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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c60

Vol 2, Chapter 60: Capturing intent, Purposeful liberation

TL: flarewk

It's pink colored.

Having already been living around for such a long period of time, since I hadn't discovered myself having any sort of physiological defects onto the identification towards colors, then it shouldn't be that I've been mistaken.

However, what if that's the case? What if it's really that I've been mistaken?

I'm just that persistent on wanting to refute the truth that I've seen, hence, I switched to a different angle, circling round to the sides of Lan Hua to take another glance.

And it's still, pink.

It's a cherry-colored pink, which was similar to Xin Ran and Ke Ling. Li Li told me, that it's the color of love.

Forget it if the color's pink when she's facing Lian Bing, but when she's facing me, it's

She likes me? Is that what it means?

After deducing out this shocking conclusion which would have induced cold sweat out from a person, I once again observed Lan Hua's appearance.

Currently, her entirety had already been entrapped within my palms.

Ah, don't be mistaken, I'm saying that she's completely fallen, engrossed playing about with my palms.

Just like an archaeologist who had discovered upon an ancient relic, she tightly squeezed onto my hand in a dazed state, with her face carrying some sort of a degenerated smile, as her half-opened mouth leaked out a 'Heeheeheeee.......'. This sort of laughter was reminiscent of sleep-talking, and from the corner of her mouth, there's strands of saliva leaking out.

But the most severe issue was that bout of gaze which made my entirety feel discomforted, as after her gaze had been placed on my hand, it didn't move away from it already. My right hand, which was being covered up by both her hands was originally already quite hot, and being stared at by such 'passionate' gaze simply made my hand feel like it's almost about to be scorched ablaze.

Plus, peeking at those eye gazes, its intensity was like as if it couldn't bear to just carry over a microscope for the purpose of looking at even the pores on my skin thoroughly.

Her gazing was a little too overly engrossed already, and she's not even blinking her eyes at all, with the whites of her eyes even becoming bloodshot as a result.

I simply don't know why she's able to play with a hand to be in such a 'high' extent all by herself when it's merely just a handshake...........that sort of infatuated appearance was a little's basically just like being addicted and was unable to extricate herself from it...........

(TL: 'high' here refers to getting high on drugs)

She actually, was that infatuated with me to that extent?

It gave me a huge chin was almost dropping onto the ground already...........

No, nononono! This must be the so-called Life's Three Big Mistakes!

The me last time had not experienced any single one of them at all. I didn't experience the misconception of thinking that my phone rang (there's basically no one who would give me a call), and also didn't experience the misconception of feeling that someone was knocking onto my door (there's basically no one who would enter my room), and even more not so thinking that there would be a girl who liked me!

So how could there be such an exorbitantly outrageous thing such as a girl whom I have never once struck up a conversation before suddenly liking me, happening?

Errr, Lian Bing doesn't count...........the reason on why she would develop such interest onto me was that because there's a charm magic circle right inside my head, and as for her clinging onto me afterwards, it's because of her merely wanting to obtain my corpse.

But as for Lan Hua, it can't be because that she had been affected by the charm magic circle as well, right?

Yeah, it definitely wouldn't be because of her liking me, which was why she would be displaying out such an appearance of a bitch in heat...........who knows, perhaps it's because, eerhh, what other things could it possibly be............


I simply can't think up of a reason already!

It's not that I'm really narcissistic, but this appearance of hers was that she clearly liked me!

That surprised and delighted and shy appearance being unveiled when she met me at the start, it's due to her being too ecstatic to the point of not becoming herself after having physical contact with me. Her face was so red, to the point of almost bursting out with blood already, and she even foolishly giggled while squeezing my hand. No matter how you looked at it, it's clear as day that she liked me! It can't be that she had fallen in love with my right hand already, right? Huuuh? !

(TL: the 'right hand' here is a pun.....only a handful of people will know what it really means)

But! Why would it be me?


It's too bizarre already, and I dislike things that are unreasonable, unexplainable and incomprehensible............

In any case, let's first place reasons and whatnot right aside, being liked by a's absolutely not any such good matter at all! It should be said instead that it's terrible to the max! About this point, I understood it the most through myself reading many light novels and manga!

I'd better hurry up and leave, right now, immediately distance myself away from her! The conclusion I had previously was still correct, please, never be acquainted with her at all!

This sensation of danger made me instinctively enact out a series of actions which was said to be the most reliable choice for the current situation.

First is to retract my chin, displaying out a faint smile on my face, gently calling out her name thereafter.

"Lan Hua-tongxue."

She didn't return back to her senses, this was also within expectations, hence I turned the situation around, using my left hand to grab onto her hand too, and once more called out her name. But this time, it must slightly carry out a perplexed questioning tone.

"Lan Hua-tongxue?"

Perhaps she had felt onto my hand, as Lan Hua finally regained back to her senses from her lost state of mind, and after she blankly looked at my hand for five seconds...........her entirety became not good.

