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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c50.8

Volume 2, Chapter 50.8: The [Perfect type Head maid]'s gaze

TL: flarewk

[Perfect type Head maid]'s gaze:

Nighttime, 8 o' clock.

With a hand lifting a tray, my other hand pushed open the doors of dàxiaojie's private bedroom.

Dàxiaojie was using her phone to watch a video, with a few books being placed on the round table.

The books were all about the mentality of handicapped admirers.

I knocked on the door, walking to the sides of the round table afterwards, and reminded dàxiaojie.

"Dàxiaojie, here's your red tea."

Dàxiaojie nodded her head, with her vision still placed on the phone. The video contents that she was watching were clips about analyzing the mentality of handicapped admirers.

Huhuhuhu, she's hardworking indeed.

That's right, one must understand about the other party even more than they had understood about themselves, all the way until the strengths and weaknesses of the other party was thoroughly mastered, before one can then always get ahold of the initiative.

"Mm, place it on the table first then, I'll drink it in a moment."

I bowed and placed the tray on the round table, afterwards returning to behind dàxiaojie, awaiting her orders at any moment of time.

Before dàxiaojie goes to sleep, I must always be standing by here, to prepare for dàxiaojie's oft needs.

After 23 minutes later, dàxiaojie who had finished watching the video pinched her philtrum twice, holding up the teacup and sipping a mouthful before telling me.

"Xue Li, go and investigate that poker face for tonight."

I unveiled a smile while tilting my head, asking in return.

"Are you Jiang Xue Qing?"

Dàxiaojie would give everyone a nickname, if it's poker face, it would be referring to that girl who was sitting in front of Jun Cheng-shàoye, Jiang Xue Qing.

But, why would dàxiaojie suddenly want me to go investigate her?

"Mm, I want to know about her secret............"

"If it's about her secret, didn't you know about her 'personality'? If not, you won't be here too looking at books and videos about handicapped admirers already."

Jiang Xue Qing is a handicapped admirer; to put it simply, she's a person who loved disabled people.

To me, this sort of interest was rather commonly seen, but it was rather rarely sighted amongst humans instead.

Since a majority of humans upon seeing handicapped people, what first rose up was feelings of superiority, afterwhich having feelings of sympathy, and those who would develop envy, or even love affections number extremely few.

Human society was 'a society inclined to the majority', hence just like Jiang Xue Qing, a 'minority', would then be receiving discrimination, completely not being able to blend in with the surrounding human beings.

Plus, she wasn't like dàxiaojie as well, being able to disguise herself, hence she would end up being alone by herself.

"She's a handicapped admirer, and will develop love affections towards the disabled; about that point, it's confirmed already. right, there should still be something else."

There was something else?

Looks like dàxiaojie had also detected onto something amiss already.

Jiang Xue Qing wasn't just a pure handicapped admirer. It'll still be alright if it's just a normal handicapped admirer, but she's.............

"In any case, I'm counting on you to go investigate about it, Xue Li."

Dàxiaojie's intuition was usually very accurate. Although it's said that a woman's sixth sense was very precise, but dàxiaojie's was even more superior.

After her originally very sensitive sense of smell was being added up with her intuition, it could be said that it's already a 'foresight'.

"Huhuhuhu............her body was saturated with the stench of blood. If she's really a normal person, why would the stench of blood on her body be so strong?"

I unnervingly asked out the uncertainty that was lingering within dàxiaojie's mindset.

"Are you thinking, that Jiang Xue Qing is that widely rumored corpse splitting homicidal maniac?"

"I'm still not so sure, but, it's very possible that it's her."

As expected, dàxiaojie linked Jiang Xue Qing together along with that corpse splitting homicidal maniac.

Plus, Jiang Xue Qing expressed out an extreme 'interest' towards Jun Cheng-shàoye as well.

Hence, dàxiaojie would then start to be mindful about things with regards to Jiang Xue Qing, being afraid that she would lay hands on Jun Cheng-shàoye.

"Whoever she lay her hands on had nothing to do with me, but if she wants to take action on Cheng Jun............"

Dàxiaojie's face expression darkened, with the force on her hands gradually increasing, and 2 seconds later, just like what I've anticipated, the handle of the teacup was being crushed.

I stretched out my right hand to receive the bottom of the teacup, and afterwards, those tea droplets that were being splashed out were being returned back to the teacup, drop by drop.

