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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c65

Vol 2, Chapter 65: Hitorinbo, Envy

TL: flarewk

After parting ways with Lan Hua, I hastened my footsteps.

Not only do I feel guilt within my heart, I was remorseful too, as I just felt to be very apologetic towards her.

Those words that I've said, had they hurt her already.........then again, those speeches that have been said; those water that have been split, they couldn't be recovered back. Plus, this should be the best choice after all.

Since I'm unable to respond to the other party's feelings, it's better to just decisively reject it, as always dragging the matter around would only cause things to snowball, becoming bigger and bigger, and when it ultimately turns into a situation where it's irrepressible, even if I was to have regretful second thoughts about it, nothing much would be able to be changed already. Hence, I must make up a decision seizing the early opportune right now, and must absolutely never drag things about.

Also, the crux of the matter was still, worrying about the safety of Lan Hua herself.

Although I don't think that Lian Bing would be that type of girl with an intense level of envy, it's been said that a woman's heart is like akin to finding a needle within the ocean however, who the hell would truly know onto what her intentions were.

What if she was to really enact something upon Lan Hua.........A stalker.........I don't think that it could evenly retaliate against a homicidal could even be said that it's a case of a dwarf facing off against a giant already.

Umu, those light novels that I've been reading all along, merely heavily described about those parties who were being dumped onto how agonized they were feeling, how miserable they became, how despondent they feel, but never writing once before about the feelings of that side which did the dumping.

As that side weren't actually feeling that well off either..........

My conscience which hurt painfully due to myself doing terrible things to Xue Qing, after telling those words to Lan Hua, had its wounds once again widening.

What exactly should then be the best way? What exactly would then be the correct way? I started to be confused about it.........tch, it's so annoying.........

Scratching my hair vehemently, my brain had become cluttered up, with my mood turning extremely terrible as well.

Accidentally making contact upon the bump on my forehead, under that painful sensation, I remembered a matter that I had temporarily pushed aside.

My meimeis.

Currently, they should be at home awaiting my return.

Aaaa, this was also an extremely huge issue as well...........

Their actions had recently become even more and more overboard. Perhaps its that matter from Xin Ran which was the turning point, as it made them start to closen in on the gap, conducting assaults from all sides upon me. It could be even said that they were ignoring onto the authority of their elder brother already.

Perhaps, breaking that iron-walled layer of sibling's relationships were their motives.

I've suddenly remembered that Laomā mentioned before that Ke Ling would perhaps be fanatically obsessed with me, her elder brother. At that moment I was even wondering how it could be that exaggerated, but when I recalled back those events that occurred at the living room yesterday..........perhaps she had long already seen through Ke Ling's true personality...........

Me and Ke Ling were siblings whom wasn't related by blood at all, hence speaking from a moral standpoint, she indeed would be able to turn that sort of 'I want to be gege's bride' joke into reality.

However, I really wasn't able to make Ke Ling as my bride. No matter if it's merely a delusion or not, I wasn't able to imagine out that scene of me and Ke Ling holding hands together walking into the wedding chapel.

As I've always felt that the person holding their hands shouldn't be me, and I'm just merely standing at a side clapping and offering my good wishes, eventually turning into that person who would be giving them my blessings.

Just like the ending of that light novel which started off a huge siscon craze; even when both siblings had mutual feelings towards each other, in the end, they still regained back their status of being siblings. This was the so called 'couples will eventually turn into siblings'. Errr, perhaps the meaning that I wanted to express wasn't that right, but in any case that's roughly the same as what I wanted to say.

That, would be the 'correct' ending.

Just like as what that two titles indicated, whether it'll be a cold-hearted type or a haraguro type, or even that 'bro-con' portion which made me utterly headached, it doesn't matter at all, as eventually, the most crucial two words would never be changing.


I dislike those things that I don't understand, and dislike an ambiguously unclear status even more so. Would she be your meimei, or your lover?

Of course it would be meimei.

I definitely wouldn't be muddled about that.

Whether if it's Xin Ran or Ke Ling, they were all my 'meimeis', this wouldn't have anything to do with whether there was a blood relationship or not, but merely an issue of 'status' instead.

"Speaking of which, that true and falseness, up till now I still don't know what it exactly meant.........."

Up to date, those contents which had brackets within includes (already awakened), (beginner), (intermediary), (advanced), (true), (false), and what else too..........oh right, and a (Foundation Establishment Initial Stage) as well, but as for cultivators and whatnot, it's still a little unbelieving, them being just as unreliable as Mahou Magisters.

