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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c34

Volume 2, Chapter 34: Being trapped, Wanting

TL: flarewk

"What the hell..........haa.........."

4th of April, unknownst time.

I was sitting at the entrance of a bookstore while reading a book, although I completely couldn't take in any words at all anyway.

"Now I'm completely unable to make it..........."

I took out a long slim gift box from within my arms and glanced at it, being extremely depressed.

Why would this kind of thing happen at, I'm not even sure what happened in the first place.

Turning around to glance towards the empty isolated bookstore interior, I then looked back to the streets in front of me which lacked any human presence. I had a kind of feeling that I was like being abandoned by the world.

No one, no matter where I went, there's no one, not even half a person's shadow.

The uncle that had pointed me the way from the very start had long vanished. The sky was being covered with black clouds, feeling to be raining in any moment, but ultimately just remained dark and gloomy, not even having a tear of rainwater dripping.

Just like those often used methods in a horror film, everyone other than the MC had all vanished, and the originally crowded walking streets had instantly turned into a desolate scene.

If this was said to be some kind of a prankster show, or perhaps reality tv, then this fellow director had done it really successfully.

Because I'm able to feel frightened already.

This place..........this street's calamitous.

I really hoped that this was only a falsified feeling, but a pity was that my alertness towards danger just so happen to be rather accurate at this sort of time, as if it's like some premonition ability.

I really want to beg someone else for help, but there's no signal on my phone.

Even though I'm inside the city yet being unable to receive any signal at all, that point was also rather strange.

In the end, I couldn't walk out already..........

That's right, it's not that I'm lost and couldn't find the exit, but I'm 'unable to exit', 'being trapped inside here' already.

From the start, I anxiously ran everywhere desperately, thinking of running away from this horrifying place as quickly as I can, but with the outcome that, no matter whether I followed the main street pathing, or snuck within the alleyways, I still couldn't walk out from this very street.

In the end I became crazed, and directly barged right into a person's house by jumping through the windows............the result, I actually still returned back to my original street.

Was this place really that city that I'm so familiar with? This city actually had such a bizarre place, hm? What should I do in order to escape from this place?

Since it's already up till this, I of course then couldn't use common sense to ponder about the situation right now.

This situation right now seemed to be quite like the rumored ghost wall.

Speaking of which, recently I've encountered onto quite a few strange happenings, even stumbling upon things like succubus, deceased deads and so on, hence seeing ghosts shouldn't be that impossible too.

Afterwards, I tried various methods that I've seen on the net, like walking for a short moment before turning 90° and continue walking, or like spitting saliva towards the air and whatnot; just lacking taking out my little brother to spray urine about on the streets already..........although there's no one around, but I still couldn't do such immoral actions.

And so, you don't need me to say out the outcome, right? If it was useful at all then I wouldn't be still staying here as of now...........

So according to the upcoming procedure, there should almost be a ghost coming already, right?

Please, anything would be fine! In any case hurry up and just have something happening already!! I don't want to continue staying in this hellish place anymore!!

Plus, at this sort of timing right now, Ji Lian Bing's birthday party would probably be almost ending already...........

——Cheng Jun, if you don't come...........huhuhuhu, you know what will happen, right? Don't make me unhappy, hmm?

...........I think I'll continue to stay in here.

I had a distinct feeling that even if I was able to get out, another horrifying 'female ghost' would be welcoming me instead.


Once again sighing depressingly, I'm not even sure how long I had been trapped, as even my phone had ran out of battery.

I've already completely given up escaping from here, so I'll just go along with my fate onto what would happen next.

At this moment, the door of the bookstore which I was leaning suddenly was being pulled open, and I fell backwards after losing my supporting point.

Mmmnmn? What's this?

This encirclement place had a little gloomified mysterious-like area, and the center of it was a holy light's kind of white.

Finely chivelled, smoothly small calfs; thighs that completely lacked any excess flab; firmly tightly butt, matched along with purest white tiny panties, outlining a wondrous shapely figure. Just from the curves of this lower half, I would be able to imagine within my mind of the other party's top half's appearance............

Nn, the breasts must be rather small, if not it won't be matching, the waist must also rather slim too, so it'll be a rather childish-like figure indeed.

It's a middle, elementary schooler?

Due to the wind, the thinnish cloth floated about.

Wait wait, this can't be...........the bottom of a skirt, right...........

"Jun Cheng."


What a familiar voice!

