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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c50.6

Volume 2, Chapter 50.6: The conversation between [An Ke Ling] and [Jiang Xue Qing]

TL: flarewk

[Haraguro type Bro-con meimei (true)]'s situation:

I did it~

I did it~

I did it~

I managed to kiss gege~

Neither his cheeks, nor his forehead, but his liiips~

Gege's lips were really very soooft~

Gege's saliva were really very sweeeet~

I managed to kiss!

Kyaa~ managed to kiss!

Heeheeheee, as expected, teaming up with Xin Ran-jie to carry out the plan this time was a correct decision.

This time, it's an ultra big success~! Gege started to not resist having contact with our bodies already! The seduction actually succeeded~ Sooo happyy~ heeheeheeheeheeheeheeee............

Perhaps even gege himself hadn't noticed about it.

In reality, me and Xin Ran-jie have always intentionally exposed large skinship in front of him in an inadvertent state, while purposefully displaying out a casual-like appearance at home.

But, he was never once mindful about it before, or perhaps he had innately avoided the happenings of those events.

Always seizing the chance when me and Xin Ran-jie weren't paying attention to finish up bathing, or when me and Xin Ran-jie were changing into rather revealing night gowns, he had already returned to his room since long ago.

But, after gege knew those things about Xin Ran-jie, he started to become different already.

Started to be mindful about his own behavior, intentionally distancing himself away, maintaining a sibling's relationship.

However, it's because of gege starting to be mindful about us, which instead caused him to notice onto things that he usually wouldn't be noticing about.

Like for example this time, while sitting in gege's embrace, I'm very distinctly able to feel gege's vision being placed within my collars.............heeheeheee.............he's looking at my breasts~ although my breasts weren't fully developed yet, but after gege saw it, he still became excited already~ heeheeheee.............

Even though if it's last time, gege had always treated me like a child. Even if gege hugged me into his arms, he wouldn't have any sort of reaction at all.

But today, that place of gege's became bulged, it poked onto my butt already.

I even purposefully used my butt to rub about on it, that area kept trembling repetitively, it's so cute desu~

I really want to lick it, I really want to suck on it, I really want to swallow gege's milk.............heeheeheeheeee.............

Cough.............umu, perverted thoughts have came out already.............

Plus, gege had already promised to help me.............kyaa~ so embarrassing, I'll definitely pee out uncontrollably.............

So embarrassing~ so embarrassing~ so embarrassing~ so embarrassing~ so embarrassing~ gege's so naughty~ bad gege~ I love bad gege the most already~

I'm only able to hug gege's blanket or pillow last time, but this time I'm able to hug gege's arms already, plus, I can even use gege's hand.............heeheeheeheeheeheeheeee.............


Ah, I've involuntarily chuckled out already.

I can't be like this, if I was to be usually giving off such an obscene laughter right in front of gege, I'll be doomed.

Umu, get ahold of yourself, Ke Ling!

Don't, because of this small little progress, be so happy till like this!!

It's not the time yet to unrestraintly burst out in laughter, the person who laughed all the way till the end would then be the winner!!

You must know that right now, it's the most unstable period, as there's still the existence of thaat woman............

Plus, gege developing these sort of changes, perhaps, maybe............a very large deal was to be attributed with that woman Ji Lian Bing.

Because she's always doing some immoral acts right in front of gege, hence gege would naturally be even more mindful about those areas that were sensitive.

With the result that he instead had fallen right into it.

Although I really hate that woman, but about the matter of lowering gege's bottom-line, I'm quite thankful to her instead.

This way, gege's mentality barriers would be forced retreating to the sides already. Probably, contact was already almost laid with gege's final borderlines.

While letting his values and moralities have confusion being developed, I'll slowly stir in love and lusts amidst familial relations.

When he starts to feel that me and Xin Ran-jie weren't just merely meimeis, it'll be our win then!

Gege will then fall into our embraces, unable to extricate himself from it.

Although that evil woman who seduced gege needed to be taken care of, but now's not the time.