The shattered pieces that were being splattered out everywhere by dàxiaojie was being intercepted by me using the tray, and in a single motion, I had them landing onto the tray.

In a moment later, I'll hand them along to maid Lin Bai to handle them then.

I'll firstly change a new teacup for dàxiaojie, luckily, I've brought along spare teacups, huhuhu.

"Dàxiaojie, first have a cup of tea to calm your spirits."

"Thank you, Xue Li."

"You don't need to say speeches of gratitude towards your servants."

"Huhuhuhu, indeed it is, because the gratitude that I have towards you cannot be completely expressed out with just a sentence."

I gave off a smile, and didn't say anything else afterwards.

Dàxiaojie had seemingly regarded me as her educator, or even as family, but not a servant.

Ai ya ya, she actually developed familial affections towards's a little troubling. If she's just treating me as a tool or a servant, I'll be able to leave burdenlessly, but when dàxiaojie instilled such emotions onto me.............

I'll be unwilling to part from you~.

"Xue Li, what do you think?"

"Mm? Are you inquiring about my opinion?"

I slightly became a little unfocused already, but after hearing dàxiaojie's query, I still managed to react towards it.

"Yes, voice out your opinion. You actually already knew about it, right."

"Indeed............I think that Jiang Xue Qing didn't intend to kill Jun Cheng-shàoye instead, but only............wanted to take away a few body parts from him."

It's not that she wanted to take away his life, but merely wants to just take away components of his body.

Dàxiaojie in a moment understood my meaning, as she stroked her chin and pondered for a moment before asking.

"That means, she only wanted to turn Cheng Jun into a person afflicted with disabilities?"

"Yes, I do think that her motive is merely as that."

That child, although I hadn't seen her much, but I knew that she wasn't that sort of person who enjoys murdering.

Although there's a stench of blood lingering on her, but there's completely not a single trace of killing aura present at all.

She's a gentle, good child~.

But, looking from the angle of dàxiaojie's, perhaps it's completely different already.

"Huhuhuhu............wanting to take away Cheng Jun's body, huh? Huhuhuhu~ Just for the sake of letting Cheng Jun's body be completely preserved, I didn't even use any weapon at all, hm? She............who gave her the right to just take away my Cheng Jun without permission?"

Greyness shrouded over dàxiaojie's surroundings. That's the emotions of enviousness.

Last time, when I retrieved over the photograph of Jun Cheng-shàoye together along with his meimei, dàxiaojie also displayed out slight emotions of enviousness.

But compared to against previously's, it's even more evident right now, as it had entirely saturated her up.

"Wanted to turn Cheng Jun into a handicap, huh? Then I'll first turn you into a handicap, letting you forever being unable to make a move............huhuhuhu.............Cheng Jun belongs to me, his entirety all belongs to me............."

Colors of pinkness dotted about decoratively within the purplish colors of obsessive desires.

It's really too beautiful already.

Within the impure obsessive desires, there's many other personal emotions mixed right in; that's dàxiaojie's feelings of love.

"And so, Xue Li, I'll still need to trouble you onto finding out her address, as well as the secret that she's hiding."

"No problem. Well then, I'll go carry out my task right now."

Dàxiaojie nodded her head, and I bent over my waist to salute a bow, before carrying the tray and walking out of dàxiaojie's room.

Maid Lin Bai was waiting for me right outside. Before I had came over earlier, I had already required her onto standing by outside the doors for orders.

"Tidy up these fragments, I'm going to take a trip outside."

"Ay~ Still going out when it's so late at night already?"

"That's right, it's to go carry out a task instructed by dàxiaojie."

"Ay~ Head maid, recently, you've always been going outside to carry out tasks. So good~ I also want to go out and playy~"

"Going outside to carry out tasks, aren't playing outside at all, hm? Maid Lin Bai............are you thinking of going into the basement once again?"

"I'm extremely sorry! I'll go handle these rubbish right now!"

After hearing the word 'basement', Lin Bai was like a bird which was startled by a gunshot, as she vanished right in front of me in a puff of smoke.

"Ai ya ya............"

That child, Lin Bai, was just as true to her name; too overly innocuous and straightforward. Being a maid yet always thinking about going outside to play, it's really such a disqualification already.

To educate her into an independent maid, looks like that it'll still requires the work of annealing through time.