This should be, the previously green status changing to blue; completely being able to be entirely trusted; my number one good friend, Jiang Xue Qing's voice.

"Xue Qing!"

I hastily stood up and looked towards the other party, it's indeed Jiang Xue Qing!

Jiang Xue Qing still had that expressionless look. Even if she was to have the bottom of her skirt being peeped by me, there's still not a single reaction from it at all.

What's with all those girls recently? Their shame had completely vanished?


"Ahh? What why?"

"Over here?"

Aaah, I get it. Add them up together, it's asking me about why am I over here, right.

"I don't know too, just mysteriously arrived onto this street, and I can't even get out of this place you have any idea of what's going on?"


Ehh, she didn't speak once again already..........

Alright, although it's rather good to meet someone that I know, but if it's like this, I still would have no idea on how to ascertain the situation's cause and effect at all.

Her being such a taciturn person, it would be basically an impossible task to be explaining things clearly to me.

"This place, dangerous."

"As expected, huh...........I just felt that this place seemed to be not quite right, it gave off a rather unpleasant feeling."

Jiang Xue Qing nodded her head, and pointed towards herself and said.

"Bring you, outside."

Hearing onto her saying out such assuring words, being shocked and delighted, I stood up and grabbed her both hands, shaking them up and down while thanking her.

"Ohhhh! You can bring me out of here, huh! It really helped me out already!"

That's great! Being able to get out of here is fine, I don't give a crap about what this sort of place was!


Expectedly saying out this word again.

After she had helped me these few days, she would always want rewards from me.

I'm rather used to this point already.

"Ahhh, I got it, some hair, right, give me a moment."

Recently these few days, Jiang Xue Qing had helped me out a few times, and would always want rewards from me. At first I actually wanted to properly regale her, like treating her to a meal or to buy a few books for her, but in the end, she still was like that afternoon, only wanting my hair, with only the previous time on wanting my fingernails.

The price of these to me wasn't that of a critical importance at all, hence I would always feel a little guilty, but since she wanted it then I'll didn't mind too much onto it.

Don't do unto others as you would have them do unto you, right. I have no need to forcefully change her notions.

This time too, I casually grabbed a couple of hair, the amount were roughly 20 plus strands. Although she wanted only 10 every time, but giving her a little more wouldn't be much of a hassle too.

Since, it's just merely hair.

The moment that my mind came out these sort of thinkings, I saw Jiang Xue Qing gently shaking her head, as she rejected the hand that I had stretched towards her.

"Don't want, hair."

I a little astonishingly asked her in return.

"Mm? Don't want hair already?"

Jiang Xue Qing still had an expressionless look as she nodded her head and said.

"Hair, enough."

"Alright, then what do you want this time?"

Looks like she too finally realized that hair weren't any sort of valuable commodity already. This time, she should be requesting some sort of normal remuneration, right? If it's a girl, what would she want? Clothes, or dolls? Or was it to directly give her money instead..........although I felt that directly giving cash would be a little disrespectful sincerity-wise, it's the most convenient remuneration in any case.

The next second, Jiang Xue Qing used her actions to tell me that her values still didn't have any changes occurring to it at all.

She stretched out that snow-whitish hand towards my front, using her left index finger pointing to the surface of her right index finger and said to me.


"Fingernail, hn.........."


In the end it's still a body part~!

No, it can't be. No matter what, it wouldn't turn into that sort of radical actions, right...........

"If it's the fingernails, I've already given it last time, right.........."

"Not enough, still want."

Even if you were to say this...........I had already given the trimmed fingernails to her last time, and right now my nails were at its most shortest state already, it's basically impossible to be trimmed at all..........

There's no choice then, I'll just look for any two reasons to just prevaricate over this situation.

"Sorry about that, I don't have any nail clippers along with me currently. Also.........."

I hadn't say out my next reason yet, when Jiang Xue Qing took out a nail clipper from her pockets and held it right in front of me.

Receiving the nail clipper a little awkwardly, I continued to complete my unfinished sentence.

"My nails haven't grown yet...........can I give them to you after a few days instead?"

Shake head.

She actually rejected it.

This should be her first time rejecting onto my request.

"Then how about I give you after we get out of here?"

Very resolutely shaking of head.

"Err, then how about a change of request?"

Still shaking of head.

"It's a must to have it right now?"


Her face didn't carry any trace of expression at all, which made people unable to know about her inner feelings. And it would even made them suspect whether she would even have that sort of thing known as emotions.

