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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c47

Volume 2, Chapter 47: Night darkness, Entrancing shadow

TL: flarewk

9 o'clock at night. I leaned by the sides at the top part of the 2nd floor staircase with mixed feelings, hugging my arms in silence.

My hand still had a sticky sensation remaining on I drew my palm closer to take a sniff, there's still a slightly sweet scent with some amorous odor...........a smell that would have made anyone be disconcertingly entranced.

I frowned my eyebrows deeper even more. Towards my meimei Xin Ran who had already turned into a female pervert, I was worried for her from the bottom of my heart.

I had already asked Xin Ran; she said that earlier she was indeed unable to resist peeing out.

For the sake of wiping clean those 'water' that she left behind on the sofa, it really used up quite an amount of effort.

When I washed my hands just now, first I washed off those transparent and unsticky water, afterwards those liquids that were slightly sticky, which was like the same as egg whites, and lastly a very viscous milky white colored liquid............respectively being urine, leukorrhoea, and love juices, huh............actually squirting out three kinds of liquid at the same time, a woman's body structure is really amazing............

And there's Ke Ling as well...........

Although it's been said that I've agreed to her already, but no matter what, I'm never doing those sort of things again.

I must think of a way to shirk it off.

I remember that previously at dinnertime, she mentioned before that she wanted to drink brown sugary water because her menstrual cycle was coming, so it looks like for these few days, the menstrual cycle by right should be ending already.

What sort of method should I use to shirk it off............if it really can't be helped then it's even fine to first drag it on............

Eyy............I'll think about those sort of things again later on, I'll go complete my homework first before saying about it.

Right now it's already 10 minutes past 9, and it's almost time for a notification phone call already.

According to the seat numbering orderly homework distributing method, the person who would be telling me about the homework contents is Xue Qing, and afterwards me passing it on to Lian Bing.

Sure enough, after a while later, the landline that wasn't being used in a long time at home started to ring, and I who was already long waiting by the telephone's side immediately picked up the receiver and asked.

"Hello? I'm An Jun Cheng, is this Xue Qing?"


It's Xue Qing's voice, and I could also hear 'di di da da' water sounds. She didn't close the tap tightly, huh?

"Tell me those homework contents then. Ah, hold on for a moment, I'll go look for a pen."


I used the sides of my head and shoulder to clutch onto the receiver, picked up the pen and notebook that were placed on the telephone pedestal afterwards and said towards her.

"Alright, you can go ahead."


I focused concentratingly onto listening the voice from the receiver, but after waiting for half a day, there's still no sound coming out from it.

"Err, Xue Qing?"

『What's the matter?』

So she's still around, for I really thought that she had went to the toilet already. Well, why did she not say anything then?

Ah, I remembered already, her talking voice's loudness and length had a directly contrasting relationship. Xiao Zhen-laoshi's homework contents that were being assigned must definitely be very long, so her wanting to say out such lengthy contents would definitely have her voice becoming very soft in relation.

And so, it in fact wasn't her not telling me just now, but it was her currently notifying me, and I instead was unable to hear it!

Now it's starting to be troublesome already...........I'll first try letting her speak louder a little then.

"Umm, I can't hear, can you say it a little louder?"


Afterwards, I waited for a little while, and this time, I indeed could hear a couple of sounds already.

『...........fill in the blanks...........28th...........Ma...........three sets...........practice............』


But I could only hear onto certain words or terms, and there's completely no coherency between them at all. Speaking from an absolutely precise standpoint, what's the difference between this and not being able to hear it at all!

"Umm, I still can't hear it rather clearly, if not, Xue Qing, how about directly using your phone to take a photo of those specific homework contents and sending it to me then?"

『Don't have, mobile phone.』

"Ahh? You also don't have a mobile phone?"


"Then how about a computer? Do you have a computer?"

Actually, I asking this sort of question was merely just carrying an attemptation mentality. Thinking carefully, since she don't even have a mobile phone, how could she even have a computer. But that's the only idea I could come up with as of right now.

『Don't have.』

The reply was sure enough not having, and now I really had no more ideas already.

What should I do now? First trying to record down Xue Qing's voice, afterwards using the computer to process and amplify it?

I can't, it'll be distorted that way, right............

『You come, to my house.』

"What? Go to your house?"

Oh, that's right, there's still this method. I directly going to her house, letting her telling me face-to-face would do already.

