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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c88

Vol 2, Chapter 88: Complete, Transformation

TL: flarewk

Her sweater had became tattered, along with her forehead bleeding as well, it almost dyeing half of her tiny face into redness. The injury she had taken probably hadn't fared any better than mine.........though she had regained back her ghost transformation, but to be taking that sort of hit, anyone wouldn't be able to endure that. What's more was that the sides of Xue Qing's abdomen still had wounds that still weren't fully healed yet.

I painstakingly shifted myself to her sides, hugged on her shoulders with a hand, afterwards suddenly kissed Xue Qing, snatching the saliva away from within her mouth without even a warning beforehand.

She didn't have any intentions onto avoiding it at all, and even proactively started to welcome me, embracing me while slightly curling up her tongue and stretching it into my mouth, forking her saliva over through her tongue.

Whilst sucking her tongue, I snatched off all saliva from her, along with my cheeks having her blood plastered as well, causing the sides of her pretty face to turn even more reddish.

Of course, this wasn't the kiss before one dies and whatnot, but a special medicine that was prepared beforehand.

In the end, after licking up her lips, I then separated myself from her face, licking her forehead thereafter, aiding her on stopping the bleeding as well as wiping off blood traces that were on her face.

"Jun Cheng........."

Xue Qing squinted her eyes, her face displaying out a look of content.

UUu, so cute, I almost couldn't control myself wanting to go kiss her again.

However, the situation right now was urgent, hence I couldn't be greedy towards a loli's fragrant kiss any longer.

Speaking of which, what I did was also a reward for such a hardworking Xue Qing, mm? Kissing was merely a bonus reward, and as for the real one, right now I'll go.........create it.

A bizarre sensation of enthusiasm surged within my mind. Even though the thing that I'm about to do next was extremely moronic, gestures that a normal person completely wouldn't even consider at all, I had a sort of strange excitement about it.

Just like having drank fake liquor, I suddenly felt like there's basically nothing to be afraid of already.

I'm not sure, that if my feelings right now were to be the same as Xue Qing too?

Seizing onto this moment of exhilaration, I'm going to do a very terrible (handicapping) thing.

(TL: a pun, 'very terrible' and 'handicapping' have the same pronunciation in cn)

Xue Qing's military short knife was still at my side. The outcome was that from the start till the end, I haven't used it to lay contact with anyone at all. Such a sharp weapon in my hands wasn't even useful for even a little bit.........but now, I'm finally able to use it to create a tiny bit of damage.

I drew out the short knife, knelt down and placed my left hand onto the ground, aiming the blade towards my pinky finger of my left hand.........seizing the moment that the bout of excitement was still present inside of me, seizing that the circuitry of my brain still wasn't yet fully recovered, I'd better do it.........

There's completely no need to be afraid at all, just think of it as like I'm cutting up hotdogs. So long as the chopping was fast enough, it wouldn't hurt too much.........probably..........


Blood spurted out.

What closely followed next was that the sensation of agony nearly caused me to pass out. I wasn't even able to suckle onto the sliced portion at all, as the pain caused me to already leak out saliva from my half-opened mouth.

Trembling, I used my other hand to catch onto the saliva coming out from my mouth, dripping it on the sliced surface. I didn't dare to apply onto it, because if I'm to touch my wound right now, I would definitely pass out from the excruciating pain.........

Picking up that pinky which was severed off, I endured the agonizing pain as I told Xue Qing.

"Xue Qing.........your hand........."

She dumbfoundedly stretched out her hand, with shock fully written on her face. Being able to make a kuudere girl be that wavered to this sort of level, it truly made me feeling rather accomplished.........

"This now yours."

"Is this, really okay?"

I who had slightly regained back to myself, straightened up my breathing as I said.

"It's nothing.........originally, I should have chopped off this pair of dishonest hands and handed them over to you. Right now, it's merely just chopping off my pinky finger, so I'm considered to have taken quite the advantage here........."


"Listen to me first, this is only, an advanced long as you help me to hold back Lian Bing, my this pair of hands, will be yours."

