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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c74.9

Vol 2, Chapter 74.9: The [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]'s intervention

TL: flarewk

[Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]'s intervention:

Chasing Moe Bing back to the depths of my mind, I wiped off the watery beads on my face, regaining back to my status as I drew the conversation back.

"Not necessarily, since Cheng Jun has a tendency to be a lolicon."

"I feel that Jun Cheng-shaoye should be an all-inclusive loving type instead, for no matter what sort of figure a person has, as long as he likes her from the bottom of his heart, he will be able to accept it."

"Huhuhu.........that's undeniably true, for Cheng Jun do indeed give off that sort of sensation, to be able to accept anything no matter what."

"That's because Jun Cheng-shàoye is very open-minded, 'even when learning upon an abnormality, he is still fully able to accept it', and from a 'tolerance' perspective alone, it's definitely non-existent in this entire world."

After Xue Li had seen me recovering from it, she continued to help wiping my body, and after finished wiping the front, she started to wipe my back.

"After all, dàxiaojie had went on to hunt down Jun Cheng-shaoye, even exposing out your true personality as well, but Jun Cheng-shaoye still is willing to accept you, huh? Huhuhuhu, if it's other males instead, they would have probably long fled to the point of their shadows not even being present anymore."

"Humph.........that's because Cheng Jun is a moron who can't differentiate out the severity of the issue at hand."

Even if there's a day when someone suddenly tells him, that the end of the world is nigh, Cheng Jun would still continue to live on in accordance to his footsteps.

Just then, I suddenly remembered, that it was Xue Li who had told Cheng Jun on what date it was for my birthday from the very beginning!

"Speaking of which, it's all because of Xue Li being a blabbermouth, why must you tell Cheng Jun about my birthday? With that sort of uninteresting birthday banquet, there's completely no need to be inviting him over.........."

If it's to be said, it's merely just a negotiation gathering that was being labelled as a 'birthday banquet'. All those who're invited were rather renowned politicians and entrepreneurs, only utilizing those people to expand our personal interconnections, with my birthday banquet merely just being a very good excuse for it.........

"Yesyes, it's my mistake for being such a blabbermouth. However, it's my hope that dàxiaojie would be a little more happy on her birthday, it being a small, small wish of mine as a maid."
"I didn't feel happy at all about it!"

"Really not at all? Oh it's me being too much of a busybody already, hm? Since that's the case, I'll go notify Jun Cheng-shàoye right now, telling him not to come over for today then, in order to prevent dàxiaojie from being troubled over it."
While saying that, Xue Li placed a palm over her cheeks and turned around with an apologetic look, as if she's about to walk out of the bathroom right away to go notify Cheng Jun on not coming here.


With my heart becoming panicky, I instantly spun around and stood up, wanting to go stop Xue Li.

The outcome was that my feet slid, and just when I'm about to fall onto the floor, I was being supported by Xue Li.

Uuu, so she had long anticipated that things would become like this..........
"Huhuhuhu~ so what will it be, a yes, or a no? Dàxiaojie? If you aren't saying it out clearly, I won't understand it at all~"

Seeing Xue Li with the corner of her lips and eyes both maliciously curling up into a crescent shape, along with a teasing smile carried therein.........
UuUu, I feel my blood pressure rising........really, Moe Bing as well, Xue Li too, they all only knew how to piss me off.........

But even if I'm to be mad, it's still of complete no use towards Xue Li. Only towards Xue Li, I'm completely helpless against her.

And so, I could only be in sulkiness with myself........eyy.........

"Uuuu.........Xue Li, you're such a bad person, my dignity is now completely tarnished."

"Huhuhuhu, not to worry~, dàxiaojie, for only I alone knows about this cute appearance of yours~"
"Where is it cute already."

"So cute, both of your ears are already bright red, hmm?"


"If you're not able to switch personalities, if it's able to frankly display such a cute appearance in front of Jun Cheng-shàoye, he probably would be instantly captivated by you, hmm?"

"Don't joke around already! Showing this sort of appearance right now in front of Cheng Jun.........? Huhuhuhu.........impossible!"

Upon seeing Cheng Jun, it's already very difficult onto suppressing those feelings of Moe Bing.

And now, I'm to be in this sort of inelegant appearance to go see Cheng Jun?

Huhu, enough with the jokes already.

I'll be so embarrassed to the point of wanting to just kill him, and committing suicide thereafter.

