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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c68


Vol 2, Chapter 68: Evaluating, Oneself

TL: flarewk

The next day, at around 5 am in the morning, I opened up my eyes.

Even without using the mirror, I currently knew that my eyes were definitely already fully bloodshot, with eyebags and panda eyes probably appearing as well.

My meimeis were still peacefully sleeping by my looked seemingly to be as that, but in reality, the both of them probably weren't sleeping as well.

How would I know about that? It's because of the fact that we're siblings, which was why I would know..........

Hence, looking at just the surface alone, last night was a scene of us three siblings reaching an mutual understanding as we affectionately slept together. 

But in reality, there's a competition of endurance being secretly carried out!

Not being able to sleep, yet still needing to feign out an appearance of having slept already; it's simply just an extreme test that's being put towards the mind.

I had a distinct feeling, that during the moment where I fell asleep, my meimeis would very likely be carrying out some very overboard actions onto me. Although I had temporarily reached a mutual understanding with my meimeis, it still doesn't mean that it's a tight leash sort of spell that would be able to restrain onto them.

To be frank, it's very possible that they would be flipping around the cards at any point of time.

Hence, I endured the entire night not sleeping..........and my state of mind right now was already quite terrible.

Luckily, when I was on-board the train earlier, I had slept for a period of time, hence not sleeping for the entire night didn't cause too much of a burden onto me..........yeah right!

My body felt extremely stiff!

Unmovingly lying down for the entire night, even lending my shoulders to my meimeis to lap, it would then be bizarre if my body didn't stiffen up!

Eeeeehh, it really felt terrible, just by moving a little would cause my bones to give off crick-crack sounds..........

Afterwards, because of my actions, my meimeis too 'woke' up, kissing my face as they gave me morning greetings.

"Gege, morning."

"Gege, good morning, did you sleep well last night?"

"Haha........yeah! I slept extremely comfortably last night!"

Mm, if I'm to sleep, it'll definitely be very comfortable. A pity was that, I didn't sleep at all..........

My shoulders were really aching, I felt that they're about to collapse already!

"Heehee, Ke Ling was so excited that she couldn't sleep instead~ how about Xin Ran-jie?"

".........Still alright."

"Quickly get up then, you two.........I'll go do a quick wash, afterwards I'll need to start making breakfast already."

I originally wanted to let these two meimeis leave from my sides, to swiftly escape from this seemingly wondrous pleasant region (meimeis' embrace), which was a skeletal-burying (german orthopedics) dangerous area (my bed) in reality.

But it's precisely at this moment that Ke Ling chose to act in an adorably spoilt manner.

She hugged onto my arm, shaking it back and forth, with her face plastered onto my chest as she started to rub her face against it.

"Doon't waaant~ It's only 5 am.........let's continue going back to sleep, pleaaase?"


My state of mind originally wasn't that great, with my body still being very stiff, hence, being rubbed around like that, I instantaneously felt headached, backached, as well as shoulderached.

"Then, I'll just lie down for a little while.........just a little while........."

Sigh, I really can't bear to reject her. I originally doted on Ke Ling a lot, and when she used that ultra big killing move of acting in an adorably spoilt manner, I simply couldn't resist against it at all, directly having my heart being pierced right through.

"Heehee, that's great, then let's hurry up and sleep then~ here, gege, let me help you take off your pants~"

Wah! What the hell!

We've suddenly stepped into an extreme development already!!

This wasn't only stopping at just a meimei's morning kiss, but it's almost about to have a meimei's morning swallow developing!

I hastily clutched onto my pants, frantically crying out towards Ke Ling.

"Don't think dirty already! When did you turn into such a little pervert, Ke Ling!"

"Heehee~ didn't gege say that it'll be alright as long as Ke Ling shows out her most truest side? I originally have always been eager to 'sleep' together with gege. If it's possible, Ke Ling wants to try every possible position too.........ahh, oh right, gege. You promised that you'll be helping me to.........."

So she still remembered that promise!!

Not good, I must hurry up and utilize out the deaf-feigning technique!

"Waah~ waah~ I can't hear anything at all!"

Ke Ling, upon seeing me covering up my ears and uncaringly yelling out loudly, pouted up her cheeks as she displeasedly shook me while saying.

"Uuu..........gege, you cheater!"

"Yesyesyes, I'm indeed a cheater!"

A good opportunity!

