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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c50.2

Volume 2, Chapter 50.2: The [Ghoul]'s internal job

TL: flarewk

[Ghoul]'s internal job:


From my small tummy, a very loud noise rumbled out.

I'm hungry already.

Ahh~ I'm so hungry desu~

It's already after class, why can't we leave still~ It's really too much desu............

The very small sized Xiao Zhen-laoshi was still in front talking, it's still those same old safety topics that I've long been sickened of it, yet she was still repetitively balabala about...........the people in this class basically wouldn't have anyone becoming entrapped within danger.

If it was to be asked why, it's because that they themselves are already 'dangerous people' desu............Mm, I of course am not any sort of dangerous person at all, I'm a completely harmless ghoul desu~ heehee~

"Well then, those topics on safety will end here. Today's night self-revisions are cancelled, and from today onwards, it'll be a short three Qing Ming holidays............"

"Ohhhhhhh!" x N

Xiao Zhen-laoshi's words wasn't finished yet when a wave of yells erupted out from the surroundings. This group of people would only be especially united at these sort of moments; even their voices were in such orderliness desu.

I wasn't interested in shouting along blindly, as I propped my chin on the table and weakly fumbled around my pockets.

There's still two bars of chocolate and a lollipop remaining, but I can't eat them up right now. If I was to eat them up now, there wouldn't be anything to eat all the way until night already.............

It's a Saturday today, a workday. Hence, I can't eat dinner, I'll need to empty my stomach till nighttime desu.

Afterwards, Xiao Zhen-laoshi once again announced the implementation of the seat numbering orderly homework distributing method, with the surroundings immediately exploding in a bout of wails.

Umu, now this is terrible desu, as there's still work tonight. I also don't know whether I'm able to stay at home from the period of 9 pm till 12 am too.

Haaa~ it's so troublesome desu...........looks like I'll need to quickly finish my work and go back then.

After Xiao Zhen-laoshi announced the dismissal of class, Li Nai immediately bounced towards my side and suggested.

"Xiao' Xun Xun~ there's no need to go for night self-revisions tonight, let's go and eat spicy crayfish then~"

I just knew that she would be coming over to invite me onto eating, last week I even accompanied her to eat cheese ribs desu.

I'm a ghoul, so my appetite naturally was very large, and there's nothing wrong with it............but Li Nai's a zombie, eyy? Were the appetites of zombies that huge?

Don't tell me that she had mutated already?

I heard that among zombies there were a few mutated ones who would possessed special abilities desu. Among those zombies, Li Nai was a very rare, already awakened zombie that had possessed sanity, so it wouldn't be of anything strange even if she had special abilities.

Although I really wanted to go, but I can't eat dinner today desu............

"Today I'm not going to eat already, I need to empty my stomach desu."

"Ohhh? Ahh, I remembered already, it's the weekend job, right. So goood~ I also want to be a food tester too~ being able to sample onto different dishes every week, right? So enviousss~"

Li Nai didn't know that I'm a ghoul desu, and about my job, I had always lied to her saying that I was a food tester for a restaurant.

If she knew that I was her natural predator, a ghoul that specializes onto eating 'corpses', would she sever off her friendship with me? shouldn't be desu, since Li Nai's an idiot anyway, heehee~

"Then Xiao' Feng Feng, let's go eat together alrighttt~"

Li Nai, upon seeing that I had something happening and wasn't able to accompany her, then went on to pester the the person in front of me.

That curvaceously tall girl sitting in front of me who possessed a standard-breaking shapely figure towards female high schoolers, turned around with a perplexed face as she replied.

"D-, don't tempt me alreadyy! Right now I'm trying to lose weighttt!"

Jing Shang Feng, she came from Japan just like me. She's not a ghoul that arrived from Japan however, but an ogre instead.

It's the so-called 食人魔, and if it really was to be considered upon, she would belong towards the demon race.

(TL: In the original, the CN and EN equivalent of ogre (食人魔) displayed are in reverse order, hence I displayed the CN version out in order to not make it 'it doesn't make sense!'. Also, 魔 means 'demon', hence the general classification)

But I hear that Feng's mother should be a rather famous red ogre from Japan desu, so she's considered to be a mix-blood between ghouls and demons? I'm also not sure if Feng had a true name or not, if it's a mix-blood, there shouldn't be a true name, right?

