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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v1c27

Volume 1, Chapter 27: Confused on what's happening already

Fanart illustration on ch26.5 by BabyDalyn (discord)

TL: flarewk

I think that I'm probably the world's most, most, most unluckiest person.

My luckiness meter definitely were already in the negatives, or maybe there's someone who stole away all of my luck, resulting in me not going in accordance to the 'luck meter' to calculate my luck at all, but changed to be using an 'unlucky meter' to calculate my unluckiness instead. Compared to 'Luck: E', it's even more unluckier than that.

My originally normal life with no strangeness at all had a huge turnabout just happening to it earlier.

I've been personally murdered by my girlfriend.

The method of murder was a triangular strangulation, and the cause of death was suffocation. Probably, the only psychological relief was that I died on a woman's belly...........

Aaah..........grandpa..........I didn't realize that I would be seeing you way earlier than my old man..........

If there's still a next lifetime, I want to try being a woman..........

Thinking up till here, I wanted to do a both hands palmed together praying gesture, but then I suddenly realized..........

I don't even have hands at all!

No, not only simply just that, there's still many other strange things too!

Wasn't I already dead!

Then why, right now, am I still able to think?

Was this the legendary comatose state? Or was it that my spirit had already left my body? Or was it that it's actually all but merely just a dream? dead, for real?

Within the neverending midst of darkness, I didn't possess any senses at all, and could only think. If I didn't think about anything at all, I felt that I would just simply vanish.

But if I was to vanish just like that, it seemed to be not bad too..........

Inside Laomā's mortuary where she was working at, it wrote 'Death is a great stance of equality, it's also a great beacon of freedom', Hugo's famous words.

From young I already understood, that there would be a day when death will come, only that I didn't expect that I would welcome it that early.

Obtaining freedom, huh...........well, thinking too much into it was useless too. If I really had died, no matter how much I'm unwilling onto it, I still could only quietly bade farewell to this world.

And so I gave up thinking.

Then, my memories started to fade.

I started to forget the seeds of the past, forget my life's experiences, forget the history that I've walked till now.

And lastly, even forgetting who I even was.

Just like that, dying..........vanishing..........losing my longer existing.

"Noo! Don't die!!"

Suddenly, a resounding voice shocked out ripples within my halted thoughts.

Who was it? Whose voice was it?

"Please! Don't die!! Please stay by my side!"

Who is she?

Why did she call out to me?

Suddenly, my originally fading, almost vanished consciousness had a place of load, and my body's sensation completely returned. My lungs started to operate, heart regained back its pumping, blood its flow, air distribution recovered; aiding my thoughts to return back to operation.


I gave off a cough, and weakly opened up my eyes.

I..........didn't die?

Who saved me?

I hadn't enough time to think clearly yet, when within my vision appeared a person who's unforgettable to me!

It's Ji Lian Bing!

The murderer was just at my side!

The f**k!

I immediately sprang up my upper body, and used both hands to cover my head as I retreated backwards, secretly observing Ji Lian Bing through the slits in my fingers.

Was it her..........that saved me?

No, she had only just killed me, but right now she had saved me already?

Why would she do this kind of unnecessary act? Was she trying to play around with me?

Brain full of questions that no one helped to answer, I could only sit on my original spot while staying confused, not knowing what to do exactly.

I gently touched my neck, there still remained the sensation of being strangled by thighs earlier.

Then that means I had died as expected already...........even if I didn't die, I at least should have fallen into unconsciousness.

But during the period that I was in unconsciousness, I didn't know what exactly happened, which made Ji Lian Bing give up onto continuing onto doing the last murdering act, all the way until I've currently woke up.

Speaking of Ji Lian Bing...........

I moved my gaze towards Ji Lian Bing.


Ji Lian Bing instead was completely unconcerned towards my every action, and only clasped both hands onto her face, head sinking deep within her knees, as both arms twinged about rather coordinately.

She, was crying?

Why did she suddenly cry?

Was she feeling sorrowful over my death? Or was it that because about the matter of me not dying, it had harmed onto her pride instead?

I completely don't get it at all..........

Perhaps its that I've just experienced an instance of death just earlier, which was why my brain's functions hadn't fully recovered, causing me unable to think onto stuff that's too complex, being unable to analyze various leads' logical relationships as well as things' causes and effects.

And I noticed Ji Lian Bing's status afterwards.

[Lover ████]

[Ji Lian Bing]

Her title changed!

Other than the first word still being a 'Lover', all the other words had already turned into an unrecognizable state, which was exactly just like many words being overlayed together, resulting in the blackening of the entire block of character spaces.