With my bones right now that had quite a couple already being broken, along with a body that's extremely disinclined even for standing up, I'm not able to get close to Lian Bing, no matter what. Even if Ye Liu Su wasn't able to completely control Lian Bing's body, just casually using a feet that he's able to move to land a kick on me would have me immediately dying on the spot.........hence I needed a helping hand.

"When I go near Lian Bing in a moment, I hope that you'll be able to fully suppress her, it's fine to just allow me to enter into a region where I'm able to touch her.........I know, the wounds on you right now are very bad, but I can only rely on you already. If there's no way to rescue out Lian Bing, we would probably all die here, so..........ahh, tch, that's also an excuse........."

I'm really a.........don't use this sort of excuse to go pressure Xue Qing, there's no need for that.

"It's me who decided to let you do such a dangerous task, as such, I'm extremely ashamed about it, which was why I chopped off my finger to give it to you.........right now, there's still some use for this pair of hands, so I temporarily can't hand them over, but if it's later.........

Another kiss yet again.

Immediately covering up my words.

It's not only me, Xue Qing too seemingly had fallen in love with the feeling of having her lips and tongue be ** indeed would make one be addicted, just like how groping would make one be indulged therein. Even though its a kuudere-type of figure, why would she be that alluring? Don't tell me that I'm really a lolicon?

Xue Qing too understood that it wasn't the time to be clinging about to each other currently, as after a short kiss lasting three to four seconds, she separated, and held up my finger right before her eyes.

"It's enough."

Her eyes sparkled off a wondrous glow, along with her blue-colored status too giving off a dazzling illumination.

And a transformation of colors begun; it started to display out a radiancy of pinkness.

Perhaps its that I had finally, in the true essence of it, lacked a part of my body, as it throbbed out another set of emotions within Xue Qing's heart.........just like how Lian Bing similarly desired my corpse.

My feelings were still mixed..........

"This is, the finger.........that went inside, my body........."

"Cough cough!"

Xue Qing, you........!

"Jun Cheng, is very gentle indeed."

Those things that I did towards you that night, so you knew all about it?

"Afraid that, I'll be in pain, so used, the smallest finger."

She hadn't slept at all, huh?

"It's wonderful, very comfortable..........just like, flying in the sky."

Afterwards........even though she knew about it, she didn't went on to stop me.........

"So, I keep it."

"To remember, this set of feelings.........."

"In order, to protect you."

As she spoke, Xue Qing lowered her head and kissed my hand, kissed my finger, and suckled my pinky right within her mouth.

Her entire status had already been dyed into a cherry-like color of pink, and her pupils..........had its blood colors being washed off, turning into a deep bluish color instead.

After taking the short knife away from my hands, Xue Qing nodded her head towards me, and stood up walking over to Lian Bing.

Her body wasn't quivering any longer. Her pace was extremely light. Her hand that was originally bent broken had already recovered. She who wielding two knives resolutely stepped onto the battlefield. Unbeknownst to me, I suddenly felt that there's nobody who could win the Xue Qing right now, that tiny figure just gave me that sort of sensation.

While at the same time, the battle over the control of her body at Lian Bing's side had concluded, with Ye Liu Su in the end still having the upper end, and successfully stole back the dominancy of her body.

No.........looking at that smile of Lian Bing's, was it because that Xue Qing was walking towards her, which was why she would be letting herself go?

Though she didn't like Xue Qing, she believed that Xue Qing was able to deal with Ye Liu Su..........

I'll have to work hard for this side of mine then.

My entirety was in excruciating pain, it's already just purely using my willpower onto pushing myself.

If it's not my mental strength being strong enough, I probably would have fainted over a hundred and eighty times..........

It's always up to this sort of timing, that I would feel that the mental strength which Li Li had given to me had really provided such a huge help. After I've managed to survive and return home from this, I must find a chance to properly thank her.........

Yeah.........if I'm able to survive and return home.........

Seizing the moment when Xue Qing was holding back Ye Liu Su, I hastily supported myself against the walls and circled around it from the sides, arriving by the not so distant away Yu Hui's sides.

Yu Hui was currently still in a state of unconsciousness; it's very normal to be in a comatose for two to three days after receiving onto that sort of injury. I flipped her over, digging my hands deep into her waist pouch and scourged within it.