(TL: He's under the impression that the "mahou magister" in class was just a mockery title, hence the cultivator respectively should be one too as well)

In any case, according to these, the words inside of the brackets were being used as a supplementary effect towards titles, and from that point, I'm able to discern it out through Lan Hua. Previously, I wasn't even aware about it at all, from when exactly that I started to feel that there's a bout of prickling scorching gaze staring at me, but thinking back to it right now...........the starting of it should be due to the transformation of Lan Hua from a (beginner) into an (intermediary) level.

Because the level of [Stalker] had went up already, she would therefore start to be stalking me so brazenly.

It made one subconsciously contemplate, that when Lan Hua turns into an (advanced) level, what kind of actions would she be doing then? To already be so mysteriously appearing around like that at an (intermediary) level, as well as possessing techniques of concealment to that of an assassin, having tracking abilities to that of a hunter, plus even obtaining onto so many information about me from unbeknownst where, along with her assertiveness even being to the level of being frightening already; If it's an (advanced) level, I simply couldn't imagine it out at all...........

Then again, I think that I wouldn't see upon that day of her becoming (advanced), since I just now had so straightforwardly issued out the 'no' card to her, hence she probably wouldn't be disturbing onto me again.

Well then, this true falseness, which portion of the title does it exactly refer to? The frontal part, or onto the 'bro-con' instead?

Mm...........I think that it should be referring to the frontal portion instead. The meaning of 'false' should be that although Xin Ran seemed to be a cold-hearted type, in reality her inner heart was rather fiery, and from that point I'm able to discern that out through her always frequenting night assaults. And as for 'true', it could mean that Ke Ling's true appearance could actually be a haraguro little devilish type kinda

Uuu..........I distinctly felt like there's somewhere seemingly not quite right.

I really don't understand that; it's so annoying.

No matter what, I'll need to think up of an idea to deal with these two meimeis. They definitely would use the matter of me not returning home at night to threaten me, raising some unreasonable requests toward me thereafter.

What's the time right now? If not, how about I wait till after Ke Ling had slept before going back then?

Oh right, my phone, it should be already be charged up, I'm able to take it out to check on the timing already.

Searching around my body, I found my phone within the pockets of my trousers and pressed on its power button. The time now was already 8.30 pm at night.

There's roughly still 69% of battery left, it's rather adequate. Hence I then tapped onto the 'phone' icon to take a look at the call history.

The amount of missed calls had doubled, they still were calls being made from Ke Ling.

But the most recent missed call didn't came from Ke Ling, but a stranger's mobile number wait, it seemed a little familiar. Aahhh, I got it, this is Xue Qing's number.

Mm, I'll give her a call back then..........

Suddenly remembering that appearance of Xue Qing while I was leaving the alleyway, my thumb which was almost about to press onto the dial button instinctively shifted onto another place, with the result that I pressed on a wrong number, making a call to Ke Ling instead.

Oh f**k! I quickly seized onto the moment of while the call wasn't still being made yet to hang it up.


No, why am I being so panicky, when a person panics they'll easily cause mishaps upon themselves. Looks like those matters that happened to me during these two days once again made me unsettled already.

Eventually, I still didn't make the call, merely texting Xue Qing a short message, with the contents being [I reached home already, don't worry about me, next time I'll go to your house to play again.]. Afterwards, when I just wanted to stuff my phone back into my pockets, it gave off a 'brzzt brzzt' vibration. It's the reply from Xue Qing, with the contents only having one word, which was [Mm.].

Heh heh, it's really a text message with her style in it. I'll teach her onto using text emojis next time then, as I feel that it'll be rather cute.

Saving Xue Qing's number into my contacts, as I looked at my contacts which originally only had my family members as well as my teacher's numbers in it having a few more friends appearing within, my feelings too became slightly better.

How do I put it...........although I've been rather unlucky recently, but it wasn't that entirely bad after all...........

At the very least, I've made some friends already, wasn't it?

After walking until it was 9 pm plus plus, I've finally arrived at the door entrance of my house.

But I halted right by the doors, not daring to go on in.

Phew...........first, I'll need to be mentally prepared. When exactly was it that my meimeis had started to become such an existence that would be making me that frightful, really..........heh..........

Turning my heads sideways while bitterly laughing, I plucked out my keys and opened up the door. What needed to be faced would still need to be faced ultimately.

"I'm back."

Made a greeting.

But there wasn't anyone who came to receive me.

I bizarrely took off my shoes and went into the living room, but there was no one there.

"Xin Ran~ Ke Ling~"

Calling their names also had no one responding to me, and I thus called out my Laomā and Laobà.

