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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v1c28

TL: [Love Tyrant type Girlfriend] will be effectively changed to [Love Monarchical type Girlfriend] instead.

Volume 1, Chapter 28: She had dissociative identity disorder already

TL: flarewk

The changes were too big already!

Exactly what was going on at all!

Right now, facing this sort of unimaginably bizarre situation, the only remaining possibilities were only 2 kinds!

① Something's wrong with my brain

② Something's wrong with Ji Lian Bing's brain

It's a pity that I'm unable to differentiate which situation exactly was it, or maybe it's possible that both situations didn't occur at all.

This sort of changes were simply too dramatic already, for Ji Lian Bing was like as if she had changed into another person, which made me even more shocked compared to Li Li's transformation!

Li Li at the very least only had her outer looks transformed, but her inner self still remained the familiar Yang-laoshi that I know. Although during these two days quite a few awkward events occurred, but it's all because of that what-contract. As long as after a few days had passed, that sort of awkward feeling would slowly dissipate off by time, and we'll naturally go back to that sort of harmonious student-teacher relationship as in the past.

But, about Ji Lian Bing, what's exactly going on at all!!

Not only had her personality changed, but even her soul had been swapped, right!

If you were to say that titles would represent a person's innate character, then the changing of her title would thus represent her having a complete change already, huh?


A soft moan resounded into my ears, which made me escape from multitudes of mixed thoughts, returning back to reality once more.

Afterwards, I discovered that the Ji Lian Bing in front of me had tears welled up in the corner of her eyes, as she feebly turned her head rightwards, hung her index finger pulp onto her lips, and her shoulders slightly trembling.

"Cheng Jun, it's too early alreadyyy...........I haven't even been mentally readied yet..........."


I still don't believe it!

In front of me, this → moe girl, would actually be that → Ji Lian Bing?

What in the hell of a joke was this!

What exactly happened already...........Oh! I get it!

Ahhhh, so I see! It's just only an act, right! That viciously evil woman, Ji Lian Bing must be trying to feign an image of a virtuous girl, making me falling in love with her afterwards, then later on exposing out everything, letting me fall into the abyss of despair!

That's right, currently she must be definitely looking at my foolish look being deceived by her senseless, and within her heart, secretly laughing and enjoying the mood within, right! (already had the image of Ji Lian Bing within his heart to be devilish-like)

Since it's like that..........I'll just play along with it then.

Don't you like to act? Humph, I'll play along with you all the way then! I'll let you feel for a moment a mature (mentally) man's charm!

I retracted back my left hand that was placed on Ji Lian Bing's butt naturally, and stuck it onto the wall, doing the legendary wall-pressing action. Afterwards, my right hand held onto her chin, forcefully straightening her face towards me, and placed my face extremely close to right in front of her, all the way until both of our noses were pasted together.

Even my breathing felt to be rather hasty under the extreme close proximity we had. And as our respective scorching hot breaths mixed together, the skin nearby my lips were being dampened, with the atmosphere becoming rather gracefully charming as a result.

My heart still was a little nervous, but I could perfectly hide my nervous feelings rather well, not revealing it onto my expression.

What quickly followed next was...........a teasing smile.

Of course, I completely had no idea on how to display out this sort of smile, so I'll need to refer to a template...........oh right, imitating the previous Ji Lian Bing would be fine, as her smile contained a strange sort of magic within.

But no matter how much I tried, I'm unable to imitate out that sort of smile, and in the end did an expression of a seemingly smiling yet not at the same time as well; it should look to be not that strange, right?

What's next was to stare into her both eyes, right now there's nothing needed to say at all, I'll only need to stare fixedly into her eyes.

Just like that, me and Ji Lian Bing stared at each other for a few seconds, and in the end it went along as what I've anticipated, Ji Lian Bing blushing as she initiated turning her gaze away from me.


What's next was to chase after her tilted gaze, rub my lips across her cheeks till the lobes of her ears, using my tongue to lick it, and after she trembled a little I'll then say out these words.

"Relax, my little kitten.........."

The tone must be light, but not too gentle. It's alright to carry a little teasing feeling within it, but the voice mustn't be too loud. After saying these, I gently blew into her ears.

"Until you willingly say 'I want', I won't eat you up."

Uuu's so disgusting...........

After saying out those words, even I myself couldn't take it anymore already.

