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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c40

Volume 2, Chapter 40: Comforting, Misconception

TL: flarewk

I’ll hurry up and return too then, if I returned too late, Lian Bing would probably turn angry.

Her appearance when she's angry was……….extremely terrifying.

Thinking till that point I too hastened my footsteps, with the result that I’ve just taken my first stride when my wrist was being pulled.

Whaat? Agaain?

Who is it this timee?

“Jun Cheng.”


Suddenly calling out my name, it gave me a huge shock!

This rather strangerish and somewhat familiar and delicate voice should be……….I turned around to look.

As expected, it's an expressionless Jiang Xue Qing.

And afterwards, when I thought about where this place was, black lines then crawled onto my forehead.

(TL: Black lines refer to " part on smiley → (-_-") )

I instinctively hugged her upwards directly, afterwhich swiftly dashing out of the men's toilet.

When I was running out of the toilet, it just so happened that two girls too walked out from the ladies. Seeing me along with Jiang Xue Qing within my arms, their expression instantaneously became incomparably marvellous.

The fuuuuuuuu!

And so, I ran away once more.

Directly trailing along the stairs, I ran down to the first floor's left sided corridor end, then placed her down from my embrace in front of the infirmary, which was usually devoid of people.

"Oioioi, why did you suddenly appear over there!!"

Why was it that whether if it's Lian Bing or you, you girls could always expressionlessly barge into the male toilets?

Does this mean that I can also anyhow enter the female toilets too?! (no, that way you'll be regarded as a pervert)

Jiang Xue Qing had a look of indifference as she took out a napkin from the upper pocket of her clothing and stretched it right in front of me.


"Ahhh, so it's you who helped me to keep it, huh? Really, thanks."

After I received the napkin and thanking her, I still couldn't resist to enquire.

"But I still want to ask, why would you be inside the men's toilet?"

Don't tell me that in reality, Jiang Xue Qing was only a kuudere girl on the surface, and her inner heart was actually a lustraint? Which was why she would do those kinds of stuff like sneaking into the men's toilet........... can't be, it shouldn't be like that.

If it's really because of her interest onto men's reproductive organs which led her to go to the men's toilet, by right she shouldn't be able to maintain that emotionless expression. Instead, she was completely rippleless.

Just like what I've expectedly thought, Jiang Xue Qing said out the true motive on why she was lurking in the men's toilet.


"Eyy? Investigate on what?"


"Ahh, if you don't feel like saying then you don't need to, I'm only just asking casually."

Jiang Xue Qing shook her head, afterwards suddenly approaching extremely near to me, and waved over to indicate me on lowering my head.

I slightly bent down my body, with the both of my hands supporting on my knees as I half-squatted, allowing my head to be able to be on the same level as her head.

Speaking of which, Jiang Xue Qing seemed to be rather short too, such a short size, as long as she takes off this set of high-schooler uniform and put on other clothing, it's even possible that she would be misunderstood to be an elementary schooler as well.



I still couldn't hear clearly on what she was saying.

Her voice was really too soft already.

I was even so intently concentrated onto listening of what she was saying already, but in the end could only hear a few choppy single words.

In summary, there's someone who tasked her to investigate onto a man, which was why she would be in the men's toilet, I guess.

"Is Meng Fa the person whom you're investigating?"


"All right.........."

I originally wanted to continue to ask on why would she investigate him, but if still responds to me with such soft voices, my enquiry would may as well be pointless too, hence I just gave up on that thought.

"In any case, don't go into the men's toilet already."

Jiang Xue Qing nodded her head again. This movement seemed to be her representative action, just like Lian Bing's smile.

But her nodding was too frequent already, it even caused me to be unsure on whether she had really understood it or not.

"Jun Cheng."

"Oh, anything?"


She stretched out a small petite hand towards me, while eagerly looking at me, just like a small dog who was waiting to be fed.

"Again, can't be that you wanted hair, right?"

She silently nodded her head.

"You really don't want anything else?"

Jiang Xue Qing tilted her head and pondered momentarily, and said out her additional request.


A face of serious look, not seemingly joking at all...........because there completely wasn't any change in her expression, I also had no idea on what kind of mood she was carrying currently, which led her to raise out this sort of request.

"Eyelashes, heeh............I can't pluck this one out myself."

Plus right now, there's no mirror and tools on my hands, and if it was done improperly, who knows that I may even poke onto my eyes too.

"I'll help."

"Mm, I'm counting on you then."

Women normally would carry around makeup kits with them. Since it's like that, Jiang Xue Qing should also be carrying tweezers with her too.

"Close, eyes."

"No problem."

I also didn't waste any more time as well, immediately took off my spectacles and kept it inside my pocket, shutting my eyes and waiting for her to pluck out my eyelashes.

Originally, I had already readied myself for the pain, but after 3 to 4 seconds later there still wasn't any feelings of my eyelashes being grabbed onto, and just when I was about to open up my eyes to see exactly what's going on.

