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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c82

Vol 2, Chapter 82: One, Against thousands

TL: flarewk

I became dazed just from looking at it. Even though it's a scene of butchery, I still actually found that extremely enchanting.........

It's too overly fluid, which made me mistakenly thought that it was a sort of dance, or perhaps it was due to the path carved out through the blade being too captivating, which even caused the blood splattering out in all directions to have a sort of mystifying sense of beauty.

"Pu, hihihihi——yihihihi........hahahaha!"

Moda desperately curled up his body while clutching his mouth, but hideous laughter still leaked out from the gaps of his fingers.

The sight of seeing his companion being murdered actually made him so delighted till the point of being unable to control himself, and as he saw the obese figure, along with half remains of its head *pu tong* landing on the ground, it was just like as if he had seen onto something comical, as he gave off a shrill laugh.

" he still able to laugh........."

I completely don't get it at all.

His companion had already died, with himself losing a hand as well, so why was he still able to laugh?

It's not normal, had his brain malfunctioned already.........

"It's normal to not understand, and I do not hope for Jun Cheng-dàren to be able to understand such distorted ways of thinking."

"That's true........"It's better to not know about certain things, if not, it would only cause oneself to be deeply entrenched within.

After laughing for a while, Moda put down his hands, smoothing out his breath as he continued saying.

"That's great, that's great~ Just now, I even thought that you're some kind of a creature that's absolutely different from us, but looking at it right're still the same kind as us! Now I'm relieved~ Phew~"

Moda exaggeratedly patted that chest of his which had chest hairs exposed, just like as if he had consumed a heart-calming pill, becoming relieved as he heaved out a long breath.

I didn't understand the meaning of what he had said.

Or perhaps it was that he still wasn't used to be speaking in chinese, for his dialogue sounded a little strange.

However, it's not because of that which caused me to not understand him, as I really didn't get the meaning of what he was trying to imply.

Edward who was standing beside too gave off a chortle, as he disdainfully spoke.

"In the end, you too, for the sake of satisfying your selfish urges, are a person that have already sank within bloodshed."

Was he referring to Xue Qing?

"It's only that you stepped on the other side, safeguarding the interests of human beings, massacring us in reverse, hence obtaining a piece of 'murdering permit', eh. Occupying the namesake of justice in order to murder wilfully, not needing to bear any sins, and would even be treated as a hero as well, how's that feel?"

N-no, that's not right, there's something not right with it.........

"But I didn't expect that a girl like you with such a young age to be living quite superficially." That clearly didn't understand Xue Qing's personality. as to her, these weren't important at all.........

"Still fighting?"

As expected, Xue Qing was still unwavered, as she coldly queried.

"If not, I'm off."

"Carry on! Of course it must carry on! Hahahahaha! It's too great to be able to meet you!"

Moda had already sank within a state of half insanity. The red colored portion within his status slowly grew larger, as he raised his skin peeling knife, intending to first strike a blow on Xue Qing's shoulders.

It was being dodged just by lowering her head.

"I'm the one who was being chosen! I surpassed normal people, an elite form of human existence that obtained immense power!"

"You aren't, a human anymore."

"Shut up, you hypocrite! What's wrong with killing people! What I've made from peeling off human skin are all art! A moronic commoner like you completely won't know how to appreciate my art!"

He screamed out hysterically like an unreasonable child, yet still having the knife in his hands flying straight piercing towards its target.

His body's actions were prioritized over his mind, and those weren't movements that were made after considerable thought, but body basing on muscle memory to enact out reactive gestures instead. Hence, its speed was unimaginably quick!

"Allowing all of you to be the raw ingredients for my created art, it's been Moda's honor!"


"I'm a 'god' who allowed you trash to transform into art!"


"Have a higher appraisal towards me! Lap more praises onto me! Everyone, come and kowtow to me!!"


It still wasn't able to make not even a single hair's contact at all.

The difference was too big already. Even I, a normal person, am able to discern it, that Xue Qing's prowess was completely crushing over the other side.

After dodging an unbeknownst number of attacks, Xue Qing started to retaliate, with the knife that was kept in its scabbard being unknowingly unsheathed once more, and when I had noticed, the weapon was already held within her hands.

The sharp blade easily tore through the skin of the Skin peeling Murderous ghoul. I'm completely unable to see clearly how many times she had swung her blade, but in any case, what I can see in my eyes was Moda's complete body suddenly exploding out in torrents of blood, with his entirety becoming dyed in red.

