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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c41.3

Volume 2, Chapter 41.3: The [Stalker (intermediary)]'s rashness

TL: flarewk

[Stalker (intermediary)]'s rashness:

I'm so sad, I'm so sad, I'm soo saadd............

He actually ignored me already, directly ignored and walked past me!

Even though just for his sake, I purposely woke up early from bed and requested my jiejie to help me make a new hairstyle, even putting on makeup as well, and using a perfume which doesn't have any strong scent at all. By right, I should have become even more prettier by two times!

On the way to school today, all those men were looking at me, hum? It's like as if they want to peel and eat me alive, as they used their scorching hot eyes to gaze at me.

But these aren't the gazes that I wanted, what I desired were the glances that come from him...........

All of this was just to attract his attention, wanting him to look at me, wanting him to focus onto me, wanting to receive his attention, wanting him to be interested in me...........just like me being interested in him!

But efforts dished out doesn't necessary mean there would be reciprocation in return.

Although I understood that logic, I still couldn't accept it.

That spectacles maniac, Xiao' Liang was better than me?

Why would he rather greet him, than to be willing to look at me for a longer period of time?

Am I that scary?

Why did you not look at me!

Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why...........

Was it because he had a girlfriend already?

Because of that girlfriend's sake, hence he won't look at other women already?

Lian Bing.........Ji Lian Bing...........Ji, Lian, Bing...........!

...........Don't be rash, Lan Hua.

It had nothing to do with Ji Lian Bing.

Because I knew, that Jun Cheng still hadn't fallen in love with her. That's not a look of falling in love with someone.

Even after going out with other woman, Jun Cheng still hadn't have any changes occurring to him, being the same as usual.

So his going out with Ji Lian Bing must be because of another reason.

Going out with a woman he doesn't like definitely must not be of his own will, he must have been threatened already...........that's right, Jun Cheng definitely must have some kind of blackmail being wielded by Ji Lian Bing, hence he would be going out with her unwillingly.

And so, those intimate actions that they did today must definitely be fake, it's all acted out to other people just for show.

Heh heh heh heh, that's true too, how could Jun Cheng be possibly liking onto other people as well?

The one who liked Jun Cheng the most is only me, only I am always looking at him, way earlier than anyone else!

That's right, the person who loved him the most is only me, the person who understands him the most is also me, I'm then the one who's most suitable for him!

Jun Cheng belongs to only me!

But even though I so exquisitely dolled myself up, he still ignored me just like that, it's really too much already...........

It's too much already!

I want to get my revenge!

If I don't do anything towards him, I won't be able to be appeased!

I've been looking at Jun Cheng for the whole day of today, enjoying the whole process of gazing at him, understanding about him, and recording about him............Mn, but it's too much of a pity just by only looking. Looks like I'll need to obtain a few devices already.

I'll invest in all those previously saved up allowances and New Year's money then. For Jun Cheng's sake, spending these bit of money is also worth it.

But other than me, there also seemed to be a few dubious women all looking at him too...........humph, you people were considered to have a little eyesight.

Heh heh heh, my Jun Cheng is then the most outstanding, so this matter was finally being noticed by other women as well.

Felt a little prideful.

Hee heee expected, my Jun Cheng is then the best.

The time looking at Jun Cheng would always be gone very quickly. Lesson had ended already, school had ended already, he's about to go home already, I can't see him depressing...........

Why isn't it 24 hours a day always staying inside the school? That way I could always, always, always look at him already...........

As long as he always stayed at a place...........

No, I can't, what am I thinking, of course I can't do that.

I'm not that kind of pervert who would imprison the person that I liked at a place.

Jun Cheng probably wouldn't like that sort of woman too. I can't let him feel terrified, as long as it's like that, I believe that there would be one day when he will accept me.

Right now I'll just...........first possess onto his belongings then~

After the afternoon's class had ended, those people that were supposed to go home went home; those people wanted to eat went to eat; the classroom's people had all left already.

After Jun Cheng had left the classroom, I immediately came out from the locker and walked towards Jun Cheng's seat.

From a long time ago, I wanted to do a little of this already, but had always endured, endured..........right now there's no need to endure any longer.

