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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c89.5

Vol 2, Chapter 89.5: The [Coldhearted type Bro-con meimei (false)]'s situation

TL: flarewk

[Coldhearted type Bro-con meimei (false)]'s situation:

"I'll be going then!"


"......." x2

On the morning of the Qing Ming holidays, gege hurriedly rushed out of the house. He donned a very formal attire, with his hair still damp. It should be that he had just carelessly wiped his head a few times after finishing his bath, for he didn't even bother to use the hair dryer at all.

It's due to gege almost becoming late which was why he would be that anxious. I remember that yesterday, he mentioned that Ji Lian Bing's birthday will be starting at 8 o'clock, and the time right now was almost already 7.30 am.

"Really.........gege, he actually dashed out of the house so hastily just like that, he's that anxious to see that girlfriend huh.........humph!"

"He probably must have woke up late, he didn't even have time to make breakfast today, I guessed that he should have slept rather soundly last looks like he had accumulated quite a bit of fatigue recently too."

On not returning home for the entire night the day before, he by right should have encountered onto something, and after he returned, gege was even pestered rowdily by us in unison, so he must have been quite worn out.........

Last night was just for the sake of letting gege rest properly, as he'll definitely force himself to stay awake again.........

Even though, so long as gege was willing to cuddle us to sleep, we wouldn't be carrying out any sort of overboard actions..........even if we indeed had thoughts of wanting to push gege down, but we would consider the condition of gege's body too.

Me and Ke Ling stood by the doorsteps for quite a while. A gust of wind blew in from the hems of the door which wasn't closed tightly, and after I walked upfront to properly shut the doors, I turned around and said to Ke Ling.

"Want breakfast? I'll make."

Ke Ling pouted her lips and shook her head as she replied.

"Uuu.........forget it, I'm not that hungry, it's fine to eat it yourself, Xin Ran-jie."

"Mm, then forget it, I'm not hungry too."

Me and Ke Ling didn't have any appetite, because if gege wasn't around, our breakfast would even turn wholly tasteless.

"Then let's head back and have a good nap then~ heehee, I still want to hug Xin Ran-jie to sleep~"

Ke Ling retracted her gloomy expression, chuckled and pounced over hugging my waist, while I rubbed her head and spoke.

"I'll first go take a sip of water, you'll go in the house as a start then."

"Alriiight~ Xin Ran-jie, quickly come back, 'kay? I'll first warm up the bed for you, heehee~"


Her mood.........looks like it was already restored.

It's all due to gege having properly comforted Ke Ling the previous night, if not, I really wouldn't know what Ke Ling would transform into.

Merely the matter of gege having a girlfriend would make Ke Ling implode out such vigorous negative emotions, if she was to know about 'that matter'.........the outcome would be unimaginable.

As expected to what daddy had said, it's best to not tell anyone about this matter, and it's best to not even tell gege about it. On April Fool's day, I've nearly said it out under a moment of befuddlement. Looks like I would need to be even more careful in the future.

Then again, how long am I able to conceal, in actuality, from deep within my heart, I yearned to tell this matter to gege.

Though from a very long time ago I had already repeatedly warned myself, to not be too overboard, the things that I attained right now were already way adequate, and to be desiring for anything else would make me seemingly too greedy.........

However, I ultimately still wanted more.........

"So, greedy........."

Just like as if I desired to suppress onto this set of feelings, after downing the water in the cup at a single mouthful, I wiped my lips and returned back to the bedroom.

Ke Ling had the blanket covering on her, just like a cute little worm, as she winked her eyes to me.

So adorable.........she's completely different from me.

I remembered that a very long time ago I was extremely jealous of Ke Ling, but as time went on by, I unknowingly turned into liking her already.

Ke Ling was like that, just as true to her name, a younger sister that drew out the affection of people. At home, she would be the center of our universe, as me and gege would always be spinning about around her.

Hence I've always felt that it's most suitable for her to be staying by gege's sides..........

However, gege chose another person instead..........a wealthy dàxiaojie who goes by the name of Ji Lian Bing.

I once saw her while at school, she's an extremely pretty girl, plus it seemed like she wasn't carrying playful thoughts when she approached gege.

