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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c52

Volume 2, Chapter 52: Late night, Unreturning home

TL: flarewk

"Eh? Wait, waitwait, to your house?!"


A faint reply, followed by her pulling my hand and just like that leaving from the sides of the bench.

I dragged my feet slowly against the ground wanting to stand my feet up, but it's simply just impossible to stop!

It's not that the strength which she was pulling me was rather huge, but it's always just that it would be perfectly just destroying my balance, causing me to unsteadily trip about while following right behind her.

"Wait, Xue Qing, you can just directly tell me about the homework! There's no need for me to go to your house already, right?"

I don't want to go............

It should be said that right now, I only wanted to quickly distance myself away from Xue Qing.

Regardless of the retching stench of blood that's emanating from her, or if it's the killing aura that's given off just earlier, it already made me subconsciously set my guard up within my heart.

Although there's still no conclusive evidence yet, but within my heart, between Xue Qing and the corpse splitting homicidal maniac, there's already an 'equals' sign appearing.

It's impossible not to suspect, as no matter how I think, it can be only her already............

The murdering method of slicing a corpse into numerous pieces; an active-type handicapped admirer; always carrying along two pairs of blades, there's too many, way too many leads that had the arrowhead pointing towards Xue Qing.

And also, was............that aloofness which had already been deeply embedded within her bones, yet it just so happens to carry a provocative killing aura.

Killing arises from one's hatred, hatred develops from one's heartfelt thinking, heartfelt thinking results from one's forbearance, forbearance attains from one's humiliation.

There is indefinitely a reason for a person who develops murderous intentions, and that's what is being known as a motive for murdering.

Well then, for Xue Qing.............what's her purpose onto killing people?

Just merely because she wanted to turn others into a handicap?

She bringing me to her home, was it because that she wanted to turn me into a handicap as well.............

Just now, she had already placed Xiang Yue Xun's finger into her uppergarment's pockets already............don't tell me that I would be '17-parts-split*' by Xue Qing from her dagger that looked like Nanaya's knife* as well, being bizarrely severed into 17 pieces of meat, afterwards being stored within her pockets, right...........

A cold shudder rose from within the depths from my heart.


"My hands, it's very dirty huh..........."

"Ah, ahhh?"

Suddenly stopping her footsteps, afterwhich asking out such a question that's neither heads nor tails.

Because her voice was too soft already, I also couldn't quite hear it clearly, hence I gave off a series of queries.

But Xue Qing unknowingly didn't repeat it once more, and used an even more smaller voice to mumble.


Hands? What's with the hands already?"

Just when I was in the midst of confusion, Xue Qing suddenly released my hand!

It's released! It's being directly released! I regained back my freedom already!

Good chance! Hurry up and escape!

Right now's the absolute best opportunity!! Once it's lost, there's probably no more chances for me to escape already!

My heart repeatedly nagged at me to escape, my brain issued commands to my four limbs, and afterwards, at that moment just when I was about to turn around and flee.

Seeing Xue Qing's actions, I suddenly became stunned.

She placed her hands, which was soaked with fresh blood onto her clothes, afterwhich started wiping.

After wiping about a few times, her hands still weren't that clean, as there's already a portion of blood being solidified. Even if water was being used to wash it off, it also wouldn't necessarily have everything being washed off.

But she just kept wiping about in an effort, causing the clothes that she was wearing to be dirtied already, and she even used her tongue to go lick her palms, using her saliva to wet them up, afterwards wiping once more.

So, just now it was that she was asking me on whether her hands were dirty or not, huh............

As I unveiled out a look of unwillingness, and also kept frowning my eyebrows, hence it made her feel that I was despising her hands onto being filthy, huh............

She was thinking just for my sake, yet I instead only thought of escaping............a sense of guilt flooded my heart.

Tch, what am I afraid of exactly, Xue Qing's status is blue-colored.

That's a safe color, that only a person who is deserving to be trusted, would be possessing.

Even if it's that Ji Lian Bing, when her status was blue-colored, she wouldn't do anything towards me as well.............

Well, so what am I being afraid of then?

Tonight's indeed a little crazed already............because I've witnessed a scene of a ghoul eating a corpse, and also having an experience of losing away my five senses, coupled with that emanatingly red title of Xue Qing's just earlier; under the many bouts of heavy impacts, it made even me lose away my composure, huh.............

It's not that she doesn't have any feelings at all, it's absolutely not as that.

Previously, I hadn't always realize about that point, because I didn't quite understand onto what Xue Qing was thinking...........I had always felt that she was like a human doll, simply not having any feelings at all.

But in reality, she's a real, living human being.............