But the purpose of Xiao Zhen-laoshi using the seat numbering orderly homework distributing method was to let the students to not go out onto seeking death in the middle of the night, and I going to Xue Qing's house like that, wouldn't it be doing things the wrong way around already?

But I really had no other choice............

I remembered that last time, Xue Qing was sitting at the last seat in the last row, hence she always need not pass on homework...........the changing of seats after reaching Year 2 had instead ripped me off already.

『Address, not long.』

"...........Alright, understood. Go ahead and say it then, I'll make a trip to your house."

There's currently no other way, and it could only be up to me personally taking charge. I don't want to have an order disruption at my very side, if not by the time when there's someone who left the house to seek death and having a mishap, I'll need to shoulder the blame as well.

『Sixth district, Coastal road.』

Coastal road, huh, wasn't that rather near? When I was returning home after my night self-revisions ended, I would often go to the vending machine located in the North Hill Park at Coastal Road to buy coffee to drink, heh.

Although ever since I was being struck by an unknownst flying object previously afterwards, I had never once again went there already.

『Black Street, Block 221B.』

"Ahhh? Black Street*? Is there such a street?"

I've been living in this city for such a long period of time, yet had never heard of this street before. Plus, if it's at Coastal Road, I shouldn't be unaware of it, right?

But what closely happened next wasn't the reply of Jiang Xue Qing's voice.

From my ears resounded blaring knocking noises that made me hastily pull away the receiver. Afterwards, a series of items shattering sounds came out from the phone receiver, along with blasting attrition dins, and a series of knocking noises came up once more.

Pi li pa la, kuang dang kuang lang, an unimaginably huge uproar.

(TL: pi li pa la = exploding smacking sfx, kuang dang kuang lang = banging knocking sfx)

I immediately felt it to be disastrous, and cried out quite a couple of times towards the receiver.

"Hello? Xue Qing? Hello, hello! Xue Qing! Are you around!"


"Hello, hello, hello!"

Don't tell me that she had encountered onto some sort of mishap already?

Within my mind flashed several terrible premonitions, and I once again anxiously roared a few words out.

"Hello? Xue Qing! What happened already! Hello! Speak to me!!"


The line was cut.

"............Damn it!"

Hanging up the receiver, I hastily ran back to my room and put on a coat, afterwhich running down the staircase, chancing upon Ke Ling who was currently walking upstairs.

"Gege, where're you going?"

"I have something urgent, going out for a while!"

"What is it? Daddy told us that it's very dangerous at night, and not to go out!"

"It's urgent!"

"Wait, gege!"

"I brought my phone along! If I haven't returned home by 12 then just give me a call!"

I also had no time to say anything towards Ke Ling, directly jumping a few steps down the staircase afterwards, anxiously putting on my shoes and dashed out of the house.

Please, please don't let anything happen to you!


I've ran around Coastal Road from one side to the other, yet still was unable to locate onto that what Black Street.

I already searched for 2 plus hours, yet was still unable to have any progress at all.

As expected, I didn't remember it wrongly, there wasn't any so-called Black Street at all!

Don't tell me that I've gotten it wrong already? It can't be that there's another Coastal Road? But the Sixth district's Coastal Road should only be this one............

Where are you exactly, Xue Qing............

"Tch, I can't find it anywhere at all............"

Just blinding searching like that, I completely couldn't locate it at all...........should I give up............

No, I can't, Xue Qing's my first friend that I've made when I came to high school. Right now, she's in trouble, so how could I just abandon her selfishly!

Lian Bing? Nope, Lian Bing's not considered to be a friend at all. She's my girlfriend, as we directly skipped over that stage of being friends............even if our couple relationship contained many blandness amidst it, but it's still way better compared to being normal friends. Ehh, I also can't explain clearly on how I was exactly looking at Lian Bing right now............

No wait, what am I nonsensically thinking about, right now the most crucial matter was to locate Jiang Xue Qing, please don't let any mishap happen to you!!

The midnight bell sounds resounded, notifying people that it's already not the time to be casually loitering about outside currently. The bell sounds had came from the mini clocktower in the center of North Hill Park.

In the past, after lessons I would always go to the vending machine nearby there to purchase a can of coffee everytime, sitting on the bench and looking at stars while drinking coffee, after finishing drinking, I would then leisurely walk back towards home.

............Uuu, I also had no clue of searching till any timepoint, I'll go buy another can of coffee then.