(TL: Red ogre in CN is 赤鬼, hence, basing on the character alone, it belonged to a 'ghoul' classification. means 'ghoul'.)

But ogres and red ogres originally looked alike as well, only with the color of their skins being slightly different...........but Feng, she inherited both ogres and red ogres characteristics at the same time, obtaining a 'tenderly white' good figure, it's basically comparable to succubi desu!

UuuUUuu, saying to lose weight and whatnot...........! Where exactly did she needed to lose weight already!? That pile of fat on her chest? Or was it those unnecessary meat on her butt?

It's so cheating!! That pair of meat sacks were too cheating desu!

Under a fit of anger, I stood up and went towards Feng's front, and mercilessly grabbed onto the mountains in front of her chest.

"Kyaa! Eeehhh?! W-, what are you doingg, Xun-er!"

While rubbing, I lifted my head up to look at Feng's expression, and astonishingly discovered afterwards, that her breasts actually blocked my vision, causing me on not being able to see her face!

Wah! How can it be desu!!! Were this bamboo shoots? Or mountains? It's unsurpassed.............!

Uuu...........! I'll crush it!

"Uuu, it hurts, you're using too much forcee! I'm going to be angry already, okay!"

Why was it that I don't have that sort of figure!! Because I'm a ghoul, my birthright decided onto my figure already?

It's not fair desu!

I rub-rub-rub-rub, and I knead-knead-knead-knead! Wait wait, wasn't this giving her a massage? Don't get any bigger already, you flagrantly shameless oppai!

"Ahaha............Feng, you'll never understand me and Xiao' Xun Xun's feelings, especially mine, it'll never be growing in this lifetime already............"

Even that always vitally energetic Li Nai unveiled out a despondent face, caressing a little of her breasts that was slightly bigger than mine, and also just perfectly reaching onto the passable region as she spoke with an expression of having nothing worth living for in life...........ah, she had originally already died desu.

But you were at least normal sized desu, my............sob sob sob.............even though I've eaten for a few hundred years desu, my breasts were still that small.............where did all those nutrients went to aggrieving............

"So, Xiao' Feng Feng, come and accompany me on eating! Consider it as compensation for making me and Xiao' Xun Xun dispirited~"

"I, I don't waaant! Recently, my weight had already any case, I must control my diet!"

"Eeeh~ don't be like thaaat~ if even you aren't going, then there's no one accompanying me to eat already~"

"Didn't you have a boyfriend? That person called Gou something something............why not just let him accompany you to eat then."

"Ah? You mean Xiao' Gou-zi? He's not my boyfriend at all~, we're just only partners. Plus, when I secretly run away to eat everytime, he would always display out an incensed face towards me, not to even mention about inviting him along with me to eat already! Tch, what a petty person!"

What Feng was talking about should be Gou Xia Wen. That little fledgling deceased dead, he's still unmatured desu.

But it seems that that mayor intentionally wanted to groom him, so he'll probably next time have some sort of achievement then.

"And so, there's only you who can accompany me to eat alreadyy~"


Feng was still amidst hesitation, but in moment later she'll definitely unresistingly agree to Li Nai.

It's impossible to resist it desu. Possessing both ogre and red ogre's bloodline, how could it be possible to resist the temptation of delicious food?

If it was to be said that among the 3 of us gluttons, the one who ate the most would be Feng already. If she have a boyfriend next time, she'll probably cause the boyfriend to go bankrupt from eating, heehee............

As expected, after being pestered by Li Nai for quite a while, Feng couldn't endure the temptation, and agreed to accompany her to eat spicy crayfish together.

After walking out of the school gates, I initiated bading farewell to them, and returned to the place where I was living.

Taking out the keys to open the door, I walked into the front porch; hadn't even closed up the door and took off my shoes yet when a woman who's entirely covered with liquor smell and was wearing extremely provocatively directly pounced onto me.

