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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c85

Vol 2, Chapter 85: Mouth, Imparting

TL: flarewk

This god damning bastard, don't try to come back from the dead again! The aftershock of it was really frightening, even though I've seen Ye Liu Su's organs all fallen out onto the ground, and would have definitively been dead, I still went forward to provide some additional stabs on him.

Afterwards, I went on to pick up the magatama that I flung out and looked at it; there's not even a scratch on it at all. Looks like its hardness was way stronger than normal magatamas, plus it could even suppress ghosts as well.........I could only say that this money was truly well spent.

No wait, right now there wasn't any time to waste. Since the murderous ghoul had already been dealt with, I'd better quickly go look for Xue Qing to obtain 'that'!

I hastily ran to Xue Qing's sides, supported her body, and anxiously spoke after ensuring that she wouldn't be falling over.

"Xue Qing, are you alright! *pei!* What am I talking about, it's impossible that you're fine!"

Without a second word, I immediately carried her up and ran towards Bai Yu Hui while saying towards Xue Qing.

"I know that you're in pain, but can you please first give your saliva to me!"

".........Uuu? Jun Cheng, wants to drink?"

"Ah? No, umm, although I want to have a little taste of it. It's not that I want to drink your saliva, but to treat Yu Hui's wounds........."

Due to being too overly anxious, it even caused my words to be incoherent as well. What the hell am I saying, me..........


Seeing Xue Qing nodding her head, I didn't delay it any further, arriving at Bai Yu Hui's sides and placed Xue Qing down thereafter, and loosened up the clothing material that was messily bandaged on Bai Yu Hui's back just earlier.

Though a huge amount of youthful vibrancy was being exposed, I didn't have any mood nor time to be admiring it. I hugged onto Bai Yu Hui's front, allowing her face to lean on my shoulders and told Xue Qing thereafter.

"I'm counting on you!"

Xue Qing leaned her body over, with her face slowly approaching the wound, just like a small kitten which was sipping water. Her tongue was poked out in such a way that she wouldn't be stimulating the wound as far as possible, gently licking on it.

From time to time, she would be smacking her lips, allowing her tongue which became dehydrated of moisture to be wettened once more before continuing on licking.

After the blood was being licked off, the wound wasn't bleeding anymore.

Yu Hui said that she had made bleeding preventions, and it seemed to be effective too, as the bleeding from such a huge wound was hugely lesser than what I've expected.

And it's lucky as such, for even if I'm unable to send her to the hospital for rescue in time, Yu Hui wouldn't fall into a life threatening scenario due to too much loss of blood.

But that wound was extremely long, it's roughly almost a meter in length, rupturing out from her shoulder bone down to her left waist. Such a huge wound would definitely leave scars behind.........and as a girl, she definitely would be miserable, right?

It's all because of me.........

That scenario earlier once again replayed back within my mind; Yu Hui plummeting into my arms, a horrifyingly shocking wound, blood that dripped into my ears which dyed my vision red.

Something unbeknownst in my body exploded. A sensation of powerlessness saturated my entirety, my abdominal region became scorchingly blazing, I became suffocated to the point where I'm not able to breathe.

My voice turned murky, as if there's something that was stuck at the eye of my throat, causing me on not being able to speak.........the insides of my mouth became turbid, just like it was being choked by something.

At that moment, I originally wanted to say 'go to hell', but when my mouth opened, it gave off an 'ah' syllable instead.........

It was the first time that I hated a person so much, right from the very bottom of my heart.

"Jun Cheng........."

Xue Qing suddenly called out my name, causing me to regain back to my senses.

I hastily shook my head and asked.

"What's the matter? Any sudden changes? Is it not effective?"

Xue Qing shook her head, and used a finger that was completely dyed red with blood and pointed towards her outstretched tongue.

I gazed at it intently.........and didn't notice anything wrong with it.

The skin of her lips had slightly cracked, and on her pale red little tongue, there's a layer of faint white coating.........was there a problem?

Eh, hold on, white coating?

I suddenly understood.

"Is it that your saliva isn't enough?"



I fervently scratched my head, immediately comprehending what was going on already, or it could even be said that it was then a normal occurrence!

Xue Qing had just undergone quite a couple of intense battles, and had bled so much too, so her body would have definitely fallen into a state of dehydration, and of course would have her feeling water-deprived!

"How about I go find a bottle of mineral water for you to replenish your water content?"

But, even if she was to consume water, it wouldn't have her immediately being able to secrete out saliva.........

Eeehh, what should I do?