These series of actions and lines were by me seeing them from those shoujo mangas in the library. Shoujo mangas occupied more than half of the manga contents in the library, and amongst them, there still even contained a few shoujo manga's contents that were overly-stimulating...........Mm, since being bored would still constitute to being bored anyway, I've read all of them once as a result, and they were unexpectedly rather interesting too.

And this trick of wall-pressing + ear harassing, was learnt from a certain manga.

Who asked Ji Lian Bing onto being so insistent to act out this kind of typical female lead's role from a shoujo manga, hmm?

I'll just need to find a bad-boy male lead type in a shoujo manga to suppress you then!

Ji Lian Bing still had her face being reddened, and the redness in her status seemed to have faded a little. I'm not sure whether it's because of the moon being covered by clouds or not.

"Thank you.........."

"It's merely a small matter. Come, let's first go to the library then? Don't catch a cold already."

Displaying out an expression that I think should be rather gentle-ish, I took off my school jacket and tied it around her waist, stretching out a hand towards Ji Lian Bing, she shyly nodded her head and grasped onto my hand thereafter.

My paces were small and slow, and the right hand that were being held by me dared not move even an inch about, as her left hand gently tugged onto my sleeve.

Her behavior and actions all displayed out looks of being pitifully adorable, which could very well spark out a man's protective urges within him.

If it was said that the past Ji Lian Bing would be an elegant generous type, the Ji Lian Bing right now would be a young beautiful girl from a humble home instead.

Her haughtiness and confidence had already resided a big portion off, and what remained wasn't inferiority or languidness, but delicateness instead.

How do I put it, this probably would be a man's dream girlfriend of being a virtuous yet pretty type, I guess.

It's the first time that our roles had been completely swapped, as from the moment I knew Ji Lian Bing till now, I've always been led around the nose by her, but now, I was actually proactively leading onto her actions. This sort of 'farmer-drastically changing-into-landlord' feeling really made me grasp an unimaginable sense of accomplishment.

This person.............her skills were rather impressive!!

I really didn't think that Ji Lian Bing would actually have this sort of acting prowess, which would be even better than a real impressive female actor herself. Does this person really have a weakness at all? It's essentially too perfect already, and I really don't know what kind of a family background she would have to be able to educate out such a perfect girl.

Mm...........although those necrophilia + homicidal maniac types of twisted values would be enough to counteract all of those already.

Just like that, I tugged onto Ji Lian Bing's hand, and after I kept that piece of broken and unwearable skirt later, I brought her inside the library.

She made a phone call, saying that it's to notify people from her family to come pick her up. I don't know what sort of trickery she was still holding onto, and dared not to act rashly as well, starting to ask some questions attemptively.

I didn't expect that Ji Lian Bing would actually answer every single question I pose uninhibitedly, in a manner of being extremely well-behaved.

That look of extreme lingering obedience, it made even me develop a misconception whether if she was really my girlfriend or not.

I attemptively tried to ask out her three sizes, intentionally trying to provoke her and making her not continuing to feign this act. But I didn't expect that she would actually really tell me those, plus she had already blushed up to the point till her head were actually spouting out steam.

It doesn't seem like acting at all, could it be that she had really changed already?

My inner thoughts were extremely conflicted, as I made a 'gu lu' sound gulping in mouthful of salivas, stabilizing my inner fortitude as I said.

"Lian Bing."


"Can I hug you?"


She actually agreed to it!

The me at this moment had already given up my suspicion onto her. If even that kind of expression was to be faked, then there's nothing else in this world worth believing already.

I slightly dazedly walked to her front, and forwardly hugged her, with my actions being of utmost gentleness as possible.

Even though I've hugged her earlier, I don't know why I'm feeling a little nervous now. Maybe it's because the intended purpose was a little different? Just now, my hugging of her was because of transportation purposes, but right now it's..........what was it for?

Why would I want to raise a request onto hugging her?

I hadn't the chance to ponder detailedly, when the softness within my embrace already excreted out all such thoughts from my mind.

The sensation was different compared when touching Xin Ran, as my heart jumped about rather powerfully. This would be the so-called heartbeat skipping a beat feeling, I guess.

Legends say that a girl's skin would be the most tendery soft material available, it's expectedly true indeed.

"Cheng Jun............I love you............"

