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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c80

Vol 2, Chapter 80: Surroundings besieged, Complete isolation

TL: flarewk

"No! I can't just leave Xue Qing like that!" I can't back down onto this, I must let Xue Qing know about this matter!

After being personally preyed on by murderous ghouls, I understood very well how terrifying those creatures mind isn't at ease, my mind really can't be at ease.

Merely just a Tong Jia Lin and already being that frightening, but for four murderous ghouls facing against Xue Qing at once?

Don't joke around anymore!

"Let's first go meet up with her, the combined three of us would be way better than just one person alone!"

".........It can't be helped."

Bai Yu Hui gave off a sigh and unloosened my hand that she was holding. So she's finally willing to let me leave?

"I'll remember the matter of you saving me inside my heart! I'll definitely repay you back when there's a chance next time!"

Quickly, I must quickly go!

If Xue Qing had already left her house to go look for me, she would very possibly be already discovered by those murderous ghouls.

I who turned out to be even more and more anxious then hastened my footsteps as I started to run, only thinking of wanting to quickly find Xue Qing.........however, I've just only stepped forward when I'm unable to move anymore!

It wasn't anyone else; it's Bai Yu Hui herself who did it, binding me up!

Like a snake, a piece of willow tree branch entangled up my ankles, binding my both legs. Seeing that I'm about to trip towards the ground, my wrists was being pulled back by Bai Yu Hui, and was afterwards pulled aside and carried up.

Plus, it's even a princess-carrying stance!


"The matter of protecting you takes precedence over your personal intent, so, even if you're to be made immobile, I also cannot allow you to risk yourself to go look for Jiang Xue Qing."

So the 'it can't be helped' earlier was referring to her not being able to dissuade me, and could only simply take action, huh!

What closely followed next was that a piece of wooden branch crawled along my back waist and bound up my wrists.........both my hands and legs were unable to move anymore!

"Let go of me!"


She simply ignored me, and just like that, carried me into that book store which I earlier was sitting by the entrance dazing out.

After placing me down by the sides of the windows, Bai Yu Hui walked to the door entrance, and bolted the door up shut.

Then, she took out paper talismans from her waist pouch, pasting it on the doors and windows piece by piece, and after she had finished pasting them, she took out a few pouches of small beans and scattered them at the four corners of the book store.

She was probably setting up something that's like a barrier.

As long as one stays in here, it'll definitely be safe; seeing her actions of meticulously setting it up, I'm not sure why such thoughts came out from me.

She said that she would be protecting me to her utmost, and it's indeed reflected out through her actions.

However........if it's only me who was'll be too sly already.........

"I'll say........can't Xue Qing be brought along inside here too?"

"If that's the case, the barrier that I set up would have lost its purpose, as this barrier, rather than defense, it's more focused onto concealment. If Jiang Xue Qing is to be brought in here as well, it undoubtedly will simply expose our location right towards the other party."


At the moment, my feelings were both gratuitous and helpless, yet I wasn't able to move due to being tied up.

After finishing setting up, Bai Yu Hui returned to my front, sitting formally by my sides while speaking.

"If you have any requests, please tell me immediately, for I will help you to resolve them."

"Then, please untie me........."

"Only about that point, please pardon me for being unable to satisfy you."


Afterwards, I thought up all sort of ways, like for example saying that I'm thirsty, wanted to read books, or even wanted to go to the toilet and so on of such overboard requests, but she still didn't have any intentions of unloosening me up at all. Feeding me water to drink, reading a book out for me, and as for going to the toilet.........err, I won't elaborate about's too embarrassing already.

I didn't expect that within my lifetime, I would actually go through the experience of having a girl positioning my tool and helping me to pee twice.........and what's even more frightening, was that this time the entire process of stripping off my pants and putting it back on was being executed by her. Bai Yu Hui was like a nurse taking care of her patients, completely not having any appearance of embarrassment or shyness at all.

With the outcome that not only I wasn't able to cause her to be wavered, I instead increased the pile of black histories on myself.

In the end, I could only give up.........

Bai Yu Hui nonetheless waited unmovingly by my sides, just like a robot that's in standby for orders at any instance, while I dumbfoundedly stared outside the windows.

The always grim-looking sky finally started to rain. Droplets of rain hit the book store's glass windows, *pa ta pa ta*.........

From the start, I was still able to see the rain droplets gradually increasing, and at a certain period, it suddenly ferociously swelled up, with the distance between rain droplets becoming unified into one, transforming into watery curtains as it showered on the windows.