I who had boasted of being her friend, although more or less was able to understand the meaning of what she wanted to express, still couldn't figure out about her emotions.

"Fingernail, give me."

"How do I you the entire fingernail?"


She actually nodded her head!

She wanted my entire piece of fingernail~!

"All, fingernails."

She actually wanted everything, huh!

Plucking off all of my fingernails to give you, this was simply just a torturing intergorration already!

"Give me."

She walked a step closer, and took off her spectacles.

"I want."

Her tone was abnormally firm, and her voice louder than usual.

"Give me your fingernail."

It was the first time that she unveiled her emotions right in front of me...........these were obsessive emotions.

I'm not clear what kind of obsession that was, but I could instinctively feel a terrifying atmosphere.

I didn't need any reason at all, my body was conveying a signal of danger to me, and I only just suddenly realized about a certain thing, and that's..........

Jiang Xue Qing wasn't my companion at all.

No, that doesn't sound quite right..........her status was indeed bluish colored.

That undoubtedly was the proof, of her unreservedly trusting me.

But, it's also because of this relationship of trust which caused her to start opening her heart towards me.

Starting to show me her emotions.

Conveying to me values, that a normal person fundamentally wouldn't understand, and wouldn't accept at all.


I subconsciously retreated backwards.

Afterwards, turned around, and fled with all of my might!

Although it's rather mediocre, but if I don't escape, then things would definitely snowball unrelentingly.

"Should I say that it's as expectedly become like this again!!"

I converted the air within my lungs into emotions full of gripes, carrying gloomy feelings while entirely shouting it all out.

Behind my back resounded footsteps. It's soft, not a very fast pace, and I had the distinct feeling that I could just shake it off in an instant.

However, I'm still in the state of a ghost wall currently, and I was still being entrapped in this damn street, completely unable to escape at all.

No matter how much I ran, how much I ran, how much I ran.........

That vague footstep sounds behind my back hadn't vanish throughout, from the start.

On the contrary, as long as I just slightly let my speed be slowed even a little, those footstep sounds would then approach closer and closer, just like a ghost following behind me.

She seemed to be extremely knowledgeable onto this place, it's basically as if it's like her own home's backyard.

And so, although her pace wasn't very fast, it's way higher than my efficiency by unknownst how many times already. I who was scampering about randomly just like a headless fly, when my physical strength had been completely drained out, she'll be able to easily catch up with me then.

"What the hell are all of these!!"

My heart started to regret many things that happened previously.

If only I hadn't because of almost not making it for Lian Bing's birthday party, then wanting to take a shortcut thinking that it'll be slightly faster, and walking into a street that I hadn't passed before..........this way I won't be barging onto this hellish street already.

If only the previous day I hadn't went along with my meimeis to select a birthday present to give Ji Lian Bing...........this way I wouldn't be interrogated by Ke Ling, and I wouldn't need to spend so much time onto comforting her already.

If only I didn't reply those baffling messages yesterday night, then I won't need to extend all the way till 2, 3 am past midnight before being able to sleep, thus being able to wake up even earlier in the morning already.

But, there's every kind of seeds available in the world, except those seeds called 'If only'.

Actually, on why it would become like this, my heart was still rather in the know about it..........

Jiang Xue Qing and Ji Lian Bing were the twisted same equally, and even though I already realized about that, I still always didn't face it with of utmost importance.

Having this sort of ending being brewed out, I at least need to shoulder half the fault here.

Aaahh, I really wanted to go give the past me two slaps onto the face, why am I just that foolish!

That's right, the start of everything should be from...........beginning from the final day of March.

-ch 34 end-

(3594 words to tl)

TL: Rmb Lilith the succubus? (Yang Li Li-laoshi) Well, Babydalyn had drawn out her picture, and it's in chp12 currently!

c12 link here

ghost wall (鬼打墙) = an urban legend, it's a form of saying when your lost outside at night or in the outskirts. May happen during the day according to some mountaineers interviewees too. Basically what would happen you'll always find yourself transported back to a certain spot after walking around everywhere.

Source = zh wiki

just lacking taking out my little brother to spray urine about on the streets already = I believe that it's the natural source of water available on your hands readily, you can use those water stains on the ground to mark your location went

Don't do unto others as you would have them do unto you = saying by 孔子, but also can be modified to be like the Golden Rule.

meimei = 'younger sister'


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