The initial thoughts that gege would forever stay by our sides had begun to take its change; he started to walk towards a new path, and his sides no longer had us accompanying him any more.........yes, this was actually an extremely normal thing to happen, as gege was growing up.

However, I was afraid that he would be distancing away even and even more further away from us.........perhaps Ke Ling was even more terrified compared to me, which was why she would be so vexed recently.

"Xin Ran-jie~ Hurry on and come up here~"

"Mm, I'll come up now."

Last night, me and Ke Ling were sleeping in my room. The bed that I was staying together with gege in the past was still retained, but me and Ke Ling together squeezed upstairs of the double-decker bedding to sleep yesterday night.

Because that's the bed where gege had once slept.

Though the blanket wasn't that set of blanket any longer, with gege too long already moved out, but sleeping over at there would somehow always have me locating the sensation of gege.

Hence, after gege had moved to the attic, I was always sleeping on the upper bunk.

Seeing that look of excitement of Ke Ling's, I knew that she was having the same thoughts as mine.

I trailed the ladder and climbed upstairs. It's still a little too much for two people to sleep in a single sleeping bed, hence me and Ke Ling could only closely tuck our bodies close together.

"Uuu, I'm really jealous of Xin Ran-jie, your breasts are so big~ it feels so comfy when rubbing them!"

"Yours aren't that small too."

"It's not! It's still way far off! Rather than the size of mine which are able to be grabbed with just a hand, the feeling of Xin Ran-jie's which is spilling out from the fingers is way better!"

Ke Ling used her hands to slide open the strap of my sleepwear, stretching within the skirt of my gown afterwards to grope my breasts.

But I've already been used to it, as I was groped by her for the entire night, and last night even had me burying her face within my breasts to sleep.

Seeing her face of blissfulness, I couldn't resist wanting to hug her even more tighter. Was this a mother's characteristic?

"Uuu.........I think that gege shouldn't be too mindful about these sort of things........."

"Although it's like that, but if it's large enough, I too can put on even more mature clothing already. Afterwards, I'll be able to charm gege to death, heehee~"

"Is that so?"

"Of course it is~, men will always instinctively turn their gazes towards exposed meat, and gege won't be an exception either."


But I feel that gege wouldn't really be bothered with these sort of things.........since from the start when I started to grope gege, he had completely no reaction to me at all.........

I'm a little sleepy already.........

Last night had Ke Ling groping me till extremely late hours, hence I didn't have much sleep. I'll replenish some rest before afternoon then.

Ke Ling still was saying something towards me, but I couldn't hear it a little clearly any longer.

I kissed Ke Ling's forehead, afterwards tucking her heard within my breasts. Ke Ling immediately understood my intentions, and quietened down as she too similarly hugged me and closed her eyes.

"Gege, is really an idiot.........even though as long as he accepts us, he will be able to sleep in such a comfy embrace every day then.........."


Perhaps what he was afraid of was to sink, indulging within our embrace.........


When I woke up, the time was almost 1 pm plus in the afternoon.

Mm, I can't remain greedy for this set of comfort, it's time to get ready.

I gazed at Ke Ling who was in my embrace still soundly sleeping, not bearing the conscience to wake her up, hence carried her and jumped down the bed.

Because it's not that high, coupled along that Ke Ling wasn't that heavy as well, hence, there wasn't any accidents occurring.

Carrying her to the living room's sofa afterwards, I thought for a moment but still decided to first tidy Ke Ling's hair. Lunch will be made later then.

I picked up the comb to groom Ke Ling's hair; the afternoon skies seemed to have already cleared up, the rays of the sunlight shone on me, there's a sort of very warm sensation.

"'s warm........."

This child, was really too adorable.

After I've helped groomed her hair, I used a hairband to tie a ponytail for her, and the instance that I finished tying, Ke Ling unfurled up her eyes and jumped as she energetically pounced into my arms as she said.

"Thank you, Xin Ran-jie~ I like you the most already~"

"Hee, isn't gege the person that you liked the most?"

"Gege is my most loved person eyy~ heehee~"

It's that sort of difference, huh.