Perhaps there's some distortion more or less, but she's a human being that possessed flesh, blood, and emotions.

If I flee right now, it will create an opposite effect instead, merely causing her to feel betrayed, and betrayal can trigger a person to develop hatred. And when that time comes, it's also possible that it might engender her on to feel provoked instead, turning back to a red-colored status once more.

Calm down, I can do it.

Since I'm able to delightfully converse about with Ji Lian Bing, then I also must be able to get along well with Xue Qing.

Plus, speaking from a certain standpoint, Xue Qing is way more stable compared to Lian Bing already.

"It's fine, I don't mind."

I proactively went forward and grabbed her hand, with the sticky sensation being felt once more, but this time, I didn't feel disgusted anymore.

As long as I think that her hands were not only being dyed in blood, but also had her saliva too as well, I immediately felt way better already.

Mm............this sort of thinking seemed to be a little perverted?


Xue Qing gently nodded her head, and once more pulled my hand and walked forward.

After leaving the park from an inconspicuous small path, we arrived at a street.

"So dark..........."

Although the time right now had already went past midnight, with the streetlights all extinguished, hence it being so dark would be rather understandable, but...........

It's a little too overly dark already, right.

There's not a single bit of light at all, there's no light emanating from the advert banners of stores, and there's even no moonlight as well.

Darkness, to the extent that you can't even see your outstretched fingers.

I gloomily plucked out my phone, tapped on the screen twice, and the only instance of light then finally appeared within this voidness.

Afterwards, when I just wanted to pull down my menu to open the flashlight application that was pre-built within my phone, I suddenly noticed that there were 101 missed calls.............



"Ah, nothing, I've only took a glance at my phone, it's already almost 1, huh."

101 missed calls, all of them were from Ke Ling.

This, this is a little............

Even though Ke Ling was such a good child, how could she suddenly be doing such overly extreme actions?

Even if she was to have a haraguro personality, she would not be doing such acts, right?

Ah, oh crap, my phone's almost run out of battery already.

Looking at the 8% remaining amount of battery, I decided against using the flashlight, as this tiny amount of battery would still need to be used on other places instead.

But then again, how did my phone had its battery being drained so quickly, I remembered that it still had about 50% charge when I had left my house...?

Just a short period of time span that's not even 4 hours, and my battery level had almost completely drained already?

Don't tell me that its because of these missed calls which had exceeded over a hundred counts?

Ke Ling should be already asleep, right...........usually, she would be already sleeping way, way earlier, and when I had left the house, it should by right already almost be the timing for her to sleep, so right now, she's definitely already asleep.

If not, how about I give Xin Ran a call? Mm............

After thinking for a moment, I still didn't make a call, but only wrote a short text message with the contents being [Tonight I'll be sleeping at my friend's house, won't be going back, don't worry about me.], and separately sent it to Xin Ran and Ke Ling. Looking at the 'Sent' word afterwards, I then put my phone away.

I still must give them a call after a moment later............

Although the street was pitch-black, Xue Qing seemingly was like as if she's able to view things within the darkness, as she pulled my hand and systematically led me progressing towards a target location.

After walking for about 15 minutes later, she stopped. Looks like we should have reached our destination already.

"Reached already?"


I can't see the house's shape clearly, but the size shouldn't be small, as there's even a small yard for this mansion.

So this is Xue Qing's home, huh............

Just like that, Xue Qing went ahead of me and walked to the front of the door. I didn't hear the sound of using keys to open it up, was it an electronic lock? It can't be that she didn't lock her door, right...........

Following her going inside the house afterwards, Xue Qing didn't switch on the lights as well, not even taking off her shoes and just went into the living room, while I was at the entrance looking everywhere for the light switch, and was instead fruitless ultimately.

I could only follow after her and walk into the living room. Because there weren't any house slippers to change to, I didn't take off my shoes as well.

After entering the living room, I heard a 'ka cha' sound, and afterwards, I saw a bundle of bright light appearing inside the living room.

It's the lighter's weak fire glow, which illuminated Xue Qing's small face, and afterwards, I saw her using the lighter to light up the candles in the living room one by one...........the living room finally became slightly brighter.

But to be actually using candles and whatnot, wasn't it a little too out-of-date already...........

Within the house was silence, seemingly like as if there weren't anyone else around. The living room's decor was indeed rather modern, having whatever that it requires, but under the glowing candles, the atmosphere instantly became rather bizarre. It's not known why there was a window being nailed shut by wooden boards, it looked like it was being temporarily repaired.

I think that a haunted house would also be in this sort of appearance already...........

"It's just only you living here?"


"I see............"