This outfit was really too provocative already desu, how should I describe it? Ah, right, it's like a bunny outfit desu, but only removing off all those black-colored portions, and only having a semi-transparent body-conjoined tights covering her body, yet still revealing out her entire stomach. At her waist, there's a piece of decorative nailed-belt. Although those important parts were being covered............but using heart-shaped nipple stickers and C-string and whatnot............that already can't be said that it's for cooling purposes already, as even prostitutes wouldn't wear to be in this manner.

Mm, only those designers with an unsound mindset would then be making such an outfit desu.

That's right, I'm speaking about this roommate in front of me who had her brain being clipped onto by doors already.

"Ah~ my darling Xun-er~ you're finally back alreadyy~"

"You're actually at home, it's such a rare sight desu, you actually came back even earlier than me."

I hastily closed the doors. Although this shameless woman wasn't even a least bit mindful at all, but I would never show others her flagrantly blatant appearance.

Having spaciously wide wings folded behind her back, with bent horns stretching out from her forehead, pitch-black hair being stroked behind, freshly vibrant red lips which were always damp at any period of time, this heavily drunk female succubus was Qiang Shui High School's reality, those principals ever since the opening of school until now, it's always her transformations, just merely that normal people were unable to notice onto it.

Yang Na Na, her original name was called Nanaly, I think? I'm not so sure about her full name already, if I was to ask her, she probably wouldn't tell me too............Mm, but I also am not interested to know about it desu.

A demon's true name would have only themselves knowing desu, even close relatives might not be even told about it, since demons were creatures that prided usefulness over anything else, betrayals wasn't uncommon occurrences. But Na Na's daughter should be in the know about her true name, as she's a hopelessly incurable daughter-con.

Speaking of which, even if it's a weekend usually, Na Na would always be busy working till nighttime before coming back desu. But today, she actually came back roughly around the same timing as me dismissing from school, was there something that had happened already?

"Uuu, you reek of alcohol............even though you can't take liquor desu, you actually still drank in unhappiness instead? Did something happen?"

"Sob sob............Xiao' Xun Xun, listen to mee, listen to meeee~ Li Li, Li Li actually had a master already! Sob sob daughter actually had a master already!"

Na Na upon hearing my query then collapsed, kneeling in front of me and hugging my waist, plastering that blubber which was so gigantic till it somewhat pissed me off onto my stomach.

If it was said that Feng was big-breasted, then Na Na would be majestic-breasted, which was two levels higher comparatively front of those breasts which were as huge as watermelons, emotions of jealousy and enviousness were completely shattered, only having astonishment and impressiveness remaining already.

Wait, what did she say just now? Li Li had a master already?

"Huh? Are you talking about your daughter? She actually had a master already?! It's that master that's bound by a contract?"

"Yes!! And it's even not a Master-Servant contract, but a Master-Slave contract~! Master-Slave contract............heavens, my daughter actually is going to degenerate into other people's plaything already, everyday being 'pa pa pa', needing to use biting method to serve her master up from bed every morning, with all the holes on her body being explored, and will be trained into a meat-hole to serve a few burly malicious customers............afterwards, I'll also be threatened as well for the sake of protecting my daughter, in the end along with her being continually used by strangers everyday, becoming meat-toys that's specialized for the purpose of venting off lust............sob sob sob sob............."

That's only scenarios from those hardcore doujinshis, right!

"Slow down, slow down, what nonsense are you spouting!! Stop all of those unrealistic delusions, it completely won't turn out into that way desu!"

"Why not! No matter what creature it is, males are living organisms that use their lower body to think!! I understood about this point the most already!"

Umu, it's really convincing, having a born succubus like Na Na saying those desu............but............

"If it really turned out to be that way, you instead would be delighted while it was happening, right! Don't even mention about a few men already, even if it's a hundred men, you can also suck all of them dry, right!"

"T-, that's not the case..........."

Tone weakening about a third, Na Na displayed out an appearance of shyness as she tightly clutched her thighs, with her body slightly trembling. She used her tongue which was covered fully with saliva to lick her lips, as saliva dribbled down from the edge of her lips.

This reaction............she actually fell into heat already............