There still weren't any response at all; the house was very quiet.

What, there's not a single person at home at all?

I once again returned back to the porch to ascertain onto the number of shoes there. Laomā and Laobà indeed doesn't seem to be at home, but Xin Ran and Ke Ling's shoes weren't any lesser at all? Both of their slippers weren't at the shoe cabinet however, which implied that they should by right be at home.

But right now, their gege had returned already, and they didn't come out to welcome me instead..........

I originally thought that what would be welcoming me was an interrogation akin to that of a fierce storm, with possibly an unfavorably 1 vs 2 siblings argument and whatnot even occurring as well.

But, there wasn't any such occurrences.

It can't be that they were sleeping already? No, it's only been 9 plus, Ke Ling wouldn't be sleeping that early.

It's such a bizarre case of events already, what were the both of them doing, were they at the toilet..........

Well, it's good this way as well, at least I don't need to vexate over on how to deal with them.

The old saying still stands, time is able to resolve everything. Last time when me and Xin Ran, the two of us siblings were arguing, we didn't reached an agreement over it most of the time, but recovered over from that after a period of time.

Primarily because when Xin Ran was mad and pouting against me, she would always simply just ignore me, not listening to me no matter what I said, even if we were living right in the same house, and could even maintain up to a week of not talking to me. It's only last time while we were at the toilet when she suddenly raised up some very strange requests to me, which afterwards gave rise to some sort of strange fetishes upon Xin Ran..........ehh.........not good, I've once again recalled back those damning memories.

(TL: the nsfw wincest side story 1 was referring to the aftermath of that incident, i think)

With my fingers still distinctly remembering that softly moist sensation, I immediately shook my head to go think up of other stuff, with the result that I recalled back onto the things that I did towards Xue Qing last night.

*Pu!*...........fighting poison with poison I'm already so innately poisoned, that it's simply just hopeless at this point..........

Afterwards, my thoughts flickered towards Lan Hua..........she, she should already have reached home, right..........

Crying that badly just now, would she act upon something foolish under impulses then, tch..........I'm so worried! Thinking about it right now, I felt that what I've done wasn't that right after all. How could I just leave her behind by the streets just like that? It's a little too overboard already.


I hastily went to the second floor, and flipped through the classmates contact booklet issued by Xiao Zhen-laoshi during the start of school.

I've found it, Gao Ying Nai's house number.

She's Lan Hua's best friend, so it should be fine asking for her help to pick up Lan Hua.

This was the best solution already.

The call very quickly got answered, with Gao Ying Nai herself picking up the call. I then told the entire turnabout of events to her, afterwards expressing my intentions of hoping that she'll be able to go pick up Lan Hua. She merely listened quietly onto everything of what I've got to say, and after maintaining silence for a moment later on, she replied 'I got it, just leave Xiao' Hua to me..........thank you. I've finally understood why Xiao' Hua would be liking you so much already. At the very least, you're just a little bit better than those scumbags, though I still wasn't able to like you at any rate.', and after she had finished, the phone was simply just hung up.

(TL: the scumbags here refers to those people who purposefully dated more than 1 girl at the same time)

A little bit better than those scumbags, huh..........such a subtle appraisal.

And as such, I dragged my fatigued body upstairs, and opened up the door to my room.

I've just pushed open the door and made a step, when I noticed that within the darkness, there's a title that was as brightly lit as an LED signboard.

[Haraguro type bro-con meimei (true)]

But it wasn't a pure color of pinkness already. Though the 'bro-con meimei (true)' words were still pinkish, but as for the 'haraguro type' had already turned into a greyish color!

I remembered that Li Li mentioned it before, that grey.........

Was the emotion of envy!

-ch 65 end-

(3379 words to tl)

TL: okey, i still owed 1 more chapter

Hitorinbo, Envy (孑然、妒火) = It refers to a niconico video i think, 'Hitorinbo Envy', which was a song based on the feelings of unwantedness and jealousy, which probably would sum up what the bro-con Ke Ling was feeling at the moment (she wanted to pounce the MC l-o-l ).

Couples will eventually turn into siblings (有情人终成兄妹) = basically a sort of curse towards couples that they will break up to form an awkward relationship that of siblings....

meimei (妹妹) = younger sister.

Laomā (老妈)/ Laobà (老爸) = informal way of addressing ur mother/ father. "ma, pa"

gege (哥哥) = elder brother

-laoshi (老师) = honorific, meaning 'teacher'

Xiao' (小) = a prefix , used to refer to a subject endearingly


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