(You're really not a bit frank with yourself at all. Love is when a person proactively goes on the assault, and it will then get them to be in a dominant position~)

You shut up!

As expected, in front of Xue Li, I'm still like a little girl, being completely helpless. Huh, so the smiling mask wasn't an optimal choice to be using in all sorts of situation.
I originally thought that I'm already rather well-matured, but looking at it now, I'm still quite far from that.........
Xue Li once again read my emotions, as she caressed my hair while gently comforting.

"Huhuhu~ don't be disheartened, dàxiaojie. Towards others, you have already perfectly maintained onto your elegance, hm? Although there's still a bit lacking, when right in front of Jun Cheng-shàoye."

"Is it........"

Indeed, in front of Cheng Jun, I would be very easily losing my control.........

"But, dàxiaojie. Recently, you haven't been asking me to go monitor Jun Cheng-shàoye, hm? Is it alright to not be obtaining information regarding Jun Cheng-shàoye at the very first instance?"

"Huhuhu, I must also suitably give a little free space to Cheng Jun as well, right? If I'm to appear to be too knowledgable about him, it will only cause him to be frightened instead."

If it's to be too obsessed with the other party, it would only sustain a sort of invisible pressure onto the male side, causing the other party to not feel free, or to even feel restricted as well.

Making him feel annoyed, or to even be dissatisfied, the relationship as a result would only become even more terrible.

Though, Jun Cheng is that sort of very 'M' type; for no matter what sort of unreasonable request I would be saying, he would be agreeing to me half grudgingly.........just like agreeing to his 'younger sisters'.

However, I didn't want to give off that sort of vibe to Cheng Jun, though he belongs to me, he must also belong to himself.

I don't want him to think of me as that sort of yandere-ish and stalker-ish girlfriend, huhuhuhu..........

"To be paranoidly over-mindful and collect information and so on is merely just being a stalker. Xue Li, do you think that Jun Cheng will like that sort of me instead?"

"About that, it's indeed up for a debate........."

Just at this moment, Xue Li suddenly felt onto something, as she stopped her task of washing my body, using a towel to wipe her hands, afterwards taking out a phone from her maid apron, and said to me.

"Oh my, speak of the devil, the stalker-xiaojie made a call, hm? Dàxiaojie."

".........Lan Hua, huh? Answer it."

After answering the call, Xue Li placed it by my ears.

『Yoo hoo~ good morning, Lian Bing~ ah, it's your birthday today, right? I'll first congratulate you on your birthday then?Happy birthday~』

It's Lan Hua.........

But, this tone.

It's too overly cheery.

It didn't have that usual 'nervous and uneasy' sort of feeling, instead, it's exactly like having an appearance of being 'extremely composed'.

Had she undergo some sort of metamorphosis already?

『Because, isn't it your birthday today~ and so, I decided to give you a 'huge present', and that's why I gave you a call that early in the morning~

"Oh my, it's truly my honor indeed. Huhuhuhu, what sort of present is it that would make you that excited on wanting to give it to me?"

『It's an extremely huge present~! Listen carefully! I'm only going to say it once~!

Looks like, the present would be in some form of information?

『Jun Cheng didn't rush to the scene of the birthday banquet, instead appearing inside of Jiang Xue Qing's home, and is being pushed down by her on the floor right now, about to do some very shocking things already~ uwa, it's extremely dangerous, hmm?』


Heh heh. This person who appeared, she had unfriendly intentions.

"Trying to net both the snipe and the clam, huh?"

Specially coming to tell this information to me, no matter how one thinks, it would only be with malicious intentions therein on wanting to kick up a ruckus.

『Kya~ don't make me out to be such a sly person~ I told you this information out of kindness, hmm?』

"Huhuhu, then I'm really thankful for your information, Lan Hua.........-tongxue."

『No worries~ since we're good friends after all~, Lian Bing.........-tongxue."』

Oh it's already 'opposing', huh?

Although I had long knew that there would be such a day, I didn't expect it to be that early.

Looks like that for those few days I didn't have Jun Cheng on surveillance, 'something very interesting' had once again happened.

『Well then, the 'present' has already been sent~ whether to receive it or not, it's up to Lian Bing-tongxue already~, hopefully, you won't be letting my goodwill down~ fufufu.........well, I won't disturb your 'morning bath' anymore, byebye~ I wish you a happy day today~』

*Ka chak!*

The call was cut off.


Things, had become even more interesting already, huh?

"Xue Li, prepare my clothes, I'm going out."