Wasn't she just speaking about matters of her daughter just earlier, she actually fell into heat halfway desu! This woman, no, this succubus was really hopeless already!

"You still dared to deny! Look at your bottom half, it's already leaking desu! Just by thinking about it alone will drench you till this manner, what an incurably hopeless slut, you really desired others to play with you, right! A woman like you should deserved to be played with till broken~! Since no matter who it is, they all can just fuck you, right! Still being trained into a meat-hole, there's completely no need to be trained desu, you're a naturally born meat-hole~!"

I who was extremely pissed off to the limits directly slapped onto the sides of her breasts, and even used various insults to shame her, but her reaction instead was............

"Ah~ Mmm............ahhh!"

Na Na moaned powerfully, and used her breasts to rub against my lower abdomen, with her body starting to drip out sweat. Those sweat evaporated to form into a pale pinkish mist which spread forth throughout the surroundings.

Don't even mention about rage provoking her already, it stirred up her lust instead. Within Na Na's eyes swirled dangerous fiery red hot sexual urges, and at the deepest points within her pupils, there's indeed a heart-shaped magic marking being formed, as she desperately begged me, thirsting for me to satisfy her.

"Xun Xun, Xun Xun...........I'm begging you...........I waant..........."

A succubus's state of being in heat and a ghoul's state of being starving had many similarities, hence I also knew that Na Na really couldn't help it onto controlling herself.

I uncontrollably clutched my thighs together. Even I was a little affected by it...........

Really, it can't be helped desu............

But this was also considered to be my job desu, if not, I also won't be living together with Na Na already.


I gave off a sigh as I took off my shoes, and roughly pulled on Na Na's hair as I dragged her towards inside of the apartment.

After tearing up that body-conjoined tights that couldn't be even considered as clothes at all to pieces, I threw her onto the bed which only had wooden boards on it.

She was already a face of unbridled eagerness as she looked at me.

I took the cup that was placed on the cabinet and went to the washroom, filled it up with water and started to gargle my mouth.

Hu lu lu lu...........pu.

After spitting out those water in my mouth, I licked my upper and lower teeth entirely throughout, afterwhich, my teeth grew longer and started to become sharp, along with tiger tooth too growing out as well. Switching to ghoul mode complete.

I stripped off all the clothes on my body...........panties, Uuu, I'll still be putting on panties then. Na Na's hands were dishonest as well, so it's a must for me to set up a few obstructions for her. 

The work preparations had been finished.

I tossed my long hair and crawled on my bed, with Na Na spreading her both hands wide and displayed out a posture of wanting to embrace me within her arms.

Na Na occasionally would be like that, trapped into a completely uncontrollable state of being in heat. If she didn't vent off her sexual urges, her body will keep on continuing to maintain this status, draining huge supplies of energy, and in the end might even endanger her life.

At this sort of time, the best resolving solution was to find a man to let her climax a couple of times already............Mn, just a man probably wouldn't be enough desu, it'll be needing about four to six men, I guess.

But Na Na...........she swore that she would never accept any sort of man already, hence at this moment, she would be needing me to help her vent that sexual urges that had nowhere else to be released out.

Although I couldn't help to satisfy that needing area of hers, but Na Na who had many different kinds of terrible fetishes could also use other methods to vent off her sexual urges, like for example............being abused.

Just now, I insulting her was also considered to be one of them desu, but to completely dissipate off her sexual urges, it'll still need an even more stimulative method.

And that means, using biting.

Although many ghouls had vile disgusting fetishes onto playing with their food (humans), while chewing onto the other party's flesh as they listened to the agonizing painful moans of humans............many ghouls loved to do as such, but I didn't have any interest towards that desu.

However, about biting on which area to make people feel pain, I'm considered to be an 'expertise level' already.

But I didn't think that I'm to be using it onto the matter of pleasing a succubus, I'm having mixed feelings desu...........but this was also considered to be 'rent' already.

Mm, today I'll start from this pair of breasts which pissed me off then, humph, I'll bite you off!


Licking my fangs that had became lengthy, I pounced into her embrace, opened up my mouth wide and bit onto Na Na's breasts............