It rained, huh........

How long had it been? Roughly half an hour?

As I'm hiding inside the book store all along, I'm not even sure what's the situation like outside already.........heavens be blessing Xue Qing to not be discovered by those murderous ghouls.

Speaking of which, for Lian Bing's birthday wasn't considered to be the level of being late anymore, I'm guessing that she would be thinking that I just simply stood her up.

Plus, the present wrapping gift box had already been burnt up.

Lian Bing definitely would be mad, and when she's mad, Eehh.........why did I feel that she would be even more terrifying than those murderous ghouls.........'s unfortunate.........


"Yes, is there anything else that needed help?"

"Eeh,'s only that, I'm thinking, am I able to go out already?"

"Not yet, the route of exit is still in a barricaded state. It implies that the situation is either still not concluded, or even having started at all........they're here!"


Bai Yu Hui suddenly pounced over, compressing my body, with my face being buried within chests once again!

Wait, this time, I'm unable to breathe already!

"Please remain silent, though I've already set up the isolation barrier, they might still be able to detect onto something........"


Because things had occurred too suddenly, it's such a coincidence that I'm exhaling out air when she pounced onto me, and I who originally didn't have that much air inside, being wrapped up as such really made me not able to breathe any longer.

Her breasts was surprisingly larger than what it looked like........

I hastily lifted up my head, wanting to at least let my nose which was being wrapped to be released, but I've just only popped out my head when it was pressed back down even more forcibly by Bai Yu Hui.

"Please don't move about, right now's the most crucial period!"

With the outcome that I was buried amidst even more deeper inside the canyon, even touching onto the depths of the ravine, and was able to hear her heartbeat.........

Eeehh........I'm about to suffocate to my death.........

What awaited me in the end was actually this sort of suffocating way of death,'s too much already.........

Bai Yu Hui slowly hugged me, dragging my body moving across the floor afterwards, and cautiously spoke after dragging me to the sides of the windows.

"It's fine over here, we probably shouldn't be seen, Mn? My chest feels wet........ahh!"

While the me currently was already halfway in a state of unconsciousness, not even being able to control my saliva from leaking out, dampening Bai Yu Hui's breasts.

Fortunately, after discovering that scenario, she immediately let go of me and instantaneously made me lie on her legs, conducting CPR onto me thereafter.........



After my oxygen-lacking brain obtained an emergency resupply, it once again started revolving, with me then finally comprehending of what she had done towards me.

I hastily coughed a couple of times, propping my body up, and used an astonished gaze to look at her.

"Cough cough cough........!"

"'s such a relief that you're fine, Jun Cheng-dà's all my fault on causing this sort of careless mistake........"

When she saw me recovering over from it, she patted her chest in relief, with my saliva still being painted on her chests as well as the surroundings of her mouth.........that's, that's too........

"N-, no, how can, I.......eyy........"

I pointed towards her lips and mine back and forth. Looking at her unchanging face expression, I could only helplessly deflate in the end.

If it's like that, wouldn't it make me who was too overly mindful about it seem like an idiot already.........

"Didn't you mind that at all........"

"Although I slightly minded it........but, compared with your life, it's not considered to be anything at all."


Even if it's like that, to actually be so unhesitating on pumping in air through that mouth of mine which was leaking out saliva.........Mn?

Her ears seemed to be a little red?

"Umm.........I promise that I won't go outside, so can you unloosen me right now? This position seems to be a, they're outside, so I won't be doing such foolish acts."


Bai Yu Hui pondered for roughly 10 seconds afterwards, and perhaps she felt that what I said seemed to be slightly logical, as she got rid of the willow tree branch that had my hands and feet bound up.

I who once again regained my freedom shook my wrists and ankles about, afterwards changing from a posture being held down by her into one where she was leaning by my sides.

Turning my head around looking at the saliva that covered her face, I hesitated for a moment, but still stretched out my hands to help wipe them off.

Suddenly, the color of red diffused out from her ears dyeing onto her cheeks, as Bai Yu Hui hastily lowered her head, yet had her both hands holding onto my wrists, not allowing my palms to leave her cheeks.

What's up with this again........if you're feeling shy, shouldn't it be you drawing back a distance, so why did it instead become even more intimate already?

Nonono, right now wasn't the time to be flirting about! The murderous ghouls had already gathered to outside of the T-junction nearby!

