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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c56

Volume 2, Chapter 56: Killing, Intent

TL: flarewk


Oh shit, she came over looking for me already! What do I do?

My teeth were chattering. After seeing onto those things, how could I possibly remain calm..........

Was it that I would be having my eyes gouged out by Xue Qing, afterwards with my fingernails plucked out, fingers chopped off, limbs sliced away, eventually turning into a fellow member of this place?

I should have long thought of it..........I should have long ran away..........I shouldn't have followed her here!

I simply dared not turn my head around.

I'm afraid that if I was to turn around, I would see a pair of hands wielding blades, as Xue Qing used her crimson-red pupils to stare at me while wanting to chop me into pieces.

"Jun Cheng.........."

Was it my misconception? I had a distinct feeling that even her tone had become way more sullen. No, Xue Qing originally when she spoke, she didn't have any sort of voice fluctuations at all, it could even be said that she's a silent-type character whom which a background scenery must be utilized in order to have her feelings being expressed out.

Listening to it right now, it instead seemed more like those whispered words of the devil.

Am I going to be murdered! Just like a main character in horror movies who had seen onto things that he shouldn't be seeing at all, afterwards, he would be similarly killed off by using the most gruesome existing method, and right now, I have also fallen right into an equally similar state.

My waist felt something very hard propping up against it!

I'm dead! I'm dead! This time, I'm really dead!

"For you."


Gi-, giving me what? Was she going to give me a knife? She wanted me to have a bloodshed fight with her? But, looking previously at Xue Qing's appearance when she utilizes a knife, she's definitely way more better than me by countless number of times. Don't even mention about me wielding a knife already, even if my hands were to be carrying a rifle, I don't even think that I'm able to win against her at all.

Well then, does it mean that she wanted me to end myself by my own free will?

Because she didn't want to dirty her hands, hence letting me commit suicide instead, before doing the after-work later on, mm?

Humans are just like that, when starting to think towards the negative side, their thoughts wouldn't be able to be stopped already, and would continually think of scenarios that were even more dreadful, not daring to open up their eyes to look at reality...........

Merely just oneself scaring onto oneself.

Why would I be saying as that? Because what followed closely next, was that Xue Qing using a fact to prove onto the matter that she herself not having the intentions onto hurting me.

"Clothes, give you."


When I've heard onto that, I really didn't understand onto what it exactly meant. Forget about the matter of giving me weapons already, she even wanted to hand over armors to me? Afterwards, I closely thought about it again once more. What kind of clothes was it that she wanted to give me? I remembered that on Xue Qing's body, what she was currently wearing would only be...........

And as expected, when I turned my head around after that, what I saw was simply just Xue Qing only wearing a pair of panties.

Xue Qing had took off the shirt worn on her body, with the white colored pair of panties that I had personally helped her to put on being exposed towards the surroundings, with an arm clutching onto her flat chest, and the other hand grasping onto my shirt handed over to me.

At such a chillingly cold storeroom, she actually proactively stripped off the very final piece of clothing that was on her and handed it right onto my very hands.

"Here, temperature's low."

"You! If you hand your clothes over to me, what about you then! Aren't you wearing even lesser compared to me!"

Although it's true that my torso was being exposed bare, but weren't you in a state of being completely naked at all?! Panties? That's being used for covering, not for warming purposes!

"I'm not cold."

She very seriously said it as such.

Even though her body was slightly shivering, she still forced herself bravely to say out a 'not cold' sort of phrase, that one upon hearing would instantly know that it's a lie.


I bitterly laughed, suddenly realizing that those guesses that I was having just earlier was simply just too foolish to the very core.

After receiving the shirt from Xue Qing's hands, I directly put it on me, only buttoning up those two buttons that were at the most bottom.

Afterwards, without even asking for Xue Qing's opinions, I just simply carried her and placed her within my embrace, letting her spread open her legs to wrap around my waist, just like a koala hanging on a tree as she hugged onto me, with me afterwards buttoning up the shirt, enveloping her up.

She didn't refuse it, using both her hands to wrap around hugging onto my arms, using the 'body joined very closely' method to respectively warm ourselves up.

"Xue Qing, this place is............"