Found it. Luckily, there's still one last sealing talisman left probably was prepared for Xue Qing.

However, right now it's going to be used on another place.

I picked up that talisman, and was about to stand up, when my hand was being grabbed.

"Jun Cheng-dàren........."

"Yu you've awakened........."

"Even though I should be protecting you.........yet I can only rely on her, huh........."

Yu Hui turned her head to look at Xue Qing on the other side who was currently in battle, and unveiled out an expression of resentment.

I too trailed her gaze and looked over to Xue Qing's side, the speed in which both sides were moving were already way beyond a normal person's ability to perceive movement, and even if I'm focusing, I'm not able to see it that clearly anymore.

So in a moment, I'll be walking into that, huh? It's a little terrifying just thinking about it.........

Huuu, but I couldn't not do it as well, right? Only I could be doing this sort of stuff.

"You've done very well already."

If there wasn't you around at all, I would have long kicked the bucket, needless to even say that I'll still be standing here moderately fine.

The price that you forked for me, I would make him pay it back with interest.........

The conversational tones for the both of us were very frail, our appearances too messily unkempt, it really was indeed a little nasty.

"True qi is needed for the utilization of this 'Ghost suppression talisman', I'll transfer it to you right now........."

"Ah........I'm counting on you."

So it's like that, indeed, even if there was a sealing talisman, it wouldn't be that anybody was able to use it too, and a normal person like me wouldn't be able to use it even if I'm to hold onto it.

I see. Yu Hui, you woke up just in the nick of time in order to tell me about this, huh?

Seeing that she still couldn't prise herself up, I simply placed my hand on the ground, with Yu Hui using her left hand to grab my hand, placing her right hand before her eyes enacting out a pose and saying out that strangely familiar incantation thereafter.

"I urgently command thee!"

A sensation of warm flow was gathered on my hands. Even though that piece of sealing talisman was written using a flimsy yellowish paper, it immediately erected upwards, as if it was like hard-paper.

".........Alright, now there's no problem."

"Thanks a lot, luckily you woke up in time, if not I probably would have blanked out from simply pasting it like this."

That would have been extremely fatal.........Mm, 'fatality' that were true to its words.

"Don' is what I should have been doing........."

Yu Hui as expected was forcing herself to stay awake, especially after helping me to 'spur up' this piece of sealing talisman, as her face turned even more terrible thereafter.

She originally had suffered from too much bleeding, and had also drained out all the energies within her body, hence she must have long been unable to take it. However, she forced herself to wake up from her coma just for my sake.........if I'm to disappoint her expectations, I really wouldn't have face any longer.

"Well then, I'm going."

"Mm.........I wish you luck in your battlefield endeavors."

"Heh, of course, just wait for my victorious return."

Upon hearing my words of guarantee, her expression blanked out momentarily, before immediately displaying out a smile. Perhaps its due to her having a sort of very cherished memory, because it's the same for me as well.

Yu Hui once again closed up her eyes, and fell deeply back into slumber.

After laying Yu Hui's body down properly, I supported onto my knees and stood up, shifting my gaze over to that location where I'm about to head towards.

Blades flashing, shadowy figures blinking.........walking inside there, just a tiny little mistake would have me being minced into pieces.

Am I scared?

Of course I'm scared, anyone too would have terror developing from their hearts upon the thought of them about to step into that sort of place. Since entering 'that place' and sending oneself to death was roughly the same meaning.

Frankly speaking, my legs right now were already shaking.........

That's why, let's go.

In any case, I'm going to die already, so it's better to die early, for I'll be reborn earlier!

Of course, what I'm aiming for ultimately was that strand of hopeful survival!

-ch 88 end-

(3065 words to tl)

I urgently command thee! (急急如律令) = It's a short form of the endphrase of Taoist incantations, the full part is: "In the name of the supreme grandmaster, I urgently command thee! (太上老君急急如律令)". It's said to be an extremely effective endphrase for the abolishment of foul deviants....

-dàren (大人) = it's a honorific which refers to someone very respectfully. It basically puts the person in a level above yourself, in a stature to show respect to him/her. Can be used for male/female targets.


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