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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c87

Vol 2, Chapter 87: Losing sight, Of oneself

TL: flarewk

"How is it? Surprised? It's called 'opportunities arising after overcoming obstacles', eh? I too didn't expect that I would have such a upended change of opportunity........." She cockily laughed, using her looks, using her voice, using her body, using everything that was stolen to express out her delight.

Don't be like that.........

"I've always been hiding in the shadows waiting, and originally only intended to hide past the suppression held later on, but I didn't expect that there would be such a large gift appearing before my doorstep~"

Don't continue saying on anymore.........

"There's still a little bit of time left too, so let us delightfully.........."

"Shut the hell up!"

The voice abruptly stopped.

When I had noticed about it, I had already yelled out from my mouth.

Even I myself didn't know why I would be that angry. So, I'm that conscious about her. I actually completely didn't want to see her displaying expressions which I detested, or speaking out words that I hated.........

Hence, when I saw Lian Bing's body being territorized by a ghost, I'm unable to control my feelings anymore.

"I don't allow.........don't allow you to just casually occupy her body.........!!!"

" what if you don't allow it? Humans that are possessed by us basically aren't able to extricate themselves from our hands already, what more for equal reliancy to boot.........right now, the dominancy of this body is in my hands! How can a soul of just a mere human be opposed to me!"

Ye Liu Su raised up his torso, seemingly to vent off the grievances he held in earlier as he roared out loudly.

Lian Bing wouldn't be displaying that sort of expression. No matter if it's a happy one, an angry one, or even a sad one, she would always face others with a smiling face.........always retaining her elegance at any point of time.

Even if she had wanted to kill me, she too would smile while sending me to my grave.........

That's why, don't overthrow the impression I had for Lian Bing within my mind! You bastard!

"As long as I killed you, the inner mind of this lady would probably crumble, and then, she'll be even more easier to manipulate."

Ye Liu Su who was in a state of excitement tilted his head exposing out a deranged smile, while stretching out his hands and tightly clenching his fists as he gritted his teeth whilst saying.

"So.........just die quietly!"

She took in a mouthful of breath, and dashed over with an extremely terrifying speed! My right shoulder was being was crushed! I gave off a howl as I lost my balance, crumpling downwards, while Ye Liu Su's right hand was already waiting there, intending to simply strangle me to death!

Just at this moment, amidst the slightly dark environment dazzled a silvery glow. Ye Liu Su who acutely sensed onto an assault immediately let go of his hands and leapt backwards, dodging past Xue Qing's slash.

Xue Qing shielded before my front, her white-colored hair which was dyed with blood turning a little unkempt.

"Oh? Regained back your ghost transformation, huh?"

Ye Liu Su unveiled a slightly surprised expression, but immediately changed into a disdained look as he roared.

"But! So what! With that heavily wounded body of yours, you're completely not a match for me!"

Not even using any weapons, just plainly utilizing Lian Bing's freakish strength to its limit, she already made Xue Qing completely unable to fend off.

Even if Xue Qing's blades were to be able to slice her skin, it's merely just small tiny cuts which was almost indistinguishable, while a fatal blow from Ye Liu Su would be able to completely turn the situation around.

Smacking away the military blade, Xue Qing's left wrist gave off a frightful sound, twisting towards the opposite direction.........!

Genius VS Monster

It's the monster which was way superior!

That's already a physical difference that couldn't be offset with just mere technique alone, as in front of immense power, plain techniques completely weren't a match at all.

However, it's different when there's me by the side as a support!

"Ye Liu Su! Sto-........."

"Uuu.........! Damn brat, XXX! You think that you would always be successfully stopping me everytime with just that mental strength of yours?! You're too naive!"

After being called out by me, she only paused momentarily, instantly regaining her freedom, and after blocking against Xue Qing's downwards slash, he spun around, furiously gazing at me while yelling out.

She changed her target to me! Rushing towards my front with just a dodge, Xue Qing very quickly reacted to it, her hands outstretched blocking in the middle, but was kicked flying away by Ye Liu Su instead, with the wall crumbling down with a loud exploding sound, her entrapped within the pile of debris.