"Forget it, just temporarily leave it like this then. Since the murderous ghoul have been defeated, there shouldn't be danger any longer, by right. Xue Qing, is there any emergency first aid kit in your house? Or perhaps you know of any pharmacy in Black Street? As I still know how to perform basic emergency treatment.........."

Without the 'special medicine' concocted by Xue Qing, we could only go for the compromising solution already.

It's fortunate that all of the murderous ghouls had died, if not, I really wouldn't be daring on haphazardly exploring around.

I dug my hands deep between Yu Hui's arms, wanting to carry her up and swiftly proceed towards a location that's able to treat her, but Xue Qing forcibly held me down.

Eh? Why did she stop me?


"Huh? What no?"

"She's, not going to make it."

"What did you say!"

How was she not going to make it already!

"On the knife, had yin qi."

(TL: in short, negative qi. You probably heard of qi/ chi as 'the body's inner energy‘, most famously from kung fu panda)

Yin qi? Was she talking about the malevolent yin aspect of qi? I heard about Yin qi entering the body and so on before, but was that such a life-threatening situation?

(TL: "negative qi" doesn't necessarily refer to being 'evil qi'. It basically meant opposing or dark, in essence. But in this case, it's clearly 'evil intended')

"Blood flow, frozen."


Her blood flow had been frozen! No wonder she didn't bleed anymore, so it's not due to the treatment being very effective, but was because of that reason, huh!

Just then, I noticed that Yu Hui who was in my embrace had her body turning colder and colder, with her face too becoming more and more pale. I hastily pulled up her body and stretched out my hands, pressing on her chest.

Her heartbeat had became extremely sluggish!

It's really like what Xue Qing had said, and if this goes on, it'll be useless even if we managed to locate a first aid kit!

Damn it, the 'special medicine' which was the only way to treat this sort of situation couldn't be produced anymore, but the situation right now cannot be delayed any further, and I must let Xue Qing to be able drip out saliva once again, but.........



I haven't reacted over to it when Xue Qing suddenly went on forward, kissing me.

Just like a bird pecking, as she lightly made contact, immediately separating after kissing onto me, a gentle kiss which even made the panicky me instantly calming down.

"Secrete, saliva."

Afterwards, I understood what Xue Qing wanted to do, she wanted to utilize kissing in order to stimulate herself on secreting out saliva. It seems to be that when during kissing, the hormones secreted would become greater, stimulating the salivary glands or some other kind of stuff as thus, and hence would cause one's saliva to be secreted. But.........

"W-, Wait, although it's indeed been said that a huge amount of saliva will be secreted when kissing, but, but is it really alright for it to be like that?"

It's due to a couple of accidents that caused me and Xue Qing to have our lips lay contact with each other, but for a real kiss, it's never been done before, and this time, it must be done with a french kiss.........

However, if I wanted to save Yu Hui.........

While I'm in the midst of hesitation, Xue Qing had already nodded her head deeply, afterwards kissing over once more.

But this time, it wasn't a 'dragonfly lightly tapping on the water surface' level of kissing, but had proceeded a step further, stretching out her tongue to lick my upper and lower lips. Though her tongue didn't have saliva on it any more, it's still just as soft as a cake.

With the taste buds on her tongue becoming plundered via licking, Xue Qing stretched her tongue inside.

Afterwards, she didn't know on what to do already.

I'm able to see that it was her first time kissing, and wasn't sure on what to do after placing her dehydrated little tongue right into my mouth.

.........I........must respond back towards her.

She had given everything to me.

Then, at the very least, I must provide her with a wondrous memory for her virgin kiss!

I clamped down onto her tongue with my lips, gently sucking on her little tongue, afterwards covering my entire tongue right on her's, sliding and licking from its deepest region to the outer portion.

As its saliva was too less, a dry lick-kissing would only have her feeling discomforted, hence I used my tongue to cause her tongue, to encircle and spin about up-down-left-and-right, drawing circles around the tip of her tongue.

Hold on, why would I be that skilled.........was it due to Xin Ran.........? How many times had I exactly kissed Xin Ran while I was sleeping?

It's so horrifying, when carefully pondering about it........


She closed up her eyes with a very comfortable expression. It's such a relief that it seemed like it's not up till an extent where she would be embarrassed from it.

But this time, it wasn't carried out for the sake of enjoying these sort of actions itself, as after Xue Qing who started to become adept at it left my lips very unreluctantly, and once again went on to aid Yu Hui licking her wounds.

Mixing my saliva within as she applied it on the surface of the wound.

Afterwards, the saliva wasn't enough any more, and she once more naturally raised her head and kissed over, just like as if she desired water content from my side.

I'm not sure if it's because of having too much kisses, which made my head become a little giddy, as I only repetitively responded back to her desiring kiss, aiding her on producing saliva.

