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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c84

Vol 2, Chapter 84: Glittering, Gemstone

TL: flarewk

This wasn't only just becoming disadvantaged; wasn't she about to be doomed! If the state of ghost transformation had been removed as well, what sort of backing would she have to go face to face with that fellow!

As expected, Ye Liu Su didn't let go of that chance, and was about to dash over after properly positioning himself, while Xue Qing coughed out blood from her mouth and wielded her blade in a horizontal manner, preparing to have a fight with him to her death.

If I still didn't step up to stop it right now, everything would be too late already!


I yelled while crazily dashing towards Xue Qing. Both people had their attention drawn towards my scream, temporarily halting their actions and looked at me in unison.

"Jun Cheng.........?"

Especially for Xue Qing, as after seeing onto me, she unveiled out an extremely surprised expression, closely followed with her face becoming ghostly pale, and shouted to me even more anxiously compared to when she was encountering danger.

"No, quickly run!"

Her voice was way louder than usual. She wanted to walk over to convene with me, but hadn't even stepped forward two steps and was halted due to the wound on her abdomen, it being so painful till she wasn't able to straighten up her waist anymore.

You didn't need to force yourself to move! I'll immediately go to your sides!

"Huh? How did you come in? I've already set up the isolation barrier, so there shouldn't be anyone who is able to enter this street.........oh~ I get it, you came in before I arrived here, hmm?"

While paying attention towards his movements, I ran towards Xue Qing's sides.

I rushed over and supported Xue Qing, just before she wasn't able to prop herself up any longer.


"What do you mean by 'why'! You're already like this, can't I even come over!"

While hugging Xue Qing, I went on to inspect her wounds. Her sides had been stabbed, it's no wonder she was leaking out so much blood.........I'm not even sure if it had wounded her internal organs as well.........tch!

What's bizarre was that Ye Liu Su didn't continue on his assault, instead being extremely interested as he observed me and asked.

"Looks like the relationship between you and her aren't shallow at all? What's your name, boy?"

"I have nothing to say to you."

"Oho, such an arrogant attitude.........if I'm to kill him right in front of you, your expression should have changes then? Hehee, I suddenly feel like seeing you in tears~"

This damning fellow, he had actually started to play with us, huh!

"Jun Cheng........."

"Rest properly, I'll think up of something."

There's still one last solution.........

However, I'm not sure if that solution would be effective or, even if it was effective, I had no clue on what to do afterwards as well. However.........I could only do it!

I gulped in the saliva in my mouth with a *gu dong* sound, lowering my head and waited.........

The instance that a foot stepped into my line of sight, I hugged Xue Qing tightly, opened up my mouth and yelled!

"Ye Liu Su!"

Screamed out his name loudly with focused concentration!

"Ye Liu Su!"

"Eh.........! How did you know my name........."

Even if it's not a 'true name', it by right would more or less display out some effects!

It's impossible on wanting to control the other side, as about that, Xiang Yue Xun had already told it to me.

However, if it's to temporarily restrain the other party's movements, it should still be possible..........

"Stop there! Don't move!"

I've nearly said it out while having both my arms raised upwards already.

But it's sufficient for just the first two words, because.........

It worked!

Ye Liu Su's entirety gave off a tremble as he dumbly stood at his original position, with his astonished eyes expressing out the current wavering within his mind!

Next, what should I do.........of course, it's to attack!

With that thought just only appearing, Xue Qing who was in my arms had already dashed out!

She instinctively exploited that loophole, firmly grasping the short knife within her hands and stabbed towards Ye Liu Su's heart!

The position wherein the knife pierced had blood gushing out like a fountain of pillar. 

Ye Liu Su had his eyes unbelievably gaping wide, as he gazed at his bleeding heart that had been pierced through, wanting to use his hands to clutch onto it, yet wasn't able to no matter how much he clutched. His body was already able to move, but could only trip three to four steps backwards, and fell down with a *pu tong* sound.

.........She did it!


She did it!!!

She killed him!

"That's too impressive already! I haven't even reacted, and you're already dashing over!"