Picking out hostile relations with Ji Lian Bing right now wouldn't have any benefits at all, what more, us who had our status being meimeis would be in a disadvantage.

Rather than fighting over with thaat woman for gege in front of him, causing gege to feel troubled.

It's better to just focus energies onto conquering gege.

Although gege right now was sullen-faced, displaying out a look of troubled yet unhappy appearance, but after a period of time, he would regain back onto his original appearance.

Gege was that kind of submissive personality. Towards things that he was helpless against, he would choose to go along with it, and wouldn't retaliate all the way onto it.

Since there's a first time, there will be a second time, a third time............

After waiting until he's used to having contact with our bodies, I can then proceed onto an even more deeper exchange; afterwards looking for a chance to push down gege will do.

Heh heeh, just a mere Ji Lian Bing............

When the time comes, as long as I just stay by gege's sides and pillow-talk him, thaat woman would still need to submissively get lost~

Gege's virginity would then be received by us meimeis~~

"Hello? Xue Qing? Hello, hello! Xue Qing! Are you around!"

Gege's voice resounded from upstairs.

"Hello, hello, hello!"

His voice was very loud and rapid, it sounded to be an appearance of being extremely anxious.

"Hello? Xue Qing! What happened already! Hello! Speak to me!!"

Had something happened already?

Gege, who was always very composed, letting out such an anxious voice was really a rarely seen occurrence.

I hastily stood up and walked upstairs, wanting to go ask about the situation.

While putting on his jacket, gege ran down the stairs.

"Gege, where're you going?"

"I have something urgent, going out for a while!"

"What is it? Daddy told us that it's very dangerous at night, and not to go out!"

"It's urgent!"

"Wait, gege!"

"I brought my phone along! If I haven't returned home by 12 then just give me a call!"

After gege had finished saying, he unstoppably rushed down the stairs, put on his shoes and ran out.

Just now, gege's tone was very absolute, plus his expression was so serious.............

It's all because for that...........Xue Qing?

Xue Qing?

Who is Xue Qing?

There's actually a woman whom I don't know?

Looking at that anxious look of gege's, he had seemingly accorded that woman at such importance?

Who is it?

Who is it? Who is it? Who is it? Who is it? Who is it? Who is it! Who is it! Who is it! Who is it!

Who exactly is it!

Impossible! There's actually a woman whom I don't know, who had good relations with gege existing, huh?!

Quickly think, quickly think, quickly think!

Who exactly is that woman called Xue Qing!

That woman who's able to let gege accord unto such importance, even until not caring onto danger and leaving the house at night............who is it!

I don't know.............! I actually completely don't know about the existence of this person!

Impossible! Who exactly is she!

At roughly 10.50 pm nighttime, the house's landline rang once again.

I could innately feel, that this phonecall was from that woman called 'xueqing'.

Allow me to confirm it then.............!

Restraining emotions of fury and enviousness, I forcibly grabbed onto the receiver, picked it up and placed it by my ears.............


[Active type Handicapped Admirer]'s situation:

『Well then, the homework are those already, heard them clearly so far?』

After Mu Zha Ke repeated the homework contents once more, he went on to confirm with me if I had recorded it down.


I've already recorded it all down into my notebook already.

『Sigh, Xue Qing, can you really pass on the homework to the next person properly? If not, how about I help you to make the call then? That person behind you, what's his name again? Uh............』

He's An Jun Cheng, a very important friend.

Mu Zha Ke is also a friend.

But, Jun Cheng is an even more important friend.

『Xue Qing, aren't you unable to speak out loudly? You really don't need me to help you pass it on?』

"No need."

Don't want to hand over this matter to anyone else.

"I'll do it myself."

Mm............alright then. But if it's not successful, just give me a call.』

"I got it."

『Bye then, goodnight.』

After hanging up the phone, I followed the phone number accordingly and pressed onto the dials, giving Jun Cheng a call.

The call got picked up.

『Hello? I'm An Jun Cheng, is this Xue Qing?』


Recognizing my voice instantly, Jun Cheng was expectedly a very observant person.

