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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v1 afterword


TL: flarewk
TL Note: Look, this is going to be a raw chapter (lazy me). It wouldn't be as "clean" as those proofreaded and edited chapters I had in the prior chapters.

Yoo, hello everybody, I'm your 死扑街 author → 夜幕下的鬼, also known as night ghost.

I've finished writing the first volume step by step already, but the word count seemed to be slightly more a little from what I've imagined. I originally wanted it to be around 100k words in total, but it unexpectedly even hit 130k words in all.

Maybe it's because it's inclusive of those various girls' POV side chapters.

Speaking of which, I remembered I said in the foreword before, that I, night ghost, wrote this book was for the sake of writing in a first person's perspective.

Afterwards, I indeed wrote it to be rather happy.

It's only that I suddenly realized those first person's perspectives were confined due to the MC, hence when wanting to write something that the MC didn't notice about would be rather difficult already, but then I didn't want to switch to a third person's perspective...........

Hence I just thought of wanting to just switch to a different person, using the idea of a first person's perspective of the female lead to write. This way, not only it would be able to fill up many minute plot being laid down, but it could also describe those mentalities of those girls as well, two birds with one stone.

But from the starting, it really wasn't successful at all, since I, night ghost was a rather rough mannered male, wanting to describe a girl's heart, or even the mentality of a yandere would be really difficult.

Wanting me to write about the MC would be still better (the MC's personality had a little bit of him taken an example from myself), but writing the female lead............Mm, completely unable to immersify.

And so, I even specially went on to read some light novels like 《俺修罗》, to specially go on to conjecture about the female lead's mentality.

Mm...........afterwards I then wrote it to be like that.

It's such a relief to see that there's nothing strange about it too.

Also speaking, I, night ghost didn't immerse myself to the female lead to write, but writing it with a third person's perspective to estimate out a female lead's inner heart activity, and so I'm definitely not a lunatic pervert, okay!

It's written to be seemingly rather interesting too..........(plus also can waste some words here lololol)

Also, thanks to this, I who had originally wanted to always reject writing materials about genderbender, can slightly understand why there's so many people who loved to read genderbender already.......... (felt that a new path had opened for me)

(TL: in SFACG site, genderbender novels is a huge hit there)

Afterwards, regarding the disassociative disorder of the female lead Ji Lian Bing, this was also planned from the start. Last time I had before a 'duo personality female lead and whatnot would be really moe' sort of thinking (just like Hilda from beelzebub), it's the so-called moe contrast difference, I guess, hence I just wrote it as that.

I'm not sure how you various esteemed readers would feel about it?

I just find that my house's female lead was rather moe already, ahahaha..........

As for the meimei, it's still night ghost's usual writing style, an aloof atmosphere mainly, hence writing it would be rather fluid.

But this time I've added in a haraguro type meimei...........there will be a volume especially to write this new genre of meimei, and the final chapter of this volume was just especially laying the foundations just for that, so I hope that everyone would be liking her.

And there's many other female characters too.........all inside I, night ghost's mind, and I'll gradually write them out for everyone to read it later on.

The main plot's also slowly unfolding, and everyone would probably have noticed it by now, this book wouldn't be just a filler of daily lives segment without any plot at all. There's still a definite amount of plot involved, only that at the moment, the main plot's story wouldn't be that obvious.

Well then up to here, the first volume 'The homicidial maniac girl who had taken a liking to my corpse' have ended. From tomorrow on, it'll officially enter the second volume 'The handicapped admirer girl who wanted parts from my body'.

I'm thankful to all you esteemed readers for your support, and hope that everyone of you esteemed readers will continue to support me there on!

The author, me, am a hungry ghost, consuming a certain thing called 'monthly tickets'..........please continue to feed me more!

(TL: monthly tickets is like an incentive to authors, they'll receive income every month paid by sfacg based on how many they get.)

The author, me, am a poor ghost, poor to the max..........please continue to remunerate me more!

(TL: you could actually donate $$ to the author, by buying 火卷, then donating those 火卷 to him, if you really enjoyed the author's work, you could donate to him!)

The author, me, am a lazy ghost, with laziness already embedded deep within me............please subscribe and like, and use the method of feeding me with monthly tickets to cure it; the effects would be even more prominent if you remunerate me! (thick-skin-ness's really incomparable to anyone's)

Speaking of which, the reader's group had already been constructed, the number is: 618322780, everyone come and plaay~

(TL: It's referring to QQ group messenging)

The old's been a long time since I've renewed it...........(guilt to the MAX)

-v1 afterword end-

(1070 words to tl)

死扑街 = A homophone pun, pronounced as 'si-pu-jie', or means "sporty guy". It generally refers to those people (whom you just wanna kill) that tends to do sports just to attract the girls.

夜幕下的鬼 = It directly translates to "A ghost under the cover of night". I didn't choose to put the translated meaning there, because I thought that the chinese name looked cooler than the english translation anyway.

meimei = younger sister

moe = a term used to describe cute, endearing, adorable all into one.

POV = point of view


  1. Forgive me for being so lazy to proofread this chapter >:3

    I'll reinstate points by the author though, just donate to him if you feel like doing so, to show your appreciation. You don't need to donate to me, you donate to him....

    1. Actually who would want to donate you, SLA- I mean Tranlator

  2. Need both the author and the translator to be hardworking :P

  3. Don't clean this chapter. It allows the desperate explanation and the not so subtle begging of food to come across perfectly.

  4. So next volume is the stalker's time to shine?

    Thanks for the chapter

    1. Perhaps... i think it's the girl who likes collecting mc hair and nails.

  5. "I just find that my house's female lead was rather moe already, ahahaha.........."

    Is the author married yet? hope that this novel is not based on true story

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  7. I'm hoping for a harem ending, in which the MC is the girls plaything. But he actually doesn't mind as the girls get along, and he gets to see them in maid outfits, as that's his fetish huehue.....Or something similar

    1. high kneesock, garterbelt, night gowns.... hmm.... yes we can dream.....indeed...

    2. Tsk. I'm hoping for a harem ending where the mc grew a fucking pair of balls and stopped being a no-good moron. I guess this tells us something about the author since he said himself that the mc had a fair bit of personality taken from himself. Of course the author would love his mc, but I actually quite dislike him.

      The story isn't worth reading this for, but the girls are decently good. Luckily, my boner is overshadowing my dislike for the mc.

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  10. I liked the girls' chapters, but I always get a laugh out of crazy chick pov chapters showing what's actually going on. Especially the the yandere pretending to be sweet in front of MC.
    Thank you kindly for your efforts in translating this volume.
    I really enjoyed it & hope the follow-up are as much fun


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