After hugging the wobbly Xue Qing and placing her on the ground, I knelt down on one knee and said in awe.

"Jun, Cheng........"

"Don't move about, Xue Qing, I'll first help to bandage you up."

I indicated to let her lie down properly in order to make it convenient for me to help her bandage the wound at her abdomen, but she continued on speaking.

"Still not........."

Still not what?

"You brat........."


There's a voice resounding from right behind me!

He actually still haven't died, huh!

"I'll kill you!"

I used my fastest speed onto lifting up Xue Qing, but it's too late to dodge it already!

Damn it.........! I'm too careless!

I should have went over to provide a few extra additional stabs as well.........that's a murderous ghoul after all, and even if his heart was to be pierced, he wouldn't die on the spot!

I'm about to get stabbed.........

But, nothing happened.

I turned around in bewilderment.........perhaps I shouldn't have turned around, as I wouldn't have seen that scene then.

Unbeknownst to me, Bai Yu Hui had dashed right between the both of us, and had hugged onto my back.

Blades are heartless.

It cleaved downwards without giving me an opportunity to react, tearing her clothes and skin apart, leaving an indeterminable gash behind on her back.

Yu Hui who was facing me deeply wrinkled her eyebrows, but eventually spewed out a mouthful of blood unresistingly, it entirely spraying on my face, closely followed by her plastering on my back. I spun around and hugged her.


Seeing the slash mark on her back turning red, my mind became blank.

Why would it turn red........?

I who wasn't able to lie at all couldn't even lie to myself. Even though I'm unwilling to face the truth, I still became aware of it........

It's blood........

Fresh blood leaked out from Bai Yu Hui's back, seeping into the asphalt road.

My face was splattered full of Yu Hui's blood, dripping into my eyes, feeling a sensation of prickling pain yet didn't close them up.

"Hm? A sacrifice on blocking the blade? Such a relationship isn't bad at all.........but, next up will be you, brat!"

The voice that was the origin of evil resounded right ahead, his eye expression full of fury, with the status on his head becoming dyed red.

I gritted my teeth, while having my lips trembling, as I tightly hugged onto her, using my hands to clutch her wounds with my head lowered.

I heard Xue Qing calling out my name, but it felt like it was at such a far distance away.

Xue Qing who afterwards rushed before my front swung her blade, forcing the man to stay far away from me thereafter, turned around to glance at me and Yu Hui who's within my embrace.

Blades crossed each other; it felt like those stuff were happening in another world, indistinct and distant.

From my unnaturally gaping mouth leaked out a sound. That's a sound, emanated from the depths of my chest and utilized on my throat, that I gave with uncontrollably bursting emotions, yet I wasn't sure if it's a crying sob or a furious roar.


My's all my fault!

If I'm only able to be slightly more careful.........if I had only reacted to it in the nick of time........!

Damn it........!

Damn ittt!!!

The strength within my hands subconsciously slowly increased. I tightly hugged Yu Hui who's within my embrace, with my eyes feeling that it's about to leak tears out. I hastily shut my eyes up, intending to hold it in and not cry, but squeezed out the tears that had completely filled up my eyes instead.

".........Even if a man have tears, they shouldn't be batting easily.........tears don't suit you, Jun Cheng-dàren........"

A feeble voice rang into my ears. Hands that had turned icy cold caressed my face, and wiped away the tears that I just leaked.

I hastily wrenched open my eyes, carrying a gaze of surprised delight looking at that person in my arms.

"Yu Hui?!"

"Please don't shout loudly.........I'm a little giddy........."

"Ah, sorry, sorry! It's such a relief that you're still awake!"

She still hadn't lost her consciousness, huh?! As a girl, wasn't she too tenacious already!

No wait, this wasn't the time to be rebutting!

It's such a relief!

It's really such a relief!

"Mm.........if this goes on, I'll fall into unconsciousness from loss of blood.........can you help to bandage up my wounds?"

She excruciatingly spat out that sentence with half her eyes prised open.

"Hold on! I'll immediately bandage you up!"