『Tell me those homework contents then. Ah, hold on for a moment, I'll go look for a pen.』


From the receiver resounded some noise, Jun Cheng had probably clutched the receiver onto his shoulder.

『Alright, you can go ahead.』


I picked up the notebook and started to recite the homework contents.

After I had recited it halfway, Jun Cheng's slightly perplexed voice resounded from the phone receiver.

『Err, Xue Qing?』

"What's the matter?"

Perhaps he couldn't hear it properly.

My voice was too soft already.

I continued to increase my volume, reciting once again.

But Jun Cheng seemingly still wasn't able to hear it, as he carried a perplexed and asked.

『Umm, I can't hear, can you say it a little louder?』


I pinched my throat, loosened up my voice and recited.

"The English homework is to fill in the blanks at the 28th page, and must also translate the entire text. For the Maths homework, it's to choose any 3 sets of the third chapter's supplementary practice questions, other than that, two exam papers are also needed to be done."

In a single breath, I recited all of the homework out.

Using my loudest voice.

『Umm, I still can't hear it rather clearly, if not, Xue Qing, how about directly using your phone to take a photo of those specific homework contents and sending it to me then?』

Uuu, still couldn't hear it clearly, huh.............

It's a little troubling.

As expected, my voice were still too soft already.

But, I already couldn't give off a louder voice anymore.

My throat, had suffered from injuries.

It originally was completely unable to give off any sounds already.

But after obtaining Xun's help, my throat had been cured.

Due to the sequelae, I wasn't able to give off sounds that were too loud.

(TL: quick dictionary = 'sequelae' is the condition which is a consequence of a previous injury)

However, I didn't feel depressed even after being injured.

Instead, I became a little delighted.

Because, I'm also a handicapped (mute) person already; an incomplete, finally able to be one of them already.

Extremely happy.

Extremely delighted.

Extremely joyful.

Never once regretting about it.

And will never regret about it.


Being unable to reach my voice out to others; so it's a rather troublesome thing, huh............

It's the first time where I found it to be inconvenient.

I want to talk with Jun Cheng.

But, my voice was unable to reach out to him............

"Don't have, mobile phone."

『Ahh? You also don't have a mobile phone?』


Next time, I'll go buy a mobile phone then.

Money, it should be enough.

Disposing off a killer ghoul, there's seemingly............about a couple tens of thousands?

(TL: assume the most lowest amount for 'tens of thousands' → 10,000元. That's USD$1452 already....)

No interest in it.

But, it should be enough to get a phone already.

『Then how about a computer? Do you have a computer?』

"Don't have."

Like that, I'm unable to tell those homework to Jun Cheng already.

Should I get Zha Ke to help..............

I don't want.

Suddenly, I thought of a good idea.

"You come, to my house."

From the receiver, Jun Cheng's slightly confounded voice resounded.

『What? Go to your house?』

It'll be solved by just letting him come to my house.

I want to see him.

"Address, not long."

『...........Alright, understood. Go ahead and say it then, I'll make a trip to your house.』

That's great.

I've convinced him already.

"Sixth district, Coastal road."

There are a lot of entrances into Black Street, the closest to Jun Cheng's house should be that entrance at Coastal Road.

In North Hill Park, there's an entrance that leads right into Black Street.

"Black Street, Block 221B."

『Ahhh? Black Street? Is there such a street?』

As expected, Jun Cheng didn't know about the existence of this street.

Normal people don't even know about it. Even if an aerial photograph was to be shot, there's no way onto taking a picture of this street.

Existing in reality, yet being unable to be easily going in and out, that place is a street that belongs to the 'Inner World'.

Those that were living on that street were all people from the organization.

Although normal people weren't able to enter in here, but it's alright as long as I go pick him up.

Suddenly, the windows shattered.

There's someone who jumped into the house, brandishing a knife and swinging it over.

I drew out a military dagger from my waist to block against the blade that was sliced over.

The strength was very massive, I was blown away by it.

Who is it?

『Hello? Xue Qing? Hello, hello! Xue Qing! Are you around!』

The man didn't continue on attacking, but instead tilted his head and looked towards the receiver that had voices resonating out.