"Ah? Ahh...........AHHHH! Um, um, um...........I actually, n-, n-, no, this, is, um, that, because the hand is suddenly stretched, it's my first time touching it, so, I can't resist, ah, there's sweat on my palms...........kyaaaaaaa! I, I, I..........."

Lan Hua have fallen into a state of confusion! Lan Hua have fallen into a state of incoherency!

I even felt that her gaze had become dizzily aflutter, her pupils were even spinning about, and her cheeks red till it almost felt like it could burst out steam already.

Rather than saying those words out, it's more like that they were being squeezed out, just like squeezing out a toothpaste, it having no sense of connection at all. I completely didn't understand the meaning of what she was trying to convey.

And even if it's like that, she still hadn't let go off my hand. How obsessed was she exactly towards my hands...........

But, I didn't care on what kind of reaction that she's having, as the things that I'm about to do wouldn't change in any case!

I very elegantly retracted out my right hand, and together with my left, I pressed her shoulders and spoke with a gentle face.

"It's fine, this doesn't really matter at all. Plus if it's to be said, it's me who have bumped onto you first, so you simply don't need to be apologizing towards me at all, heh heh."

Firstly, was to outline the borderline well, telling her that it's my mistake that I've knocked onto her earlier, so there's no need to be apologizing to me, hence avoiding the second approaching incident from triggering due to her wanting to apologize to me. After I've finished saying that, I must immediately continue onwards with the next phrase, not giving the other party the chance to respond!

"I'll be first heading off then, Lan Hua-tongxue. The time now is quite late as well, it's better that you hurry on home too, hahaha."

Tch, that speech sounded to be a little too fake already. The laughter at the end was completely the same tone, it's basically not even the least bit natural at all.

But! This way, our relationship would have been clearly dissociated!

"Ah, please wait..........."

I simply acted as if I didn't hear it, as I spun around and swiftly left the scene. for the matter of her stalking me...........let's first not bother about it!

In any case, I had better seize the chance right now to quickly leave...........

I hastened my footsteps and walked into the subway, fluidly purchased my tickets and squeezed amidst the extremely packed Subway Line 2.

The time right now was slightly a little after 6pm at night. It's near the close of the knocking off peak period already, but the people that were on the subway was still way too much, and I was just like a tiny fish that's battling against the countercurrent, weaving my way through the crowd.

It should roughly be okay already, walking up till here. With the people on the subway currently being so many, even if Lan Hua followed me into the subway, she definitely wouldn't be able to locate onto where I'm at. What's more was that I've even intentionally weaved through two carriages as well, so it's even more hopeless onto locating me already.

Afterwards, when the train was about to move off, I was being shoved all the way to the sides of the doors, nearly being squeezed out of the carriage as a result. Under the assistance of the station attendant-dàge, I then finally managed to remain inside the train.

(TL: -dàge refers to big brother, (honorific used as a manner of respectful gratitude) and the station attendant here refers to the 'pushers' that pushes passengers onboard to 'squeeze' in space)

Phew...........I finally was able to heave a sigh of relief...........

I leaned on the shut metal doors, giving off an extremely long sigh, with me then finally being relaxed.

Lan Hua, huh...........

I placed my right palm right in front of my nose and sniffed; there's a faint mixture of fragrant milk scent amongst the sweat odor. It's probably the smell of some sort of lotion, since girls were always rather attentive to this area of skincare.

My right hand up till now still was a little damp, and even if I was to shake my wrists about once more, the sensation that Lan Hua left behind still remained on my hands.

By right, touching a girl's hands should be a delightful matter, but this time, I wasn't delighted at all.

For example, Lian Bing preferred having all ten fingers being intertwined together for holding hands, but won't intertwine to the extent where it'll be up to the base of the finger gaps, merely clutching the center portion of the finger joints area together, as she juggled them about, like as if she's playing a prank on me. Sometimes it even hurts a little due to her grip being too strong, and when I had wanted to retract my hands out thereafter, she would be giving out a "huhuhuhu" laugh, afterwards even more deeply intertwining our fingers together, rubbing onto my palms just like as if she's compensating me.

If it's the Moe Bing state instead, she would be slightly shy while being extremely careful onto holding only my fingers, not laying contact with my palms at all in the process, but looking at that appearance of being so adorably shy, her feminine meter would have already burst out from its limits already!

Xue Qing's hands were tiny, and will have their entirety be encompassed within my palms. She would also very cooperatively shrink her little hands, allowing me onto being able to be more at ease to hold her hands.

And as for Lan Hua............

After having my hand being grabbed by her, I only had a misconception that my hand already didn't belong to me, it's simply just like it was being plundered away!

Just like that, after standing for a station afterwards, the subway slowly stopped, and I changed from a door-leaning posture onto one where I'm resting on the train's pole, trying my best to shrink my size as well, preventing myself from being squeezed out from the carriage due to the thronging crowd.

After a huge mass of people surged out from the carriage, another large batch of people swarmed inwards, but luckily, I was properly holding onto the pole which was erected just beside the train doors, hence was prevented from being encumbered within.