Skin gaping, flesh ripped out; torrents of blood splattering; dancing within the wind.

Side abdomen, shoulders, kneecaps, neck; places that could have wounds located were too many already, but even if it's like that, he still didn't collapse!

As if that before his blood was drained dry, along with his bones entirely crushed to pieces, he wouldn't be collapsing at all.

Moda gave off a series of howling, with that remaining hand tightly gripping the skin peeling knife and scratching past Xue Qing's neck, yet wasn't able to leave not even a knife imprint behind.

Afterwards, that hand too had been separated from its body, it being cleanly sliced off.

However, he still hadn't yet gave up! Leaping upwards just like that, he bit his hand that was flying in midair and continued waving his head about, assaulting Xue Qing!

But he was being forcibly halted.

His heart was pierced.

Fresh blood gushed out at that instance where she pulled out her knife, just like a fountain.

The victor had been decided, as no matter who it was, upon seeing this scene they would think as such, and even Xue Qing herself too would be thinking similarly too.........

However, she was suddenly being hugged.

Moda actually still hadn't died, and had pounced over to hug Xue Qing with strength that had came from nowhere. But there wasn't much strength left, and rather than saying that he had caught Xue Qing, it's more like leaning his body onto her, in order to not have himself fall downwards.

Xue Qing who had blood splattered on her for the first time frowned her eyebrows.

Seemingly to vent out her feelings of displeasure, she didn't even turn her head around, just stabbing towards the upper area of her shoulders.

It poked right into Moda's eye sockets precisely without a hitch, and pulled out his eyeballs.

It's simply just a one-sided slaughter.........

Was that really Xue Qing.........extremely decisive when meting, completely unhesitant, just like as if she's a doll that's especially borne for the sake of massacring.........

Moda had been stabbed till he was leaning backwards, yet still hadn't released his arms, using an almost inaudible voice to mumble out.

"Ahh.........I can't make it anymore, old friend.........looks like the head prize would have to be given to you already, hahaha........"

"Don't count on me, I probably will immediately become just like you."

Edward displayed out an expression of unconcern, with his body still rather honest however, as he had walked over to the hugged Xue Qing.

"When I was young, I loved the skeletons of dinosaurs a lot. Thinking back to it right now, that perhaps may be a turning point."

Edward had already walked to right in front of Xue Qing and had taken off the jacket on him, displaying out his figure. There's almost no meat on him at all, he's so skinny that even his rib cage was distinctly visible. While the sides of his abdomen hung two blades that resembled kitchen cleaver knives.

The instance he drew it out and held it within his hands, the atmosphere on him suddenly transformed, with the originally composed impression that he gave becoming utterly shattered, as Edward who grasped those two knives had turned into a butcher!

Xue Qing didn't move, and Moda who was hugging her had already died out, with his body still not sliding off her, just like an enormous garbage being hung on Xue Qing, robbing off her movement capabilities.

"Because the place where I lived was an animal farmhouse, I would be occasionally helping out my family. After gutting off bones for all sorts of domesticated animals, one day, I suddenly had a thought.........what would it be like if a person's bones are to be gutted off?"

It's just like as if he's telling out a story, while dancing the knives within his hands as he narrated, as if that what he's going to slice next wasn't a living human being, but a livestock that's about to be slaughtered, or perhaps an immovable tree instead.

"Moda's the same as well. The human skin that he peeled were all used to create some terribly looking decorations. He himself even always indulged within feelings of self-admiration, what a self-reassuring moron he is."

His knife drew out traces numerous times within the air, and after being respectively struck with Xue Qing's knives, it emanated out intense metal colliding sounds as it bounced off towards the sides, as if that they were existences that were absolutely not able to match up to one another.

"And you're the same as well.........what is it that your seeking amongst your massacring? Show it to me, hmm?"

Xue Qing remained silent, not replying, using her following actions afterwards in providing a response.

The outcome of the response was, a few pieces of 'something' along with huge amounts of blood were being sprayed out.

It was fingers.

Other than his thumbs, all eight pieces of fingers were entirely perfectly sliced off from its base.

The things that Xue Qing wanted to do to me were all presented out on Edward. Only that it's even more swift, even more decisive, and was simply performed without any single hesitation at all.

I fiercely swallowed in a few mouthful of saliva while looking at that frightfully appalling scenery, with my entirety not feeling well already.........

If I wasn't able to escape out previously, I would turn out to be like that fellow.........

"So it's actually like that, huh.........not even with a single strand of killing intent at're an even more of a distorted existence compared to us murderous ghouls........."

