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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c59

Vol 2, Chapter 59: Peculiar combination, Of circumstances

TL: flarewk

"That's good then. Since I'm able to treat this place as my home, I'm able to freely go in and out of it, right?"


"And since I'm able to come back here anytime, there's no need to be so obstinate for today already, isn't it? As such, for today I'll be first heading back then."


Xue Qing who was originally not good at conveying out her words simply just couldn't win over me in the aspect of talk duplicity, and was unable to say out a reason to stop me from leaving. Eventually, she could only give up thoughts of wanting to make me stay the night over.

It's been said that gentlemen wins not by using their fists but with their speeches, and I of course must blatantly utilize the advantage that I had, heeh~

"Speaking of which, I was in quite a hurry when leaving my house, not even notifying my family properly as a result. They should be worrying by now."

That one hundred and one missed calls made by Ke Ling...........suddenly remembering about it right now, I'm guessing that there probably wouldn't be peace when I've reached home.

Aaaahh, it's so annoying, it made me to suddenly want to stay over on spending the night..........

"Mm, meimei, is worrying."


How did Xue Qing know that the person who was worrying about me was my younger sister?

"Ah, it can't be that my meimei had given you a call?"

Was it Xin Ran, or Ke Ling? Who was it among those two that had given a call to Xue Qing already?

"I called."


I see, so Xue Qing gave me a call thereafter, huh? Aaaahh, why am I so rash, simply just rushing out of the house like that...........if I wasn't that impulsive, I probably would be able to pick up Xue Qing's call already..........

Forget it, it's fine this way too.

Although I've encountered onto all sorts of impact (especially those based on my vision) during early dawn today, but in surmise, I wasn't really hurt at all.

Don't mention about being hurt already, even my afflicted injuries were almost healed as well.

Plus, I also deepened the relationship between me and Xue Qing, Mn..........with my hands too groping her about terrifically..........

All in all, the gains were way more in retrospect.

"Then it'll be like this, I'll first take my leave, Xue Qing."

"I'll send you."

"No need for that, it's fine if you just tell me the directions, I'm able to go back by myself."

But Xue Qing still shook her head as she said.

"Black Street's disorderly, will be lost."

I thought for a moment. I didn't have any obstinate reasons to be rejecting her, hence accepted onto her good intentions, saying as such.

"Alright then, it'll be fine for you to send me up to the exit."


Changing out of the slippers and walking out of the house, I realized that the weather outside had already become a little dull, with the passerbys on the road too becoming very few.

Xue Qing once again held my hands and led me towards the exit.

I had the distinct feeling that if it's not Xue Qing who was leading me, I by myself probably wouldn't be able to walk out at all..........

The feeling that it gave me was just like...........oh right, just like that day, a little similar to the cemetery where the deceased dead made their appearance.

When I went out of the cemetery, I felt some sort of sensation where I passed through a layer of membrane, wasn't that roughly the same as with the sensation I felt when going in and out of Black Street?

This street would very likely not be a normal place at all, my instinct told me as such.

"Oh right, Xue Qing. It's fine to just bring me to that exit of where we bought our items, or it's fine if there's any other nearby exits as well."

Xue Qing didn't raise any further enquiries as she nodded her head, agreeing to the request that I've made.

From all along, she wouldn't be rejecting onto my requests. Despite having such a petite figure, Xue Qing's rather dependable in contrast.

If the other party had lost us at the alleyway where we had entered Black Street, perhaps they would still currently be lurking nearby.

Of course, it's possible that they would have left since long ago, I'm just merely betting on my luck.

Afterwards, Xue Qing brought me to that alleyway entrance from where we had exited to go shopping earlier.

"From here, walk directly."

"Okay, it's fine for you to send me up to here already, just return back then, Xue Qing."

I waved my hands and was about to swiftly leave the area, when Xue Qing pulled onto my hands forcibly instead, causing me to immediately lose my balance and fall backwards.

But I didn't make contact with the ground, leaning in the opposite direction of Micheal Jackson's 45° angle lean instead, as I had my head being hugged by Xue Qing.

"Jun Cheng."

"What's the matter? Eeeh, this position, my back really hurts.........."

"Is friend."

"Ahhh? Ahh, yeah, we're friends. Why suddenly talk about this already?"

Was it because I had asked her about the meaning of friends earlier when eating dinner, hence she would once again emphasize that she's my friend?

But why must she pick the timing right now to say, she up to the very end still didn't give me a reason that could make me accept it.

