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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c79

Vol 2, Chapter 79: Justly, Righteous

TL: flarewk

"Well then, Jun Cheng-dàren, let's first leave this area." After causing Tong Jia Lin to completely lose her battle prowess, Bai Yu Hui turned and returned back to my side, stretching out a hand towards me while smiling.

I looked at her with my mouth opened up wide, it unable to be closed due to sheer ecstacy, and dumbfoundedly asked.

"Aren't you a little too impressive already........."

Bai Yu Hui bitterly laughed, and opened up her mouth to explain to me.

"I'm not, it's because of us being women instead, hence I'm able to grasp onto the heartfelt thinkings of the other party. The other party is also that type who is very easily enraged, and although she looked to be completely indifferent after being mocked by me several times, in reality she was already infuriatingly incensed, which was why I'm able to take advantage of the situation."

"But those beans that you threw out, as well as that strand of prayer beads, they were all items that suppressed her, right? Having done such adequate preparations since long ago, hence, the result was already decided before the battle had even begun.........that sort of feeling, I guess. Victory will always be attained by that person who had done ample preparations beforehand, isn't it?"

Though she was being praised by me, Bai Yu Hui still didn't display out any sort of delighted expression, instead using a heavy tone to speak.

"Luck played a huge role earlier, as in reality, wanting to paste a ghost exorcising talisman on the other party's glabella is an extremely difficult task, since there isn't any murderous ghouls who would stand on the spot like a wooden pole allowing me to paste it on them. It's a coincidence that the person that I'm facing against is a female. Also, if the goal is to crush a woman's mental fortitude, it's enough to just land a painful impact on the matter that the other party feared the most." 

(TL: quick definition, glabella is the area btwn the eyebrows)

I simply dropped onto the ground, lying down, with my both hands presented upwards.

"Umm.........what are you doing?"

"I'm kowtowing."

I've really learned something new.........

It's too impressive already.

The lowly me sprawled my limbs out on the earth in admiration!

Not only you're my life savior, you even made me learn what was being known as utilizing one's wits to crush the enemy!

Waah. That, wasn't just an uncertainty.

I originally thought that a battle held with a murderous ghoul would be impossible for it to end up being completely unharmed, as the other party was a sicko who habitually murders, being able to accomplish anything, not to even mention becoming a person that's like a lunatic dog who would still retaliate biting you even when death is certain upon them........

With the outcome that not only I didn't see any single drop of blood, the other party had also already been subdued.

When I saw Tong Jia Lin, I'm only able to run away disheveledly, even nearly having my own eyeball being gorged out as well, while Bai Yu Hui was able to effortlessly face off against such a terrifying existence.

"Please don't be like that, there's gold under a man's knees*. With your status, you shouldn't be succumbed kneeling towards anybody."

She suddenly lectured me with an extremely sternish tone, and stretched out her hands to grab mine which was placed on the ground, pulling me up thereafter.

Afterwards, she didn't let go of her hands, and just like that in that state of maintaining our hands being held together, she led me walking towards the opposite direction.

"Eeh, hold on, what about that woman?"

Are we going to leave her here uncaringly?

I turned around to look at Tong Jia Lin who was despairedly sitting in the middle of the pathway having urine leaked out; wanting to say that no matter what, she would still need to be resolved.

The Tong Jia Lin right now was like a mind-broken doll. Although she's still alive, there's completely no vigor in her any longer. That appearance of disorientation, it's not even an exaggeration to say that she's in a comatose state as well.

It's not an act of show, for even the color of her status had turned into a pitch-black color, and that undoubtedly was the best evidence that she had already been deeply entrenched within despair.

When would a person be despaired till they would become as such?

Perhaps when one knows that their demise is about to arrive, they would thus be very possibly reveal out such expressions.........

Bai Yu Hui too turned around to take a glance, but only carried scorn within her eye expressions as she coldly snorted and spoke.

"You don't need to pity her, this woman deserves it for the transgressions of what she had done, and later on will be eaten up by the ghost that's possessing her. Those people who died under her hands minimally number at ten, and receiving upon this sort of ending is also a karma's retribution."

"I see........."

I didn't say anything else, as I'm still not that saintly on desiring to save a person who just only wanted to murder me.

It's just that, upon seeing those looks of utter despair, any sort of person would be having feelings of lament towards it.

Falling into despondency equals to the demise of one's heart.........perhaps her heart had already died.

Shaking my head and turning around, I noticed instead that Bai Yu Hui was looking at my face with an dazed expression. I awkwardly scratched my cheeks and asked her.