After walking out the entrance doors of the mansion, I changed the currently donning maid outfit into that attire I had worn previously, and used a hair band to tie my hair into a ponytail.

Speaking of which, last time Jun Cheng-shàoye, no, it should be Xiao' Jun, said that this attire that I was wearing was rather pretty.

But Xiao' Jun should be preferring maid outfits instead? Was the skirt still being too long already? I'll alter the skirt to be shorter a little then, huhuhuhu............the sensation of being gazed at was rather exhilarating indeed.

Well then, next up, it's time to start carrying out the task.

Seizing the opportunity of night darkness, I let my 'eyes' out. Although normal people were basically unable to see my 'eyes', but in this city, there were many 'non-humans' existences who were able to sense my eyes.

Although dàxiaojie wanted me to go investigate onto Jiang Xue Qing's address, but the place where she was living wasn't simple at all, as the eyes weren't able to directly find onto the exact spot of Jiang Xue Qing.

Now then, what should I do?


I'll just go look for a person that she would be in contact with for tonight then.

Let me see............where would it be............ah, found it.

I didn't think that it would go that smoothly, huhuhu.

After locating the target, I immediately turned my gaze towards the residing area of that eye being affixed on the target.

What this eye was gazing, was a man who was dyed immersively with redness, him entirely saturated with killing aura.

This man is able to bring me to go look for Jiang Xue Qing.

The man was seemingly prepared beforehand, as after he very purposefully walked for some distance, turned and entered into a small alley, disappearing afterwards.

I see, so it's in the 'Inner World', huh?

No wonder that I'm unable to directly locate onto Jiang Xue Qing.

It'll be a simple task as long as I know that it's at which area of 'Inner World', hence, I'll only just need to follow inwards.

After entering, it's a shopping street that looked to be completely the same as like a normal street's, but only being very silent. The time right now was only 9.10, yet there wasn't any streetlights being lighted up.

A street that was being shrouded with darkness, huh.............

No wonder there was a BLACK being written in English on the signboard, looks like it should be the name of this street already, 'Black Street', huh?

A very interesting place, huhuhuhu~

After slightly exploring the streets for awhile, I once again let out my eyes to search for the location of Jiang Xue Qing.

This time, my eyes succeeded in locating Jiang Xue Qing, and I immediately shifted over.

From the insides of a building emanated out all sorts of noises, breaking the silence.

Blades crossed each other, as the fight between the man and Jiang Xue Qing had already long begun.

I shifted onto the rooftop, using three eyes to observe this clashing from a multitude of directions.

Jiang Xue Qing was evidently placed in a disadvantage.

No matter if it's a contest of speed or strength, the man was at a huge notch above that child, and although the reaction speed and technique of that child was adequate enough to allow her to block those attacks, the clothes on her body still was being torn away, bit by bit.

That man was seemingly playing with her.

Ai ya ya, should I step in to help her............but, if it's like that, the karma would then be disoriented already.

Mm............I'll temporarily observe for awhile first then, the situation should be fine.

Dàxiaojie only instructed me to investigate Jiang Xue Qing's address as well as the secret that she's hiding, but didn't want me to go save her.

Plus, she also didn't need me to save her either, huhuhu............

"Hahahahahahaa! With another slash, your skirt would then fall off already! Let uncle have a look on what pattern of panties you're wearing then? Heeheeheehee............."

The man laughed raucously, happily indulging within the fruit of his efforts.

There were many cuts on Jiang Xue Qing's body already. Although the wound weren't deep, but the injuries had indeed been accumulating bit by bit.

If this goes on, it won't be good then?

"So noisy."

She was expressionless.


The man squinted his eyes, with an expression of disbelief appearing on his face.

"I'll let you, shut up."

Her inner heart was completely unmoving.

It's just as smooth as like a lake that didn't have any ripples on it at all.

Ai ya, this child............looking at her from a certain angle, she's very similar to dàxiaojie indeed.

But she seemed to be a little more softer compared to dàxiaojie............the difference between 'ice' and 'snow', huh? Although the both of them were equally chilling, the sensation of touch was completely different however.

"............Haha, hahahahahahahaa! Sure!! Then come and amaze me!! I want to see exactly how do you make me shut up! Yaa haa!"

The man, who was embarrassed to infuriation, swung his blade as he dashed forward.