Ultimately, Xue Qing, why did you treat me as a friend?

"Because, I like you."


The sudden confession made me a little lost for words, with my feet slipping, causing me to sit onto the ground on my backside as a result.

"That's why, want to get close to you."

I who was sitting on the ground wasn't as tall as Xue Qing already, as it changed to me gazing upwards at her, with the back of my head propping on her small stomach which was just as equally flat as her chest.

Xue Qing lifted my chin, causing me to gaze up at the sky in a 90° stance, afterwards lowering her head just like that..........reversely kissing my lips!

A kiss that was like a dragonfly that lightly touched onto the surface of water.

"Thank you."

Her petite lips slightly curled, as she unveiled a warm smile towards me, just like the ripples that appeared from a pond, causing my inner self to feel aflutter as well.

Afterwards, she half-squatted behind my back, hugging onto my body as she used her strength onto supporting me standing up.

Eeeeh? Her strength was that strong?

"Next time we see each other, will be.........."


I hadn't listen clearly onto what she said at the end, and was being pushed onto walking forward, resulting in me being unable to halt my footsteps to turn around, and could only turn my head backwards to the best that I can.

But because that her height was too small, I couldn't see her figure, and can only catch a glimpse onto her title.

The azure-blue status had started to change its colors, and I'm not sure on what kind of colors had been mixed within, as it turned more and more darker..........

"Wait, wait a moment, Xue Qing, what did you wanted to say? I didn't hear clearly!"

Just when I was about to walk out of the alleyway, my back was being forcibly shoved, with my footsteps unsteadily tripping forward, and just at that instance, I exerted out my best efforts onto turning around to look backwards!

I saw onto a snowy-white colored hair, coupled along with bloody red pupils.

Plus the status on the top of her head had turned blue-blackish in comparison with that set of red-whiteness, it turning indistinct to be gleaned due to it almost about to blend within the darkness at the background.

Saying that she liked me, but from her status, there wasn't any sort of pinkish color mixings at all, so that feelings of like wasn't referring to any sort of special feelings then.

But that deep bluish color that was so close to it being black, what sort of feelings was it exactly as well?

I haggardly fell back a couple of steps, and after knocking upon some sort of thing I then found back my balance, as I steadied myself while gazing intently towards inside of the alleyway, but the figure of Xue Qing wasn't around already.

Next time we see each other...........what will happen then?

What are you trying to tell me exactly..........Xue Qing..........

"Uuu, it hurts.........."

A sound resounded from behind me, which made me regain back to my senses as I shifted my attention back to right in front of me.

I've accidentally knocked onto a person just awhile ago, which was why I was able to retract onto my footsteps and not fall, but that person who was being bumped by me seemed to have been knocked down quite badly as well.

"Ah, my bad, I'm really sorry for bumping onto you.........."

I spun around, unveiling an apologetic smile as I stretched out my hands, about to pull the other party up from the ground.

Afterwards, my smile stiffened.

The other party upon lifting their head up and seeing my face thereafter, too had their entire body shuddering, as they became dumbstruck with their eyes largely gaping

Out of all the people that I could have bumped into, the person who was being knocked down by me was the kind that I'm most unable to deal with.......... the [Stalker (intermediary)] Lan Hua!

Eeeeeeehhh, I really want to run away...........

If you want me to explain on why I would be so disbarring onto Lan Hua-tongxue, it's without a doubt due to her gaze which was simply too appalling already...........that sort of gaze, which was just like wanting to see the entirety of myself from the outside to the inside, made my whole body raise up goosebumps...........

Mm? Gaze?

Wait, it can't be...........that Lan Hua was the person who had always been stalking me?

Coincidentally bumping upon Lan Hua-tongxue whose true personality was that of a stalker, near the entrance of Black Street? How could there be such a coincidental thing happening!

I dare to be certain, confirmed, as well as be definite! It's an absolute fact that this fella would be the person that was stalking me!

(TL: "I dare to be..." A pun based on the rhyming of three words: 我敢确,一以及肯!)

But then again, why would she be stalking me? Even if she had wanted to stalk, it would be better for her to go stalk Lian Bing..........unless it's that she wanted to get ahold of evidences or weaknesses regarding me?

After my thoughts had been sparked, the one who recovered first was me. I feigned an appearance of just only recognizing her, while using a brisk tone to speak.

"Mm? Lan Hua-tongxue? It's such a coincidence, I didn't expect that I will actually be meeting you here."