"This place, cold room."

Cold room...........same as with my guesses, and as for those things that needed to be refrigerated needed not be said anymore, as it definitely would be those human body parts already.

"In order, prevent.........."

"In order to prevent corpses from decomposing?"


As expected, huh. So it wasn't just due to my imagination for me to think that this place was being very cold after all, but it was that this storeroom's temperature was really very low.

In order to prevent those body parts from decomposing, she would hence be purposefully creating such an environment with low temperatures, simply just like the morgues of a hospital or a mortuary's cold room.

After calming myself down, I didn't feel it to be that scary anymore.

It should be said that I've long been used to be seeing onto those kind of things already, for the hospital that Laobà was working at had all kinds of specimen around, while at the mortuary where Laomā was working, there was no lack of fresh corpses being gleaned by me before.

Merely because I didn't see these stuff 'at places where it should be rightfully appearing at', hence it caused me to panic.

But if it's Lian Bing who had seen onto these, maybe she would be excited instead (laugh)..........ah, it's not right either, perhaps she would be infuriated then? Since these would also be considered as destroying the perfect preservation of a corpse's.

I'm not clear onto her purpose for keeping these body parts, and because of that lack of understanding, it caused me to feel terrified.

And now, in order to rid off that feeling of fear from within my heart, I'm going to ask her about it!

"These were..........all done by you?"

After asking this out, I didn't have an option to regret about it anymore, as no matter what kind of an answer Xue Qing provides, I couldn't just take it as if I didn't know about it already.

"Specimen, only."

Xue Qing turned her head to look at those eyeballs and fingernails, not displaying out any sort of agitation nor feelings of wild fanaticism.

I just had a feeling that this reaction had something strange about it, it's way too overly composed already.

Just like that time at the cemetery, when I've encountered onto the deceased dead, Lian Bing's actions were like as if she had been possessed, not listening despite how much I spouted, not leaving despite how much I persuaded. I daresay, that if it wasn't for my actions of me once again dashing into the herd of deceased dead without regard for my safety that frightened onto Lian Bing, allowing me to grab onto an opportunity to take her away, she definitely wouldn't be that willing onto leaving the cemetery together with me.

Towards such fanatical people like them, these kind of reactions should then be the 'normal reactions' instead. But Xue Qing didn't express out any sort of similar feelings in retrospect, not having any sort of obsession towards these residual arms and broken limbs. It's not because that Xue Qing's expression changes were comparatively lesser, hence not being able to express out that sort of feelings, but I'm able to say that she was indeed disinterested towards these body parts.

Afterwards, just like what I've guessed, Xue Qing herself expressed out her point of view onto these body parts.

"They are........."

They are, what?




Afterwards, she didn't open up her mouth already.

I still didn't quite understand the meaning of what Xue Qing said by 'unnecessary'. Was she saying that these broken fingers, palms and eyeballs were all unnecessary body parts?

Then, since they were unnecessary, why would she still store these stuff in here?

What sort of logic was this? Even though she didn't like these unnecessary stuff, yet she still wanted to keep them?

Xue Qing seemingly didn't want to continue staying inside the cold room anymore, as she used her cheeks to rub against my neck, gently whispering to my ears 'let's go out.', these three words.

But I didn't move my footsteps at all.

I had the distinct feeling that if I didn't make myself clear onto Xue Qing's moral values here, I would never get the chance to understand it already.

"I don't understand..........Xue Qing, why do you, err, refrigerate these body parts?"

I'm still like as with my usual style, directly asking out the question that's lingering within my mind.

Xue Qing kept silent for a moment, and after seeing that I have no intentions onto leaving, eventually answered my question.

"It's me, who killed them."

First, she admitted the actions that she had committed.

"They, deserved death."

Afterwards, she said out her motive.

"Leaving behind their, hands and eyes."

Xue Qing lifted up her head, gazing straight at me, with that pair of azure blue pupils seemingly beginning to have redness arising.

"Purify, their sins."

In order to purify off their sins, hence she would be leaving their eyes and hands behind.

This sort of saying had a sort of deja-vu feeling that I've seemingly heard somewhere should be a somewhat familiar thing, by right.