This was the first time that I've seen titles having changes too, plus it even changed to this kind of unobservable state.

Was it that my ability that had some kind of changes to it already? Or was it............that Ji Lian Bing herself having some kind of problem?

What exactly happened? I'm completely scratching my head right here!

Plus, the status's color had changes to it already.

It was different from that bizarre purplish color earlier, right now it had became a pinkish wait, it's even more of a darker shade and more redder, a pinkish-red color.

Both Xin Ran and Ke Ling's statuses colors were pinkish, but it was that sort of light pale pinkish, akin to cherry blossom petals.

And Ji Lian Bing's status was an even more brighter variety of pink, what would you call that sort of pink, huh. I remember during art classes in middle school we learnt it before too...........rose red? In any case, it's roughly a color that was a mix between pink and red colors.

What's the matter with that as well?

It can't be that it's being acted out again?

Ji Lian Bing was able to freely control her emotions, allowing her status to change colors, making me develop a sense of misunderstanding. Hence, I also won't rule out the possibility that she's only pretending to cry, onto baiting me right now.


In any case, I'll need to leave this place first.

Who cares onto what happened exactly! I'm still alive anyway! And Ji Lian Bing too also seemed to have unknowingly fallen into a state of hibernation!

This was an extremely big opportunity for me to escape!

Go! Go!! Hurry up and leave this unlucky place, after returning home I'll just shower up before sleeping!

I originally wanted to turn around and just pace off, but when I saw Ji Lian Bing over there still sobbing, my mentality gave rise to compassion again.

Tch, as expected, I can't just leave here not caring about it...........

Even though I knew that she earlier had just placed me onto death, even though it might be a possibility that it's a trap laid by Ji Lian Bing, I still wandered to her side just like a fool.

She still was crying, and as I approached near her I could hear her choking sobbing sounds...........I patted her shoulders, but she still hadn't shown any reactions at all.

I weaved my left hand over the area of her leg and thighs; lifting my arms to pull her up from the top of her calves, while my right hand instead hugged onto her shoulders, using a posture of princess-carrying to carry her up.

Ji Lian Bing slightly had a little reaction, as she loosened her both hands that were clutching onto her face to tug onto my clothes. I hadn't the chance to see her face clearly, when she plastered her face onto my chest.

In front of my chest snuck a feeling of dampness, and I'm very sure right now, that she's really crying, not falsifying it at all.

All right..........what exactly happened that could make Ji Lian Bing cry?

Don't tell me that she had seen a ghost already?

For example, my ghostly spirit which had suddenly appeared right in front of her, frightening her to tears?

Cough...........even I myself don't believe this sort of explanation.

Carrying this state of Ji Lian Bing, I suddenly recalled the story of 'Farmer and Snake'. I hoped that Ji Lian Bing, this sort of beautiful snake-woman wouldn't suddenly bite me, an unlucky farmer after she had regained back to her normal self afterwards.

The library key that Li Li gave me was still with me, so I'll first go to the library area then.

However, the integrated building wasn't linked together like the science departmental building and main school building, and the entrance of the first floor was already being locked up. The windows of the first floor were constructed with anti-burglary windows too, hence I could only leave from the windows on the second floor.

Carrying a person and jumping out from the second floor's windowsills would have a very high risk, it's even possible there that might be injuries too, but I couldn't be caring so much about it anymore already. I can't just stay in the school building alone with Ji Lian Bing, just the both of us till tomorrow morning, right?

Who knows that what the hell would happen in such a long period of time!

After confirming the greenery areas of the school's courtyard, I readjusted my breathing, and jumped ferociously afterwards!

I successfully landed onto the greenery areas, although it was by using an extremely embarrassing stance of my butt landing onto the floor butt and right foot got embedded within the greenery, being entangled with the small tree branches.

Luckily, there's still areas of greenery for me to utilize as cushions, if not, my pelvis probably would have shattered right on the spot already...........ahaha............

Even though I had suffered that aplenty, Ji Lian Bing still didn't had any reaction at all, but it seemed that she wasn't crying any longer.

Because my butt had poked right within the greenery areas, under the condition of not using my hands to escape from within was rather a troublesome task, hence I exerted out force to hug Ji Lian Bing even more tightly, and afterwards swiftly shook my left leg to wrestle and expand my scope of destruction.

Finally, I managed to destroy the sides of the greenery areas, and my left foot made contact with the ground.

By this time, my pants had already torn out a few scratches, my body littered with leaves, leggings being stabbed painfully by small branches, and my entirety looking to be extremely battered.