A sharp air slicing sound resounded into my ears, as the slight gap in between my eyes when it opened suddenly turned dark, with a gust of wind breezing past my forehead, blowing my fringe apart.

My eyelids nastily twinged for a moment, and I had the distinct feeling that just now, something very dangerous had just swooped past from my eyes.

It didn't seemed to be using tweezers to pluck off my eyelashes..........

Although it didn't hurt a bit at all, why did I had a nagging feeling that I just had danger brushing across my eye earlier...........


"Is it........."

(TL: The "is it" here is a response type, e.g. "Is it?")

I blinked my eyes twice and afterwards opened them up, curiously looking towards Jiang Xue Qing's hand, wanting to see what kind of tool she used to take away my eyelashes. But her movements were way faster than what I've imagined them to be, and had unknowingly hidden the tool back to somewhere already.

Strongly resisting my curiosity, I didn't go ask her about that question, only plucking off a bunch of hair and messily stuffed into her hand afterwards, saying.

"Well, here are some hairs...........I'll be going first then."



I originally wanted to just turn around and directly leave, but she extremely ingeniously clutched onto my leg; her right hand grabbed onto my wrist; her left hand stretched inside my shirt collar and pulled down, causing me to once again lower my head.

Her movement was incomparably smooth, it's so natural till it made me unable to react at all.

Afterwards, her forehead bumped onto mine, as her nose and mine laid contact with each other. Even our cheeks were being plastered together.

Even though that cheeks of Jiang Xue Qing which looked as exquisite as a doll's didn't seem to have any excess flab on it, I instead felt a certain degree of softness when that piece of small round face got pasted onto my cheeks, it could almost rival's Lian Bing's breasts already.

The sensation of groping it must be really good............who knows, it may even be pulled out to be rather long too.

Her spectacles had also unknowingly been taken down, and at an extremely close proximity gazing into that deep blue pupils of hers, I had a sensation of almost being sucked right in.

I'm able to very clearly feel her breaths; the hot air smacking onto my face formed a layer of fog, but had vanished off due to my cheeks respectively colliding with it. Even for lovers, it was a distance that's too intimate.

I suppressed my voice, trying my best not to exhale out my breath onto her face, saying.

"Umm, Xue Qing-xiaojie? It seemed to be a little too close already..........."

Not only was it close, it's practically being plastered together already!!

My heart panicked, causing me to even use out honorifics.

Was it because she had something to tell me which caused her to stick so closely onto me? It's already extremely close just earlier, but I still couldn't hear clearly on what she was telling me. Which was why this time she just laid contact with me at zero distance proximity, allowing me to clearly hear her?

"Call my, name."

"Err..........sure, umm, Xue Qing.........."


I hadn't have the chance to say out more words behind, merely just calling out her name and instantly receiving a response; it's way faster than any single time previously.

"Did you have something you want to tell me?"


"I'm listening, hurry up and say it then."

"Close, eyes."

Again wanting me to close up my eyes, heeh. Forget it, forget it, I'll just hurry up and agree to her request, when she finished saying she should then be distancing herself from me. Although there's nearly no one who would go to the infirmary, it's still better to be more prudent a little.

Just now, I carrying her out from the men's toilet had already been sighted, and right now, if this sort of situation was to be witnessed again, even if I was to jump into the Yellow River, my crimes still couldn't be washed cleansed already.

I guess then I'll be inheriting; from a man who had the same name as me, who's being said to be a scum who was rowing onto two boats at the same time; a freely given title of 'Scumbag Cheng'.

(TL: It's a reference to school days, the main lead there is called 伊藤, and our MC is called 安君)

Thinking till that point, Jiang Xue Qing also finally moved. Her original pasted face grinded against mine upwards, as her hands that was stretched inside my shirt collar also retracted, placing beside my head.

My head was being embraced, and my eyes were wrapped about by a certain soft object, closely followed by a sensation of wetness.

"Painpain, fly away."


I was instead being comforted by a loli already?!

It felt, extremely~~~ embarrassing!

Wahh, what painpain fly away, I'm also not a kid! Plus, I also hadn't felt anywhere being painful!! It can be even said that your technique was too much of an expertise already, that is, when taking away my eyelashes I didn't even feel a single bit or trace of pain at all!!

But pushing her away just like that also seemed to be not good as well, and so I could only continue to maintain this posture.

However...........after a long period of time later she still hadn't let go.

My waist and legs were already starting to be aching already, as maintaining a half-squatting posture was surprisingly exhaustive.

Plus, my eyes were being licked until it nearly couldn't open up already. There's a trace of aching sensation, it should be saliva dripping into the gaps between my eyelids.

"Xue Qing?"


She gave me one final lick onto my eyes before slowly moving away from my face, and when she left, I could still feel her exhaled breaths slapping onto my face. It was even more rapid slightly than usual, and I could actually even see that there's slight changes on her expression!