"But, Li Li actually having a master it really true? You aren't bluffing me, right?"

That's extremely shocking already, extremely shocking desu............

From what I know, Na Na's daughter should be extremely hating onto that status of being a succubus desu, always grimacing about why she wasn't borne a normal person, always denying onto her status of being a succubus, hence her relationship with Na Na had always been in a cold state.

So, don't even mention about fooling around with other men already, she hadn't even held hands with them before, being so innocuous till she wouldn't even converse over three sentences towards men.

It could even be said that she had misandry desu, going as far as to cast an inverse impression magic circle onto herself, causing normal people to see her appearance of an ugly woman.

(TL: misandry = a disease, 'hatred of men')

This sort of Li Li actually had a master already? Don't tell me that she was being coerced by someone?

"Of course it's real!! If it's untrue, would I still be at home alone drinking?! Plus, this master is also her student............sob sob sob, it's too much already............even though mummy had never tasted the taste of men for a long time already............"

On Na Na's body still had some bite marks which hadn't faded yet, but she wasn't injured at all. I had used about 50 percent of my strength to bite down, and don't even mention about normal humans already, even steel could be easily minced to bits desu. As expected, succubi's bodies were rather sturdy.

"Who asked you to always display out an aloof look in front of her everytime."

Even though she's always displaying an indecent behavior in front of me, but when facing her daughter she would affront out a look of majestic private, she's actually a one hundred percent daughter-con.

I remembered that last time she pulled onto me and kept saying that her daughter was so, so, beautiful, with her succubus horns being a pure red-colored goat horns that were rarely even seen even after a hundred years, and if she could just have wings and tails appearing then she'll definitely become the queen of succubi............

In the end, she still had a master already~?

"Because, because I'm her mummy!! A mother would always want to leave a good impression towards their daughterrr!"

"Your impression had long already been completely destroyed, right.........."

"Sob sob sob............ever since I bore Li Li, don't even mention about fooling about with a group of men already, I didn't even seduce a single man at all before, not even sucking essence once too............I've already quit my lusts for 20 plus years already, eyy! Even I myself felt that I'm ultra impressive already, eyy! I being a succubus could actually do up till this sort of level, aren't you proud of me at all, Xiao' Xun Xun~!"

"Seeing your state of wearing right now along with that appearance earlier, there's really no persuasiveness at all desu..........."

Currently, what Na Na were wearing was even more terrible than just earlier desu, saying what, that this was her secret lingerie collection, I'd say, you might as well just call it as open crotch pants already. No, even open crotch pants were even better than this desu, at least those cloth that was on it were way more than this.

What's that considered to be? A piece of cloth that had rips on it? Even a goblin's loincloth was even bigger than this, right?

"That's the nature of succubi!! It's been so long that I've never savored onto the tastes of men already, so occasionally spoiling cutely at home isn't considered to be anything, right! Plus, there's also only Xiao' Xun Xun alone as an audience............sob sob, Xiao' Xun Xun, why aren't you a man, that way I can 'eat you up' already............"

"Humph, it won't become like that desu, and if you are really to be speaking about 'eating', it's me who would be eating you up until not even having bones remaining then."

Although the 'eat' meanings that the both of us implied were completely not the same already.

Plus, it's precisely because I'm a female, which was why you chose me to be your roommate, right.

If I'm a male, would you still allow me to stay in this place?

Others may not know about you, but it can't be said for me already...........really............

"Enough talking about those useless stuff already, who is Li Li's owner, have you investigated clearly on that already?"

"Mm, investigated clearly already............"

"Who is it?"

Na Na squinted her eyes, revealing a glint of dangerous expression, as she darkly said.

"He's in the same class with you............An Jun Cheng."

-ch 50.2 end-

(5561 words to tl)

TL: I can only do translations when I'm motivatingly free.... -evil face- I still haven't gone through the edits of my proofreaders yet -not so evil face-

Recruiting motivators to mah discord group! Your duties are to keep nagging at me to tl!