Oh, right..........these sort of saying, wasn't it just like 'Taking the place of gods to rain down punishment for criminals'? And also 'Carrying out the duties of justice' and so on, it's basically just using one's perspective to go punish those people that one thinks that they were criminals.

Have she always been carrying this sort of mentality to go murder people? Well then, what kind of basis did she rely on to go differentiate out the good and the bad?

All of them needed not to be asked by me, for Xue Qing continued to say out a sentence right by my ears.

"Murderers, often get murdered."


A very familiar sentence, which answered all of the queries I had.

Those people that Xue Qing killed were all murderers. Perhaps there's someone who had assigned her to do so, or maybe she willingly did so.

In any case, I'm able to confirm that she's not that corpse splitting homicidal maniac that was spreading like wildfire on the net.

Let's first not bother about whether she was lying to me or not; I want to believe her. Previously, I had always been suspecting Xue Qing, but this time, I didn't want to suspect onto her any longer.

I believe that those people that she killed were people that deserved it..........

But, but this matter, shouldn't be done by you..........I suddenly begun to felt heartache for her.

How could they let such a petite girl do these kinds of's too cruel already.

Sympathetically hugging her tightly within my arms, I swiftly walked out of the cold room, not wanting her to feel chilled any longer.

Returning to her bedroom afterwards, I placed Xue Qing onto her bed, and covered her up with blankets after that. Staying at the cold room earlier for quite an amount of time, her skin had already become very cold, hence she must quickly warm back up.

Afterwards, I opened the clothes cabinet, and while looking at the many sets of school uniform, I asked Xue Qing.

"Xue Qing, you didn't have any other clothes at all?"

"Other, clothes?"

"It means clothes that are other than your school uniform.........ahh, forget it, there shouldn't be any already just by looking at this reaction of yours. Just put on your school uniform first then."

I casually plucked out a set of school uniform, and after taking out a pair of overly long black stockings from the drawer, I went to the bedside and stuffed them into the blanket, saying towards her.

"Uuu, I'm going out?"

Xue Qing perplexedly tilted her head, but still received the school uniform that I passed over to her, and smoothly put it on. From the blankets came a series of movements, giving out that 'xi xi su su' rubbing sounds that appears when one puts on clothes.

"Do you even need to say that, of course it's to go buy some clothes for you!"

"Buy clothes?"

"Mm, it can't be that you'll always be wearing your school uniform, right? Let's go buy some homewear for you, and some other things as any case, we'll need to buy plenty of stuff!"

In this house, furniture or electricity appliances and whatnot weren't exactly lacking at all, but there's almost no daily essentials present at all, so other than Xue Qing's clothes, I'll still need to purchase some daily essentials as well.

Especially the need for lamps! Lighting candles and whatnot at night were simply too old-fashioned already! I completely couldn't accept it at all!

After a moment, Xue Qing had finished putting on her clothes, and I pulled on her hands, walking out of the house.

From within my heart suddenly rose a bizarre sort of sensation.

A gege leading his meimei? A father leading his daughter? Or should it be, a master leading his pet?

It should be the third kind, huh..........just like a certain girl from 'Sakurasou no Pet ga Kanojo', requiring me to take care of her?

No wait, it's not also that Xue Qing was unable to take care of her life, it's merely that she slightly lacked a little common sense.

Since it's that case, it'll be up to me to teach her those common sense then.

It'll be considered as repayment for her onto the gratitude of letting me stay overnight...........Mm...........and also, cough cough, repayment for letting my hands feel terrific for a night............

Although speaking in retrospect, it indeed felt extremely marvellous...........but!

I need to solemnly proclaim out a certain thing!

I really am not a lolicooooooooooon!!

-ch 56 end-

(3189 words to tl)

Deceased dead = a type of zombies, reanimated corpses through magical means rather than the conventional "Left-4-Dead infection" style.

Laobà (老爸) = informal way to address one's "dad", think of it as "pa". Speaking of which, I should have used the word 'pa'....meh, forget it. There's way too much of it to be edited now -3-

Laoma (老妈) = informal way to address one's "mom", think of it as "ma".

Gege (哥哥) = elder brother

Meimei (妹妹) = younger sister


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