"Erm, anything wrong?"

Bai Yu Hui who had regained back to her senses unveiled out a smile, as she held my hands and walked on once more, while saying to me.

"No matter how long it was, you're still that very you.........Yu Hui feels that, it's such a relief being able to meet you and stay by your side once again."

There's a passage of words which I didn't understand. Those eyes that she was using to gaze at me contained expressions of yearning within.

"Oh right, you are........."

I hastened my pace to walk side by side with her, and tilted my head aside looking at her while opening my mouth to want to query about her identity and her origin.

Why does Bai Yu Hui seem to be acquainted with me? Plus, she's very trusting onto me as well, with her status being blue-colored.........

"I'm Bai Yu Hui, don't you remember me already?"

"Um, one of those few people who did night self-revisions together in the library.........right?"

"Yes, but other than that, we have met before in the past. Before you're second-grade in elementary school, we always played together, as well as together with your meimei-dàren."

Eh? We once met each other at such a long time ago?

Hold on.........before second-grade in elementary school, it's that period before Laomā and Laobà married each other? After Ke Ling and Laomā came to our house, Laomā said that she hoped that we would also be able to take care of Ke Ling in school, hence me and Xin Ran then transferred to that elementary school where Ke Ling was at..........

And before that, me and Xin Ran went to another elementary school, and during that time, it was one of those rare periods of my life where I had friends, hence my impression of it as still rather deeply rooted..........

Bai Yu Hui, huh.........Bai Yu Hui..........Mm.........Bai.........ah!

"Ahh! I remember! So you're Xiao' Bai!"

(TL: Um, the joke here is that Xiao' Bai is a famous name for a dog.....and Yu Hui is like a servant to her master, Jun

I remembered that my first friend I made while during kindergarten, was my first friend that I had in my life. Always playing together from kindergarten up till second-grade elementary.........

It's that Xiao' Bai~!

But, in my mind, Xiao' Bai should be a boy whose personality was slightly frail instead?

I didn't expect that he would actually be a girl!

No, that can't be blamed on me as well, for during elementary, the school uniform was that sort of sports attire that entirely had a unified design, plus she hadn't yet developed, with Xiao' Bai's words that she spoke too being rather soft. And the crux was that her hair was just as equally short as me.........hence, I've always thought that Xiao' Bai was a boy whose personality is slightly frail.........

Ehh, forget it, let's not mention about the past anymore. If I don't say it out anyway, Bai Yu Hui wouldn't know that I've thought of her as a boy.

"You've always thought that I'm a boy, right? I remember that back then, when we head to the washroom together, I would always be forcibly dragged by you to the men's washroom.........."


I'd say, no wonder that time Xiao' Bai would always hide inside the cubicle upon going to the it's because that he was actually a she, and wasn't able to remain standing while peeing.........


"It's fine, the me when I'm young have a very short hair, and it's perfectly understandable on why you would have me mistaken as a boy. Plus, as my body haven't developed yet, even if we are to change together, you also completely didn't recognize it out as well."

So embarrassing.........

Bai Yu Hui. So, she was that Xiao' Bai, and hence would be carrying a 'Childhood friend' in her title as a result.

That's the reason on why I would somehow feel that she's rather familiar, huh?

"Oh right, why must you address me with '-dàren'? Plus using honorifics too, it's fine to just simply say out my name, we're childhood friends, right?"

(TL: the honorifics here is implied towards her using the polite form of 'you' (您) to him instead of the casual 'you' (你))

"Not only are we childhood friends, I too have several matrimonial destinies with you for quite a couple of previous lifetimes. Plus, I still remember the memories from those previous lifetimes, hence I would be like this protecting you."

Suddenly saying out a shocking speech.

I became dumbfounded for about three to four seconds before regaining back to my senses.

"Haa? Previous lifetimes? !"

She's doomed, this child..........she had eighth grade syndrome.........

Wait, but her title too had that factor of it being 'Reincarnation type', so was it really an eighth grade syndrome........?

Plus being able to use charms and whatnot to deal against murderous ghouls, no matter how one looks at it, she's not any such normal girl at all!

"You must be having a hard time believing it. However, it's not important on whether you believe it or not, as the fact that I'll always be protecting you for this lifetime will never change."

This lifetime.........straightaway just throwing out 'lifetime' as a figure........

Perhaps on seeing my expression becoming mixed, Bai Yu Hui in order to not make me carry on worrying about it, simply spoke as such.