I didn't think that the upper shirt of my school uniform would be shredded yesterday, with the pants of my school uniform getting ripped today as well. I must be really unlucky to the max already.


After giving off a sigh, I who had rested enough already then used my left leg as a support vantage and forcefully sprang upwards! Pulling out my right leg from the greenery, what followed swiftly next was turning around and placing my right foot onto the ground!

And afterwards, in a single vigor, I stood up and left the greenery area.

During this entire process............


A familiar clothes tearing sound resounded, and after I sorrowfully thought that right now I probably would have to go butt-naked, I felt that my lower half still had cloth tightly stuck towards it instead.

Then, where was it that it had been ripped?

Carrying that sort of question, I turned around to look for the answer, and noticed that the clothing that hung onto the greenery wasn't my pants, but a kind of fabric that hung under the waist.

That was, Ji Lian Bing's skirt.


The f**k! What should I do now!

What tore was actually not my pants, but Ji Lian Bing's skirt!

After the two pieces of white, dazzlingly beautiful thighs lacked the cover of its skirt, the panties as well were being exposed in front of my eyes.

The f**k! I'm dead!

Why was it just at this sort of timing that this kind of things would happen!

Recently, those kind of lucky pervertic actions that occurred by my sides seemed to be a little too much already! Was it that damned charm magic circle within my brain that was displaying out its effects! I wouldn't want this kind of deathly bonus treat at all!

And as I anticipated, after losing the skirt, Ji Lian Bing couldn't endure it anymore.

Her cheeks swiftly left my chest, eyes were sore red, and face reddish as well.


The atmosphere was a little strange. She doesn't seem to be angry at all, but...........was embarrassed instead?


A feebly timid scream.

"Kyaaaa!! Don't look~"

After Ji Lian Bing realized that she doesn't have her skirt any longer, she hastily pulled down her school jacket to cover her crotch, but how could this kind of actions have any effect at all? It at most only covered the ribbon on top of her panties.

No wait, Ji Lian Bing's reaction was a little should be said instead, it's extremely strange!

A gust of cold breeze blew past, which made my brain being awakened way much more. And Ji Lian Bing instead used her right hand to clutch onto her butt, while rubbing her thighs together, as she used a brightly reddish face to say.

"Cheng, Cheng bum felt a little me to cover it up, pretty please?"

My eyeballs had nearly dropped out already! I probably saw a fake Ji Lian Bing!

Under this wave of impact, I had become brain-dead, hence what immediately happened was that I did an extremely brain-dead-ish act.

Shocked, I frighteningly squeezed Ji Lian Bing's body onto my body, and afterwards used my left hand to press onto her butt! I had used my hand to cover onto her butt!

Its soft yet rich in springiness, and I felt that as if my hands had sunk into cotton-candy.

I, I, what had I done already!

Under chaotic confusion, my left hand forcibly pressed onto her butt, as my right hand supported onto the back of her head. I pressed her cheeks onto my shoulders, as if by this way it would be able to hide all the facts that I've done, deceiving myself.

And afterwards, I spread my legs wide and ran towards the integrated building.

The status atop of her head thus hung onto my shoulders.

Mm? The black bars seemed to have disappeared already?

I hastily ran towards the sides of the walls and stopped, placing her down from my embrace, slightly letting go of my right hand that was pressing onto the back of her head, letting her cheeks face towards me.

To see the title that was being replaced by black bars earlier had already stabilized, but those words that reappeared wasn't [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac] at all, but instead..........

[Love Monarchical type Girlfriend]

[Ji Lian Bing]

.......Love Monarchical type Girlfriend?


Ji Lian Bing clutched her cheeks, as her face reddened all the way till the root of her ears in an instant, not daring to look at me anymore, while using an almost inaudible voice to say out.

"Uuuu..........Cheng Jun's so perverted..........."

So moe!

My girlfriend couldn't be that moe at all!

-ch 27 end-

(3491 words to tl)

Luck: E = A reference to those game elements novels, where there is usually a luck status. E is usually the lowest level of luck in a status.

Hugo = probably a reference to Victor Hugo. No, not H. Strange.....

[Lover ████] = The lover here is in reference to "Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac", in CN, those words are reversed from "Love Corpse Homicidal Maniac" instead (with a direct word-for-word translation)

'Farmer and Snake' = Probably a famous story of ungrateful repayment after a farmer saved a snake from near death, as the snake bit him after fully recovering, causing the farmer to die from its poisonous fangs.

moe = it's a otaku word meaning, combining several meanings of "cute", "endearing", "huggable" all into one.

Love Monarchical type GF = changed to this instead. Will be explained in next chapter


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