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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c75

Vol 2, Chapter 75: Just nearby, Ghoul Encountered

TL: flarewk

It's my second time already, having my head wrapped up by a girl using her thighs just like this, but no matter it being the first or the second, what it always led me towards wasn't heaven, merely being hell instead!

Simply like how one says, it's an incentive that was given to you beforehand, because what's coming up next was that something very terrible would be happening to you!

I nearly died the last time, so this finger is about to be sliced off?

What sort of hellish joke was this!


Right now, I didn't care about anything anymore, and as long as there were some place that I could still move, I would go on to move it, just like a tiny bug which was struggling in a spider's web, desperately wanting to wrestle out from the binds.

However, Xue Qing didn't purely use force to suppress me, but used her four limbs to grapple onto my arms and legs, it encompassing of body grappling techniques, so no matter how vigorous I was, I was still being firmly affixed onto the ground.

"Only, a finger."

Not even one is allowed at all! Also, you only wanted a finger this time, then what of the next? Are you sure that there wouldn't be a next time? Last time, you merely said 'Only want fingernails', but with the outcome that right now, didn't you come looking for me for other body parts already? Speaking of which, it's said at the beginning to be just whole pieces of fingernails, right. But now, it turned out to be the whole finger!?

I really wanted to spout out all of these words in a single mouthful, but because my mouth was being clogged up, I could only continue to struggle around while being muffled.

And Xue Qing too noticed that she had clogged up my mouth, for she then slightly lifted up her butt and shifted them backwards, sitting on the floor afterwards, before using the triangular region at her crotch area to clutch on the top of my head.

"I don't want at all! Why did it turn out to be a finger already! Isn't it just fingernails earlier!"

Xue Qing just as usual didn't say out her reasons, merely lowering her head to look at me while saying out the recompense made afterwards.

"After it's done, I'll help to suck."

"Haa? Suck what? Don't tell me that you're going to help me suck my injury? How long would it take for it be cured by you sucking it........."

"My saliva.........equally effective."

What does that 'effective' mean? Saliva.........ahhh, it can't be that Xue Qing was referring to her saliva equally having wound-repairing properties as well?

Mn? That doesn't sound right~ She's only just a human being........

"Why would your saliva contain healing properties as well! Don't tell me that you're just like Xiang Yue Xun, not being human anymore?"


What does a 'perhaps' mean! It can't be, that even yourself wasn't clear about it?

Xue Qing and Xiang Yue Xun were both very acquainted with each other, and thinking back to that scene that Xiang Yue Xun made me see.........Xue Qing's hair becoming completely white, even her pupils turning red as well, it all seemed to have some form of interconnection linking with Xiang Yue Xun.........

Perhaps the both of them were just like me and Li Li, having signed some sort of contract and whatnot? Just like me having shared mental strength from Li Li's side, Xue Qing too gained some characteristics of a ghoul from Xiang Yue Xun.

This would probably be the closest guess towards the truth.

However, towards such a suggestion, I of course chose to not agree to it, hence I still used a completely unwavering gaze to stare at Xue Qing while saying.

"That won't work as well, this isn't about the problem of being painful or not, for as long as it's a normal person, they wouldn't want to lose away a portion of their body."

"Even if, I let you touch?"

Cough cough cough! Don't just sell away your body that easily!

"You this loli, there's not even any hairs being grown out yet, so don't come up to seduce me!"

Xue Qing slightly tilted her petite head, and asked me with a look of innocence.

"Jun Cheng, don't like?"

Uuu, if I said that I didn't like her, it would be an act of a dishonoring gentleman.

But if I said that I liked it, it'll be a little.........criminal-ish already........

"I do like it, but still........."

It wasn't a problem of liking it or not.

"Then, up to you."


"My body, up to your usage."

" *Pu!* "

She simply threw out her ultimate move! She really just went on selling away her body!

Because I'm gazing at Xue Qing's pupils, feelings of maliciousness started enrapturing once again, and those malicious thoughts appearing this time was so impulsive that it caused my body to immediately have a reaction!