Was that, a look of reluctance?

"Go back then."


Her response's speed was slightly later than usual, and I suddenly felt a little relieved, as I understood that Jiang Xue Qing also had feelings too, it's only just that she wasn't good at expressing it out.

With the outcome that when I returned back to my class, the lunch break had almost ended.

And just as I've expectedly anticipated, the red portion in Lian Bing's status had became even more already...........

What closely followed next was I spending the entire afternoon under an incomparably tremendous pressure. To describe it simply, the feeling was like as if someone had placed a gun onto my head.

And I had no idea why either, but I had a distinct feeling that not only Lian Bing was staring at me, from the sides of my back also emanated over an extremely piercing gaze.

Plus..........Li Nai-tongxue who was sitting right beside me, can you please not so brazenly stare at me, least try to conceal it a little..........

Due to many kinds of things recently, I won't be mentioning about being afflicted by gazes from all sort of places already. But now, I'm often being fixedly stared at by some people, causing me feel extremely discomforted.

I'm also not Scp-173, even if you guys don't stare at me, I also won't instantly teleport to your backs and break your neck..........

Plus when its breaktime, Jiang Xue Qing who was sitting in front of me would then turn around to face me, and afterwards, Lian Bing would activate her poisonous tongue technique, starting to mock and taunt her indirectly, with Xue Qing directly turning a deaf ear to them.

Uhh huuh? Could this be the legendary shuraba?

It must be my misconception, how could I be involved into a shuraba?


Suddenly remembering those words that Meng Fa said to me in the toilet, it made me unable to laugh out anymore.

——I hear that in a person's life, there would be three peaks of them being lucky in loveships, and you should be welcoming onto your very first loveship luck's peak!

...........That can't be real, right?

I remember that being lucky in loveships should be referring to encountering onto a female that you liked, or when you're about to meet your other destined half instead.

Then what exactly am I experiencing right now..........

If a sudden 'popularity with the opposite sex' was to be considered as loveship, like chewing gum, no matter how you shake it, being unable to be dump* them away, also severely affecting onto everyday life, and even threatening onto my life; that kind of situation, which made me completely unable to laugh out at all, what exactly does it mean...........

(TL: shake/dump used the same word, 甩)

① At the wrong time, met onto the correct person

② At the correct time, met onto the wrong person.

But I should be belonging to ③ At the wrong time, met onto the wrong person, I guess.......... 

That's right...........

It must be, somewhere's being mistakened already.

-ch 40 end-

(3404 words to tl)

Fanart by BabyDalyn (discord):

TL: Looks like there's a yandere craze going on in SFACG. Out of the top 10 "newest novels" ranking list, 4 of them were yandere themed. I would definitely TL them if l could spilt myself into many clones.

In order of their respective popularity;
#3) These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy
#4) My Yandere Xuejie Isn't That Scary Huh 
#5) My Girlfriend Who Reincarnated With Me Became A Yandere
#9) I Who Was Being Trapped Between Mama and Jiejie felt Very Wronged

P/N: XueJie = senior female classmate in school
P/N 2: Mama = mom
P/N 3: Jiejie = elder sister

Lustraint (闷骚) = lustrained is a word I created, from coining lust + restraining ; which perfectly describe the chinese slang "闷骚", which means a person who hides and suppresses his wild lusts inside him, while on the exterior, having a saintly aloof appearance.

Yellow River jump in to cleanse oneself of sins = It's believed in the past that bathing yourself in holy water would cleanse away your sins, because water and bathing oneself removes dirt, hence that conception, see? Yellow River is the longest and famous river in China.

Rowing onto two boats at the same time = normally I would sub in meanings of it, but today mah head was dizzy from school, so uhh I'll just explain it here. Much like what the sentence indicated, a person cannot row 2 boats at the same time. 

This idiom, is famously known and used for the purpose of people dating more than 1 person simultaneously. Once it's used out, you 100% will know that there's a sure-reference to a multi-dater.

Scp-173: Where to begin this explanation.

Scp stands for "Secure, contain, protect". It's basically an acronym for securing and containing alien lifeforms to protect civilians from danger. Sounds far fetched? I don't know.

Specimen 173, is an extremely hostile "animate object" that cannot move when direct line of sight is laid on it. It kills by snapping the neck at the base of the skull or strangulation. 

Excerpt from the wiki:
When personnel must enter SCP-173's container, no fewer than 3 may enter at any time and the door is to be relocked behind them. At all times, two persons must maintain direct eye contact with SCP-173 until all personnel have vacated and relocked the container.

Source: scp wiki
Shuraba = a scene of carnage fighting, typically a group of females in hostile over one another for a guy.

If a sudden 'popularity with the opposite sex'...... = It was really cluttered together which made sense in CN, I hope my breakdown was easy enough for y'all to understand. Took me quite a while to clean it up.

-xiaojie = a respectful way to address a lady. (e.g Miss)

-tongxue = suffix, it means student


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