『Hello, hello, hello!』

Jun Cheng is worried about me.

I can't let him be worried.

I must go tell him.............

Just when I wanted to go pick up the phone receiver once more, the man lifted his legs and kicked towards my stomach.

I responded back with a roundhouse kick, but because the difference in strength was too huge, once again, I was blown away.

『Hello? Xue Qing! What happened already! Hello!』

The tall thinly man picked up the receiver and ended the call.

Jun Cheng's voice disappeared.

This person.............I hate him indeed.

"This way, you can't go look for help already, heh heh heh............."

A sharp, unpleasant voice.

The man spat out a tongue that looked like a lizard's, as he licked the sides of the blade, while laughing obscenely.

"Mm? You're that rumored 'Ghoul Hunter' that's always been killing us recently? I didn't expect it to actually be such a little girl............"


It's a ghoul.

Ran right into the house already.

It's so strange.

Actually delivering itself right to the doorstep.

Was this person sick of living already?

Killer ghouls were all those people that had abnormal mindsets.

In mystery novels, those murderers would have their own respective killing motives.

But killer ghouls didn't have any.

Just purely killing, for the sake of killing.

Unable to understand them.

Not really sure on what's so interesting about killing people already.

A massacre that's without any sort of reason was meaningless.

"Those bunch of trash that had died under your hands deserved it!! Not even able to kill off such a little girl like you, they basically aren't even fit to be called killer ghouls!!"

The phone, probably shouldn't be broken.

If it's broken, who should I go look for to repair it?

Those uncles from the miscellaneous department probably would repair the phone.

"Oh? An unchanging expression? Your mental fortitude aren't that bad, or is it............actually, within your heart, you're already frightened until you're almost wanting to pee out already? Hee hee hee hee hee, come on, let uncle properly love you~"

With the phone suddenly hung up, Jun Cheng probably was worrying.

I still must tell him about the homework.

"Hee hee hee, I love such a little girl like you already, being able to rape you and listen to your sobbing cries, afterwards slicing upwards from your belly region, slicing open your throat, making you unable to scream out, hee hee hee hee.............just thinking of it already made me so excited!!"

"Shut up."

This person.............was really annoying.

"Voice, too loud already."

"What............did you say?"

Angry already?

What a boring person.

"I said that you, are noisy."

I'll slice off his tongue then.

But, compared to other killer ghouls, he seemed to be a little more powerful.

I'll slightly, be a little serious then.


Sliced off one of his hands and a few fingers, and gorged out his eyeballs.

But at the crucial moment, he was being saved by his companions.

I didn't expect that there were actually two; had they purposely come to kill me?

It's so annoying, I don't want to chase after them already.

I'll first give Jun Cheng a call then.

Quite an amount of time had been wasted, he should be anxious already.


The call went through.

But, it wasn't Jun Cheng who picked up the call.

It's a girl's voice.

Was it his meimei?

"Hello, I am............"

『Are you that Xue Qing?』

............Her voice carried killing intentions.


Did I say something that had provoked her already?

"I am, Jiang Xue Qing."

『Is you're Jiang Xue Qing. Well then, to be looking for my house's gege, is there anything up?』

............Anger was concealed within that voice.

Looks like she was full of hostility against me.

"Pass on, homework."

『Oh~ I see, well, it's fine to just tell me about it then, gege's so coincidentally not at home currently~』

Not at home?

It's so late already, yet he had went out of the house?

Jun Cheng's a rather logical person, he probably wouldn't do such a rash act, so that means.............

He left his house for the sake of finding me.

As expected, those sounds earlier were heard by him already, which made him develop a bad premonition.

Hence, for my sake, he had went out of his house.


"............I got it."

『Ahh? What do you understand already!! Say properly!! What's the relationship between you and gege!』

The killer ghoul, had escaped.

In order to locate me, Jun Cheng definitely would have ran towards Coastal Road nearby.

If both parties were to encounter upon each other............


『Hello! Say something! Who exactly are you! Where exactly...........where exactly did you appear from!!』

"Sorry, thank you."