Seizing the moment when Ke Ling inattentively let go of her hands, I just kicked off the blankets hastily, flipping over Xin Ran and tumbled down the bed.



"I'll first go wash up! You two also better hurry on and get up as well!"

Leaving behind such a sentence, I then abandoned my two meimeis, simply dashing out of the room.

After I had finished washing up, I made breakfast just as usual. It's still the same breakfast for us three siblings..........but only with the seatings having a wee bit of changes.

In the past, the both of them would be seated at my opposite, but this time, they actually sat right by my side!

Go and properly consume your meals, oi!

Aaaaa, I felt that my mind was about to turn feeble's really quite enough..........

Would it be better if I'm to move out..........

After we've finished consuming breakfast, during our short resting period, my meimeis still were seated right by my sides.

It had seemingly became a fixed spot already..........just like having dual bodyguards protection by the sides, being so anxious onto wanting to venerate me.

Ke Ling was like as if her long accumulated feelings had all burst out, being akin to a little bird as she rattled on nonstop talking about topics one after another, while Xin Ran was the complete opposite instead, wordlessly sitting by my side.

Uuu, Xin Ran felt to be a little strange? Her feelings felt a little down?

It wasn't the best time to overly ask about it right now, hence I had no choice but to only stroke her head. And of course, I mustn't be treating one side unequally, so I caressed Ke Ling's head too..........Mm, but I'll consider it as an extra bonus then, as after I helped to smoothen out Xin Ran's hair, I kneaded onto her ears as well..........

Xin Ran looked to have her mood turning better a little, as she stood up to go to my back and proceeded to massage my shoulders. it felt way more comfortable.

Yeah, it's really great this way, having the most natural of relationships between siblings, being so harmoniously loving. So why must that line be crossed..........Ke Ling seemed to be very obstinate onto wanting to break the siblings bond apart, but in contrast, it was Xin Ran instead who understood onto enduring even more so. Although she had already assaulted me at night for so many instances already, but she was being very well-behaved for these few days, it's really very impressive of her.

After enjoying Xin Ran's special rubbing (massaging), my state of mind instantly felt way more better, and seeing that it's almost time already, I told both my meimeis to go prepare onto going out.

Ke Ling and Xin Ran's actions were very quick, as just when I'm being vexed onto choosing an attire to put on, they had already finished changing their clothes.

Speaking of which, when me and Ke Ling went out of the house every time, she didn't make me wait rather long. It's been said that when women are about to leave the house, they would spend quite an amount of time, but I had never experienced such occurrences instead.

Xin Ran was wearing a sweater dress along with a pair of black-colored stockings, still being the same usual stance of wearing conservatively, but because the feeling that she gave was a little 'cold', hence wearing this sort of very 'warm' outfit gave her a sort of unique sensation. For Ke Ling, she's wearing an extremely fashionable set of mini jeans skirt, matching with a black obliqued chiffon shirt with stars, looking youthfully pretty and spiritedly energetic, but wouldn't she be cold like's only the month of April, and it's a little too overboard to be exposing the shoulders as well as the legs out already right?

I believe that if Ke Ling goes out like that, she would definitely attract the attention of a huge fleet of men.........about that point, I can't endure it at all!

Before my meimei marries off, I, being her gege, is my meimei's guardian!

Ke Ling seemingly seen through what I'm thinking as she chucklingly explained to me: "Rest assured, gege, Ke Ling also prepared a jacket, and will be wearing it later when going out. It's just that Ke Ling wants to first show gege this appearance~"

"I see, it's very cute. Mm, Xin Ran as well."

About the point of my meimeis being so adorable, even if you're to let me write a three thousand worded thesis on it, I could have it written out.

This, being their elder brother, was the area that I also felt most proud of.

My meimeis were extremely outstanding, okay? Not only were their grades excellent, they looked very pretty as well, although on the personality side being a little.........just having that teeny bit of flaw, but it still doesn't cover up their positive traits!

However, those weren't problematic at all, as what's most severe was expectedly still the bro-con factor. Bro-con..........I really don't know how to have it treated.

Although hurrying up to get boyfriends for my meimeis was also an idea..........but for that aspect, it's not that easy to find........... 

I've suddenly remembered, those two meimeis from Araragi-kun's house, weren't they quite the severe bro-cons as well? But those two meimeis already had boyfriends..........what type were they again, it should have been described out within the light novel itself.........

