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Character Settings - Jiang Xue Qing

These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

TL: flarewk

Name: Jiang Xue Qing (姜雪情)

Title: [Active type Handicapped Admirer]

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 156 cm

Weight: 39 kg

Birthday: 3rd March

Things she like:

  • An Jun Cheng
  • Reading books (mainly suspense/horror stories)
  • Watching movies (love war movies, horror movies)
  • Cutting fingernails (nails will be kept in a small bag that she carries around all the time)
  • Collecting An Jun Cheng's body parts (from the start wanting hair, then gradually escalating, wanting beard, wanting body hair, wanting fingernail, wanting finger, wanting eyeball, wanting...........probably wouldn't want his life?)

Things she hate:

  • Noise
  • Places where there are a lot of people
  • Anything that jeopardizes An Jun Cheng's life


  • Heartless, Mouthless, Expression-less
  • Actually it's not that she's not good at communicating, it's only that she find it rather troublesome, it being not needed at all.


  • Grey colored short hair
  • Dark blue colored pupils
  • Petite figure
  • Very light body weight
  • Pale sickly-like white colored skin
  • Evenly upright face
  • Delicately thin lips
  • Hair was cut to rather short
  • Mixed fringe being not tidy
  • Will put on spectacles when reading books or watching movies
  • Lacking in the breasts, legs, and bubble butt departments..........Nn, this is a cute type!

Favorite speech: Basically won't speak.

Words that she comparatively used more often: "Mm." ; Longest → "Give me your XXX."

① A girl sitting in the front seat of MC, in the looks department not inferior to Ji Lian Bing in any way, but because she essentially wasn't in contact with anyone else, hence her popularity in the school was lower than Ji Lian Bing. In some kuudere supportive fan clubs, she's being hailed as a goddess.

② Seemingly liked to read books in a place where it's quiet and have less people, her favorite author is Ayatsuji Yukito (绫辻行人).

③ Thinks that imperfection is the most beautiful thing ever, a typical handicapped admirer, her preferred type of disability type was broken hands and blind eyes.

④ Jiang Xue Qing being a handicapped admirer, didn't exactly have feelings for all disabled people, but only caring about the person whom she loved...........will develop sexual urges.

⑤ But if the person she loved wasn't a handicapped person, she would think of numerous ways to obtain body parts of the other party, turning them into a disabled subject, a very dangerous active type handicapped admirer.

⑥ The good thing is that she won't kill you, and when after you're handicapped, she'll wholeheartedly be concerned about you, taking care of you, protecting you, never ever betraying you............this is considered to be good news?

Below is a character settings drawing by 巫女酱:


TL Notes: 
The moment I saw the picture, one thing came to my mind. Nagato Yuki Chan no Shoushitsu.

Anyway, onto her name explanation.

Jiang Xue Qing 姜雪情 is a name, that just from seeing the last 2 words alone, can tell you that her emotions (情) were like snow (雪), and what does winter represent? Cold, Harshness, Aloofness, Alone, Darkness, Bleak.

Um, Jiang (姜) stands for ginger, and I interpret it as her, personality-wise once you warm up to her. Ginger by itself raw smells and tastes yucky, but give it warmness (heating it up, cooking it, putting in soup), and it'll be a perfect accompaniment to your meal (or in this case, to your life, a girl who's always dedicated to ya). Or maybe I'm just over thinking it.

So these are so far what I can come up with. >.>

Heartless, Mouthless, Expressionless = It's a indicated pun, basically she's just so expressionless you would think that she lacked everything

Ayatsuji Yukito = famous japanese author that wrote detective novels


  1. Origami Tobiichi was in my mind after reading her looks..

    1. I agree. She was also the first character that came to my mind. Dark Blue eyes and Short grey hair coupled with that expressionless face, it can only be Origami Tobiichi.

  2. I'm sure there's some really clever wordplay that could be done by replacing that 'handicapped' part with 'special needs' .
    But right now anything really remarkable doesn't come to mind.
    The 'active-type' is also kinda confusing , active in what way? Like actively pursuing handicapped people?

    1. This part is explained out, at the end, or very near to the end of Vol 2 :3

    2. I did consider it before but The meimeis and their confusing titles which said 'false' for the real one and 'true' for the step-meimei made me reconsider my thoughts.
      However it was indeed true, the titles didn't lie.
      And thus my initial guess of the meaning of 'active-type' was true too, ' actively pursuing ' that is what i was referring to as what is explained near the end of vol 2.
      And that is the major reason i wan't able to come up with something witty, as it would interfere with the 'active-type' part.

      Oh well, i'll tell if anything good comes to my mind.
      Also the other commentor is indeed correct. not just her illustration but her character lacks kuudere-ness. I didn't for once feel she was ever ' cool '. Till now my least favourite character in the novel.

  3. The good thing is that she won't kill you, and when after you're handicapped, she'll wholeheartedly be concerned about you, taking care of you, protecting you, never ever betraying you............this is considered to be good news?

    Hmm... At least she's better than a certain someone who wants to actually kill the mc.


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