That's right, this is also a way to understand Jun Cheng, as only through his items I would then be able to feel onto his presence.

Thinking about it right now, I'm really such a fool as well, why am I pondering too much about it for?

This was all because of Jun Cheng's sake~ It's not because I wanted to satisfy my own lusts at all.

I took out a few brand new textbooks from my bag, and walked towards Jun Cheng's desk.

Those were from me going to the library during the afternoon, looking for that ugly woman who had a not bad relationship with Jun Cheng and wanting these books from her; right now it became useful already.

Usually, Jun Cheng would only take away that day's assigned homework subjects textbooks, while the rest of the textbooks and notebooks will be stored in his desk.

Although being unable to take away his notebook felt quite pitiful and regrettable...........but the textbooks were still possible.

Jun Cheng won't write anything else on the textbook other than his name, not even highlighting important points, as all would be recorded onto his notebook, hence his textbook had always maintained a look of being issued from the start.

So it gave me a chance to swap them.

As long as I write Jun Cheng's name on the new book, I'm able to obtain Jun Cheng's text book alreadyyy~

I've written Jun Cheng's name over tens and hundred thousands of times already, the handwriting similarity were about 99.8%, no matter who it was, they wouldn't be able to tell it apart.

Haa, haa, haa...........Jun Cheng's textbook, the textbook that he used his hands to flip before, leaving the sensation of his fingertips behind............I remembered that he even slept during language classes too, right. When I thought that his face...........

"Jun Cheng, Jun Cheng, Jun Cheng, Jun Cheng, Jun Cheng, Jun Cheng, Jun Cheng, Jun Cheng, Jun Cheng!!! Haa ahh uuu mmm!!! Kyaa yiii ahhhh!"

If it's right now, there won't be anyone who would hear it.

Able to willfully scream out his name to my heart's content.

I placed Jun Cheng's textbooks within my embrace and rubbed against them. Deep within my abdomen there's a warm liquid leaking out, and my fingers unresistingly groped downwards..........

Ah, I can't, right now it's still not the time for self consolation.

Don't be rash, Lan Hua!

There's still other things that I'm able to take away, I can't forsake a watermelon just for the sake of a sesame*.

There were still so many things that belonged to Jun Cheng, mechanical pencil, pencil lead, ruler, charcoal pencil, compass, set square; I'll swap off everything then~

I had always been using the same stationary as Jun Cheng, so I'll only just need to swap mine off.

A pity was that I'm unable to swap off the eraser...........Umu, the squarish eraser could actually be used till it's a circlish shape............tomorrow I'll also make one too then.

For today I could only regretfully give it up.

I've collected~ so many~ so many~ things that belong to Jun Cheng~

I felt that I'm being filled up with Jun Cheng already~

Fufufu~ oh right, I might as well make a Jun Cheng sachet, and keep all those things that belong to him together then?, I might as well decorate my entire room fully, this way it'll feel like as if I've been to Jun Cheng's room, fufufufu...........

In the deepest reaches of the desk I've found an S ranked item!

There's still the sports jacket that were being used during physical ed lessons, inside the desk...........

I really want to take it awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

I really want to put it onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

No, don't be rash, Lan Hua, you must endure, right now you don't have anything to substitute with it...........

But, if it's only trying to put it on right now, it should be enough already, right?

Yeah, that's right, if it's only just putting it on, it should be fine...........

I wanted to take off my clothes and change into Jun Cheng's jacket, when the doors of the classroom were being opened.

I lightning boltedly placed Jun Cheng's jacket back into his desk and sat onto my own seat.

Who is it! The nerve, at such a crucial period...........tch, I hate it! Such a hindrance!

A boy with curly hair and thick dark circles along with a brown colored porcupine hairstyle boy who wore earrings walked into the classroom.

"Oioi, Ai Di, have you seen it already? Just now, an extremely beautiful lady was standing by the school gates, eyy!"

"Ahhh, I know, it's that white haired beauty, right. That should be Ji Lian Bing's maid, I often saw her coming to pick up Ji Lian Bing."