My heart's wildly beating, as the evil thoughts within my mind gradually spread it's shadowy figure around the surroundings, broadcasting a 'Agree to her, quickly agree to her! Afterwards, you're able to do whatever you wanted already! You can do anything towards her already! It's alright even if she's mind-broken from overplaying!' such kinds of wicked thoughts.

Damn it!

No, no, no! Just think up of a reason to reject it! Hurry up and reject it!

"If it's only once........."

"No matter, how many times."

Her words was always like that, not having a bit of hesitation within them at all, both serious and decisive.

She wouldn't deceive me, and would present her truest and most original self to me.........the same type as I am.

I felt it during the first time of us having contact with each other, she and I are of the 'same kind'.

It's that so called 'the same kind being attracted to one another', which was why I was so deeply enraptured by Xue Qing.

"Give me, finger."

Even though there are no fluctuations in her tone, with her words completely having no emotions, rather than saying that it's a negotiation, it's more like describing out the facts of a matter.

"Give me your body part........."


"And I'll be, as to your use."

That indeed is a negotiation. She's willing to use her body to trade for my body's disability. It's an extremely unfair deal, as compared to the price she had to pay, the price that I have to fork out was said to be the most minimal of the minimal.

However.........after I've handed over this finger, perhaps I wouldn't be myself any longer.........if I'm to be indulgent in her body, what's the difference in selling myself off as well.........

And so, eventually, it would only be an equal barter.........respectively interchanging our bodies.........exchanging with one another.........

"Everything of mine, given to you."

Even though I knew that it's something that's not right, but when it floated into my ears, it had an unparalleled sensation of temptation, simply just comparable to the whispers of a demon.

Why, why would Xue Qing's voice make me be unwavered to this sort of level every matter when, her words would always be able to spark up the malicious thoughts within me..........

I somehow felt that it all doesn't matter long as I'm able to hug this girl right in front of my eyes, everything else doesn't matter anymore.........

Obeying my lust, giving up on resistance, sinking as such.

"Ahh, ahhh........."

I gave up struggling, and my body stopped moving around wildly. Before I had even replied her, my body had already given up and agreed to her.

Xue Qing unveiled out a cute smile, as she unloosened my wrists, using both her hands to hold onto my face, afterwards slowly bent her waist, lowering her head.........

I then placed my hands on my chest and closed up my eyes, already in acceptance for what's to come.........

Just at this moment, a scorching burning sensation emanated out from my chest, it so boiling hot that it's like the fire within my heart becoming lit, my lust was already been that ardent to that extent, huh......... 

Uuu, hold's so's becoming even hotter and hotter wait, isn't this too hot already? A person's body temperature was able to rise up till such a level?

I who wasn't able to endure that scorching painful sensation frowned while opening up my eyes!

Afterwards, I saw.........that there's a fire being lit on my chest!

Wah! It really was on fire!

"Uwaaaahhh! Hothothothot!"

The f***, what's the matter with this fire? Don't tell me it's that legendary scene of a human body suddenly combusting?

Speaking of which, my clothes had already been drenched by Xue Qing's pee, so why would it still be able to combust!

How did this fire exactly happen?


Xue Qing's petite legs made contact with this fiery blaze; she frowned and moved away from my body thereafter.

Without her suppression onto me, I instantly lifted up my torso and hastily fanned the burning flames on my clothes, with it not having any darned use at all, and as I saw the blaze gradually expanding out, I could only frantically strip off the jacket that's on me.........ah, the present!

Though it's still in flames, but in order to preserve the gift that I'm giving Lian Bing, I gritted my teeth and still stretched my hands into the flames, all the way into the pockets of the jacket to search for the magatama.

I very successfully located it, afterwards hastily stretched my hands out, and blew huge mouthfuls of air towards my hand!

With its temperature being so hot, my hand should already have its skin being burnt off..........

"Huuu! Huuu! Huuu! HuuU.........?"