I stripped off her clothes and bra in nearly a state of aggressiveness, hastily using the short knife to tear her clothes up into two pieces afterwards, and used one of them to wrap up the wound through the sides of her shoulders to her back. After completing it, I once more pulled it towards the front of her chest and tied a knot.

"Hold on! Yu Hui! You'll be able to go out immediately! Please don't let anything happen to you!"

".........Uuu, you don't need to blame yourself too much.........this is what I........should be doing........"

She had already turned into that state, yet she was still worried about my feelings, huh.........!

She as well, you as well.........all of you are idiots!

She feebly gave off a smile, and powerlessly held my hands and spoke.

"Please don't worry about it.........I'm already using true qi to stop the'll be fine in the short term.........cough........."

"Don't speak anymore! Aren't you already spitting out blood! Still acting tough!"

I used a hand to support Yu Hui up, hugging onto her waist, and carefully shifted her to the sides of the street.

"This kind of sensation where my consciousness is slowly drifting's been a long time........."

"Ha? What stupidity are you saying! Don't sleep! You must stay awake!"

What's good to be reminiscent about being wounded!

"Of course; it's not finally be able to not sleep anymore, I still want to stay by your side even longer........."

"I remember, that lifetime.........I died in your arms just like that.........thinking back to it right now.........that's also a kind of unprecedented happiness too.........

"Don't spout foolish words anymore, you won't die!"

".........I don't want to die too........but, I'm so sleepy........."

"Don't sleep!"

However, no matter how much I cried out, Bai Yu Hui still closed up her eyes.

No, even if it's like that, the bleeding still wasn't able to be stopped at all.........! The wound was too deep already!

If I only had an emergency first aid kit; it's fine even if it's just bandages too, were there anything around that would be able to treat her......... it!

Oh right, what's the situation currently like?

I hastily lifted up my head to locate Xue Qing and Ye Liu Su. The both of them were heavily wounded, with both parties wobbling about. What's contested in the end wasn't technique, and neither strength, but willpower.

I must create an opportunity for Xue Qing!

I too didn't know what came up over me, perhaps due to instinct, or perhaps due to the natural reflexes of my body, as in any case, I pulled out that magatama without any consideration placed into it at all, swung it by its string and hurled it over while loudly yelling.

"Xue Qing! Close your eyes!"

The magatama turned green to red in mid-air, with burning flames once again igniting. Having his eyes dazzled by the sudden ignited blaze, Ye Liu Su covered up his eyes in counterpoise.

"Eh.........what's this..........!"

When Xue Qing saw this blaze previously, she too immediately distanced away from me, with an appearance of being unwilling to get close to me, so it should also by right be effective towards Ye Liu Su!

The magatama which fell onto the ground gave off a loud crisp sound, with the blazing flame too becoming extinguished.

Ye Liu Su was still clutching his eyes while waving his blade about wildly.

It's of course impossible for Xue Qing to pass up this opportunity, as she sliced the other party's weapon along with his wrist off!

Although he's unable to see anything, he still instinctively swiftly retreated backwards after losing his wrist.

Xue Qing immediately stepped forward, leaping out speedily, gripping her blade firmly with both hands and plunged it right into Ye Liu Su's stomach!

But it still wasn't yet enough, as she instantly spun her body and shifted the blade!

The blade drew out a blood colored semi circle in mid-air!

*Pa ta pa ta*, organs from within the sliced open abdomen fell out onto the ground faster than his body, with Ye Liu Su's expression completely becoming dumbfounded.........then, he crumpled.

The status disappeared, he's finally thoroughly dead!

-ch 84 end-

(3140 words to tl)

Glittering, Gemstone (珠光宝气) = an idiom representing the brilliance of gems sparkling. Being used to describe the sparkling beauty of something, be it clothing or places.

Blades are heartless (刀刃无情) = A general reference to sharp objects in general being cruel, not giving you second chances when it........stabs

-dàren (大人) = it's a suffix which refers to someone very respectfully, uh. It basically puts the person in a level above yourself, in stature to show respect to him/her. Can be male/female


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