"Ahh! I knew it, there's just the feeling that I've seemed to have seen her before! So it is that maid! The f**k, not wearing a maid outfit, I can't even recognize her already! But, hadn't Ji Lian Bing already boarded a car and returned home? Who is she waiting for then?"

"Just now, I saw that legendary boyfriend going back together with the maid already...........what do you think..........."

(TL: 'what do you think' is not a question, it's a "sarcastic" response)

"The f**k, as expected, it's that brat Jun Cheng, huh! Attaining both Master and Servant, huuh! Aaaaaa, who in the hell is that brat exactly!! Earlier, he also didn't tell me when I asked him the secret onto becoming popular!"

What? Are they talking about Jun Cheng?

"Who the hell knows...........speaking of which, you actually knew that fellow?"

"Ahhh, got to know him in the toilet just earlier. He's a rather straightforward fellow, not fearing me also, but it's just that he suddenly became so popular, I'm so enviousssssssssss!"

"It's exactly because of that, which is why you're a grand wizard..........."

"I'm a Mahou Magister, not a grand wizard! Although I am indeed still a virgin though! Speaking of which, aren't you this little brat a virgin as well!"

(TL: Joke here was the rearrangement of his 'title' in chinese, which could mean either "mahou magister" or "grand wizard" aka virgin4life)


"W, why didn't you speak, don't tell me.............."

"Mm, you got it."

"What! No, impossible! Who is the other party! There's a traitor within us alreadyyyyyyyyy!"

So noisy.

It's annoying to death, that idiot.

But I heard a very important piece of news.

Jun Cheng, and Ji Lian Bing's maid walking together?

Attaining both Master and Servant?

It can't be............

My heart gave birth to an ominous prediction; it can't be, it can't be, that actually whom Jun Cheng really liked was Ji Lian Bing's maid, which was why he would pretend to be going out with Ji Lian Bing?

No way, I'm going to take a look! I must go and take a look!

Night self-revisions and whatever I just don't give a crap about it!

My Jun Cheng's then the most important of all!

Immediately running outside, following Jun Cheng's route home and chasing after him, I afterwards saw a white haired tall woman walking together with Jun Cheng...........

What's the matter with that woman!!

Why would she be walking together with Jun Cheng!!

Still actually dared to hug my Jun Cheng! Curse you! Curse you! Curse you! Curse you! Curse you! Curse you! Curse you! Curse you! Curse you!

Even though I'm then the one who loved him the most loved him the most loved him the most loved him the most loved him the most loved him the most loved him the most loved him the most loved him the most loved him loved him loved him loved him loved him loved him loved him loved him him him him him him him him him him i i i i i i i i!!!

I hid behind a tree and fixatedly glared at Jun Cheng and that shameless woman until they had split apart.

They've finally split apart, hurry up and get lost! No! Just directly go to hell!

...........Mm? That woman's eyes seemed to have made contact with mine............was I mistaken?

Forget it, no matter what, it's enough that I've confirmed that Jun Cheng didn't like that woman.

This place is............Jun Cheng's home, I guess.

Although I knew the location since long ago, but coming to look for it was still my first time...........Jun Cheng's room should be at the attic...........

The windows were open...........

..........Don't, be, rashhh, Lan Hua...........


When I came back to my senses, I'm already in Jun Cheng's room.

Even though climbing three storeys barehandedly and whatnot would definitely be unachievable in the past, but I actually managed to climb up, this definitely must be the power of love (lust)!

Fufufufu...........this place is Jun Cheng's room; Paradise, the Land of Pure Bliss...........fufufu...........

Ah, saliva, I can't let it drip onto the floor.

First let's take in a deep breath.


This must be heaven............

I'm feeling so blissful, I feel that it's even fine already if I was to die right now.............

No way, I can't die out!

If I am to die right now it'll be too much of a waste already!

Let's go search for even more bigger treasures then!

I found a cup! It's Jun Cheng's cup!


I really wanted to take it away!

But it probably would be discovered, right?

Well then, well then if I was to use it right now it'll be fine, right...........

Jun Cheng's cup...........aaaahh, it's in my mouth, right now I'm currently kissing Jun Cheng...........!

" delicious............."