My hand didn't have any burns on it, and although I'm still able to feel onto that fiery blazingly hot sensation, it didn't cause any sort of harm onto me. The magatama that was being grasped in my hands had turned into a fiery red color, and this bout of blaze seems to be.........coming out from the magatama?

So this magatama actually had such a miraculous effect?

At the same time, it also cleanly incinerated off all those malicious thoughts from my mind!

Plus, Xue Qing seemingly wasn't willing to lay contact with this blaze, as when it's just a small blaze, she had already moved away from my body.........

Right now's a good chance!

I hastily stretched out my hands to pluck out that short knife which had my left leg affixed, and afterwards, using my right leg as a supporting point, I simply stood up and ran!

Xue Qing just then too reacted over it, wanting to repeat her old technique, and threw out the dagger that's in her hands.

And I who had long anticipated onto that aspect immediately jumped on scene, dodging that dagger which breezed over. Xue Qing's aim wasn't to harm me, and since it's as such, her primary aim was to retain me then, and as long as I knew about that point, it'll be easy to avoid it afterwards.

I too didn't pause, simply placing one hand on the window ledges and unhesitatingly jumped out!

While in midair, I threw away that short knife,  and did a roll amongst the cluttered grass in Xue Qing's house courtyard after, with my bare upper body having a few injuries scratched out. But it's fortunate that I didn't twist or sprain onto anywhere, as my mobility prowess is still present!

Crawling up from the earth, while walking over to pick up the short knife that fell on the ground, I raised my head up to look towards the windows.

Xue Qing was standing by the windows looking over at me. She didn't have the intentions to jump right after me, but turned and left from the windows after glancing at me.

I too didn't halt there, and after I stuck the short knife within the belt of my trousers, I simply ran out of the courtyard.

Wasn't this back to that 'You chase, I run' scenario right from the very beginning.........

Next up, where should I go hide myself........thinking for a moment, I didn't continue wandering about on the streets, but trailed the streets in search for a clothing store, preparing to firstly seek for a set of clothes to put on.

Then again, even though the opportunity this time was that great, in the end, I was still too careless already. No, it should be said instead, that I wasn't able to conduct any sort of acts on harming Xue Qing.........I'm always that soft-hearted, which was why I would have nearly been reverse-pushed.

(TL: reverse-pushing here refers to the contradicting act of a woman pushing a man down)

With the outcome that this magatama displayed out its effects, but how did that fiery blaze exactly came about? Plus, it actually didn't cause a burn onto me?

I held the magatama within my hands and placed it close to my eyes. That blazingly hot temperature earlier had already dissipated, with the magatama itself too regaining back its original grassy green color.

This can't be, the legendary........

Because I didn't see what's ahead of me when I'm walking, I bumped head-first into a pile of extremely soft object.

And under that bout of opposing force, I fell down sitting backwards.

"Eh? What........"

Before my eyes appeared two pairs of long legs, I seemed to have bumped into a person.

Hold on, a person? A person? !

Excellent, so there's still a person around!

I ecstatically raised my head up, and just when I thought of wanting to ask a favor from the other party, I saw the other party saying instead.

"Oh my? Little boy, your eyes look real nice~"

It's a slightly shrillish woman's voice, and it sounds rather jarring.

Rubbing my nose, I continued to lift my head upwards to look, and I hadn't even seen the other party's face clearly, but because I saw onto another aspect, it completely made me dumbfounded.

Because that scarlet red title was even more attracting to my eyes.

"It makes one unable to resist plucking it out to have a taste, hoho~"

"! ! !"

[Eye collecting Murderous ghoul]

[Tong Jia Lin]

Damn it!

Why would I encounter a murderous ghoul!

-ch 75 end-

(3196 words to tl)

😒: 2 chapts tmr as well

*Pu!* (噗) = a sfx. Thy picture says a thousand words ↓

Little boy (小弟弟) = Um, it's not exactly the best translation, (it felt extremely weird for me), but it's the best I can think up so far. Although the direct translation for it is 'little young brother', but the correct contextual interpretation is 'little young boy'........if you can find a fitting meaning for that, let me know!


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