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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v1c29

Volume 1, Chapter 29: Even more complicated relations already

TL: flarewk

Her mental constitute was originally rather abnormal already (had necrophilia), but now, I don't know what kind of stimulation she attained, right now she really had become mentally ill.

"For delaying your death sentence, I'm really apologetic for it, Cheng Jun."

"Nonono, I'm quite delighted with it, delighted until I'm almost about to start dancing already!"

"Is that so? I thought such a person like Cheng Jun who would waste oxygen just by living around should be thinking of dying since a long time ago."


This person really was venomously tongued (snake) ~!

Ji Lian Bing caressed her cheeks as she gave off a sigh, like as if she had met onto something rather troublesome, saying.

"Uunn mn..........originally I wanted to quickly resolve it, but now it looks like it'll need to develop into a long-term battle already, hmm?"

She self-imposedly assured herself afterwards, softly chuckling.

"Well, it'll be quite interesting as well like this...........huhuhu..........."

Interesting be damned! Don't you know that your situation right now was extremely dangerous, huuh?

Ji Lian Bing then leaned over just like that, pasting herself close to my face, as she propped her forehead onto mine's.

"Cheng Jun, that wall-pressing earlier was really very handsome~, if your licking wasn't at my earlobes, but at my auricle instead, I probably would have climaxed already~? Huhuhu~"

About those things, you still could remember them too!

That dissociative identity disorder didn't had any missing memories at all!

A title that could change back and forth along with pinkish and red color mixed together, then that would mean, her infatuation and killing intentions were already mixed together?

It's really a true situation of 'Love x Kill'...........

Please, I'm just only 17 years old this year. Letting me be burdened with such heavy feelings currently, I can't even feel a bit of realism within it at all...........

"Well, for today it'll be up to here. So can you take away your hand?"

"Ah, ahhhhh!"

I hastily retracted my hands that were being deeply embedded within softness. Just now, my hands that were hugging her had became rather dishonest already...........err, this should be attributed to a man's basic instinct...........

Ji Lian Bing smoothed out her hair, and after untying the school clothes that I've surrounded onto her waist and throwing it to me, she extremely stimulatingly adjusted the placement of her panties right in front of me.

"Ahh, it's already a little wet, I can even pull a string of liquid right out of it."

"Oioi, please don't do that right in front of a man..........."

Wasn't that a little too open-minded already? Where's the sense of reservation of a girl?

I still wanted to see that cutely shy Ji Lian Bing from earlier...........

"What does it matter, aren't Cheng Jun my boyfriend still? Plus it's all because of Cheng Jun's dishonest hands which caused all these byproducts as well."

Ji Lian Bing was like coaxing a small child as she caressed onto my head, saying.

"Not blaming you~ not blaming youu~ you're my very first boyfriend, so I'll only be like that in front of you, mn?"


Tch, I've actually had my heart skip a beat, it definitely must be a falsified mistake.

"Your heart skipped a beat already? As expected, men are all like that. Liked women who are being like elegant ladies while outside, being like housewives while at home, being like sluts while on bed, and those who kept their virginity still. How about it? I've reached the targets for all four categories, even exceeding them as well, so don't you want to marry me~?"

"If the price is to turn into a corpse, then I'll be respectfully declining it, I won't want to hold both my wedding and funeral on the same dates."

"Hehee, if it's a corpse marriage it'll be fine as well, hmm?"

"It's even more that I don't want it, okay!"

I exasperatedly grabbed my backpack and left the library, and Ji Lian Bing just followed behind me with that look of her lower half being in a state of exposure. She seemed to be disdained onto wearing that torn skirt, and didn't want to borrow my jacket to cover up her waist, saying that it would slightly drop her image, hence she just simply went naked like that...........

I'll say, not wearing any skirt like that at all would then drop your image, right..........I really don't understand the concepts of rich people.

Even if there was no one around at all, this person was a little too natural already. I daresay that Ji Lian Bing would be that kind of woman who would dare to walk in the nude at her private beach.

"Cheng Jun, do you want to try tasting it? A girl's honeypot~?"

"Waah! Filthy! Don't stick to me!"

"That's too much already~, there're so many men out there who even dreamed onto wanting to lick it."

"Just let them lick it then, in any case I'm not licking it!"

"Doon't waant~ I just want only youu~"

"Can you please not say these words while looking at my heart feels rather chilled.........."

"Huhuhu~ that's my way of love expression, mm?"

"The amount of killing intentions were too much already, stuupid."