Walking into the familiar North Hill Park, I was just thinking of going to that usually frequented vending machine, when I heard a strange sound.

That sound was just like as if a certain hard item had pierced through some kind of a soft object. To be describing it out even more in detail it's just like...........oh right, it's just like the sound of a tiger in a zoo eating something. I remembered that when I watched a food tossing performance last time, after the tiger had killed its prey it'll crouch onto the floor and slowly enjoy the delicacy that came to its mouth, giving off gu cha, ba ji, ga beng series of sounds that were very difficult to be using words to describe it out.

But hearing it once again currently, listening to this sort of sounds would have indeed made anyone feel discomforted within their hearts.

Wait...........why would the park give off this sort of sound? Don't tell me that there's a tiger that have ran out from the zoo already?

Originally, at this moment I should be immediately calling for the police, but the curiosity within my heart instead obtained victory with a slight margin, causing me to do such foolish actions like to proceed forward to take a look.

Because North Hill Park was located in a rather dilapidated region of the city, the street lights would have already been switched off when its 11 pm at night. In the past, I occasionally would even see a few couples seizing the opportunity of here being pitch black to conduct wrestling battles, notwithstanding playing a little, like exposure PLAY, doggy-walking PLAY, such kinds of overstimulative playing methods that were harmful to the young...........but there's no one at all today.

A tenebrous-looking park, with a superbly bizarre atmosphere.

After the midnight bell sounds had ended, the surroundings became stealthily silent.

I continued to walk forward, with the sounds becoming even and even more shrilling............the silent environment accentuated this sort of back-chilling sounds even more so.

Walking to the familiar small path, the lighting emanating out from the vending machine seemed to be like a fire torch within the night as it directed the way for me.

Following the small path and walking for quite a moment later, from far off I saw the vending machine along with that bench that I've always often sat, but today, there's also some extra other contents as well.

Under the faint lighting of that vending machine, I blurrily saw...........

A girl sitting on the ground.

Her head was lowered, hair covering her cheeks, with both hands holding onto something, placing it in her mouth while moving her head about up and down.

Her age should be roughly the same as me, I guess, perhaps smaller than me by one or two years, it's the type that's just as petite as Ke Ling. That darkness blending long hair of hers had reached till her waist, and because of her slightly inclining her head, I could see her long hair drooping onto her thighs.

I originally thought that she was wearing a huge coat, but after carefully observing I then realized, that it was actually a raincoat. Comparing to her body size, it was way bigger by a few sizes, and it even covered her legs already.

There's something on her thighs............she was eating that thing?

No, I've used the wrong term should be said that she was 'consuming'.

That couldn't be said as dining already, it's basically just like a wild animal which was feeding on its prey. Its not that it was done in order to pleasingly whet her taste buds, but just purely for satiety which ended up her consuming.

Even though it was outdoors, she was like as if it's at a dining table, hungrily wolfing and gorging heartily about.

Completely not caring onto her eating looks, eaten till it had scattered round her entire mouth, feedingfeedingfeedingfeeding............not even letting go of the bones, all sending into the mouth, just like a beggar that was starving for a long period of time who had finally found sustenance.

Ba ji ba ji ba ji, that's the sound of muscles being ripped.

Hu lu hu lu hu lu, that's the sound of innards being sucked.

Pa ka pa ka pa ka, that's the sound of bones being crushed.

Gu dong gu dong gu dong, that's the sound of flesh being swallowed.

Biting, licking, chewing, ingesting.

Till her palms were incomparably drenched, soaked with fresh blood, yet still not halting consuming.

A symphony was performed through the grinding of the teeth and skeleton, giving off shrilling sounds.

She ate until it would have made anyone chillingly horrified!

Let's first not talk about the girl's eating looks, the crux was about what's she eating............

Because of me working at the mortuary often, I'm able to tell out on what she was eating.

It should be said, that when I noticed onto the girl, I had already instinctively understood onto what she was eating.

To be frank, I really didn't want to admit it...........I really hoped that my deduction were to be false...........but...........but............!

Carefully gulping in mouthfuls of saliva, I felt that even my breathing could take in the raunchy stench of blood, and plucked off my spectacles and rubbed my slightly sore eyes, with my heart repetitively drumming about.

After my sense of hearing had been polluted, what followed next was, the impact on my sense of sight.

When I drew closer to be able to see the girl clearly, what came into my vision was............a massive amount of red.