Afterwards, he lost an arm.


In the flicker of an instance, Jiang Xue Qing utilized out a seemingly futile slice, which directly hacked off one of his arms.

All the way until after blood had spurted out, with the man then realizing that he had lost an arm.

"Hii............hiiiiiiiiiiiiii...........! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! How, what's exactly going on!!"

Jiang Xue Qing's hair had been dyed into snowy-whiteness, with her pupils turning into a bloody red color.

The man clutched his arm as he collapsed onto the floor, the leisureliness from earlier vanishing, as his cowardice personality became completely exposed.

"Ehhhhhhhhh?! You, what exactly are you!! You're completely different from us!! You, you're basically, you're basically just a real 'ghoul' already!!"


She didn't deny, and said out the reason why she had turned into this appearance.

"This is, a ghoul transformation."

"I see.............I see! Being even more rooted compared to us who were being possessed by ghouls.............directly transforming into a 'ghoul' already, huh!"

Looks like this child had borrowed the power of a certain ghoul.

" can it be?! You actually are still able to maintain your reasoning! No, it's impossible! Why are you still able to restrain back your killing intentions! Why!"

Jiang Xue Qing tilted her head. Looks like she didn't quite really understand what the man had said.

"Don't know."

"Mon-, Monster...........!"

Ai ya ya, how can you say that she's a monster? What an insensitive man.

No wonder that he had his eyes being dug out, huhuhu...........

This child, even though she's so innocuously untainted.

The color of snow.

The color of blood redness.

A color that is pure.

Uncontaining any impurities, having boundaries clearly defined; a wholehearted type.

I see............looks like this time, dàxiaojie had indeed met her match already.

Well then, the task had been completed. I've discovered Jiang Xue Qing's secret, and even located her address, plus even watched an interesting scene.

Right now, I'll head back to inform dàxiaojie about these then.

As for tomorrow's (after 12 o'clock) happenings.............

Since there's Xiao' Jun around, I won't go peek at it then.

Heeeeh~, well then, tonight's been rather exhilarating.

Experienced onto such an interesting occurrence.

It's rather, exhilarating indeed.

'You' who are currently gazing at me, are you feeling rather exhilerated as well?


Next time, when it's my turn once more, I'll see you again~

-ch 50.8 end-

(4180 words to tl)

TL: I would like to congratulate the author for going VIP! Keep the series going!! -evil dances-

Philtrum pinching = In ACG, it's normally either someone who pinch the bridge of the nose (Kyon from Haruhi Suzumiya) or the area above the lip (philtrum, as to speak); all of these were to serve a purpose → to temporarily soothe stress.

"You" usage (from Xue Li) = All in the polite form, 您 ~

Maid Lin Bai = clarification, it's the word order that the author phrased it - 女仆林白. As far as I know, I've never heard of honorifics for 'maids', it's just her 'position' placed in front of her name. (aka this novel's way of writing)

Bird which was startled by a gunshot = Well, the original CN idiom was 惊弓之鸟, which meant 'bird which was startled by a shot arrow'. I subbed in the more comparatively understandable meaning in EN (Also attributed to me that I heard the 'gunshot' phrase before thou, can't remember where)

Lin Bai meaning "true to the name" (innocuous/straightforward) = It's easier to explain for the 'straightforward part', as:

Lin Bai name in CN→ 林

innocuous: 单纯
straightforward: 直

Doesn't seem to have any connection to yer? Well, notice the red highlighted words, 白. Hence yeah, 林白 is more 单纯直白 . /o-o/. (Yeah, just a word similarity thingy that's often seen in CN, when employed in rhyming and so on.)

I don't really get the full neta though, I'm quite sure there's more to this, but this is what I can glean from the surface.

Eye / Eyes = Yes, looks like rather than 'eyes', at an instance, just one eye is enough to gaze at a target.

The difference between 'ice' and 'snow' = A reference to the names of the two girls.

Ji Lian Bing (姬恋) and Jiang Xue Qing (姜情)

Ice (冰) and Snow (雪) ~

-shàoye (少爷) = it means 'young master'

dàxiaojie (大小姐) = a respectful addressing way to greet a lady, aka 'young miss' (of a very respectful/ influential origin).

meimei (妹妹) = younger sister

Xiao' = a frontal suffix used to call out a target person endearingly, as if like they are in a 'familial' relation.


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