"Just take it as a reciprocal of gratitude, as you deserve all of these, so treat it as if it's a free meal, and be validly at ease while eating it up."

Treating you as a meal and eating you up? Using what kind of eating methods? And which part do I start eating from?

Cough.........why would I think of evil thoughts already.........

"Even if you say that.........I still completely don't remember ever helping you in anything........."

Even if you say that you wanted to repay back your gratitude, but those things that I just couldn't remember at all, how could they be used as a reason.

Though more or less I had a sort of feeling that I've attained the upper end of the stick while still acting innocent, I really am unable to accept these sort of things that's not understandable at all.........

"Right now isn't the time to be talking to each other, as there are still four murderous ghouls within these streets. Let's first move to another place, Jun Cheng-dàren."


That's so sudden.

Forcibly changing away the conversation, Bai Yu Hui seemed to be very unwilling on continue speaking about this topic.

Maintaining silence while pulling my hand forward, after proceeding for a long time thereafter, we walked out from an alleyway.

"Still too late by a step, huh.........the final entrance has also been blocked off. Before the conflict between them is resolved, let's first hide ourselves."

Conflict? Was it referring to the face off between those murderous ghouls and.........Xue Qing?

Oh, right! When those murderous ghouls had finished searching the other regions, they definitely would discover the utterly dispirited Tong Jia Lin, and would proceed a step further on deducing that Xue Qing was at the south region!

No! I must seize the opportunity now to go tell Xue Qing about it! If not, even if it's Xue Qing, being surrounded and attacked by four murderous ghouls at once would definitely entail her out on not being able to deal against it!

"Wait, if that's the case, then let's first go look for Xue Qing! Jiang Xue Qing, she's my friend, and she's the target of those murderous ghouls this time, we better hurry up and go inform her!"

I hastily halted, and said towards Bai Yu Hui.

I originally thought that she would simply agree to my request, and afterwards proceed together with me to go look for Xue Qing, but........

What I received in return was a cold reply.

"What does she.........have to do with me?"


Bai Yu Hui turned around, with a look of extreme solemnity as she looked at me while saying.

"The person that I want to protect is only you, and as long that I'm able to guarantee onto your safety, I'll try my best to not hinder other matters."


Eehh, I can't find any sort of suitable reason to persuade her. She originally wasn't acquainted with Xue Qing, and letting her accompany me being in peril to save Xue Qing indeed seemed to be rather unreasonable.........

However, even if it's just only me alone, I'm going as well!

"Then let go of me! I'll go look for her by myself!"

"I cannot agree to that too."


After Bai Yu Hui refuted my decision with just a speech, she once again emphasized.

"I already said, that my main purpose is to protect you, so I cannot let you fall into danger.........I long knew that Jiang Xue Qing is the target this time, and if you want to go inform her about it, you will very possibly be dragged into the bloodshed amongst those murderous ghouls, and when the situation becomes chaotic then, I cannot guarantee onto your safety."

Completely heartless.

Her gaze was unprecedentedly unyielding; a justly righteous appearance.

Same as with me, the unwavering kind that never ever regrets once a decision has been made.

"Even if I'm to forsake everything about me, I will still protect you."

Though her status was blue-colored, with the level in which I'm able to treat her as a family being able to affirm trust within.........but.........if it's said that she wanted to treat me as a family member, she must have treated me like her younger brother or even her son already!

Because, she's too overly protective!

-ch 79 end-

(3257 words to tl)

Aren't you a little too impressive already = to clarify on some things here; it may seem weird, but it's a standard way of describing in CN. Read it as: Aren't you 'a little' 'too impressive' already.......

Victory will always be attained by that person who had done ample preparations beforehand, isn't it? = Ahahaha, Bruce Wayne would like to send you a cheque for in agreement with his ideology.

There's gold under a man's knees (男儿膝下有黄金) = a idiom used to describe that it's equally as rare as gold for a man to be kneeling down.........hence, a man shouldn't be kneeling down without a proper reason at all, as they should have pride and etcra etcra.

-dàren (大人) = used to address someone very respectfully, like that person is the 'master' of whom you serve. 

The most accurate english term for it would be 'Lord' :3, while the most accurate jp representation would be '-sama'.

meimei (妹妹) = younger sister

Laomā/ Laobà (老妈/ 老爸) = informal ways used to address mother and father respectively. Think of it as, "Ma" and "Pa"~

Xiao' (小) = a prefix used to address someone as 'little'. Jun Cheng uses the honorific to address Yu Hui cutely when she was young as a sign of affection


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