Our conversation had become much more natural; the fear I had towards her was already lessened greatly, and her plotting plus killing intentions onto me had already lessened hugely.

Ji Lian Bing would be relatively considered to finally become a little safe already, right..........

Walking out of the integrated building and looking towards the school door entrance, although I couldn't see clearly what kind of branding it was, there's already a limousine parked right in front of the school gates.

Seeing both me and Ji Lian Bing walking over side by side, the vehicle's doors opened as well, and a maid stepped out from the front left passenger seat.

She had a spread of snowish-clean long hair drizzled over her shoulders, and on her was a traditional maid attire that bespoke its appeal as it's main features. There's white-colored lotus side decorations on her apron along with a white collared plain shaded longuette as well, her head had a katyusha placed on it.

[Perfect type Head maid]

[Xue Li]

Fanart Illustration done by Babydalyn (discord)


It's a maaaid eyy~

It's a real factual maaaid eyy~

Even though it wasn't that sort of usually seen moe maids, it made my heart even more skip a beat still, perhaps it's because this maid-xiaojie possessed a real atmosphere of being a maid.

That maid, namely known as Xue Li upon seeing Ji Lian Bing going skirtless didn't display out any expression of shock, calmly taking out a skirt from her apron pockets instead, and squatted right in front of Ji Lian Bing.

Ji Lian Bing then placed her hands onto the maid's shoulders, and very naturally lifted her left leg, followed by raising her right. Seizing this opportunity of fixated marching, the maid weaved the skirt through Ji Lian Bing's legs in a single vigor, located its correct proper position and buttoning it up, afterwards casually assisting Ji Lian Bing onto tidy her attire as well.

It's merely just a short few seconds, and Ji Lian Bing was restored back to her original noble and dignified form once again.

Amazing, it's just like some transformation magic.

Helping her own dàxiaojie to put on the skirt thereafter, the maid-xiaojie then came to my front and slightly bowed, saying.

"Thank you for taking care of my house's dàxiaojie."

(TL: she was referring to the MC in a very formal respectful tone (您))

"I darenot deserve it, it's more like I've been well taken care of by her.........."

"No, all of your very actions had been seen with my eyes, it's really been hard on you for being able to accompany the spoiled dàxiaojie for so long. It's a relief that your presence was there, for dàxiaojie then didn't head towards the wrong direction..........."

Her words had spoken up till this point, when Ji Lian Bing in a very rare stance frowned her eyebrows, saying unhappily.

"Xue Li, don't say unnecessary things!"

Eeehhh? It seemed that there was a backstory onto it?

Seemed like the maid-xiaojie was very grateful that I hadn't been murdered off by Ji Lian Bing,'s really absolutely strange, I thought that since maid-xiaojie was serving Ji Lian Bing, she definitely would have helped her house's mistress onto ridding me off as well.

Thinking up to this point, I noticed another new suspicion once more. Yeah, why didn't I think of that? Ji Lian Bing was a renowned dàxiaojie as well, if she really wanted to exterminate me, she basically wouldn't even need to personally do it herself, right?

This matter's a little strange!

Mm...........but I'm lazy to investigate it, so for the moment I'll just leave it alone first...........

But then again, maid-xiaojie's words earlier were a little strange as well, 'been seen with my eyes'? Don't tell me...........

"............Umm, I want to ask you a little something, that person who took the photograph wouldn't be maid-xiaojie yourself, right?

Maid-xiaojie suddenly gave me a look of downwards glance as she said.

"Very astute indeed, Jun Cheng-shàoye. That piece of photograph certainty was being taken by me, but the backend processing was being handled by maid Lin Bai. Her unexpectedly doing onto this kind of malevolent editing have resulted in your image being tarnished, hence I've already acted on your behalf to punish her accordingly. Also, just call me Xue Li, Jun Cheng-shàoye."

"Er, I see............umm, why must you call me shàoye?"

Xue Li-xiaojie then very respectfully answered.

"You're daxiaojie's boyfriend, and may possibly become the Ji Group's owner in the future, so naturally it's a must to address you as shàoye."

So it's because I've ridden on her coat-tails; but since even their house's maids also knew about this matter............

Don't tell me that her parents also were in the know about it too?

I'm scared...........I suddenly felt that it wasn't strange for me to suddenly evaporate off from the world one day............

"Let's go, Xue Li, I'm a little tired already."

"Understood, dàxiaojie."

Xue Li-xiaojie once again bowed her waist towards me, and after opening the back doors of the limo to receive Ji Lian Bing aboard, she then returned to the front left passenger seat.

