even though gege to me should be the most important thing ever, even though gege's my everything, but I've actually neglected gege..........

It's my fault, I shouldn't have neglected gege due to other things.

I don't give a f**k about those bunch of people from class, I shouldn't have wasted my time because of those boring stuff, even though I should have always been watching gege!

But, it's already been too late for regrets already.

Jun-gege, had already, gege, had already, been snatched away.

I had actually let that slut take advantage of this situation already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"That ▲▼●◆■▼●◆■▼▲▼●◆■▼▲ womaan!!!!!!!!!!!" → (a direct face-to-face punch received level of irony)

"She actually! She actually! Even though she's just a ╄╅╆╇╋╄╅╆╇╈╊╋╄╅╆╇╄╉╊╋╉╊╋ !" → (extremely humiliating expletives and slander aimed directly against Ji Lian Bing)

"▂▃▄▅▆'s way of life is just ▂▃▄▅▆▅▄▃▂▃▄▅▆▅▄▃ isit not ▂▃▄▅▆▅▄▃▂▃▄▅▆▅▄▃ you this ▂▃▄▅▆▅▄▃▂▃▄▅▆▅▄▃ everyday doing ▂▃▄▅▆▅▄▃▂▃▄▅▆▅▄▃ your entire family ▂▃▄▅▆▅▄▃▂▃▄▅▆▅▄▃▂▃▄▅▆▅▄▃ !" → (even her family wasn't spared as well with every single one of them being greeted once, a continuous spewing of profanities)

"▲★◆▲▼▼●◆★■▼●◆■★▼▲▼●◆★★■▼▲▲▼●◆■▼★●◆■▼▲▼●◆■▼▲★▲▼●◆■▼●◆■▼▲▼★●◆■▼★▲▲▼●◆■▼●◆★■▼▲▼●◆■★★▼▼▲▼★●◆■▼▲▲▼ person who snatched gege away ●◆■▼●◆■▼▲▼●◆■▼▲!!!" → (level of threats and intimidation that would instantly get this webnovel to be reported)

"Calm down, Ke Ling, all those unsightly vulgarities came out already."


This must be a lie, right! This must be a lie, right! This must be a lie, right!

It's a lie! It's definitely a lie!

It's fake! It's all fake!

Gege, why did you go out with that sort of woman?

My gege! That's my gege!! A person who's fated to be the second half of Ke Ling!

Even though I'm the person who's going to become gege's wife!

"I'm going to follow him!"

"Wait, Ke Ling, first..........."

"What are you still waiting for right now!"

I frenziedly leaped up from the sofa, and dashed upstairs to my room, taking out a dark colored series of clothing used for stalking and putting it on, afterwards straightaway jumping out from the windows to the first floor.

Using the GPS system from the phone I'm able to confirm onto gege's position, and immediately, right now, instantly, rush towards gege's sides!

15 minutes later, I've located gege and that woman inside a cafe at Peace road.

They looked to be discussing rather enjoyably, and it's my first time seeing gege revealing that many varied expressions, like frowning, like being troubled, like bitterly laughing, like being nervous, like being shocked...........all these expressions had never ever been displayed to me before.

Gege when together with me would only laugh...........I suddenly realized a certain thing.

That's the expression one would have when they were together with 'someone they liked'.

Relationship between couples, wouldn't be just merely endearing affection, but sometimes would also have disagreements; sometimes even developing a difference of opinions; sometimes even arguing too..........but afterwards it'll definitely be reconciled, and then, those mutual feelings would become even thicker; the bond turning even deeper.

But gege together with me, there's never any such 'resentment' before, not even once there's been a displayed look of 'unhappiness'. That originally shouldn't be normal at all, but I was too engrossed within the sweet atmosphere too dumbly to even notice about it...........

Gege together with that woman then would be 'truthful', my mindset suddenly came up with that sort of thinking.

All those feelings that I've been grooming, wasn't even comparable to that woman who had just gone out with him for three days?

I loathe it..........I really loathe it!

She messed up my plan, even cutting in midway to snatch away gege!

Not only using that pair of meat balls to seduce gege, she even held hands with gege as they browsed the streets and watched movies, and lastly even............even kissed gege! She even shamelessly unveiled that place which didn't have any panties at all to gege to look!

Even though I hadn't even kissed his lips before!

That seductive slut, fox spirit, coquettish woman!

Un! For! Giv! Able!

That woman, I'll personally take care of her!

I'm then the person who loved gege the most!! The person who should be marrying gege is me! The person who will be giving birth to gege's children is me!

Gege is mine!

I won't give him to anyone else!

He! Is! Mine!

-vol 1, ch 33.9 end-

(4032 words to tl)

TL: Here's a fanart illustration by Babydalyn (discord) on An Ke Ling!
it's in reference to ch4

favorable impression (好感度) = You know those games, especially visual novels, where there is a "good impression meter" of girls? This is what the term is referring about.

trash = referring to the lowest of the low in society

wakame = A japanese seaweed food. Why is it being listed? It looks like something else I bet.......please tell me you would know the meaning of this. If you really don't know, just leave a comment in the blog to let knawledgeable users answer your query....

Green tea tramp (绿茶婊) = a term coined in 2013 CN after a famous incident of an actress who slept with someone for 3 days to obtain 600,000 yuan as remuneration, hence the term 'green tea tramp' became an internet hit.

Now the term is used to describe a woman who looked angelically beautiful on the surface, her appearance so calming, refreshingly pure like a green tea's (green tea gives a refreshing taste); but in reality a slut who would sleep with anyone for money, merely acting naive and innocent only as a ploy for trickery and sorts.

Peace road = although the name stated "peace" road, it doesn't seemed to be inviting peace over.........

fox spirit = a cn term refers to a slut that snatches away another married person's husband

gege = elder brother

-jie = a suffix, that means 'elder sister' short-cutted for closeness

dàxiaojie = a respectful addressing of a miss who's influential and usually had a wealthy background.


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