"Xue Qing!"

"How is it? Your boyfriend stepped on two boats at the same time, being intimate with other girls behind your back. You too are extremely angry, right? I'll kill that white-haired girl later, but right now, I'll help you to punish that philanderer boyfriend then? Huhuhuhu~"

She walked over and grabbed my neck, lifting me up.


I stretched out a quivering hand towards mid-air, yet wasn't able to grab onto anything in the air.........

What closely followed next, was that my face received an extremely powerful impact.

I was hit flying with a line trailing behind me, sighting a few cleanish white teeth teasefully dancing within the air. My nose had probably been broken, it was bleeding nonstop.

This slap was really quite.........painful..........

I've nearly been slapped into unconsciousness..........

My consciousness could only have been said to be grudgingly not faded off, as in my vision from my half unfurled eyes, heavens and earth kept spinning around, and I'm not even sure of where I currently was at.........

I arduously stood up, but had no idea why I still wanted to stand up..........perhaps its my body instinctively wanting to stand..........

Afterwards, she once more walked to my very front, and grasped my neck a second time.

"What's the matter? Not able to take it anymore just from this? Aren't you a little too weak already? You're just a human after all........."


Bullshit, if I'm not a human, what else could I be, a ghost? It's really..........enough already..........

"I won't simply kill you, I'm going to torture you good, breaking all the bones on your entire body, digging out your heart in the end, and seize the moment when it's still jumping about to store it in a gift box.........huhuhu, I'll treat it as a celebratory present for this body then~"

Using my heart as a birthday gift, huh..........heh, I've really been looked down already.........

I used a disdainful gaze over looking at her while speaking.

"Cough.........Lian Bing wouldn't be satisfied just from might as well leave me with an entire corpse, she probably would be even more delighted.........."

There, see, she's not able to hold her anger just from this. Her expression instantaneously vanished.

".........Still dared to have such a tough mouth when you're about to die, let me just make you completely not able to say out anything then."

A quiet statement, yet no matter who it was, they would be able to hear the fury within her having reached its MAX.

Plus, at this sort of time, usually the enemy would be giving off their ultimate.........not surprisingly, she raised up her arm, lifting me up, all the way until my feet weren't able to make contact with the ground, and swung out the most fatal blow dealt today.........

My right abdomen received a blow to the liver.

*Pa ta ta ta*.........quite a couple of bone shattering sounds resounded, that were those wails given off by my bones.


My body was bent to a < shape, I felt that I'm almost about to suffocate.

What sort of strength was's simply just like having a pile driver slamming a pole right into my body! In an instant, I even felt that that certain portion had already been pulverized to nothingness already! The air within my lungs were being compressed, spouting out from my mouth!


In a moment, the sensation of nausea surpassed over all kinds of sensations, with my vomiting having coughs carried amidst it. My throat felt sweet; I simply spat out a mouthful of blood, spraying it on Lian Bing's chest.........

Speaking of which, she's wearing an open-chest sweater's so pretty..........

If it's not me having puked out blood inside of it, but to bury my face within that, it'll definitely be very blissful.........

Damn body can't endure it much longer.........after taking two more hits, no, one more, I should be dead then..........

So this was the price to pay for philandering, huh..........but strictly speaking, I'm not considered to be a philanderer..........yet its the truth that I'm having an unaccountable relationship with other girls, I wasn't able to deny that.

If I didn't have any overly deep implications with other girls, would there be a different sort of development welcoming me.........

Oh right, I still haven't.........

"I.........still haven't gave you your present........."

After saying that sentence, she suddenly let go of my neck.


I fell onto the ground with a *pu tong* sound, and raised my head up blankly looking at her. She currently was using both hands to clutch her head, and had unveiled out an agonized expression.

Her status was changing! Her name was flickering about, repetitively switching between Ye Liu Su and Ji Lian Bing, with the last word of her status similarly changing as well, eventually simply just becoming dyed black, turning into a sort of messed up status.

