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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v1c26

Volume 1, Chapter 26: Being hunted already

TL: flarewk

Today, after school had ended.

I yawned as I walked towards the library at the integrated building.

Although Ji Lian Bing said that she wanted to go home together at night, but because I still have to attend night self-revisions, she went back by herself first instead.

I've finally been able to leave that person, plus it also meant that the day for today had went by peacefully.

Today was Friday, and tomorrow, as well as the day after tomorrow was Saturday Sunday, if all goes well, I shouldn't need to see Ji Lian Bing again. And afterwards when it reaches next Monday, she'll then return the photograph back to me.............assuming that she won't go back on her word.

Although it's a bet that completely lacked any sort of insurance at all, I felt that Ji Lian Bing should be keeping to her promise still. It's not that her credibility was rather good, but I'm able to tell that from her absolutely confident demeanor, probably feeling that she definitely would be able to kill me.

And so, even though its a double day break from tomorrow onwards, I mustn't let down my guard still, and if it's possible, I must try my best to stay together with my family.

Pushing open the entrance doors of the library, I subconsciously said out.

"Yang-laoshi, I came to take the school uniform............ah............"



Teacher, no, Li Li gave off a moan as she slammed her head onto the desk, giving off an extremely loud sound, it looks to be rather painful............

"Nnn mm! I've said already not to call me teacher!!"

Li Li who had raised her head up was entirely filled with red blushness as she clasped her forehead and pouted towards me.

"Err, sorry, my habit's really............but no matter how you'd put it, I, being a student, should just say 'Teacher', right..........."


It happened again.

The corner of Li Li's eyes welled up tears, as she looked at me with an extremely wronged expression, puffing up her cheeks and grumbled like how a small child does.

"Uuuuu! You! Hate yoouu! I won't care about you ever again!"


With the result that this sentence also seemed to have violated the contract, which caused Li Li herself to implode within.


Looks like the word 'Teacher' had completely became a forbidden term, huh. But, I've been so utterly used with the addressing of Yang-laoshi, asking me to suddenly change the teacher's name; I couldn't do it. When I'm in a conscious state, I still could react to myself refraining from calling it, but when I subconsciously say it out, I didn't have any choice already. Was there any other addressing that could replace it at all?

"Huuuu............really! Hurry up and get used to calling my name!! Here, this is your school uniform, I've already patched it."

Yang-laoshi rubbed her chest, as she gave out a long sigh, with her face color quickly regaining back to normal, as she took out the already patched school uniform from her paper bag and handed it over to me.

But I didn't immediately accept the school uniform, for I stroked my chin instead, looking at Li Li with raised eyebrows, and said out a term tentatively.





"Li Li-xiaojie?"


After trying a bunch of addressings continuously, I noticed that the more respectful addressing it was, the more it had its effects even more severe onto her, and the slightly more affectionate 'jiejie' and so on kinds of addressing would have its effects lessened.


Li Li laid onto the desk whilst being bathed in a fragrantly scented sweat, as she panted gasps unevenly, her body still slightly trembling and twinging about. Her saliva that were feverishly dripping from the edge of her mouth still stuck a few strands of hair therein, and her hair had already been dampenedly spread wide out by her sweat. In surmise, her entirety looked to be terrible already.

"Cheng Jun! What are you doing!!"

"I'm just only trying it out, from Teacher's reaction just now, 'Li Li-jiejie' this form of addressing seemed to have the least reaction. Although calling jiejie out would be rather strange, but its way better than directly calling out your name slightly, so I'll call you Li Li-jiejie next time then."

(TL: I suppose that calling a name directly would mean that you're really, really close to that person)

"Cheng really completely don't know how to be concerned about other people's feeling, huh...........I'll go wash my face first, it became a complete mess already."

Li Li plucked off her spectacles as she gave off a sigh, and walked out from the service counter.

And afterwards I noticed it...........

"Umm, it can't be that you..........."

The originally not so transparent stockings were being dampened by an unknown liquid, making it tightly sticking to its skin. As that mysterious liquid had its source originating from the inner portion of the skirt, it flowed through the thighs downwards, and wettened the stockings while flowing down the high heels as it dripped onto the ground, and water stains were left onto the floor as the teacher moved about.

Li Li followed my gaze as she lowered her head to look at those water stains, and followed those water stains to look at the place where she stood earlier, where she left a pile of unknownst liquid. She stood there dumbly for a whole lengthy period of ten seconds, before furiously clasping both her legs together tightly, pressing onto her crotch and embarrassingly shouted.

"No, it's not! I didn't! I didn't have any reaction at all! That's only urine!"

"So it's really urine, huh.........."

"N-no! It's not urine too! It's, it's...........Uwaaahhh!!"

In the end I've made the teacher cry again.


After the night self-revisions had ended, I silently used a mop to mop the library floor, and Li Li afterwards changed to a sports attire before returning home. The entire night self-revision had Li Li incessantly using a look of resentment as she stared at me, and stared until I felt chills throughout my entire head. I originally still wanted to ask Li Li a few questions, but in the end, this sort of thing happened instead, which caused the both of us unable to properly converse with each other.

As punishment, I'm to tidy both the books and documents, as well as wiping clean those pile of unknownst liquid entirely, and the time had already almost become 10. feelings were gloomy.