Thank you for telling me about this matter, Jun Cheng's meimei.

I hung up the call, and dashed out of the house.

I must catch up with the two killer ghouls, before Jun Cheng encountered them.

Afterwards, I'll kill them.

The person who can harm Jun Cheng, is only me.

The person who can snatch away Jun Cheng's body, is only me.

Other than me, any one who harmed Jun Cheng, I'll kill all of them.

I'll kill them.

Slice up their corpses into ten thousand pieces*.

They, were not fit, to be complete.

-ch 50.6 end-

(4514 words to tl)

TL: Please note, Xue Qing's talking is a little.............un-linked, as to speak. I tried to contextually preserve her way of talking to the best as I can~

Kyaa = a sfx used to indicate "it's so embarrassing!"

Umu = a sfx used to indicate a cutesy determined pout of a girl

'Bad gege~' = it's not an insult, it's more of a action of 'spoiling cutely'. Umm, it's hard to explain, but from what girls tend to express out towards boys IRL, it's more of a cutesy action (while they may thump your chest or something, lol, at least they did it to me while saying so).

As long as I just stay by gege's sides and pillow-talk him = Slightly off but the closest I could find to match the CN meaning.

The original was 只要在哥哥耳边吹枕边风, which directly means: as long as I just stay by gege's ears and coax-whispering like the gesture of an intimate lover/wife.

I used pillow-talk to sub in for that long italic phrase, although pillow-talk refers to having intimate conversation in bed. This scenario however, really doesn't happen in bed though, it's just a 'random cutesy talking by the ears in order to suay the other side' instead.

Who is it? Who is it? Who is it! = Uh, I summon grammar Nazis here to correct me if I'm mistaken. I used 'is' instead of 'was' as it's a question (albeit monologue), asking about the future, hence it could only be present tense (not known/happened yet)

Mu Zha Ke (穆扎克) = Nope, no clue of what neta it was from. Didn't contain any ACG colloquialisms that I knew of either -3-

The weird thing is, when I searched for the name, the first hit that came out was the name of a romanian football player, Apostol Muzac, but it CAN'T be, right............ (baffled face)

Anyway, according to the seating arrangements laid out in ch 6, this person could very well be the [Mixed blood Werewolf].........but then again, it's just a guess, the seating wasn't really accurately specified in ch 6 too.

edit: Yeah, it IS the werewolf. I just googled "werewolf" + 穆扎克 and it returned a hit. It really surprised me.

The character is a neta from Muzaka (Noblesse), the former Lord of the werewolves and the only equal friend of the aloof protag (does this setting sounds familiar?)

FYI: Muzuka (Noblesse) name in CN is 穆扎卡 (Mu Zha Ka) as well~

Xun = the name in CN is 熏 (xun). Looks familiar? (Hint, check chapter 50.4)

Inner World (里世界) =  So far there's no canon explanation on it yet, but here's the explanation based on usual ACG isekai stories.

The world consists of two parts, just like a piece of paper which had two sides: the surface world, and the inner world.

Generally, magics and whatnot that needs to stay hidden from the general "normal" world are in the "Inner world", while the "Surface world" is where we all currently resides at.

Well then, to be looking for my house's gegeis there anything up? (找我家哥哥有什么事情吗) = I want to clarify on 1 point that may confuse you guys.

for my house's gege → that portion~

It's (grammatically correct in CN) basically indicated (purposefully) to show the closeness of the said target to the listener. Usually, it is used when the person wants to emphasize how close they are with the said target.

Slice up their corpses into ten thousand pieces (碎尸万段) = It's a metaphor, the meaning is more of "Shatter a corpses into ten thousand pieces", but in EN, slice would make more sense rather than 'shatter', imagine a porcelain jar shattering into a zillion pieces (just a metaphor, of coz there won't be so many pieces), that's how this term probably got invented.

You probably would have noticed, in EN, we liked to use 'thousand, millions', but in CN, the word 千(thousand) , 万 (ten thousand) were more commonly used instead.

meimei = younger sister

gege = elder brother

-jie = a suffix, it means 'elder sister'


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