After finishing washing up and changing, I made curry, and rested for a while after finishing lunch together with Ke Ling. It's already 2.30 pm by then.

Ke Ling crouched on the table, rolling her cheeks about as she gloomily asked me once again for the twenty-secondth time.

"Gege, still haven't come back?"


Why does he still not come back yet?

It's almost time already.........

It's the Qing Ming festival today, hence our family must go out together to pay respects.

In the past, we would always set off early in the morning, but for this year, we decided to proceed after 3pm.

One was because recently the people who went to the mortuary were simply too many, and two, it was due to the afternoon being cloudy, not having any sun.

But right now, it's nearly almost 2.30pm, yet gege still actually haven't returned home.

For such a punctual person as like gege, he would classify matters in an order of priority, and for such an important matter like paying respects, he no matter what would by right be rushing back home.

Just at this moment, I heard the sounds of keys opening the door; me and Ke Ling went to the corridor looking towards the porch in unison.

"I'm back."

"'s daddy who came back."

And I thought that it's gege who had returned.........

"If such disappointed expressions are shown to me, I would be very sad, you two."

"Ah, sorry, we didn't mean it like that........."

I hastily shook my hands, indicating that we didn't have that intentions, and daddy too gave off a heartwarming smile as he expressed that he himself didn't take it to heart.

He didn't take off his shoes, standing by the porch as he said to us.

"If you two are ready then let's go, where's Jun Cheng?"

"Gege had something on and went out already, he originally said that he'll definitely be able to return by afternoon, but........."

"Is it, so Jun Cheng still haven't came back........."

Daddy didn't become angry at all, and in reality, it's been a long time since I've seen daddy becoming mad.

He pushed up his spectacles and pondered for a while, before making up a decision and said.

"Then forget it, let's not wait for him, we'll first set off."

"Is it okay to be like that?"

"It's fine, or you might say, that it's even better for Jun Cheng not to go........."

UuU? What's the meaning of that.........

Daddy would always be like that, having a difference on his treatment to gege compared to me and Ke Ling.

His expectations of us were very harsh, but was extremely lenient towards gege instead. But we didn't have any complaints at all, though it indeed was a little bizarre, for daddy doesn't look like that sort of person who advocates masculism.

He didn't have any expectations towards his areas of learning and lifestyle, but for a few rather special aspects, he would be implementing additional lectures, like for example, his attitude towards handling matters around him alongside with his three views, hence gege would become that upright, not being able to even say a lie at all.

Did he felt that a morally upright education was more important than anything else?

I'm not very clear about it.........

While thinking about these stuff, daddy brought us into his car and drove us towards the mortuary.

When we arrived, mummy was already waiting for us at the parking lot.


"You people finally arrived, I've been waiting for quite awhile, where's Jun Cheng?"

"I don't know. After gege went out this morning he didn't come back already."

"Mn? Your brother would actually break his promise? This is really a rare can't be that something had happened to him? That child's father, if not we'll give a call to Jun Cheng........."

(TL: that child's father is a 3rd party casual way of addressing/ acknowledging the spouse)

Mummy had a look of concern as she suggested.

"Don't worry too much about it, he's very mature, and is able to differentiate the importance of matters clearly. For him to not come back, it's probably because of some even more important matters, so don't go bothering him."

"Mm.........alright then, let's first head over."

"Old hag~ aren't you busy at work today? Actually having time to spare waiting for us."

"Who is an old hag! But today's indeed not that busy compared to previous days........."

Mummy squinted her eyes as she pulled on Ke Ling's ears as she very angrily said.

"UuU! It hurts! Hurry up and let go!"

Ke Ling and mummy's relationship were always like that, and Ke Ling would reveal out a cheeky side of her occasionally only when in front of mummy. These mother and daughter had always been like that since the past.

"Ah, daddy went on first over already, let's hurry up and catch up with him."

"Really, it's all your fault to be so naughty here! Take the bouquet, let's go!"

Walking inside the cemetery, daddy had already located that spot........

"Qian, I've come to see you again........."

An Qian, was the name of my biological mother which had passed away.