At this moment, I realized that on the driver's seat was a maid too who's wearing a mask. Looks like other than Xue Li-xiaojie, there's still many other maids as well.

Engine sounds rumbled, and just when the vehicle was about to drive off, the back seat's windows were being slowly winded down. And Ji Lian Bing danced her hands wavingly towards me as she bade me farewell.

"Cheng Jun, see you tomorrow."


That person who lastly smiled while bading me farewell was undoubtedly the other Ji Lian Bing!

I originally thought that I wouldn't see her anymore...........both personalities could actually whimsically switch around too, huh!

Now it's really a...........'unabling to sever, with my reasoning already turning befuddled' situation...........

Carrying mixed feelings within, I paced heavy steps walking all the way home.

Returning back home, after conversing around somewhat with the watching television's Ke Ling, I dragged my fatigued body back to my room, but I didn't think that my another meimei was already waiting in my bed for me.

"Gege, I've already warmed up the bed for you."

Faced against these purposeful lines, I expressionlessly said.

"Then that's really thankful...........wait, it can't be that you didn't wear your clothes again, right?"


"As expected, huh! Go and put on your pajamas properly before coming back!

After a moment later, Xin Ran who had put on her pajamas was lying at the sides of my body, hugging onto my arms.

"............A scent of another woman."

"This again?"

Speaking of which, Ji Lian Bing was also using scents to stalk me, right? No matter where I hid, I would always be able to be discovered by her.

You women's sense of smell were really that sensitive, huuh!

"Plus it's different from yesterday."

"Aaahh, of course it's different already..........."

This time there's nothing to be panicky about, it should be said that after experiencing the first time, there's no feeling at all on the second afterwards.

"No matter how you'd put it, she's still my girlfriend."

I composedly said out these words, and afterwards, I saw Xin Ran's eyes gaping wide along with a paralyzed face as she interrogated me.

"Who is it?"

"Ji Lian Bing..........even if I said it like that, you wouldn't know as well either."

"It's that dàxiaojie who sat behind gege?"

"You knew? That's true, she's quite famous too, by right there shouldn't be anyone who don't know about her in school."

"Why will that person, together with gege.........."

" do I put it.........."

I can't just say the truth out, right. By speaking it out, it's probable that even Xin Ran wouldn't believe it as well. In reality, Ji Lian Bing was a homicidal maniac that had necrophilia, and afterwards your gege, for sake of protecting our sibling's secret within the toilet, played a game using my life as stakes, and just for the purpose of restraining her I thus became her boyfriend. These sort of bizarre processes, only ghosts would believe that!

"Well, anyway I also have nothing worth on me for her to be wanting to plot against, so don't worry about me getting deceived by her."

I can't tell about that matter of Ji Lian Bing fixing her sights onto my corpse to Xin Ran, if not she'll definitely be worried.

"Hurry up and sleep then."

"Gege, Ke........."


"No, nothing.........."

"Hurry up to sleep, I'll sleep after you've done so, and don't think about doing anything to me later, okay?"


Just like that, I waited until Xin Ran gave off evenly breathing sounds, before closing my eyes and gradually falling into dream land.

Ji Lian girlfriend, huh...........

-ch 29 end-

(3176 words to tl)

ear auricle = she probably meant licking the entire contents of the ears, instead of just only at the lobes.

Love x Kill = a reference to the jp novel series (しどう ひそか)

corpse marriage = marriage with the dead

longuette = french word for full-body long skirts. From what the author described of what the maid would look like, it seemed to be like Japan's maid cafe style of attire.

katyusha = a maid's frilled headband

moe = a term in jp coining 'endearingness', 'cuteness', 'adorable' all into one.

'unabling to sever, with my reasoning already turning befuddled' = It's a idiom. Pointing towards to your being gloomified about, unabling to sever relations, unable to cut it off, and also being unable to tidy it up too. (think clearly through it)

only ghosts would believe that! = used to describe something so extraordinary unbelievable, that you would need to use something else that is unbelievable in order for that extraordinary unbelievable event to be believed by it as well, since both events were originally unbelievable. (falling under the same categories, so they believed each other)

-xiaojie = a suffix used to politely address out a lady deemed of your respect. (usually from a prim noble family as well)

dàxiaojie = a respectful addressing way of 'xiaojie'. It also had another meaning, but I'll go through with that the next time if it came up......

shàoye = it basically means 'young master', aka the opposite of 'xiaojie', which means 'young mistress'

meimei = 'younger sister'

gege = 'elder brother'


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