During these two days, there would always be some strange things happening, and my life's paces had a dramatically huge change occurring to it already.

There wasn't any fog around this city, as I could still see a starry sky when I glance my head upwards.

Plus...........a pair of small tender legs as well.

"Good evening, Cheng Jun."

I dumbly opened my mouth, as that sound resounded from a location higher than my spot.

On the canopy of the integrated building entrance, she actually was looking downwards as she sat atop there, happily shaking her legs. Her orange long hair which was being glimmered by the star's dazzling lights shook about within the night breeze, notwithstanding her still watery-tender skin that still didn't lose it's whiteness under the night scene. She slightly lowered her head, using that exquisite facial features to gaze upon me, as her lips carried a slight smile.

She faced towards me, yet I couldn't see her face at all.

No, that's not it, it's not that I'm unable to see her face...........but I could only see those lips which was carrying a smile of hers.

Other areas in contrast became extremely blurred, just like looking at a person who's standing at an extremely far distance. I don't know why, but only that chilling smile was being able to be viewed clearly, its like that kuchisake-onna from the city's urban legends.

The only difference was that maybe I didn't feel a single shred of terrified feeling, I guess. Even if it's only a smile, she still looked to be that pretty...........if I would die from her hands, it also didn't seem to be that bad too...........

Suddenly, a piece of distinctiveness resounded from within my brain, which awoke me from the state of befuddlement, as an after-event frightened sensation engulfed my entire inner heart.

The f**k, what was I thinking earlier! I've actually wanted to die for her!

I hastily shook my head, and once again squinted stare towards Ji Lian Bing, and this time I'm able to clearly see her face.

From her calm expression emanated out a radiant look of confidence, which carried a natural-born haughty atmosphere around it. The eyes that were staring directly at me contained a wild maniacal aura too.

Her status's color had changed into a color I've never seen before, purple.

Bizarre. Abnormal.

Other than her chilling killing aura, there were other emotions being mixed within as well.

"How come you're over here?"

"Didn't I say it already in the afternoon, 'Let's go home together at night? Cheng Jun.', and so I was always waiting for you, waited all the way till now~"

"Then it's been really hard on you..........."

"That is what I should do, since I'm Cheng Jun's 'girlfriend'~."

Girlfriend, huh...........

This sort of falsified relationship became me and Ji Lian Bing's only bond, but there wasn't any level of trust at all between the both of us.

"Um, I wanted to ask about this, 'go home' should be referring to we going back to our respective homes, right?"

"It's of course my home~."

As expected, huh...........

When I've lost the protection of all gazes, when we, this pair of couple were alone just together, within a school void of people, she took off her mask, and revealed her true personality!

"Cheng Jun, I really want to have your corpse, can you please die for my sake?"

"Please forgive me for being unable to listen to your orders..........."

"Hurry up and escape then? If not, once you've been caught by me, you'll definitely die for sure, hmm?"

Was it a warning? Or maybe her last shred of conscience?

Maybe it's just a ridicule only............

"I don't really like to use weapons~, because that will damage onto the perfect preservation of a corpse, so I'll be very gentle when strangling you to death."

Her tone was extremely brisk, it's like saying to a piece of toy, and not towards a human.

"Ahh, it's said that when humans suffocate, they will have the so-called suffocation feeling of being high. Cheng Jun, come and personally try it out for yourself, huhuhuhu~"

Ahhh..........I'm really foolish to the core already............

She wasn't joking around at all.

Until this very moment, I've realized that I myself was really that naive.

Although I kept saying through my mouth to never let down my guard, to be cautious of Ji Lian Bing; my heart instead carried naive thoughts; carried eager expectations of luckiness.

Ji Lian Bing probably wouldn't kill me for real, right?

She definitely wouldn't dare to do that.

Perhaps it's that she was merely looking for a means to make me happy.

Such thoughts like the above still continued to linger and entrench within my inner mindset, and became the core point of that luckiness mentality inside my heart.

And right now, this core point instantly crumbled, and my unreliable luckiness mentality had completely dissolved.

'Daily life' had already stealthily crept away from my sides, and 'Abnormality' was delightfully awaiting for my arrival.

"Damn it!"

I spun around and crazily sprinted towards the school building, pushing open the entrance and ran within, completely not noticing that I had chosen a wrong route of escape, as I only wanted to flee from Ji Lian Bing's sides as far as possible.

In the night's darkness within the school, a game of cat and mouse unfolded between me and my girlfriend, which contained killing intentions, possessive obsessions, regrets and fear.

-ch 26 end-

(2662 words to tl)

Teacher addressing = a form of civil politeness in CN instead of calling, "Yo cher!" "sup man!" and so on

kuchisake-onna = Aka silt-mouthed woman. A ghostly legend from JP stories, where the woman had her mouth being teared with silts, and opening her mouth would reveal extremely big jaws comparable to a shark's, eating you up.

P/N: For common suffixes that I use, I tend to be lazy to type out their phonetics. The more uncommon ones shall be displayed in full.

-laoshi = a suffix that means 'teacher'.

-xiānshēng (先生) = a suffix that basically means "Sir"/ "Mr", it's used to address males formally.

-zhǔrèn (主任) = a suffix that means 'head teacher' or something like that in this context. It can be used to address homeroom teachers.

-xiaojie (小姐) = a suffix that means 'young mistress'.

jiejie = 'elder sister'


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