[Corpse Lover Homicidal    ]

[Ye     Bing]

Lian Bing's retaliating too!

Afterwards, at a certain instance, she successfully stole back the dominancy of her body!

"Oh actually be using my body to conduct that many disgraceful matters, it really had tarnished my reputation, hmm?"

"Uuu?! You still actually managed to come out!"

"Who asked you to beat Cheng Jun up till this sort of state, it has completely turned against my aesthetics, so I of course can't just sit back and watch already."

"UUu.........just quietly hand your body over to me! A mere human.........a mere food.........actually dared to repeatedly go against my will!"

"Huhuhu.........and what sort of a thing are you then? To be so boldly interfering with my matters! Also, I'm only the person who's allowed to kill Cheng Jun, who asked you to take matters into your own hands!"

The status flickered about alternatively, with the dominancy of the body being fiercely wrestled over, and eventually, it seemed to be Lian Bing who was a notch mightier, as she temporarily suppressed Ye Liu Su..........

Just at this moment, a cloud of black gas floated out from her shadows, surrounding and clinging onto Lian Bing's body, imprisoning her on the spot causing her to be immobile.

"Cheng Jun."

"Lian Bing.........."

"You will save me, right."


I simply used a definitive tone, as this wasn't a choice that would allowed me to wimp's a really constraining task upon me, dàxiaojie.

But, this also proved that she still was trusting onto me, believing that I would be able to shake her off the equal reliancy state from the murderous ghoul, and to leave this hellish place thereafter..........just like the previous time.

"Huhu, just like the previous time."

The words in my mouth were being said by her, and since my words were already being stolen, what else could I say?

"No problem, just relax and leave it to me."

This was a good opportunity to be atoning my sins, so of course I must be agreeing to her already!

"Then I'll.........wait till that time then, huhuhuhu.........."

"UUu! You brat, why would there be two mental states.........! Don't come and hinder me!"

"No! I won't let you baddie be harming Cheng Jun any more!"

That was Moe Bing who lastly appeared? Holding back Ye Liu Su together, huh.........she probably was trying her utmost on helping me to buy some time.

I must properly utilize this period of precious time.........

My should have quite a few bones already broken.........

Not able to stand, as well as being able to straighten up my back.

I powerlessly walked towards that collapsed pile of rubble, thinking up of a final solution within my mind.........

Was there really no solution to remove a person from a state of equal reliancy? Of course not.

There's still one more thing that could chase out that ghost, Ye Liu Su, from Lian Bing's body..........

The ghost exorcising talisman.........!

There must still be more ghost exorcising talismans on Yu Hui, and so long as I'm able to paste that thing right on Lian Bing's forehead, she would be able to obtain a release..........

However, wanting to stick a ghost exorcising talisman on her wasn't any easy matter at all.........simply going over to paste it was definitely a method for one to seek death, hence I must have her expose out a moment of exploitation.

Thinking up till that point, I spun my head, facing towards the pile of crumbled wall of rubble which had Xue Qing's torso buried within it, along with the entirety of her bluish-white panties which was exposed to the air, and asked.

I approached it, patted her backside and queried.

"........Xue Qing, can you still move?"


She didn't immediately respond, but her body instead had an immediate reaction.

From the rubble, Xue Qing who popped out her body patted off the dust on her, cleared her throat and replied.


"Good.........let's begin our counterattack."

I'm going to snatch Lian Bing back.

-ch 87 end-

(3121 words to tl)

Losing sight, Of oneself (無我夢中) = I think this should be a reference to a JP phrase, むがむちゅう, >.>. Now I'm not an expert in Jp translation, and I roughly found out that the meaning was to 'lose sight of oneself completely', so please correct me if I'm wrong here.

Step on 2 boats at the same time = a common cn idiom to define: dating two girls at the same time

Open-chest sweater = It's exactly like this sort of dress. :>

dàxiaojie (大小姐) = a respectful addressing way to greet a lady, aka 'young miss' (of a very respectful/ influential origin).


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