The train doors slowly closed, and I let go off the pole to return back to the posture of leaning against the doors. Although my back felt very unnatural due to it, but it's still way better than some others at the very least.

*Pu si*...........The train once again started to move, and under that bout of moving inertia, those people that were squeezed together once again wobbled about just like an ocean's tides.

Hoh, this was what I'm referring to already. If I'm in the middle, I would just be like meat stuffings that were stuffed inside a meat bun, myself being squashed horrendously. Plus, who knows that if there would be thieves with dishonest hands amongst the crowd as well...........

Hiding by the sides just like me would then be the safest.

Suddenly, there's a figure which phased through the masses and directly bumped onto me.

My eyeballs had almost popped out during the moment that I saw her.

It's actually, really, shockingly, Lan Hua!

How did she manage to find me? Wasn't her tracking abilities a little too precise already!

"Ahh, it hurts........"

Lan Hua clutched her nose as she slowly lifted up her head, and what closely followed next was that the expression on her face completed a series of transformation as followed, starting from: troubled→surprised→embarrassed→shy, merely using expressions to elucidate out the situation that happened to her.

If it was people who didn't know about the situation, after seeing onto those change of expressions, they would have 'Ah, it's because of the impact of the train that caused this girl to bump onto me, hee hee, I'm so lucky~' sort of thinking developing...........


After already knowing that Lan Hua was a stalker, to be saying that all of these was merely an accident?

I'm not that naive!

Lan Hua stammeringly lowered her head afterwards, keeping silent for a moment, and while she still had her head lowered, she lifted her gaze up, placing onto my face, saying a little shyly.

", Jun Cheng-tongxue...........I'm really sorry, there are too many people in the train already, I'm not bothering you, right?"

"It's, it's fine.........."

Her tone was extremely natural!

That panicky appearance being displayed when encountering upon me earlier had already completely vanished, I'm not too sure if it's because she was mentally readied for it, or if she had calmed herself down, but in any case, there's merely just expressions of being shy, and I really am unable to differentiate out whether it's real or fake. 

Another series of swaying once again, and Lan Hua fell forwards, being jostled against by someone behind her, and just when she was about to bump into me, she managed to use her both hands onto supporting herself.

She had her arm propped on the both sides of my head, displaying an appearance of being anguished while supporting herself, gritting her teeth as she persevered so, with a strand of hair caught amidst the hems of her lips; being beautifully attractive as such.

I almost couldn't resist wanting to say towards her, if you're tired then there's no need to be that persistent already...........but then I suddenly thought, it can't be that she's acting, right? Eeeh, then again, considering with a girl's strength, if she wanted to brace herself against this bout of pressure, it's indeed rather difficult..........

Just when I was clouded within thoughts of hesitation, the train passed through a huge bend, and under that bout of inertia, Lan Hua finally was unable to support herself, and directly plastered onto my body!

I felt contact with all of the soft areas of a female body already!

Being completely different from with that barren-like figure of Xue Qing's, it's curvaceously shapely, a slightly voluptuous figure speaking in a perspective towards female high schoolers.

Speaking of which, when Lan Hua wore knee stockings, I already felt that it seemed to be a little tight, as it slightly etched out faint traces on her thighs, giving off a sort of meaty sensation...........and currently, that very same thigh was propping against my crotch!

It's extremely awkward! Oi!

Notwithstanding that my torso was in quite a terrible state as well, it still being able to feel that two meaty lumps which were right on my chest, having been squished till it changed shape, with her belly even being plastered conjointly with me. Due to the kneading, my wound area became slightly itchy as a result.

Her face was just right before my eyes, and I'm even able to feel the air that was being breathed out by the other party!

Uuu, it's too close already!


Huh? I've heard onto a very, very soft chuckle............ 

Although that sound was extremely, extremely faint, with it even more seemingly impossible to be discerned out within the noisy carriage.

But perhaps it was due to me having spent my time together with Xue Qing for a span of interval, it provided my hearing with a certain level of working out.

Hence, I still managed to hear it in the end; that uncontrollable burst of delighted chuckle, coming from Lan Hua who was tightly plastered onto me.

"Hee hee...........I did it..........."

So she expectedly did it on purpose, huh!

-ch 60 end-

(3694 words to tl)

Capturing intent, Purposeful liberation (欲擒、故纵) = A chinese idiom. Refers to an intentional act of letting someone go to let him drop his guard, leaving completely exposed as a result, then capturing him thereafter. (because he's fully off guard)

Life's Three Big Mistakes (人生三大错觉) = a colloquialism, all of them referring to delusions one can have:
[1] Thinking that your phone vibrated when it doesn't
[2] Thinking that a girl liked you when she's just casually talking to you
[3] Thinking that you can counteract that opponent right in front of you.

Loveships (桃花运) = a period in life where a person is very lucky in his romance. It's said that there are 3 periods in a person's entire lifetime.

Poles near the train doors = Well, this is an example of what it would look like. (Imagine those handles to be long poles)

-tongxue (同学) = honorific, addressing someone as a 'classmate' status


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