Ah, I left too much saliva already............

Crap, I'd better hurry up and wipe it off. Using the tissues on the table, I anxiously wiped off the saliva on the cup.

And afterwards, when I crumpled the tissue into a ball and was about to fling it out of the window............I suddenly remembered.

Oh right, tissues.


Swiftly located the trash can, I rummaged about the trash within it afterwards.

Don't have...........

Although I found a few not bad stuff that could be collected into Jun Cheng sachet, but the most important item weren't being able to be found.

It's an extreme pity...........

" expected, it doesn't have, huh..........tissues..........."

I originally thought that I'm able to obtain Jun Cheng's seed, but in the end, it expectedly didn't go that smoothly............

Perhaps he didn't vent out his lusts during these few days.

Speaking of which, I still don't know what's Jun Cheng's preferences too, isn't there any ero mags or something similar to reference a little?

After looking around everywhere, I'm still unable to find any ero stuff, looks like it should be stored inside the computer already. But the sound of switching on the computer's too loud, so I could only give it up.

Well then, what's next is the main event...........

I climbed onto Jun Cheng's bed and hugged the blankets tightly, rolling haphazardly about.

I've rolled too overboard already, with the result that I rolled out of the bed, and fell into the crack between the bed and the wall.

So painful. So uncomfortable.

But there's Jun Cheng's scent...........heeheeeheee............

Fufu..........Jun Cheng's scent, it felt so reassuring...........

Although I wanted to do H stuff, I'm still a virgin however, and that layer of hymen must definitely be left for my most beloved Jun Cheng. must wait till the both of us were sleeping together............


Knock knock knock...........there's some kind of sound............

"............Gege, is your wound still in pain?"

Where am I............

"Other places are still alright, it's only my abdomen that's slightly painful, but it should be much better after waiting a few days before taking out the stitches."

Jun Cheng's voice, that's right, I'm inside Jun Cheng's room............

"I see..........understood."

I immediately woke up!

I'm inside, Jun Cheng's, room!


This foolish me actually fell asleep!

Although the sleep was rather comfortable, but now what should I do!

Hurry up and hide!

Under a state of panic, I hastily threw the blankets onto the bed and swiftly hid underneath it.

I desperately clutched onto my mouth and curled up into a bundle, being solely terrified to be discovered by Jun Cheng.

If I was to be discovered, he definitely would think that I'm a perverted female stalker!

No way! Even if I am to die, I mustn't be discovered!

"Mm? I didn't fold the blankets? Mm...........forget it, it's just nice that I'm about to sleep already."

Sounds of the light switching off  → sounds of brushing against the bedding → moans of stretching a lazy arm → yawning sounds → evenly breathing sounds

After a long time later, I felt that Jun Cheng had already slept.

While being relieved, a sudden thought appeared in my mind, and furthermore, when it had appeared I'm unable to hold it back from growing crazily.

Don't be rashh, Lan Hua!

But..........Jun Cheng was already sleeping, it should be fine...........right?

Sneak in then, sneak into his blanket, he won't wake up, Jun Cheng's that type who would sleep very dead once he had fallen asleep, and when he slept he's always very honest, won't be moving about.

My heartbeat was beating extremely quickly, aaaaaaaaa! I've snuck in already!

I hugged him, it's Jun Cheng's body, I'm within his embrace already!




He woke up already!!!

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! What should I do! What should I do! What should I do!

Should I escape? Or should I knock him unconscious? Or should I might as well just push him down?

Push him down then!

Just when I hardened my heart and was about to pull down my panties and stockings to push down Jun Cheng, Jun Cheng instead squinted his eyes and blearily asked.

"Is it Xin Ran?"

Xin, Ran?

I remembered that it was the name of Jun Cheng's meimei, right.

Why would it be at this timing that his meimei's name actually come out?

It can't be that usually Jun Cheng would always be sleeping together with his meimei?

Meimei everyday hugging gege to sleep?

So envious! So envious! So envious! So envious! So envious! So envious! So envious! So envious!

So envious~!

Being a meimei is so good! But being unable to marry and whatnot, I don't want at all! But it's really sooo goooood~!

"What, you've came over in the end.........."