I tilted my body to secretly observe outside the windows from a downwards landing position. It's fortunate that the rain currently had greatly lessened, allowing me to clearly see the situation outside.

Walking over from the north side was a thick body-haired male foreigner who looked to be a little frivolous, with Eviscerating murderous ghoul Edward walking along with him side by side.

[Skin peeling Murderous ghoul]


While at the west side, an obese man who dressed up as a clown walked over whilst engaging in knife juggling, and because the clownish appearance drawn on his face was being messed up by the rain, it made his face appear to be extremely terrifying.

[Garroting Murderous ghoul ]


Lastly, appearing from the east side, a man was donning a windbreaker, his hair fully slicked back, with a V shaped hairline, eyes narrowly long, accompanied by a wicked smile on his face.........he's a male, right? Appearing to be neither male nor female, what a mystifyingly bizarre fellow.

[Limbs severing Murderous ghoul]

[Ye Liu Su]

He, or she? One hand holding onto a military dagger which looked like Xue Qing's, while the other was dragging onto a certain something.........

That's, Tong Jia Lin!

N-, no........that's.........UuuU!

"Too much could he.........!"

Though that was Tong Jia Lin, she wasn't perfect any longer, for her four limbs were sliced off, her being carved into a human pole with her condition unbeknownst if she's still alive or not. That man was dragging Tong Jia Lin's golden long hair, and the blood that gushed out from her limbs dyed the streets surface, it further dispersing out to the surroundings by the rain.

All of the murderous ghouls were gathered here already!

The clown noticed the body that the windbreaker man was dragging, and pointed towards Tong Jia Lin saying something.........though I'm unable to hear the contents of it, it should roughly be a conversation on why she would she be turned into that appearance.

The windbreaker man explained, gave off a snort from his nose, afterwards threw Tong Jia Lin over.

The obese clown chuckled as he stabbed his throwing knives within as he received onto it, afterwards wrapping Tong Jia Lin's hair around her neck, and ferociously yanked it. Handful and handful of hair were being wrenched off, yet he still continued on repeating the garroting process.

I seemingly heard the sounds of her choking, with the tongue she spat out already way over the limits of what a human is able to actively stretch out.

The frivolous man standing aside seemed to have interest as well, as he walked over, taking out a knife that curved upwards out from his pockets and started to peel off her face.........

"Damn it........"

These group of people were really psychotic, to the extent of having broken past human limits.........!

Doing such overboard acts towards a once companion of yours, and still actually having a look of enjoying therein?

They're too dangerous already.........!

These people were way much more dangerous than Tong Jia Lin!

Facing against such a disadvantageously dire situation where one is isolatingly surrounded, there's no chance even if it's Xue Qing, as I don't think that there would be anyone who was able to escape out from their hands.........

Them gathered over here, would imply that the other regions had already concluded its search.

If they were to continue on searching, they would very quickly locate Xue Qing's house.........please, please don't appear, Xue Qing!

It's fine to just continue squandering off the time! Please never appear right in front of them!

However, things always didn't proceed as how one had hoped for.

Donning a hood, a small petite figure appeared at the south region.

Propping a sky-blue umbrella in her hands, it's exactly that kind we had went together purchasing a few days back then. The clothes on her had been changed into another set as well, it's that white sweater and black skirt that I chose for her.

Why must you still come out.........

Why didn't you go hide yourself!!

Xue Qing! ! !

-ch 80 end-

(3368 words to tl)

TL: I realize sometimes the spacing between sentences can get **** up, it's probably blogger's problem in here. If you see such mistakes, please alert me.

Surroundings besieged, Complete isolation (四面楚歌) = a cn idiom describing a dire scenario where a subject is completely isolated and is surrounded by enemies disadvantageously.

Sitting formally (正坐) = referring to sitting seiza style

Black histories (黑历史) = it refers to the amount of stupid/embarrassing things one had done upon reflection of their life

John・Gacy (约翰・加西) = I'm 99.99% certain the author took the inspiration from the evil serial clown murderer and r*pist John Wayne Gacy. He s*xually assaulted, tortured and murdered at least 33 young men, and nearly all of his victims died of either asphyxiation or strangulation.

Wiki link:

-dàren (大人) = used to address someone very respectfully, like that person is the 'master' of whom you serve. 

The most accurate english term for it would be 'Lord' :3, while the most accurate jp representation would be '-sama'.


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