I'm even more curious on what exactly is Xue Qing already.

She's just living in such a crudely simple house?

No, it also can't be said that it's crudely simple. Actually, the house itself was rather enormous, but it just gave a rather strange feeling............Mm, that's it, it's like an abandoned mansion, that sort of feeling.

Even though Xue Qing was living at here, but this house gave me a sort of feeling as if it's a very long time when people had lived in here already. To put it plainly, it's being devoid of atmosphere.

"Ah, in any case, go and take a shower first, to wash the bloodstains off from your body. Oh right, your clothes also can't be worn already, go change to another one."


Xue Qing nodded her head in a well-behaved manner, and obediently listened to my words............and took off her clothes right on the spot!

I won't discuss about Xiang Yue Xun already, but why are you like this as well!!

I hadn't even attain the chance to stop her, when she already swiftly stripped off the clothes that she's wearing.

Perhaps it's because of her slim figure, and her extremely flat breasts, they didn't cause any obstruction at all when she took off her clothes. Just pulling the uppergarment had it being taken off already, while her skirt just had it being unbuttoned before it sliding downwards.

What's most frightening was that when she took off her panties, she actually directly withdrew out her daggers, and used feat-like knife handling actions to cut off the sides of her panties. That white-colored panties that had been adorned with a little redness was like snowflakes as it floated downwards, and the dreamlike crotch's triangular region was completely exposed right in front of me.

In the end, the clothing that was left on Xue Qing, was that two overly long black socks and two scabbards............

Uuu, it's so erotic............lolis could actually be that erotic............

Under the flickering candlelight, that slim petite body felt like it actually had an extra layer of blurriness to it.

After stripping off her overly long socks as well, she approached to my front in a plain bare state, completely not having any intentions to cover herself at all, as she lifted her head up to look at me while faintly saying.

"Shower together."


Showering together............huh?

Although Xue Qing's figure looked to be like an elementary student, but as long as I view her as an elementary student, showering together seemed to not be a problem as well.

But, she's my classmate in reality, and showering together with a girl of the same age and whatnot.............

Aaaahhh, such conflict!!

But Xue Qing didn't had such conflict as like mine's, she took my silence as an agreement, and was just as usual as she pulled onto my hand and brought me towards the bathroom.

Walking into the clean bathroom, Xue Qing stretched out her hand to switch on the bathroom lights............why only did the bathroom have lights, wouldn't it allow me to be able to see even more clearly already?!

After switching on the bathroom lights, Xue Qing just walked right to under the showers and turned it on...........

Plink plink, water droplets struck her body, and afterwards also sploshed onto me.

So cold! It's so chilling that even my goosebumps had risen already!

I hastily stretched out my hands and turned off the tap, with my sleeves becoming soaked as well.

"Isn't this just cold water! How do you use cold water to go take a shower!"

As of right now, it still wasn't summer yet. Just directly using cold water to shower, aren't you afraid of catching a cold?

Xue Qing was like as if she didn't know what's wrong with herself using cold water, as her small hands pressed onto the tap of the showers while she tilted her head and looked at me, giving me a look of incomprehension.


"Don't tell me that you've always been using cold water............"

"There is, hot water?"

Isn't this your home, wouldn't you know whether there is hot water or not...........

I flipped a white eye as I lifted up my head and surveyed the surroundings, and in a moment located the water heater right on top of the washing machine, and it's plugged in as well.

"Ohh, isn't this a ready-made hot water, heeh."

The water heater was operating, it being lit up with green lights indicated that its been heated already.

Afterwards, I turned my head and looked at the clean bathtub............since there's a bathtub, I'll just simply put in water for taking a bath then.

As expected, if it's possible, bathing would still be even more comfortable. When I'm at home, I would also just use the showers to rinse myself to wrap things up, and would occasionally go to the public bathhouses during the weekends.

Turning on the tap, steam accompanied the hot water as it 'hua la la' surged out.

"Wait for a while first then, in a moment you'll be able to use bathe using hot water already............err, umm, how about you first put on some clothes? You'll get a cold............"

Xue Qing who had her hair curled up after being wettened by cold water faintly said.

"It's fine, not cold."

"Then, how about first washing your knives............if you don't mind, how about I'll help you to wash it?"
I feigned a natural, normal look as I suggested to her.

In any case, I'll need her to put down her weapons first............


Xue Qing rarely hesitated for a moment, and after thinking for 2 to 3 seconds, she stretched her hands towards the inner region of her thighs, untied the belt which fastened the scabbard and placed it onto my hands, and the belt-type scabbard which was on her waist too similarly as such.