It's different from all moment aspects of last time, as this phrase 'I love you' embedded the most sincere emotions within.

I didn't reply her, only thinking within my heart 'If I could only always hug her like this, it'll be such a good thing', and afterwards I being jumpscared by this sudden borne thoughts.

This kind of thoughts on wanting to obtain someone was my first time of it appearing, was that the so-called 'possessive urges'?

Why must it happen to be her...........that Ji Lian Bing..........but the current her would be so timidly gentle, innocent akin to like a small sheep.

If it's this kind of Ji Lian Bing...........I would want to hug her.

After a long time...........about how long exactly it was I had no idea, maybe it's just a period of a not too long duration, but in my senses, it felt to be rather long.

Continuing to keep hugging her like that wasn't a rather good idea, it's nearly time to let go of her then.

"My it comfortable?"

This question frightened shivers of cold sweat out of me, as I hastily opened my eyes. Ji Lian Bing's status continually flickered right in front of my vision, and what followed swiftly was that it changed back to a black bars state.

But this time, this sort of unobservable state didn't persist for very long, as it very quickly turned into distinct words. It's that original terrifying [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]!

She changed back again!

Not like earlier being meekly submissive at all, even if my hands was to stretch into her panties now, she wouldn't have a trace of panic, not a single shred of shame within her.

It's undoubtedly that original Ji Lian Bing!

"Just now I've really been well taken care of by you, huh? Cheng Jun."

She gently pushed the dazed state me onto the ground, and used a duck-sitting position to sit onto my thoracic diaphragm area, with both of her hands supporting onto my chest, using the tips of her fingers to slide around on my collarbone. Even though she hadn't touched onto my neck yet, it already made me exceedingly frightened.

"What's exactly..........going on with you!"

Being able to control her emotions, letting the status's color switch around rapidly would be quite enough already, but would the three viewing aspects be so easily changed in just a single whim? Titles absolutely couldn't be that simple to have had changes occurring to it!

"What's going on, huh? Mm..........if I was to say it, it's that not only that I had fallen in love with your body, but I also had loved your personality as well~ huhuhu~"

Why was she able to laugh still!!

"Although I intentionally went on to accept those sudden burst of feelings, but I didn't expect that just two days would be enough to waver my principles, as before I killed you off I'm unable to control it anymore."

Ji Lian Bing slightly headachedly rubbed her temple as he said thereafter.

"With the outcome of it causing me really wanting to kill you right now, but there will always be surging thoughts preventing me from killing you, even sometimes being able to attain the active role as well.............this is surely quite troublesome, hmm?"

Was she saying that title earlier of a [Love Monarchical type Girlfriend]'s Ji Lian Bing, would be that personality that had her infatuations for me prevailing over the current one?

My most initial assumptions weren't actually wrong at all, something's really wrong with her brain!

Ji Lian Bing actually had became a dissociative identity disorder already!

-ch 28 end-

(3073 words to tl)

TL Announcement: So basing on this chapter, I decided to modify a few changes to ch27. [Love Tyrant type Girlfriend] will be effectively changed to [Love Monarchical type Girlfriend] instead.

"Monarchical(君)" to represent the dominant state of pure affectionate love, which that personality is active at that point.

I haven't read any further chapters as of 26.5, so I'll probably make modifications to titles if it seemed necessary along the way.

moe girl = I actually couldn't find a better word, so I subbed in "moe" girl since the term was deviated from ACG.

The term originated from girls who cosplayed, and their main traits was to have their eye gazes rather moe-like, moe-like voice, figure rather moe-like, and their personality tend to be a little innocent naive type, but a warm caring attitude.

Still don't understand what the hell's a moe? Here are a few of googled images I found.

 This one would have a "moe-like looks", along with a "moe-looking innocent naive personality", I guess
This "moe girl" would be more towards a"cute-looking face cosplayer" yet still having a very contoured figurine

Wall-pressing action = Simply put, it's like the image below. (kabedon)

'farmer-drastically changing-into-landlord' = a term used to describe the changes of rank of a person's status.

duck sitting position = something like this

Three Viewing aspects (三观) = Thinking onto life, outlook onto the world, and thoughts about ethics; also known as the Three Viewing aspects in chinese. It's a philosophical thought.

Dissociative identity disorder = also known as multiple personalities disorder.

-laoshi = a suffix for 'teacher'


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