Gradually, Yu Hui's body turned warm, and the originally blossoming arc-shaped wound too closed up forming a line, with my ears too hearing hurried breathing sounds, as hot air spat on my wound located at the right side of my shoulders, it feeling a little aching.

I once again went on to feel her chest.........*pu tong! pu tong!* Her heart was vibrantly beating!

"You did it, Xue Qing! She recovered!"

"Mm." really gave me such a fright.

If Yu Hui was to really die just because of saving me, I definitely would be guilt-stricken for the rest of my life..........

Really, this gratitude wasn't able to be expressed just from words alone.

The things that I owed these two were simply too much already.

I simply can't think up of how I'm going to repay them..........

"Jun Cheng........."

"What's the matter?"

Xue Qing didn't reply me, merely leaning her face over once more. I thought that she wanted to kiss me again, but the result was that her head brushed over my cheeks and laid down on my left shoulder, powerlessly sliding towards the sides thereafter.

"Xue Qing?"

I hastily stretched out my left hand to support her waist, but felt upon a handful of sticky damp liquid.

Even if I didn't lift my hand up to look at it, I already knew what that liquid was.........

It's blood.

It's the blood from Xue Qing herself.

Having felt it like this currently, I then realized on how serious the wound at Xue Qing's abdomen was, it's just simply like forcibly having a lump of flesh being gorged right off.

She had already suffered such an injury, yet she still persisted battling with Ye Liu Su earlier, huh.........!

"Are you an idiot! Why didn't you first go treat your wounds!"

Still persisted on trying to treat Yu Hui, but if you first collapse, what should I do then!

What should I do.........does it still needed to be said!

After letting Yu Hui who was in my embrace be cushioned on my thighs, I unhesitatingly pulled up Xue Qing, supported her head, and afterwards kissed onto it!

This time, it was my side proactively sticking my tongue deep into her throat licking once more, forcibly causing her to secrete out large amounts of body fluid, afterwards curling up my tongue to snatch off all the saliva within her mouth right into mine!

After I had collected it all the way till my cheeks were being puffed up, I prised up her clothes, aimed towards her wound and fervently licked!

I wasn't sure if her saliva were effective towards herself or not, but the me right now could only do it already!

Damn it, don't you dare die!

You better live on!

After repeating it for three to four times, with myself feeling that my mouth were full with the taste of Xue Qing's blood and her saliva, I finally heard onto the voice that I was eagerly anticipating.

"Jun Cheng........."

"You're awake!"


"It's such a's such a relief.........."

Both people were fine.........both of them didn't die, this was the best ending already.

Emotions of relieved delight had just burst out from my chest, when my ears caught wind of another sound.

*Pa ta*, *pa ta*.


Impossible! Who else could it be in Black Street right now!

Don't tell me that its those people who were to deal with ghosts coming over already? Or was it.........Eeh, in any case, I'd better first bring these two away from here!

But the speed of the other party was actually way faster than what I've imagined.

I was just thinking on quickly bringing these two and leaving the scene, and had just tightly hugged onto Xue Qing and Yu Hui, when I suddenly heard a voice resounding over.

"Huhuhuhu, I seemed to have came a little too late, hmm?"

I who was originally a little tensed up upon hearing the sound of footsteps, once I heard that familiar voice, I immediately had confusion covering over my apprehension as it emerged within my brain.


Just like what I've expected, it wasn't a mistake. The person that appeared from the other side of the streets, wasn't anybody else, but Lian Bing.

-ch 85 end-

(3404 words to tl)

Mouth, Imparting (口传心授) = Do you feel that it sounded ambiguous yet not at the same time? It's the intent behind the naming, ahaha.

This is originally a term used in cultivation novels to describe a master passing essential skill set or knowledge to someone, usually disciples.

Yu Hui is considered to be a cultivator as she uses true qi, so the title would make sense, kinda. But in this case, rather than the usual tropes of imparted knowledge, something else is conferred instead.........

*pei* = a gesture (think sfx), imagine a person who accidentally says something wrong, then that person spat towards the ground in correction to his words thereafter 

I guess it would be a rebuke against that very person themselves, as that "something wrong being said" is truly very dumb to be wanting to do such a gesture

Youthful vibrancy (春光) = I can't find a suitable en word for it, but it refers to the 'meat' on girls body. It can be referring to the breasts, belly, or the puh in between the legs.........

Eye of one's throat (嗓子眼) = The position of it is slightly lower than a guy's adam apple.........also known as the 'heart' of a throat.

Try gulping in nothing in particular - you will find that a certain point there would be a 'lumpy' feeling when you gulp........


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