On the young girl which had been divided into two halves by the lighting, a huge amount of fresh blood had been fully spilled, upper torso, lower half, there's blood everywhere.

The ends of her black hair had been dyed into a bloody red, and her mouth was like a child who hadn't eaten clean as it had a circlish trace of blood traces on it.

Just then, I suddenly understood on why she would be wearing a raincoat already, because if she wasn't wearing a raincoat, she probably would be completely dyed into a human redness then.

It would have made anyone subconsciously exclaim out, a human could actually bleed out so much blood?

Within such a blanket of the bloody red environment, there's a whiteness that's just like a piece of land which had been purified.

Corpse splitting homicidal maniac?

If it was said that that was still considered to be a human, then in front of me right now was an abnormality, a monster!


[Xiang Yue Xun]

The status wasn't red colored at all, but white colored instead.

Equally deathly white as the color of my face.

This means, that towards her, 'eating people' was to be considered only a kind of very, very, very normal act.

Nothing special about it, so there's no need for any kind of special emotions.

Merely for just filling up her stomach, a form of biological act only.

Just like us eating our meals, we won't be sorrowful for those things that we had consumed. She also hadn't any sort of emotional ripples at all.

But it's precisely because of that, which was why it felt to be so terrifying.

Rather than a homicidal maniac that had both eyes saturated with bloody veins along with an impeccably raging temper, a homicidal maniac who had an indifferent face while murdering someone without blinking would have made anyone feel even more chilling.

The same reasoning, I instinctively wanted to flee from this monster that was guised in a skin of a girl's.

Oh shit, it's really bad...........

It's extremely bad!

My instinct towards danger that I've developed from a long time back was telling me, don't walk another step closer already, and immediately leave this place! You must never ever intervene into this matter!

Although there was like 20, 30 meters of distance, the sensation of danger became even and even more upsurging instead.

In order to run away, I instinctively retreated a step backwards.

However, the world's just like that, at crucial moments, there would always have accidents occurring.

The back of my legs accidentally kicked onto an empty can.

The empty can knocked onto the stone pavement, giving off a 'ge deng' sound, with my heart also similarly making a 'ge deng' sound as well.

Crisp uncensored sounds echoed within this field of space, causing the noises of consuming to abruptly stop.


My heart violently trembled!

She noticed onto me already!

The girl put down the 'food' that was in her hands, stood up and used the back of her palms to wipe her mouth, yet didn't wipe it clean, only spreading the redness around her two cheeks.

"I didn't think that there would still be visitorss~"

12 am in the morning, April Fool on the 1st of April had just ended. Even though the time that one could just anyhow lie to anyone had already finished.

Fate cracked a belated April Fool's joke to me instead...........

Under the pitch black night sky, the edge of the scarlet girl's mouth rose up to a bloody red-colored smile.

Who the hell knew, that I would have really met onto a 'ghost'!

(TL: ↑ A pun. 'who the hell knew' is originally 才知道, with being the CN word for 'ghost'.)

-ch 47 end-

(4247 words to tl)

Respectively urine, leukorrhoea, and love juices, huh = I don't know if I want to explain this, but since I'm a little OCD, here goes. Leukorrhoea is a female liquid discharge from their vaginal area, and love juices is the female equivalent of cum. Thanks to google for telling me them, for now I learned something new in my life that I absolutely don't want to know about

Seat numbering orderly homework distributing method = Mentioned in uh, previous chapters before, it's a special method devised by Xiao Zhen-laoshi to force her students to stay at home.

Black Street = The author told me that he played a pun on this one, it's a reference to the JP manga series 'GANGSTA'. Black street refers to a lawless crime-filled street area, and it's probably a hint of about that area. It will be further explained later on in the story as what he told me as well.

xx PLAY, yy PLAY = the term 'play' itself refers to a s*xual act (that's referred to as like playing around instead of calling it so brusquely), it's a slang.

Xiang Yue Xun (香月熏) = Normally I would want to analyze this word, but somehow I felt like this name was a neta of a JP name somewhere, of a girl who loved eating corpses or something. Anyway, the name explanation makes no sense in CN too, 'fragrance-moon-raunchness', wut? Ask author on full neta explanation you say? -shy-

'Who the hell knew' pun = So, it would have been something like this towards a chinese reader: 'Who the ghost (hell) knew, that I would have really met onto a ghost!'

meimei = younger sister

-laoshi = a suffix for 'teacher'

gege = elder brother


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