"Kya! Kyaa! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

She suddenly started screaming loudly.

One by one, passerbys started to shoot confused, perplexed and curious gazes over at our side, with me and Lan Hua-tongxue instantaneously becoming the center of attraction nearby.


I'd say, was there a need to be that shocked? Since you had always been stalking me, you should have made mental preparations onto being discovered by me, right.

(TL: the 'you' term here he's using is rather impolite, 你这家伙 (you this fella) )

If it's to be said, I'm then the real victim here, but it's you instead who first played that card, causing me to fall into an inferior state already! Those people that didn't know would really thought that I had done something terrible towards you!

Although the matter about Lan Hua-tongxue was really very troublesome, what I should handle first as a priority wasn't her however, but the surrounding passerbys!

I hastily spun around, and while waving my hands, I loudly cried out.

"Umm, everyone, stop rubbernecking already! It's merely just my girlfriend pouting against me!"

With that sentence being exclaimed, Lan Hua-tongxue instantly stopped screaming, and afterwards, a huge portion of the passerbys had an expression of disinterest as they said 'Under such public conditions, what lack of upbringing', 'If you two young couple are going to argue then just go home to argue', 'What an embarrassment', 'Then again, that brat's girlfriend looks to be rather on point' and so on, starting to traverse their own paths once more, with only a select few who still wanted to rubberneck nevertheless placing their gazes upon us.

Phew..........I finally managed to avoid vengenance...........

However, I just had the distinct feeling, that an extremely lousy excuse was seemingly used............

Lan Hua-tongxue looked at me blankly, with a shocked expression etched on her face, as she half opened her mouth to blankly gaze at me.

"Um? Lan Hua-tongxue?"

I bent my knees downwards to a half squatting posture, and waved my hands in front of her eyes.

And afterwards, she regained back to her senses.

What followed closely next was that her face turned bright red reminiscent to that of a cooked octopus, as she clutched her mouth, releasing a mysterious-like voice.


"Eeeh..........are you alright.........."

Um, speaking of which, this should be my first time that I struck a conversation with her............

Although the time that she was sitting diagonally behind me was way longer than the time where Lian Bing was sitting just behind me, but I equally didn't speak to her previously.

Hence, I don't really understand onto her personality.

But through her title as well as her status's color, I understood that she's a stalker that had tendencies leaning towards yuri regardless........... any case, I don't want to be acquainted with her.

After enduring it in for a while, Lan Hua-tongxue then let go of her hands, and right after deeply inhaling three times, she asked me with a trembling voice.

"Um, just now, g-, g-, girlfriend, are you saying about me? !"

"Ah, sorry, you must feel rather troubled by me saying out those kinds of words, huh. I merely don't want passerbys to misunderstand and blow the matter up..........."

While saying, I stretched my right hand over to her, wanting to pull her up.

She unhesitatingly grabbed my hand, but didn't stand up, placing her left hand covering mine instead. My hand had been being tightly grabbed by her using her both hands.

It's a little damp, her palm seemed to have dripped out lots of sweat.

"Um, um, ummm, ttttttttttttttttttttthhhhhankkkkk yyyyyouuu........."

Just like a recorder which had been stuck, she trembled as she said out words of gratitude.

While I was just like a CD player instead which hanged, with my entirety being solidified in stone.

(TL: two famous neta, one is a recorder being often repetitive, another is a cd/dvd player which often hangs)

The sweat in her palms became even more and more, and I felt that it was even like using a wet cloth to wipe my hands already. Just like where one had finally obtained onto their favorite toy, she fondly played around with my hands addictingly.

(TL: the word 'addictingly' was used to replace '爱不释手', which describes an act of being fondly addicted to something so much that they cannot put it down with their hands. A neta metaphor in this case describing a handful situation)

Her hand movements were a little ambiguous, as she intersected and entangled her fingers with mine, plus she even massaged the sides of my fingers.

What's leaking from her can't be saliva, right..........


Um, why would it become like this............

Why, when Lan Hua was facing me............

Would her status be pink-coloreddddddd!

-ch 59 end-

(3289 words to tl)

Peculiar combination, Of circumstances (阴差、阳错) = A chinese idiom. It refers to a mistake made due to all sorts of coincidental reasons happening.

Deceased dead (僵尸) = reanimated corpses (zombies) created by magical properties.

Yuri (百合) = a female who likes the same sex. Another word for it would be "lesbian".

meimei = 'younger sister'

-tongxue (同学) = honorific for 'classmate'.


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