" tired..........."

Jun Cheng caressed onto my head, and gave off another yawn.

" it'll change to me hugging you then..........don't anyhow move about...........the wound will open up..........."

Jun Cheng gently hugged my shoulders, and pressed my cheeks down onto his chest.

I'm being hugged!

He hugged onto meeeeeeeeeeee!

Kya! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Going to die!

I'm going to die!

I felt my heart about to stop already!


When I left, it's already 3 am past midnight. Although I'm really very extremely reluctant, I still left in the end...........

Because I really couldn't endure it any longer...........

The damp slippery liquid that flowed out from my crotch had already dripped onto my matter how much I wiped, I couldn't finish wiping it...........

My stockings and panties were messily drenched already............

If I was to continue staying on, I'll definitely wet the entire bedding.

Perhaps, I need to buy a pack of adult diapers............

Next time, I'll visit again then.

-ch 41.3 end-

(4615 words to tl)

TL: Remember to see the glossary in particular for today, there's an important point (laugh sfx) highlighted there.

'Woman' usage = I'm guessing she looked at everyone as a 'woman' to ack that they are a threat to her, comparatively, instead of using a 'girl' to describe their childishness? Idk... :P

Forsaking a watermelon just for the sake of a sesame* = I remember there's a similar saying in english too. Don't forsake a dollar(?) just for trying to scrimp on a penny(?).

In any case, a watermelon is more "valuable" than a sesame seed, hence, don't lose sight of the big picture via scrimping on small ones, is what this meant.

Laughing sfx difference between Lian Bing's and Lan Hua = This is rather important, so I'll highlight this.

Lian Bing used a 呵呵呵呵 (hehehehe in pronounciation), but english-wise, it sounded really inelegant, much like a young cheeky kid grinning, instead of a dàxiaojie chuckling. It sounded more classy in chinese tbh. And so, because of that I initially changed it to "huhuhu".

Now here's where it got a little troubling.

Lan Hua used a 呼呼呼呼 (huhuhuhu in pronounciation), but I had already used it for Lian Bing, it even became her trademark chuckling. To distinguish between the two, I decided to use a "fufufufu" for Lan Hua instead.

Grand Wizard (大魔法师) = It essentially means any 30/40 year old male virgins, who became a master wizard onto firmly controlling their "wands" till such elderly age, while all the rest already lost control of it.

It's a pun onto the term, Mahou Magister (魔法大师).

Speaking of which, now we know Meng Fa's hair is a porcupine hairstyle. Sanic! (I think of it as like the red colored hair dudes)

loved him the most....(omitted) = Right. THIS was a little tricky to translate out. In chinese it's 最爱他的, which is what the original EN word meant, but as you can see, it slowly dropped by 1 character every 8/9 consecutive repeats.

It made sense in chinese despite the omission of words, but not in english already. Here's the breakdown of it.

In order of word omission (from greater to smaller)

1) 最爱他的 = loved him the most (so far integrity of term translating-wise is 100%)
2) 爱他的 = loved him (meaning wise, it's correct, but trouble starts to appear at the next omission)
3) 他的 = him (yeah, you may notice I lacked a word to use for the last omission, so I decided to use a single word from "h i m" as a sub then)
4)  ≠ I (the word 'i' seemed to be the best fit for this situation, as by using it would seem that Lan Hua in desperation kept calling out herself as her as the sole candidate for MC's love.
Furthermore, the  word isn't a word at all, it's a grammatical particle. There's no meaning to's being used in the original chinese context as a "drag out the whole thingy" kind of feel.)

P/N: I didn't capitalize out the "i" , as I wanted you readers to distinguish out at first glance that "Ohh, so it's a word decrement, huh", before probably thinking, "Ohh, she wanted to say 'I' to imply her crazy affection." God damn, I'm such a genius. >:3

Paradise, Land of Pure Bliss = just random jargons placed together in CN to indicate what Lan Hua really thought of that place (MC's room)

H = stands for ecchi, or perverted in english. Term originated from jp.

jiejie = elder sister

Xiao' = a frontal suffix, this is used to indicate closeness to a target

meimei = younger sister


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