Qing Ming = refers to the Qing Ming festivals, which the purpose was to pay respects to the family's deceased

Seat numbering orderly homework distributing method = A method devised by the teacher, Xiao Zhen. Basically an annoying ass method that could be broken with just whatsapp. (if it's in my class)

Xiao' Xun Xun= the name of the ghoul, Xiang Yue Xun, was intimately called out by a fellow close girl class friend of hers. The repetition of the name 'Xun' was intentional to indicate 'cutesy'-ness. (kinda hard to explain this one unless you watched television CN drama shows of girl trying to spoil cutely to a guy)

Likewise, same goes for the another gluttony friend, 小枫枫 (Xiao' Feng Feng), seems like Li Nai addresses her girlfriends cutesyly.

Accompanying Li Nai to eat cheese ribs = That triggered the opportune event of the MC to be able to "save" Lian Bing from those deceased deads, since she was late to arrive, not performing her ganshi specialist duties.

Jing Shang Feng (井上枫) = One of the gluttony trio of Year 2 Class 2. Apparently a curvaceous ogre. Funny, she give me a somewhat 'ponytail, black-haired, carrying samurai sword' vibe just from the '' word alone. -3-. I've been influenced by too much stereotypes of mangas, I guess~

Ghoul (鬼) = Upon deliberation, I decided to reflect the 4 different races (妖魔鬼怪) instead to Monster-Demons-Ghouls-Beasts

Indeed, 鬼 in general consensus (modern society) means 'ghost'. (Because it's more likely to have people narrating that they encounter a ghost rather than a ghoul, see?) But it also can mean 'ghouls' in a lesser known state too. Hence the mix up -3-. From this chapter we can refer that the '鬼' that was being referred is more towards a 'ghoul' interpretation.

Regardless, ghosts/ghoul, they all fall under the same cat - undead.

Btw, seems like the classification of monsters were based to be on their names, I had no idea. I guess I'm too influenced by western tropes already, ahaha. But I can see why 'red ogre' will be a 'ghoul' classification though, they are technically ghosts, and 'ghosts' are a part of the 'ghoul' classification (which technically mean undead)

Oppai (欧派) = jp term for breasts

Deceased dead = A type of zombie. Animated to zombie state through magical means.

Qiang Shui High School (枪水高中) = A word play, Shui Qiang (水枪) is an innuendo for pen*s.......

Yang Na Na (杨娜娜)/ Nanaly (娜娜莉) = for those interested to know her CN naming~ 

'Pa pa pa' SFX sound (啪啪啪) = ~.~ It's awkward to explain this~ Do this: Use your right hand to slap onto your butt cheeks 50 times (hard enough until you hear a distinct sound). That sounds like a 'pa pa pa' sound, right? Now, a question...........what kind of an action would generate that sort of sound?!

Biting (ghoul) = different from the "biting" mentioned by Na Na earlier when she was visualizing herself getting meat-holed. One is purely bite, like biting your teeth on a meat, while the other...........bite onto...........a rod...........wait, it's the same, I guess.

Ittadakimasu (我开动了) = I chose the JP translation of it instead, since the ghoul gave me a JP vibe (with her desu desu everywhere, being originated from JP), notwithstanding the fact that this novel had jp references every freaking where

Goblin's loincloth = It's practically just a hand-sized towel being tied around the front part of the waist, covering the bare minimum

**Partners (mentioned by Li Nai) = The term used here wasn't referenced to BF-GF, or sex partners, but more like working partners. The novel follows a conservative asian setting, with females not trying to get laid with any random people they see....this rule doesn't apply to the MC somewhat

-laoshi = suffix for 'teacher'

Xiao' (小) = a frontal suffix, it basically is used to indicate closeness and affection towards said target.

-er (儿) = a suffix used to indicate closeness, lol. More of a familial respective acknowledgement usage than anything else.

-zi (子) = a suffix, placed behind the name of the guy called "Gou Xia Wen (勾夏文) = (小勾子). I have no idea what it means, other than like a 'pet dog name or somewhat, lol'. Probably a cutesy way of saying out names, you should be vaguely sure by now that the zombie Li Nai loved to speak out in freaking cutesy tones (which nearly kills me everytime i translate)


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