Daddy didn't put on flowers, nor offering incense as well, only pulling out a packet of cigarettes from his pockets and lit one up.........he usually didn't smoke, but will only do so during Qing Ming and New Year's annually..........all the way till he had finished smoking the entire pack of cigarettes.

Not saying a word thereafter, standing in front of the gravestone just like a statue.

Mummy walked over and displayed the flowers neatly before going to another gravestone, but had merely placed down a set of flowers before returning back to our sides.

"As expected, no matter how long it is, he will never be able to forget about her.........even though I can't even remember her face anymore, Yong Kang still always remembered about her.........sometimes I'm really jealous about that. Heh heh, being jealous of a person who had passed away........."


I unresistingly grabbed mummy's hands wanting to provide her with a little comfort, and mummy too smiled, shaking her head while saying.

"It's fine, I'm just a little lamentful, since it's already been more than ten years. But I'm still able to walk into his heart, becoming family along with you and Jun Cheng. It's already the most happiest event occurring in my lifetime."

Ke Ling came right in between me and mummy, a hand latching my arms, with another hand grabbing mummy's arms too as she energetically said.

"That's right! We will always be together!"

Mm, we will always be together.........

Because we're a family.........



"What's the matter? Mayor? Suddenly clutching your head, is there somewhere that you're not feeling well?"

"It's nothing, only just having received a couple of yearns........."

"Ah, today's the Qing Ming festival, right. But to be specially picking an afternoon timing of 3pm thereafter to paying respects, it really is quite a rare occurrence.........and for it to actually be affecting you, this set of yearning must be rather deeply rooted then, is it your husband? Or your child?"


".........Not going to take a look?"

"We're already on two opposites end of the coin, so what's the point of going? There's life to be led for the living, I shouldn't be disturbing them."

"Eehh, but Mayor, there's not much difference between you and a living person........."

"Of course there is a difference. You too, don't always forget about your status, one tiny mistake and a huge catastrophe would be created."

"Why did you suddenly start to lecture me already.........really, even though I'm thinking for your sake eyy! Look at yourself with that look of resentment! It's almost already comparable to Nie Xiao Qian! No wonder your name too carried a Qian word within, mom!"

"You damn lass, aren't your wings hard enough already! I've told you to address me as Mayor while at work! Are there any leads to the corpse plundering case yet? Still slacking off over here!"

"Waah! It's annoying me to death! I even endured not going out to eat the newly released ramen eyy.........even though I'm worried about you!"

"Alright, really.........I didn't go as because even if I did not go, I would also understand........."

"Understand what?"

"Not telling you~"

"Then can I go and eat ramen?"

"No way."


"You better go on and properly finish up the job, hmm? If not, there won't be any dinner for you tonight!"

"Eeeehhh? ! ? ! ? ! Don'tttttttt~ mo~m!"

"Fufu~ then carry on working hard, damn lass!"

-ch 89.5 end-

(4366 words to tl)

That child's father (孩子他爸) = it's a common phrase in cn that refers to a spouse in 3rd party form. No, it doesn't necessarily mean that the relations between the two are estranged, it's just is horrible in english form, but sounded natural in chinese.

Old hag (老妈子) = Another difficult term I had trying to translate to english well. It means: 'old mom', but I chosen instead to use the female equivalent of the famously known 'old man' (used to call out a father very casually; albeit disrespectfully cheeky too), :>

Please note it's not an insult, it's more of an extremely casual and nonchalant way of her addressing her mom. I even address my dad as 'old man' too, yknow.......

Nie Xiao Qian (聂小倩) = an actress famous for her natural 'sad' look. Google her up to see for yerself! :3

Three views (三观 ) = Thinking onto life, Outlook onto the world, and Thoughts about ethics. Also known as the Three Viewing Aspects. It's a philosophical thought.

Aren't your wings hard already (翅膀硬了) = used to describe a person who thought they are extremely mature/experienced already when in reality, it's usually not so...

meimei (妹妹) = younger sister

gege (哥哥) = big brother

-jie (姐) = polite addressal of the term 'big sis' (honorific)

dàxiaojie (大小姐) = a respectful addressing way to greet a lady, aka 'young miss' (of a very respectful/ influential origin).


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