I breathed out a long breath inside my heart, took both of the knives, walked to the basin and started washing off the bloodstains on them.

It's surprisingly rather easy to wash............or it should be said, that there's basically no more blood stains already.

I initially thought that the blood had went on to splatter inside within the scabbard already, and in the end when I used water to rinse the insides of the scabbard, I still couldn't wash out any bloodstains at's too disconcerting already.............

Don't tell me that this scabbard carried blood absorbing and cleaning features?

"Water, filled already."

Xue Qing's voice suddenly rang out from my back, which made me nearly cut my fingers.

"Ahh? Ohhh, go on in first then."


"Eehh............alright, together."

Right now, I'll first follow along according to her wishes.

After sheathing the knives back into the scabbard, I intentionally hung both knives onto the slightly higher-reaching clothes rack in accordance to Xue Qing's height; even if she tiptoed, she also wouldn't be able to reach it.

Xue Qing first went in the bath tub, and quietly submerged inside the water, with her snowy-white bare back's displaying out a marvelous curve, its base connecting to the seams of her butt which would have made anyone incur wild imaginations. Her both hands hugged onto her knees, letting out a space for me.

I nervously took off my clothes, stripped off till I had my underwear before starting to be conflicted once more.

It's fine, just take it as if I'm bathing with my meimeis............eehh, I can't............recently, my meimeis were a little strange, I can't substitute her as a younger sister's role............

Then, I'll just take it as if I'm bathing with my daughter!

That's right! A father helping to bathe his daughter!! That's a very normal occurrence!

After finding a nonsensical reason, my heart developed some rather wondrous courage. I stripped off my boxers in a single vigor, afterwards stiffly stepped into the bathtub, and aggressively sat behind Xue Qing's back.


(TL: edit* sfx made of a sudden intake of mouth gasp)

Aah Hhhooooooottt!

I forgot to adjust the water temperature to be warm already!!

How did Xue Qing manage to endure this kind of temperature!!

"Feels warm............."

"Y-, yeah............"

I'm boiling to death already!! This wasn't only just warming~!

"Feel like, almost melting already............" this temperature, it indeed felt that like I'm about to melt already...........!!

I hastily turned on the tap to put in cold water in order to drop the temperature, with my hand accidentally making contact onto Xue Qing's shoulders.

What closely followed next was that she stretched out her hands to clutch onto mine's, and so my arm made contact with her underarm.

Xue Qing suddenly fell backwards, and I instinctively wanted to support her, grabbing onto her breasts.

The feeling was extremely good; it's smoothly tender.

But why did she suddenly lean over already?

The two little hands under the water pressed onto my thighs, and failed to support herself after messily attempting a few times, and her entirety leaned back into my embrace.

"What's the matter? Xue Qing?"

Xue Qing didn't reply to my yells, as she feebly sunk into the water, and 'pu lu pu lu' spouted out bubbles.

She actually overbathed into a giddy state already!

So to her, the water temperature was still too high already, huh?

Why didn't she tell me about it!!

No wait, it's not that she didn't tell me about it, but it's that she herself also didn't feel onto it too, since she had always used cold water to shower in the past............hence she completely didn't know about her heat-unresisting constitution!


After a moment of struggling about within my heart, I still carried her out from the bathtub.

Using a bath towel to wrap her body up afterwards, I too hastily wrapped a towel around my waist, before simply running out of the bathroom to anxiously look for the bedroom.


I actually still need to take care of a loli who had overbathed into a giddy state............

Looks like for tonight, I won't be able to return already............

-ch 52 end-

(4651 words to tl)

Late night, Unreturning home (夜不、归宿) = In EN, it would also contextually translate to: 'Staying out all night'. But to preserve the pattern for the title, I had to leave the translation as such.

17-parts-split / Nanaya's knife = Referenced from TYPE-MOON game, Kagetsu Tohya.

'17-parts-split' (十七分割) is a technique, as for what it does, it basically chops anything into 17 pieces.

It's possible for anything to be cut apart, as the technique's owner possessed mystic eyes that allowed him to see the 'lines of death' of anything, and when all those lines are being traced, that 'thing', instantly falls apart.

Nanaya's knife is referenced from Nanaya Shiki, a knife-wielding protagonist who is always calm and composed, fixated on death and killing, and enjoys doing it immensely.

Black Street (at night) = the word for 'dark' and 'black' is interchangeable in CN, hence when the MC kept using 'dark' to describe his first experience in stepping into it, you can see that all the symptoms matched when describing the color 'black' as well, which is what the author intended.

Haraguro = A trait used in JP culture to describe a person who's angelic on the outside, but malicious in the inside.

meimeis = sisters


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