'Like (o) nii-chan's.'

Ahhh, I remembered already.

So that's it, why didn't I think of it? I'll just go look for replacements similar to me for them.

Mm, and that means, to find two guys who are just like me, and introduce them to Xin Ran and Ke Ling, and perhaps I'll be unshackled this way.

Then again, a person who's just like me, huh..........

What kind of person am I?

Crap, about that, I completely wasn't aware of it at all..........

If I'm to really speak about it, I feel that I'm a normal, commonplace typical person with no distinct traits at all..........but if I'm really a run-of-the-mill character, wouldn't it be fine to just nonchalantly select a passerby to introduce towards my meimeis then?

No, if it's that simple, I also wouldn't be embedded within this sort of predicament already.

So yeah, what sort of person am I exactly..........Uuu.........I didn't expect that there would be a day where I would actually be agonized over this sort of thing..........

Ah, got it, got it.

Am I an idiot? Didn't I have the ability to see titles!

Using this ability to look at myself, I'll then be able to understand in-depth onto what sort of person I am already!

However, because I'm unable to see my title through glass panels or mirror reflections, up to now I still didn't know on what exactly my title was.

Since it's like that, the process of making my meimeis graduate out from being bro-cons would be as such:

Finding a solution to allow me to see my title → look for a guy who's similar to me (two of them) → think up of a solution to introduce those two guys to my meimeis (the best way would be an encounter by chance) → think up of a solution to pair them up together (there's still a need to be setting up a detailed plan for that) → my meimeis had the person whom they truly love, and wouldn't bother onto their gege anymore, hence graduating from being a bro-con (HAPPY ENDING)

My god, this really goes round and round in a huge circle..........let's first not talk about the detailed plan which wasn't yet determined, for the difficulty of every single step wasn't low at all.'s so troublesome.........

"Gege? What are you daydreaming about?"

"Eh? Ehh! Sorry, sorry. Well then, it's time for me to also change."

I returned back to my senses and readied to nonchalantly put on a set of clothes, with the result that Ke Ling butted in once again to select an attire for me.

"And so, accompanying such cute meimeis to go shopping, gege must of course wear to be a little more striking~ just let Ke Ling choose clothes for gege, okay?"

"Sure sure, since it's you who originally helped to buy them as well."

"Here, gege, put on this T shirt, it's a perfect fit for the jacket you wore yesterday night~"

"Eeehh, that jacket was left behind at my friend's house.........."

Upon hearing those words, Ke Ling's entirety gave off a tremble, as she squinted her eyes while querying me.

" it. It's left behind at that woman's house already.........are you two really only just friends?"

"O-, of course!"


Oh shit! Her status had turned black once again! Is the dark Ke Ling about to come out already?

"Well~ I'll believe gege, so put on this shirt then!" scared me to death already.

Looking at those colors of black slowly fading off, I gave off a long sigh within my heart. I've finally managed to get away with it.

It's too scary already, is that really a haraguro trait? I distinctly felt that it's like she had turned into a darkly sinister state instead..........eehh........... I going to find a boyfriend for this sort of meimei..........

Through the process of putting on my T shirt, I secretly heaved out a sigh inside of my shirt.

It's basically just a SSS ranked mission!

What the hell was all of's really such a rip-off, no, a 'brotherly' scam instead!

TL: rip-off (坑爹) and 'brotherly' scam (坑哥) = basically they both mean the same: rip off/scam.

The difference is that those two words originally points to 坑爹, with a slight modification of the 爹 character (meaning: father) into a 哥 character (meaning: brother).

(坑爹 originated from 'you caused your dad to be ripped off') >>

-ch 68 end-

(3223 words to tl)

German Orthopedics (德国骨科) = this 'Germany' gag subtly refers to a famous real CN story of a wincest, where said brother had his leg broken by his dad after their affair was being exposed. 

After deciding on prices of bone reparation from online, he opt to go for the reputable (as well as cheapest) Germany doctors, before fully healing his leg injury. 

Now the proverb is used to term brave knights who are fearless onto being caught of wincest, daring to go to Germany to have their legs repaired.

Araragi-kun = reference to Bakemonogatari

Darkly sinister state (黑化) = seeing a dark-colored frightening aura slowly emanating out of girls when they became extremely jealous (due to a situation)

meimei (妹妹) = younger sister

gege (哥哥) = big brother

-jie (姐) = honorific for 'big sister'


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