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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c44

TL: Sorry for the long nil-updates. (:3

Volume 2, Chapter 44: Calm, Quietness

TL: flarewk

Corpse splitting homicidal maniac, huh............

I hadn't thought, that before Lian Bing had even done anything yet, there's a homicidal maniac suddenly appearing so prominently. Plus, that person looked to be even more malevolent compared to Lian Bing...........if Lian Bing was said to be only a homicidal attempter, then this person's already a hopelessly incurable present offender already.

So scary, it probably should be another pervert with a distorted mentality.

Speaking of which, since I possessed the ability to see through a person's original personality right now, who knows that I'm able to use it to help track down the person?

Uuu, but, if I was to be discovered accidentally, and not being able to catch onto the criminal as well, I guess that I'll become the next target then............

Homicidal maniacs should be people with a rather insane mindset, just like Lian Bing…

An apology somewhat

A misleading title? 😆
First and foremost, I'm sorry for not living up to my promises of being able to out consistent chapters daily for this blog.
It's mainly attributed to me being busy from school life, a 9am-6pm timing (not including 1hr transport to and back -3-), daily tkd training, school piled up assignments, homeworks, assessments, group projects and so on, necessitating me to study daily just to catch up on its load.
Some other reasons as for why I'm unable to out Jeopardy as fast as LDD, was because of chapter length, quality, free time span, to list a few.
Free time span - I'm able to out consistent LDD chapters in the past due to my hols, and I was then able to push out chapters as soon as I finished translating, without even checking it. (aka no proofreading, editing)
Quality - You may have noticed that in Jeopardy, I'm able to get out more higher qualitied tl works compared to the rest of my translations, as after translating them, I went through it once …

These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c43

Volume 2, Chapter 43: Covert ghosts, Suspicion

TL: flarewk

1st of April, Saturday.

Because of the series of holidays due to Qing Ming, there's still school as per normal today.

The things that occurred just now had too great of an impact to me already, which made me wide awake before I had even washed my face.

After having a hard time getting Xin Ran out of the washroom, I very tiredly gave off a sigh, and casually locked up the door as well.

Looks like from now on, no matter if it's rinsing or using the toilet, I'll have to lock the doors already...........Mm, I'll lock the bedroom door and the windows too, just in case.

Just when I wanted to wash my face, I once again discovered a few things that sent chills down my spine.

My toothbrush had disappeared, my towel is wet, plus inside my cup there's water collected into it, as if that there's already someone who used my toiletries before me...........don't tell me that I really had something ominous possessing onto …