Casually flicking my hair aside, I turned around and was about to walk out of the bathroom, but instead, Xue Li didn't follow behind me.

"Xue Li?"

"Dà it possible to listen to a piece of my advice this time?"

"What? It can't be that you wanted to stop me?"

"Because if dàxiaojie is to go there, there will be nonpareil regrets later on."


So Xue Li had already seen through on what would be happening later, huh?

Then that means, if I'm to go, I 'definitively' would have something terrible happening to me, huhuhuhu..........

However.........even if it's like that, I'm still going.

I must go.

If it's others instead, it'll be fine to let Cheng Jun suffer a slight bit of consequence later on, but for Jiang Xue Qing.........

I'm not able to sit by and ignore it.

" is originally about having regrets and being unresigned. If it sails too smoothly, it becomes extremely uninteresting instead. Don't you think so as well, Xue Li?"

Xue Li didn't feel surprised due to my response, merely expressing out a bitter smile while replying.

"Mm.........indeed, sometimes knowing the result beforehand, would only make the process turn out to be uninteresting........."

So she had even anticipated that she wasn't able to stop me at all, huh?

You're truly too impressive, Xue Li.........

"I'll go prepare your clothes right now."

"It must be that sort of clothes that captivates Cheng Jun to death with just a glance, hm? Huhuhuhu.........."

"Please don't worry about it, you can count on me."

Once again, Xue Li unveiled out a smile, and after wrapping me up with a bath towel, she followed me leaving the bathroom together.

A short moment later.........

Xue Li who had already told me Jiang Xue Qing's residential location, waved her hands by a side-gate as she spoke.

"Then, I wish you a 'effortless task at hand'."

"Oh my, being blessed as such by you every time, somehow really makes me feel that it would go to be that smoothly to what you've said~ Don't tell me that Xue Li is actually something like an angel and so on?"

"Perhaps it might even be the complete opposite to what you're thinking of? Huhuhuhu........."

"That's true, when you're being mischievous, it's simply even more demonic compared to demons themselves!"

"Ara ara, that's the best praise that I've ever heard of........."

".........I'm off then, Xue Li."

"Alright, I'll be patiently awaiting your return."

Xue Li smiled as she made a bow towards me, and after I nodded my head, I turned and set off.

I didn't let Xue Li directly send me over, and didn't take a car as well, for I 'escaped' from there.

Escaping from the birthday banquet which was almost about to start.

That sort of birthday banquet, those kinds of present, I don't have the slightest bit of interest to them.

“Es rappelt in der Kiste,Es rappelt im Karton,Mir doch egal……”

For my birthday present, it's enough for it to be just Cheng Jun's alone..........

I want him to personally deliver the present right to the hands of me, his girlfriend!


-ch 74.9 end-

(3151 words to tl)

daxiaojie (大小姐) = a respectful addressing way to greet a lady, aka 'young miss' (and also possibly indicates a very respectful/ influential origin).

They would have probably long fled to the point of their shadows not even being present anymore (逃到连影子都没有了) = a metaphor used to describe someone running so quickly away that you can't even see their shadows (of their figure) left behind as they run off towards the horizon

Snipe and the clam (渔翁之利) = A third party profiteering from two parties at ends with each other.

Quick backstory:

There is a snipe who tried to prey on a clam (which had its shell opened) it discovered as food. But the clam closed its shell tight on the snipe's beak, preventing the snipe from eating it up.

This effectively creates a stalemate; the snipe who cannot eat the clam nor cannot remove it off its beak, and the clam who cannot be eaten yet can't get back into the waters. 

Both parties then became engrossed in a heated fight over the stalemate situation; until a passing fisherman came and netted the two.

In this case, the fisherman would be Lan Hua..........

Effortless task at hand (手到擒来) = It's a CN idiom meaning for it to be an effortless, easy task. I purposely kept the 'hand' (手) in the translation for I think it's a 'prediction' by Xue Li onto the upcoming events.........

A double meaning on this term - at just my first glance upon seeing this idiom = to easily capture the target.....lolwut? Head maid Xue Li, you're scaring me!!

-shaoye (少爷) = honorific, tagged behind as a respectful addressing way to greet a man, aka 'young master'.

-tongxue (同学) = honorific addressing the person's status to be of a classmate. Note that Lian Bing and Lan Hua used to not have this honorific when addressing each other.....until now.

Saddening to see two good female friends divided over the courtship of a boy.........(not really, gogogo!! pokemo- I mean, yanderemon battle!)


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