His palms that had lost away its fingers were unable to grab the knives any longer, with both cleavers falling onto the ground, while Edward laughed and closed up his eyes.

"You win, take it then, do as you like."


I somehow felt that this can't continue on any longer! If Xue Qing just let herself be that unrestrained, she would be simply be the same as these murderous ghouls, losing sight of herself!

But I who was staying over here wasn't able to do anything at all.........!


Blades dancing, limbs wildly flying.

With that small blade that's just 20 plus centimeters, it perfectly stripped off the four limbs of the other party.

The shoulders that were hugging onto herself were sliced off as well, and Moda with all limbs being severed off didn't have support any longer, and with a *pa ta* sound he collapsed into the pool of blood.

[Skin peeling Murderous ghoul] [Moda][Eviscerating Murderous ghoul] [Edward · Cain], their statuses gradually turned transparent, eventually vanishing, with both people dying off due to too much loss of blood.

"My god........."

Residual limbs were scattered on the ground, with Xue Qing standing in the pool of blood all by herself, head slightly raised, allowing the rainwater to wash off blood traces that were splashed on her face.

She's, too cold.

A sort of coldness, arising from within to outwards, from inside to the surface, which was exuded out from the depths of her bones, resulting in the blood that was created all becoming 'cold-blooded'.

She's, too composed.

So composed till it caused people on not being able to figure her out, so composed till that when she danced her blades, when she saw blood, when she sliced off limbs, when she murdered the other party.........she could even maintain an indifferent look.........

Not having any sort of killing intentions within her heart.

But for her that night in which I saw her face having blood splattered, she's so cold that it's just like a lotus within the snow, with her entirety bathed in killing intent.

That sort of killing aura was emanated out just for my sake?

No, perhaps I was only a turning point.........

That sort of killing aura, it was because she's unable to rid off the world's filth, obtaining a truly clean environment, having displeased emotions from not being able to change the other party into her ideal state.

But the her right now didn't display, not even if it's just a tiny bit, of killing intent at all.

That's right, what she's thirsting for was just a pure 'disability', and murdering wasn't her goal.

When a person takes away a life, their heart could conceal killing intentions therein, but wouldn't be able to not have any killing intentions present at all. Unless.........

That said person's heart was truly indifferent, an indifference that's truly unparalleled throughout.

As if that all the filth in the world inherently exists. An inherent existence isn't removable, hence, she proceeded onwards to get used towards it, being too used to the point of even if she's to personally destroy it, her heart would still be in a state of tranquility.

Which was why she's able to deliver a level of slashing, in which the blade drawing results in the dividing of water, huh.........

"You also noticed it as well, her technique is simply too adept. Although after transforming into a ghost-like state, one's body would have a considerable level of increase in its capabilities, but for that fluidly skilled movements, it's definitely not achievable by just a nobody."

"Ahhhh, to only use that small knife to do up to that's too exaggerated already."

(TL: the 'ahh' here is used to express out his agreement)

"A stage in which a person would require several decades of training, yet she have already achieved it at that age.........Jiang Xue Qing knew perfectly well on how to swing her blade in order to remove the other party's limbs, she probably is able to see onto some sort of path. In order words, it's........."


Actually, there's no need for me to ask, as I already knew what Bai Yu Hui was trying to imply.

Because no matter who it was that saw this scenery, their heads would only have a single thought popping right out.

Bai Yu Hui and me were as such, captivated by that exceptional talent of hers, becoming entranced from looking at it.

It even being able to make the act of massacring to be that beautiful.

"She's a prodigy in 'removing limbs'."

-ch 82 end-

(3454 words to tl)

One, Against thousands (一骑当千) = It's an idiom used to describe a person being so powerful that just them alone could rival a thousand other people.

This phrase was first used during ancient china, which is why you saw the 'horse' term in it (骑 = referring to riding a horse; explicitly referring to a general or powerful soldier, facing off other similar opponents in war)

Heart-calming pill (定心丸) = You probably saw something like this before if you've read cultivation novels, or anything CN in general. It's an idiom metaphor used to describe a person calming down, and has its roots in stories like journey to the west.

She probably is able to see some sort of path = reference to type-moon? Where the MC is able to see the lines of 'severance' on an object....?

-dàren (大人) = it's a suffix which refers to someone very respectfully, uh. It basically puts the person in a level above yourself, in statue to show respect to him/her. Can be male/female. The JP equivalent is '-sama', while in EN terms it may be 'Lord'


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